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JANUARY 2006        ISSUE # 83

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Created, Channeled, written published and copyrighted

by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


*** We each hold one letter of the name of God

*** We are the Riverbed that directs the currents of our life

*** Believe as if it is already so

*** 2006 Predictions by Gillian

*** Keeping anything under hat will detour the expansion

*** Vale of Avalon Crystals

*** Cosmic Classified


Everything in our lives is demanding our undivided attention, our prayers, our time, and our energy. Just driving down the road can be exhausting, as the influx of all the encrypted information and signs arrives as a raging bull in a china shop. Crashing our great expectations, of what we were expecting from the new day.

Everything we see, from the license plate on the car in front of us, to the signs in the Heavens has a hidden message for us. You know it’s a message, you see it’s a message but interpreting that message can be very trying and confusing. We continually seek to interpret everything and eveyone. Looking outward is the only way our human eyes can see so we focus outward and onward with a dash of tunnel vision.

As the high signs continue, the ability to understand them seems to lessen. We search the books, the Internet, the newspapers, looking for a connection, an insight, a confirmation, that what we are feeling is real. Yet the very people who wrote the books, etc; are just as stranded on the island of ‘Dumb & Dumber’ as we are! Technology increases, celestial phenomena lines up, messages come from every turn of life, and we all stock up on ’ginkgo’ trying to remember ‘what’s it all about?’

Life is a "Collective," as well as a Singularity. A red giant star and a white dwarf star doing the tango. We are learning to see through the eyes of the past and pry open the eyes of future. We are learning to see through the heart of the blind, and hear through the step of the crippled without having to endure the physical lesson of each. It is then we will come into a place of compassion and completeness.

We walk through each day trying to understand our actions, our fears, our emotions, and our humanness. Each situation that we gift ourselves to learn from is a 'Private Sacred Experience,' between the Creator and us. It is to be acknowledged and embraced. It usually is not understood at the moment of conception. But the internal knowing will eventually be activated and the fullness of the gift and its true benefit will reach full gestation and finally be birthed.

We each hold one letter of the name of God. Together we from words, truths and new equations of understanding. As the letters of our Soul come together to form new truths we will be escorted into places of understanding and interpretation that up until now have been locked and sealed behind closed DNA.

As we experience our daily lives, we each view a different colored strand of the weaving of the tapestry of God. All threads are separate, yet interwoven. Each thread will have a different experience of ups, downs, and in-betweens. No two threads shall be woven or used in the same way. Thus creating a work of art and beauty, so vastly different, and yet completely at ‘One’.

Do not spend all of your time and energy trying to dissect the signs of your life. You can easily get lost in the maze of it all and never reach the cheese. Relax into your lives. You all swim so hard against the current events, you are exhausted by the end of the day. Relax, float, and just know, all is well and going according to divine schedule.

It is your intention that holds the most power. The time for acting on those intentions will come soon until then allow them to gestate. You may be eager to plant corn, because you have the seeds yet the season does not allow growth at this time. Timing is essential, seasons are important. You can plant now, but the crop of choice will not be hearty and fruitful and will bear sweet fruit. Stop sabotaging your future by not believing in yourself in the present moment your divine right. All is running according to divine quantum schedule. Whatever your experience is, has been Divinely timed nothing more, nothing less.


We live in a world that is a whirlwind of thoughts, fears, expectations, and prayers. Sometimes it feels as if we are the little dinghies within the typhoon of life. Everything seems overwhelming, so all-encompassing. We feel powerless and less powerful than we have in a long time.

Every morning we wake up to a new day, a new opportunity. With our first breath and first thought we set up the energies for the entire day. We can breathe in the vast possibilities of a day filled with miracles and dreams come true, or we can breathe in a day just like yesterday, nothing more, nothing less.

The quanta (unformed molecular livingness) of life responds to us and through us! It depends on us to achieve form. We are the Mrs. Coffee Filters through which the new day is poured. We are the river bed that directs the currents of our lives. We are the producers, actors and directors of the play we call life. When we do not like the direction that the play is headed, it is up to us to energetically intervene and change the stage, the props, and the lines of our life.

We are a celestial singularity, as well as a celestial whole. We each have free will and free choice, and yet our free will and choice affects the outcome and the flux of all Creation. Every choice, every turn, every thought we have, creates a ripple effect. Touching everyone and everything. In this truth we each are truly standing at the Center of the Universe.

We selfishly think that our decisions are our choices are no ones business, and affect nothing but ourselves. We are each as an ocean that holds within it precious life. If the ocean dries up, or surges, everything it touches is affected. Look at the cells and organs of your body. Even though everything is a separate unit, it is a connected consciousness and depends upon each other to survive. We all live in the body of the Universe. Each separate cells, yet all part of the Divine Oneness.

The Universe as of late has created a ‘Common Denominator’ amongst the people of Earth. This is in an attempt to unite what seems fractured. (I use the word ‘seems’, because nothing can ever truly separate itself from the Oneness) Each part of the world is experiencing a forced ‘Unity". We are receiving a wake up call from Mother Earth Herself. She cries "Change easily, or change the hard way, the choice is yours." everything we have taken for granted up to this point is being issued a wake up call!

Our lives seem not to be working. We try to repair them, but the repairs do not hold up in this higher energy surge. The new light of 2006 is dissolving the old patterning of our lives. We are changing from the inside out on a bio-molecular level. Nothing will stop or slow down this great change, for it is our divine destiny. The more we hold on to the old way of doing, of thinking, of living, the more uncomfortable these changes will be. Whatever is not for your highest good will fall away, no matter how hard you try to hold on to it.

Let go of who or what you think you are, and what you think you want. Receive what has been cultivated by Divine Decree just for you! This is a full body planetary experience. Religion, creed, race, and color does not matter. Everything is shifting into a higher order, a higher light, and a higher frequency.

Who you are on the inside (Soul light, God Light) has been issued an Emancipation Proclamation, and is in the process of being set free! The butterfly cannot stay in the cosmic cocoon any longer. It is destined and designed to fly. This is a Gift from the Universe, not a punishment! Focus only on the fullness of your life experiences, not the emptiness. Whatever is for your highest and best good, cannot be taken from you. Only those energies and experiences of a lessor vibration will be dissolved in this new light.


The power to manifest lives within us. It does not live in our billfold, our checking account, or our charge cards. The power to manifest is as internal and eternal as we are. The secret to manifestation has been handed down through the ages in every form of ancient text and writing. Our biblical text is based upon the power of manifestation, ‘in the beginning there was the word, and the world was made flesh’. Manifesting is our divine and innate nature. It is the reason we came to earth; it is the reason we exist!

Everything of life responds to our words, our thoughts, and our intentions. All of life listens and eavesdrops on our wishes, our whims, our fantasies. It then refolds itself into the direction of our thoughts. We practice the ORIGAMI of MANIFESTATION, every second of every day, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, for our entire time on earth. Life is waiting for us to mold it. Every fleeting thought has potential to become reality. Every whim every desire, every decree waits to be birthed by our words.

The Universe is composed of sub-atomic particles called QUANTA. The quantum is in everything that exists, formed and unformed. Imagine the air, all encompassing yet invisible, being the holding tank for the unformed quanta. Pure Livingness that is just waiting for your next word, to be formed, to be birthed and released onto earth.

As we rise in vibration the space and time between thought and manifestation will lessen. Eventually it will become instantaneous, but right now there is still time between thought and manifestation.

Your world reflects every one of your thoughts, the good, the bad, and the ugly. You on some level are responsible for creating what you are living at this time. On a daily basis we have about 86,400 thoughts (waking & sleeping). About 60,000 of those thoughts are negative, self-defeating, and from the past. (What we once did, who once hurt us, what once happened)

Imagine 60,000 people walking through your home day after day, and you allowing this to happen! Apply that same understanding in the format of allowing 60,000 negative, self-sabotaging thoughts to enter you day after day, year after year! It is time to say ‘NO"! Just say NO! Every time you find yourself worrying, being negative, or thinking about injustices of the past, just say NO, say STOP! Cancel, Clear, Delete, get them the heck out of Dodge city! Take control of your thoughts your world, and your life. By being responsible for your thoughts you will begin to create a world that truly reflects your hearts desires.

Whenever a negative thought comes, delete it and replace it with a good thought a good intention. This will take some practice and concentrated effort but it can be done. Instead of continuously manifesting what you do not want in your life, change your focus; adjust the lens of your perception.

The world is not yet at the point of instantaneous manifestation, and we tend to give up before our desired manifestation is birthed. Know that ‘DOUBT IS POISON!’ One droplet of doubt can poison and kill any miracle or manifestation! Believe as if it is already so! Believe in your divine ability to manifest and then all of life will respond to your thoughts. Hold tight to what your heart desires. When you ask God for a glass of water, the Universe will give you a lake! When you ask God for a rose, the Universe will give you a garden! The Universe always gives you more than you ask!



Opulence is revealed at a quantum level changing the earthly laws of manifestation. A new recipe is given for an age-old quest. Alchemy changes partners and equations allowing those without to have.

Crude Oil is given a facelift with a manicure (pedicure to come), allowing it to become more useable with less cost in processing. Once again filling the needs of the masses that are resistant to change on a transpiration level.

Power changes hands like the child's party game 'pin the (tail) tale on the donkey' (republican?) who sits in the last musical chair is destined to be a winner.  (this prediction was a little confusing since donkey is democrat, spirit says it is someone that changes political parties)

Ancient diseases come up to be cleared not created.  Consciously clear the timetable they existed in do not receive in them in the now.

Embryo cells show new configurations that cannot be explained away. New DNA is self-evident not needing scientific proof. Those who have this new configuration are sought after to be studied and used.

Disasters continue to ebb and flow, wave and crest showing their underbellies.  Does the whale really swallow Jonah this time around?  Tales are retold in a new format.

Water is influenced by molecules not originating from earth.  The easiest way to infuse a planet is with knowledge or disruption is through their lifeline of water.  Seek your water well below the surface of earth.

Unexpected space objects are birthed from collision in the heavens.  What falls is picked up and passed around the globe.  Just seeing it via picture or media will awaken something that sleeps in your memory.

Animals are used to transport disease to epidemic proportion.  A separation between humans and what they eat is once again deemed.   Mad cow, crazy chicken, and foolish fish; time to eat your vegetables.   Immune systems can be upgraded just by holding thoughts of joy and love an inexpensive natural way of healing.

The earth rattles and rolls in unexpected places as she shakes off the darkness.   Reverse phenomena is experienced via land and sea.

Prices 'skyrocket in flight' humans are once again manipulated on a financial level.   Creativity is at its peak as humans open neuro pathways of ingenuity to adjust to said events.   Necessity births invention and money is saved.

The spotlight shines brightly on those that are deceivers showing their true colors and agendas, heads will roll in political arenas.   Everyone has an agenda the good the bad and the pretty.

Emanations from a new near galaxy play havoc upon satellite communications, jamming all that is top secret.   Panic is felt in the ranks as the military seems to lose control.

Animals act more aggressive as energies that are befalling earth overload their electrical pathways.   Attacks are more prevalent from usually docile creatures.

Humans are forced to ask for help from one another, borrowing a cup of sugar from an unknown neighbor becomes a way of life once again.   Dreams are broken egos are flattened allowing all to open up their hearts the hard way.    Family's, communities' countries join hands to help each other with no questions asked.

Precognitive abilities are on the rise in the masses.   Those who already house psychic abilities are given new utilities.   All senses intermingle as one, eyes can hear, ears can see, senses are blended and shared in unison.

Weather shifts its patterns of fight and flight confusing the authorities.   Unpredictability becomes predictable.   Water seeks a new outlet, creeks become rivers, rivers dry up, build your dream house accordingly.

New Artifacts are found to be fake and are disputed.   Many try to fulfill prophecies that are no longer deemed necessary.  On the other hand ancient knowledge surfaces from hidden places that appear to be too normal and not sacred.   An envelope is just an envelope it is the letter inside that counts.

The media continues to educate the masses in the 'not so normal, paranormal and alien possibilities'.

'Going for broke' is shined up and redefined as many pursue their dreams in the midst of insurmountable financial odds.   Life is lived as if dreams were meant to come true.

Elementals stir about as the earth shifts and stretches.   Everything aligned with earth seems to be displaced, having to move and not happy about it.   Take time to soothe the troubled souls of the fairies devas, gnomes, nature sprits, even the trolls are having a bad day.    Help them to feel comfortable in their new environment as where they once dwelled is under construction.   This is especially true in places of natural/unnatural disasters.

Fire changes her form as fire from the sky is seen in a new light.   Solar experiences drive a long way to make their debut on earth. What does one do with a flame that will not go out?

Medicines are challenged by those with repercussions in their body.   Tomfoolery will not be tolerated any longer.   Experiments are no longer proof of safety.   FDA approval is on trial with many tribulations to come.

New herbal remedies are given as a gift from mother earth as ancient healing techniques are finally shared with those that need them.   Holding onto any insight or truth that will benefit the world will no longer be tolerated by a planet that is trying to heal herself and her children.


The energy of what was looks at you eye to eye as the last year comes to cozy up to your heart.  365 days of 2005 seemed to be as 365 years and just as many lives.   We have expanded into such a multidimensional playing field we can no longer see the lines that divide the past from the future.   Time dances by flirting with us trying to get us caught in the cogs of who we once were. The light increases each day by about 2.2 minutes as we came to the point of the most darkness in order to start seeing the new light. Yes we have come undone; yes we have lost our selves and yes we are being restrung and taught to sing a new song. You have been rewritten and edited by a universe that stretches you to finally meet it heart to heart. the clock ticks to a new beat as does your heart and intentions. keeping anything under hat will detour the expansion. Leap full throttle forward into a place that replaces your inquisition of self with a journey to the New World and new light. Your world is no longer flat and dangerous but round and full of miracles and possibilities. IT IS YOUR JOB AS AN EXPLORER AND CHAMPION to embrace the new possibilities and let go of the way you think things should be.


Isle of the Blessed


In the beginning, when the legends of mystical Avalon began, Glastonbury, was a site for pre-Christian worship. Apple orchards flank Glastonbury Tor, a large, oblong-shaped hill rising above the town; it rises from the Levels like the magical island of ancient lore. In Celtic times it was known as the threshold to the spirit world where wisdom and knowledge were revealed. It is the faery Isle of Glass. Legend knows Glastonbury as the Isle of Avalon. Literally meaning 'The Place of Apples', Avalon is a legendary paradise, where King Arthur's great sword Excalibur was forged; it is where Arthur went to heal his wounds and where his sister Morgan Le Fay had her magical stronghold. Christian legend knows the Vale of Avalon as the place where Joseph of Arimathea landed with the Holy Grail.

A powerful natural phenomenon, the 500-foot Glastonbury Tor is visible from many miles away yet imperceptible from nearby. Two thousand years ago, the sea washed right to the foot of the Tor. The sea was gradually succeeded by a vast lake. In Celtic lore Avalon was an isle of enchantment and a place where the fairy folk lived.

There are actually two distinct lines of energy in Avalon - roughly parallel to one another - flowing for nearly 300 miles. A large number of St. Michael and St. Mary churches are situated upon these lines, and so the energy pathways have been dubbed the St. Michael and St. Mary lines. St. Michael, or the Archangel Michael, is traditionally regarded as an angel of light, the revealer of mysteries and the guide to the other world. Following the Michael and Mary energy lines to and up the sides of the Tor, the two lines appear to mirror the ancient landscape labyrinth as it winds its serpentine way to the summit. Even more astonishing, the two lines move in a sort of harmony with one another and, at the very peak, interpenetrate as if they are ritually mating. The female, yin or Mary energy line encloses the masculine, yang or Michael energy line in the form of a double-lipped cup. It is a most evocative image.

The configuration of the Mary energy line, containing the phallus-like mediaeval tower of St. Michael on the Tor, seems to portray a chalice or grail and is thus a potent symbol of the alchemical fusion of universal opposites. The Michael and Mary lines pass precisely through other key sites in Glastonbury's sacred geography. Primary among these are the Chalice Well, Glastonbury Abbey and Wearyall Hill.

According to old Cornish legends, Christ's uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, was a tin merchant who traded with miners on Britain's western coasts. On one of his trading journeys he brought along his nephew, the boy Jesus, and together they made a pilgrimage to the Holy Isle of Avalon. Years later, following the Crucifixion, Joseph returned to Avalon and moored his boat on Wearyall Hill. There he planted his staff in the ground, where it took root and blossomed into the Holy Thorn whose descendant is still growing on the hill today. The staff was made from the same thorn tree as Jesus’ crown of thorns. The famous Holy Thorn tree blossoms only at Christmas. On the site below this hill Joseph built a small church, believed to be first Christian foundation in Britain.

From the Holy Land Joseph had brought the cup used at the Last Supper, which held the blood of Christ that dripped from the Cross. This most sacred of objects, the Holy Grail, is said to have been buried with the body of Joseph on Chalice Hill, which lies between the Tor and the site of Abbey. St. Mary's Chapel marks the exact site where Joseph set his original church. Analysis of the ground plan of the St. Mary chapel reveals sacred geometry similar to that found at Stonehenge. A Ley line running through the axis of the Abbey runs straight to Stonehenge.


These magnificent crystals are pure Lemurian from source they are aligned with all that is holy and still hidden within our selves and within our world. The history of Avalon depicts much that is still veiled within our collective DNA waiting for us to remember enough to be able to access it. It is a remembrance of what is magical and good about the world. It is a reminder that we still have the power to go back in time and thought and see for ourselves. These crystals house a hidden doorway that can only be accessed by a strong belief in what is unseeable.

The Michael and Mary Ley lines represent the balancing of the male-female within self and the world. The very fact that Jesus went to this sacred Isle as a boy and Joseph of Arimathea came after the crucifixion to plant the Christ seed shows us another path to follow in our hearts. Read thoroughly the history of Avalon above and then decide for your self which path to follow when using these powerful crystals as you can see the hall has many doors and many choices. These crystals are multi-structured in energy and use. They house a variety of possibilities allowing one to go home to a place and time that the holiest aspect of magic was still alive.



For centuries, spiritual seekers have used essential oils and fragrances to help them focus and create sacred spaces that enhanced their ability to connect with the divine. It is an interesting fact that diverse ancient cultures with no way of mingling chose some of the same fragrances and oils to intensify their communion with the spiritual realm. Young Living’s 7th Heaven kit includes several of these oils. Seven essential oil blends were carefully chosen to enhance a person’s ability to become more aware and receptive to the spiritual. These specific blends are believed to possess frequencies that affect body and mind, removing blocks and bringing a balance that enables the user to experience greater "vision" or to "hear" with a greater-than-normal clarity their frequencies enhance perceptions that enable the true seeker to feel a greater alignment.


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