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MAY 2006  ISSUE # 87

 www.thequantumawakening.com   thequantumawakening@hughes.net

Created, Channeled, written , published and copyrighted by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

FROM GILLIAN: I have several channeled messages from the Magdalene but she wants them to come out in a separate edition of the Quantum Newsletter after the movie has been birthed and the energies change.


*** the frequencies of deserving

*** choices, choices and more choices

*** the cosmic pause

*** Quan Yin speaks: Do Not be Governed by outside Influences

*** crystals


As the energies of spring dance around us like we were a Maypole stuck into new soil, we come to a place in this circular understanding that we finally begin to feel free. A centrifugal force has been birthed as we go around and around and around in our choices, in our thoughts, in our daily events. This centrifugal force of this repeat patterning allows us to be hurled into deeper consciousness, to be hurled into a new line of thought. The energy of divine centrifugal force was created from the energy birthed by going round and round in circles, thoughts and choices.

We’re coming undone again as another layer of us is being stripped away and we’re seen naked in the mall. The energies of what is deep inside of us crawls to the surface of our consciousness. We have been asleep for a long time. We’ve been dormant - now the energies surge within us and they ask us to move forward. They demand us to stop licking all that hurts within our hearts, within our day, within our family.

Trying to undo someone or something, trying to make them into what you can relate to or align with is a lengthy difficult and exhausting process. Everyone makes their choices sharply with exclamation on their very own. Learning to stand in your own pillar of light is not a job for those who are weak of heart or deed; it is a job for those that are strong in purpose. The energy of what is connective and connected collectively is shared. In this sharing there is a new matrix that is birthed and in this new matrix there are new possibilities.

We reach out from the mountains to sea to shining sea. We reach out to those that are within our blood, within our heart and within our world and still do we ever truly touch? The energy of separation makes her self-known as she prances about in our life asking for our attention focusing more on what is not connected than what is connected. You stand outside of your life like a child looking through the window trying to figure out who you really are and where you are to go as the past whispers in your ear.

The difference between people, between religion, between cultures, between male and female, comes to a head as the vibration of Wesak escorts itself into a place of new birth. What was Christ, what was Buddha, what was Kwan Yin and what was Mary Magdalene redefine themselves into a new living truth that goes beyond written or proven explanation.

As you become one with the world in what you wear, in what you eat, in what you observe, the oneness is birthed more and more. Denmark does not seem so far away from Australia and Australia does not seem so far away from Alaska. Lines of light are being birthed. This birth is something of a miracle, a miracle birth and a virgin birth. For this energy that allows its self to be explored on Earth at this time has never been experienced. All that you walk into is new and undefined a clean slate of light. What are you going to write (right) upon it?

Do not look at past doctrines for your truths for they rewrite themselves in a foreign format. Intentions are heard loud and clear. Every thought counts twice, every word counts twice, every action upon the internet's collective grid counts twice. All energies are heard and counted as votes in a populated precinct. What one decrees to be their truth is open and serves 24 hours a day. All can choose at any time to shift the outcome of what they create by observing and thinking our side of the box. Creation takes on a meaning that is deeper and more precise than one ever thought possible.

The molecules of life ask you with pinpoint precision to point at that which your heart and soul desires. See it as a possibility and it will be so! No other can imagine for you, no other can create for you, no other can ever truly do for you. The vibration of separateness is amplified, the vibration of connectiveness is amplified and both begin to stare eye to I AM, in a Mexican stand off as we move into the time of duplicity (Gemini).

The energies of May emphasize the frequencies of male and female, of birth and death, of togetherness and separateness of dependence and interdependence. The energies of May represent all that is humanly and divinely male, and all that is humanly and divinely female. The vibration of that which is High & Holy descends upon earth stronger and thicker in the time of Taurus as it waits for the duplicity of Gemini.

The frequency of all that is Heavenly and all that are hosts of light align with the minds and hearts of those that seek them. Dispensations of truth allow one to move forward without fear. When you know within your heart a truth is a truth then the steps that you take are fearless, sturdy and confident. When you move towards something you still doubt then you will hesitate and miss ample opportunity. Know your path inside and out. If you are lucky enough to know another’s path in this lifetime then you are blessed. But first know your own path. You can make excuses of stewardship, of motherhood, of wife; of business partner but in truth you must first walk the line of you before you can walk to or for another.

You feel worn and weathered as you know that every thought is being experienced and counted twice, making your thoughts heavier and denser than they have ever before. Even your meditations ask of you, demand of you, impress upon you what needs to be done, what needs to be accentuated and what needs to be activated. You look for a place of peace in your sleep but that is but a Hall of Doors creaking and beckoning you into places that will cause change in your energy field.

As your multi-dimensional aspect rises and shines in all of its glory, it asks that you become more in tuned with your perceptions. Trust who you are and from this point of trust, move forward and take action. As the seas of earth churn and can’t make up their mind whether they want to be hot or cold, you too churn. As the waters churn they awaken ancient debris, algae from time beyond. As this algae from time beyond moves upward and outward it touches many levels of earth with its presence. As it does, it awakens ancient parts of you that cannot be explained away scientifically or metaphysically. As you move through the 3 to 7 faces of Eve, so to speak, you begin to see how all things are interconnected, how all actions have a ripple effect, and how all words are heard throughout time and space.

As you begin to see from this point of knowing you look at your life differently. There are days that your hackles grow wild and growl and there are days that your fleece is white and you are as pure as snow. There are days when you worry and there are days when the peace is so deep you don’t even attempt to swim out of it. Pay attention to what brings you peace, what brings you quiet, what brings you knowing.

You cannot give up nor quit on anything that is of a higher light, whether self, or soul or work or life. You hold in your heart a key and that key unlocks your personal treasure trove. The energy of that treasure trove asks you to partake and sup deeply upon it to believe that always you are taken care of you on a financial and spiritual level. It is in that belief that you will activate your treasure trove into its fullness.

As you take your journey through time, you know you are here, you’ll end there and in between is all choice. Clear waters, clear thoughts, clear intentions will allow you to move forward in time. There will be many energies that are foreign to your soul and foreign to your soil. It seems as though everything has been placed in a blender and shaken about. It is not pureed as of yet, but still chunky in nature which represents separation. As these energies progress forward, they ask you to look beyond, not behind, what’s in your life. They ask you to see with a deep sight what is beyond time, what is beyond space, what is beyond explanation.

The vibration of light is held within moisture as the planets and planetoids of water line up. The thought that solar/stellar light emanations are housed within a liquid protective coating is foreign to most. This housing represents the same as a human child, a seed, a possibility, housed within a liquid. Allow the rains to come as they heal what burns and thrashes in pain. As they come they give the earth a deep encoding that will be felt and understood as the time of November rolls around and is unveiled.

This year is to be looked at as a gift, not a challenge, not punishment, but a reward. Let your words be "This year rewards me in all ways or I receive the gifts of 2006". A reward represents that you feel deserving, in deserving you change electromagnetic biological pulses and become magnetic to that which is a higher and lighter resolution. Many determine their self worth by the way they look what they drive, how their life appears to others. The energy of self worth and deserve-ability will be a hot topic as new studies explain and exclaim how ones thoughts influence all other aspects of their life. The energy of deserving cannot be faked, it cannot be canned, and it cannot be copied. The energy of deserving is a frequency that has within it a mathematical matrix that then opens doorways of possibility when none seems available.

Imagine playing a game of cards and in this game a jack represents anything you want. Consider this year 2006 to be your wild card - you have within you the ability to shift possibilities. When you finally grasp this truth, then you will look at your life with a knowing and a peace that goes what you can become. On planet Earth most people do not feel deserving – they are still paying penance for what they did when they were ten years old, last lifetime or a future lifetime. The energy of paying penance is what keeps earth heavy and dense. Sadness and negativity are responsibility for events gone undone are now causing earth to be heavy as she tries to lift off.

The frequency of deserving will become as hot air in a balloon as each person begins to feel worthy of the good, worthy of fortune, worthy of being lucky. Then that energy will have a ripple affect and all whose paths you cross will be influenced by this energy. People will begin to feel that you are their lucky charm. As their lucky charm, it is your job to empower them with their own truth and abilities as the masters did in times gone by. The Masters told others to go beyond them, to be wiser than they and move the legacy forward. As the legacy moves forward, it moves in a way that cannot be described or followed. The pattern of life is very human; the collective forms a living being vast of light and possibilities. Like an animal that can hear a storm before it rumbles to a human’s ears, you perceive what is to come. A deep sadness falls into your energy field for no explanation, for no reason. Follow this sadness out to see if it’s close or far –ask the Angels of Light to bless the sadness that you feel for you may not understand it today but tomorrow it may make sense.

You are so much more than you understand or believe. It is in that moreness that your future lives. Destiny asks you to be part of its rewriting. Do not just make a choice but make an energetic event. Time will tell what exactly is to come – you are a soldier of light, you hold a station, you hold a position, you hold the future. This is not a game, this energy asks to be birthed through you in a reaction, in action, in breath and deed.

Move beyond your comfort zone. Move into a place of emancipation – free yourself of limitations, not by having more money but by having stronger and purer thoughts. Everything is listening to you. When you have any lack, that lack begets itself. All thoughts are magnetic, good bad or ugly. Whatever you are thinking, whatever you are speaking is magnetic of nature. If your life is in a place you do not like it, then shift your words and your inner dialogue. Look at what you’re creating by every thought, every intention. You are destined for great things – do you feel deserving of them? The frequencies of deserving now ask to be worn on the inside and reflected on the outside.



By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As we look around us and see the global and environmental upheaval, we step back from whatever emotion comes to the surface. Storm to storm, land to sea, person to person, we see our own potential reflected. We wince with knowledge as a reality sets in. We count our blessings on all ten fingers and toes knowing in the world of statistics it could have been us who battled tornadoes and hurricanes and other environmental upheavals. Insurance companies tend to raise the rates if you have not had an accident – what does that say about the state of affairs in the world?


Do we think luck runs out, blessing are limited or do we energetically believe that we have a foot up and are cleared for landing away from earth’s upheaval? We live in the center of a stampede of thoughts, a river of choices. Do we follow the mass and global fear or do we fearlessly step out onto the tightrope practice finally what we preach?


Are you ready to send your light amendments to the cosmic congress? Are you ready to finally become what you were destined to be? Choices, choices, and more choices become our everyday event. Each situation that comes into our life reflects where we are in our thoughts, in our energies and even in our karma. Each person, each situation, each limitation is an engraved invitation to move past previous boundaries and perimeters into the Land of Oz.


What do we do with all the knowledge and wisdom that we have accrued in this walk of light, this walk of heart, this walk of life? How do we spend what we know? How do we spend our Creational abilities? How do we spend every thought for they are worth their weight in gold and doctrine?


More and more emphasis is on thoughts and things, energies and decisions, choices and challenges. Do we let the world define and redefine us chewing away at our souls? Your path may be strong, your path may be narrow but Your path is yours and yours alone. When you venture from the path to lift another up, you lose direction of your own personal goals and promised destiny.


One thing after another life demands more and more from you. You feel like a straw man tossed about. The energies ask you to go an extra mile, an extra ten miles, an extra thousand miles in thought deeds and directions. With each and every thing that you believe in, whether person, place or thing, you are learning to balance in a Creational vortex that currents you into many directions simultaneously. The secret to flying about in thought and deed is to believe you can fly to begin with. By embracing your multidimensional dialogue with the future and the past you begin to weave a fine tapestry that holds that advanced thinking in place.


By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Allow yourself to be released of all concerns, stipulations, and the definitions of who you are and what you are suppose to be. Lift yourself out of your humanness, out of the chaos, and defuse your emotional explosions.


For too long you have etched yourself upon the dividing walls of lands that you once were a part of that no longer explain your being. For too long now you have allowed a separateness in self, and soul, a separateness in family and state, as well as heaven and earth. You have sliced your life away, giving away every inch of yourself to something and someone else, whether in the form of concern or worry or anger or confusion. You have allowed outside circumstances to re-define and define you over and over again until you have almost come to the point of believing everyone around you instead of your own heart. It is time to extrapolate those energies and move them out of their binding fusion.


Do not tie yourself to your life, to your job, and to the expectations of others. Portals of time open. It is time for you to peek in to all that is a possibility. It is time for you to unfold what you have folded away. It is time to allow yourself to explain what it is your heart really needs what it is that your humanness is so afraid of, and what it is that the universe asks you to have the courage to do.


All of you stand at a crossroads. These crossroads are different from any other counterpoint you have come upon. There are no units of direction that show you a clear path. It is your time of squeezing through the pin hole of life. It is your time to move into places that others cannot see, and that others cannot commit to. You cannot wait for those in your life to catch up you are to lead the pack without looking back. You cannot wait for others to finally understand the evolutionary processes of their soul before you more into another level of awareness and healing.


Each of you are leaders with a different vibration, a different color, a different wattage of light and life. Each of you has waited for the call. Your heart races as that time draws near. You hear the sweet promise and it beckons you forward. The whispers become loud as a deafening silent sound that beckons you to, "come forth into a place of love that is clear as a pond."

The Christ asks you to take the first step into forgiveness, into love, into miracles made manifest. There is no more time to sit upon the lily pad, waiting for the perfect frog to kiss you. Everyone that has existed in the valley of indecision will be asked to choose a side. You must see with the eyes of your heart which side you choose to walk on.


You all sit at the pause of your soul. There is not a rewind. There is not a fast forward. There is just a great Cosmic Pause. In this place of pause, in this plateau of what would be, what could be, sit and reflect upon the pause. Your mind is clear. Your heart is clear. Your purpose is clear. Wait until the timing exacts itself. Know this to be a timely truth. We are the Pleiadian Council of One. Listen and do not be afraid to move into all that you promised to be. This is a promise to the light- to be all you can be.



By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


I am but a mirror reflection of all the love that goes un-hosted within your hearts, within your future, and within your healing. I am Goddess of COMING INTO PASSION. I am Goddess of mercifulness, for I await each and every one of you to come forth into the Allness that you are destined to be. Each of you have grown to a point of being a beautiful light. Levels of love that cannot be defined by human words are birthed. Levels of love that go beyond time and space, structure and definition. On Wesak a holy channel of light opened. Giving to earth the encodings that have been missing from the sacred equation of all you yearn to be.


Do not be afraid of where your heart drives you and beckons you to go. Do not be afraid of the love that you seek and all that your soul desires. For you are the vehicles of light that were birthed to do grandiose things. These episodes of self that you have gone through since the beginning of the year have tried to limit you, to keep you less than. They have tried to make you a hermit and keep you far away from what you heart sings as a sweet melody. But no longer shall that crooked road be walked by you. For now you see the beacon that beckons you. That beacon says, 'you are the answer that you seek'. 'You are the light that you have asked for, within you lives the love of the entire universe for itself'. Once you were a seedling and before that, just a thought. Like a small beautiful flower that searches for life in hardened lava, You move forward through things that seem impossible in order to bloom into the fullness of your destiny.


It is now up to you through every vibration of yourself to create the future you want to exist in, you want to live in. You are doing this by announcing light and life, death and negativity through every word that you speak. You are creating this world that you seek in your dreams, in your heart, and in your fears equally day by day, inch by inch, thought and deed and word. No longer can you make waning excuses. For the Lords of Karma with the help of the Buddha have wiped you karmic slate clean as of this Wesak. No longer can you blame a sibling, a parent, and an injustice, sadness, on anything outside of you. For you are in fullness of Creator force and that energy now asks you to ride it into a changing climate that will exhibit your decrees externally.


You are in your Creator mode 24/7 awake, asleep, in whatever form in thought and deed. You are participating in this Creation and no longer can you deny it. The I AM within you decrees it is so and you know with every word that you speak and every action that you take, another foundation brick is being laid in one universe after another. Your futures are as varied as your hair color, your body size, and your personalities. Until you consciously make choices from the heart, make choices from love, and make choices from compassion you will be continually re-sculpting and redecorating your own personal universe.


All of the light depends upon you. You have done this same song and dance in universe after universe, time dimensions after time dimensions, star after star – that is what you do, that is why you have incarnated upon earth, and that is why you are the very best for the job that needs to be done. Some days you chose amnesia others you choose enlightenment.


Many of you are saddened by the energies, intentions and words that others bombard you with in your daily experience. Their emotions are your barometer. Please listen dear ones for it is time for you to take the temperature of God, not the temperature of every person that walks through your world. Do not be governed by outside influ-ences. It is time to look to the celestial weatherman and know that the day is as you decree not some outsider.

2012 grows closer day by day, tick by tock. You thought it would be much louder by now. You thought the darkness would be eliminated. You thought – but did you truly believe. It is time for you to stop wearing your ruby slippers and clicking your heels. It is time for you to stop believing and start knowing.


Embrace the words, 'I know of what I speak. I use to believe it and now I just know it'. Until you wear the anchor of knowing around you, you will not land in your hearts desires. Open your heart to these remembrances and you will find who you have always been. I am Quan Yin. I leave you with love.


These beautiful hand carved Lemurian Crystals come just in time for the energy surges in the month of April. After having made it thru the recent eclipses we are looking for a respite, a time off of infusions and down loading and releases and upgradements via our friendly universe. Of course we know that will not happen any time soon but the universe does send us tools to help with the clean up.

These DIVINE MATRIX pristine sacred geometric template crystals come to help us undress and address what needs to be healed, balanced and loved back into its divinity. The carved hexagram upon these beauties is aligned with balancing the divine male and divine female within. Helping us to clear all sides of the issues when they present themselves. We are healing our personal and planetary and universal DIVINE MATRIX by acknowledging this need for balance. Many have felt dizzy and queasy like riding a merry-go-round after wasting away in Margaritaville. It seems we just cannot digest anymore of the negativity in our world and ourselves. People line up in the antacid section of the drug store looking for a cure for what ails them. Nothing is settling, nothing is digesting, we are sensitive to every single world we hear and speak. These DIVINE MATRIX CRYSTALS come to help you balance and stay a float on the turbulent seas of life in the month of April. They are a touchstone of balance and peace. To see more of our crystals go www.thequantumawakening.com


Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO Box 217
Dandridge, Tennessee

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