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APRIL 2006   ISSUE # 86
Created, Channeled, written published and copyrighted by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


*** What lives in your soul as truth or dare?


*** Creation Thru resistance

*** Within all words are hidden truths

*** Christ Code Crystals

*** Divine Matrix Crystals

*** Cosmic Classified Ads


By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Do you know truth when you see it? Can you feel the soul dialog of truth within your own being? Would you die for what you believe to be true? Do you believe your truth 100% and are you truly committed to it?

The vibration of what one deems as truth comes to the spotlight as the seasons go from Winter to Spring. You are asked to examine what you perceive as truth very carefully seeing all the way into the DNA of each thought. What comes dressed as truth? Can your truth change? Is it still truth if it changes or should you call it something different?

In the spring of 2006 truth goes on trial in so many ways it is immeasurable. You’ll be asked to strengthen and then condense your belief system to make room for the unknown that moves its ominous way into the future. You truly want to believe in right over wrong, in light over dark, but the Light grays her self as she moves into uncharted lands. You want to believe that good will prevail and life will be saved but you know that is not always the case. You want to believe that every prayer is answered but there are many nights that you’ve cried yourself to sleep because they weren’t.

You sniff at the weather change and you do your best to lighten dark skies. Darkness can strike your light no matter how often you stoke the fires of peace within. This is no time to rest, as what you believe is being questioned as right and wrong.

So many times in the past you stood up for the underdog for what was honorable and other times you crouched in the corner like a scared child. Death often came early when one attended unconventional schools of thought. But still you rename the lesson. It’s time to examine what lives in your soul as truth or dare. If there is any doubt in any belief system then the belief system will crash and burn.

Believe wholeheartedly in all you are and all you do. Believe in all your actions and heartfelt thought. The Universe demands 100% of you in all that you are and all that you do. Falsehoods have suctions with their tendrils that cannot live where the light is housed. You are the determining factor in this planetary quest for universal truth. Know that your Light vote counts.


By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Each person comes to earth with millions of trivialities that they must address, with millions of thoughts that they alone possess, and with millions of mini-healings on very subtle very deep levels. God, your maker as you perceive him/her is a multi-dimensional, multi-expanded, livingness. This livingness is about to demand your undivided attention. This livingness is standing tall and telling you that every thought counts, every interaction is important, and every experience is paramount. This livingness asks you to expand your consciousness past your human fences into places and events that cannot be explained away.

Your truths are truth to you alone. You do not need to answer to another being, or any God, or energy outside of yourself. What is housed within in you is a component of 100% universal truth. You do not need to ask for forgiveness or explain your actions. You are however asked to be 100% sure of how you believe and what your truths are.

Everything enters a time of distortion like listening to several radio stations at the same time. You can make out a word here and there but nothing makes real sense. Personal clarity is demanded in upcoming events of solar and ionic proportion. Personal clarity is needed to understand why you draw energies from another, why you draw sicknesses, why you draw angers and why you draw sadness. Another energy cannot affect you unless there is a point of connection. Everything and everyone comes as your mirror.

Your world reflects a great upheaval, and separation. The Tower of Babel is activated again and the original separation becomes more animated. The energies that bombard Earth –come to cause confusion, come to enhance enlightenment, You will be asked to saddle situations that you know are going to buck you off one way or another. Yes you may experience large doses of uncomfortabilty, you may want to run and hide under a bush. In your soul there is a key of light and that key of light is being fine tuned by energies that are part of your original source codings. Many times throughout history people have thought they have found the keys to the kingdom, the keys of truth, but all they have found is a duplicate key. The keys of light within humanity are being turned into events that cannot be turned back.

You have asked for a direct connection with your Maker - a face to face with the universe, A face to face with your light, with your heart. In seeing all these cloaked aspects you will come into a deep appreciation of what a complex being you are.

Many in the universe look at you with green eyes, for humans are one of the very few species that hold original blueprint, original code. That encoding has been dormant and this summer as the energies line up on 8-8-2006 (8-8-8) the two physical strands of human DNA will partner with the Christ DNA. This is the vibration of original creation and original source codings. Eight by Eight by Eight – the Christ DNA and what is Christed on Earth will become activated.

Many religions pray and ask for Christ to make an appearance yet they would be the first to point a finger accusing his light of being dark. The time of Easter asks you to embrace the stellarness of what is truly Christed, to take it beyond Earth, to take it beyond your solar system, to move into a Christedness that goes beyond one man, one thought, one light.

Two thousand years ago he came to give you a key – a key that was placed secretly within the DNA of humanity, a key that would be activated when the time was right and the heavens announced changes. \

Something comes to pry you open, after many years of being hardened and corroded. Giving up, after years of not seeing proof, after years of unfulfilled religious and spiritual promises. The sun pulls her power in from one side to the other so that the real Son can be felt. What is deemed as the Christ light has merged with the Sun Light (son-light). His energy comes to wed the feminine aspect of himself that has not been fully acknowledged, nor embraced, by scholars as a holy marriage. The coding and the codex of the Magdalene births anew in the time of the crucifixion stained dogwood flowers. Christ was the Son of God and Magdalene is the female Christ, the Daughter of God. This combination of this mighty light/love can mend and change anything.

Magdalene asks for women to stand as a sun (son) them selves. To stand as a radiant mother, a radiant wife, a radiant female. She asks that all the women of Earth see them selves radiating a love that goes beyond war and worry and death and anything that is written or prophesied. Her truth will rise around the time of Wesak, in the full moon of Taurus. Her energies will dance through the summer from woman to woman and light to light and she will ask those that have been aligned with her Magdalene encoding, the Magdalene codex to stand more brilliantly that any Christed being has ever attempted on Earth. It is then the healing will begin.

Feel the light radiating through your body at this moment feel the aliveness, the pulsation's, of what the Magdalene portrays. She will not take no for an answer, she will not take death for an answer, she will not take ignorance for an answer. Her presence in whatever form will march up and knock upon the doors of the Vatican and she will be heard as a loud Light. They will cower in her light as she steps forward from the fullness of time. She does no harm in thoughts or deeds, but blesses them with her forgiveness and almighty love. She takes the hand of her beloved and the world will change forever.

Know these words to be true – in your heart and in your soul.


By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Whenever you have a resistance towards anything (person, place or thing), you end up creating an electrical charge, a bio-electrical response. This charge then becomes positive or negative depending on which pole you direct your sled towards (your sled being every thought).

This place of Earth is filled with infinite possibilities. Possibility lives in every situation you are continually being drawn into and every energetic thought you react to. Imagine yourself as a mathematical equation, a series of numbers and outcomes. Each time a number in that equation changes, the outcome also changes. When your life moves you into a cul-de-sac that seems to have no way out, it is then you must learn to fly above what blocks your progress. Lift your thinking upward to a new plateau of creation. Anything that is happening in your life is there because of you. Own it. You are not a victim but a student engulfed in deep animated teachings. Just like learning to become a soldier with real bullets this is not a practice run but the real thing. Even though earth is holographic of nature all actions on earth are recorded and held secret. Even in your holographic universe all thoughts count like live ammunition.

Progress is quickened in everyone’s life as time marches forward and faster than you think or know. The lessons are thicker and deeper than one has expected after years of clearing up the debris of the personality. You no longer live on the same street of light. Your soul address has changed once again. You're Moving on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky... You are asked to experience a new level of self and soul that you are not familiar with nor comfortable with. Like meeting new people all you can do is observe until it is safe to act.

The mind and the body are joined by a new soul being – one they have not interacted with before. They are suspicious and confused by this new vibrational presence. The old aspect of you has left never to return but in a fleeting memory. The new aspect of your soul presence is not attached to any outcomes as the old you once was. The new aspect sees the entirety of the dialog of creation and sits in the land of thought manifestation with a feeling of power.

There’s one glitch in this vast portrayal of light enhancement. There is a thin ethereal membrane that keeps the new soul light/ intact. This thin ethereal membrane is like a protective sac around a newborn baby. It keeps it safe from the harsh outer world until it is ready to be birthed then the membrane weakens and tears. The new soul light that has been activated in all of Humanity will not be fully felt until the time of Easter when the soul membrane is ready to be dissolved in the higher light of achieved Ascension. (Achieved ascension being the many layers of your being that already reside at a higher light)

Right now there is a feeling of being torn between two lights, two souls, two loves and two worlds. The sense of being you and not being you is amplified because of the past eclipses. All elements of life point at you asking 'will the real you stand up?' As you try and try to redefine yourself the confusion just seems to get stickier and deeper.

Allow time for the membrane between layers of light to quicken and thin. Fill up with what is good in your life and embrace what is beautiful around you. There will always be something that is unresolved in your life on some level. It's important to move your awareness above it, into the beauty of life. There will always be a pulse of polarity that keeps the small black hole in everybody’s life spinning. Do not be sucked into what is wrong – always holding you hostage. What is wrong is but a minute percentage of your life force. Move your awareness into what is right, what is good and what is blessed and spend your creation in that place. Every thought changes something.


By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As you sit in a place of new angles of life and light, you begin to understand about the vibrations within rays and the different values of light. The light that comes from true East is different in texture and sound than the light that comes from the other directions. The true value of light has many faces, as well as prismatic fractals. Information riding the wave of photons (light particles) originates from various points of the Universe each carrying a different truth. Face all the directions of your soul in order to know the fullest of this wisdom.

Light enters the eye at a different angle allowing the refraction's and reflections of the past and future to be seen out the corner of the soul. The eclipses came to announce the memory of standing in the gap, bridging Heaven and Earth. A state of Grace can be achieved by those that insist on making a difference. No will not be acceptable as the answer to many inquiries.

Many insist on what has been wronged to be righted - no more excuses, no more lies, no more red tape to bandage those with political needs. The memory of justice awakens from what seems like to be a coma. She is blind no longer and sheds a new light on many cloaked issues. Light as a feather of truth one’s intentions should be not weighty or burdensome. Digging deep into anything (thought, memory) gives more than you expect. Are you ready for truths that will shake your faith in others who may hold your future?

A sacred geometry is formed as the eclipses of 2006 begin to strut their stuff. Lines of light open information that has not been needed until now. Eclipses are as a parenthesis – they emphasize, they teach they shine the light and dark. They have a beginning (March 2006), they have an end (September 7 & 22, 2006) and what you do in between them is purely a soul choice.

There are hidden meanings and messages in everyone’s words – listen with your heart and not your humanness. Like a cosmic scrabble game the ancient letters come undone to be re-written again. The old restraints in words and thoughts begin to fall away like rusty shackles on an emancipated servant. Within all words are hidden truths, within all texts are books of knowledge, within all messages are healings. Embrace the hidden, the secret, and the unknown within yourself and your true motives.

These first two eclipses allow you entrance into yourself – are you brave enough to enter? Sense what you feel is danger with a sense of competence and an intrinsically light heart. Do not be afraid of the reflection that comes to you in a mirror, in a person, in a dream. Open up to receive the compete experience of perceiving and knowing.


As the vibration of Christ rewrites itself in doctrine and biblical text the higher aspect of what we perceive as Christ Light changes. All around us we see controversy after controversy of what is suppose to be truth modern and ancient, everything contradicts itself. In this contradiction there is a weakening a dilution of vibration. Mankind seeks something that is sturdy and has stood the test of time. He seeks something... some Being... some doctrine to take him higher into a place that he feels safe and protected. In many tribal societies when one gets comfortable and finally feels protected havoc is sure to follow prodding one into more growth and change.

What you have perceived as Christ the man, Christ the healer, Christ the Light is about to change in texture and design. For many of you these truths are etched into your soul's knowings deep and long winded. The Christ DNA is a physical reality as well as a genetic anomaly. It appears that within in each person is a genome, a signal cell an instructor cell that houses a Christed vibration of molecular possibly.

What this means is that encoded within this cellular structure is a different definition of who one is and who one is to become. If you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you were physically related to Jesus the Christ how would that affect your life. What if you knew his mother was once your mother? What if his Father was your father? Ummm ,,,, his father is your Heavenly Father and you are in the same biological dialogue that Christ was in while physical, seems that you are related after all. Now with this new truth "ask that all past programs/thoughts/vows etc that keep you from your inherent biological Christ acknowledgment and abilities be cleared canceled and deleted through all time and all space known and unknown."

These magnificent CHRIST CODE CRYSTALS are composed of Spectral Calcite. It is a HIGH VIBRATIONAL stone that works with the crown chakra. It is a key to the many dimensions of the unknown worlds of nature, distant universes and that, which is in-between, opening up ones eyes and enhancing psychic vision. As a crown chakra stone it opens up the locked doors within the mind helping to travel into unseen vistas. Within spectral Calcite's vibrations are many corridors and entrances to hidden worlds. The stone reflects and seeps into the mind, lighting up areas of memories, dreams and ideas. It bridges, and creates a connector through which a traveler may pass to different realities.

Spectral Calcite has the remarkable ability of splitting light. It changes light’s direction and speed. Time and light enter a different reality. As one’s eyes are drawn into the stone it opens up new worlds of vision. Spectral Calcite is used for purifying the mind of dross and restrictions. Rainbow pictures often appear, Angels, animals, landscapes, each with their rainbow message of hope. A rainbow within any crystal signifies a special gift between the holder, the crystal and the Universe. The Rainbow crystal tells us we are not forgotten.

Spectral Calcite has a twin life, a double refraction, causing a letter placed beneath it to double energies. When light is shone upon this crystal it spreads out like a thousand lights. A new door opens and another entrance is gained. For someone who feels trapped within his own limitations of spiritual frequencies Spectral Calcite is invaluable. It is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energies. This crystal helps find the window of the soul, so that the outside world may be seen and experienced in all its degrees and possibilities. It works as a spectacle to the clouded eye connecting the mind to different worlds as quick as light, flowing and changing. An aid to the traveler who flies faster than his own shadow!   Go to www.thequantumawakening.com   for prices, more info and pic's.


These beautiful hand carved Lemurian Crystals come just in time for the energy surges in the month of April. After having made it thru the recent eclipses we are looking for a respite, a time off of infusions and down loading and releases and upgradements via our friendly universe. Of course we know that will not happen any time soon but the universe does send us tools to help with the clean up.

As you can tell by the state of affairs on a global level upheaval is prevalent and it is spreading like an emotional epidemic person to person country to country. The animal within man seems to have been awakened and it does not want to be tamed by anything. Primordial ooze comes to the surface as we watch our mirror reflections bring up lifetimes upon lifetimes of issues we have not wanted to address. On the outside we shake our pretty heads and say we do not understand but inside that is a different story. Our guts churn with a remembering of when we acted out in a similar drama; for a good cause, a lost cause, or no cause we see ourselves.

These DIVINE MATRIX pristine sacred geometric template crystals come to help us undress and address what needs to be healed, balanced and loved back into its divinity. The carved hexagram upon these beauties is aligned with balancing the divine male and divine female within. Helping us to clear all sides of the issues when they present themselves. We are healing our personal and planetary and universal DIVINE MATRIX by acknowledging this need for balance. Many have felt dizzy and queasy like riding a merry-go-round after wasting away in Margaritaville. It seems we just cannot digest anymore of the negativity in our world and ourselves. People line up in the antacid section of the drug store looking for a cure for what ails them. Nothing is settling, nothing is digesting, we are sensitive to every single world we hear and speak. These DIVINE MATRIX CRYSTALS come to help you balance and stay a float on the turbulent seas of life in the month of April. They are a touchstone of balance and peace.

For more info prices and pic's go to www.thequantumawakening.com

 Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO box 217
Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217



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