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Messages from the Masters

July 20, 2006

Anshallah, ensi entui anti nahedrae! Greetings from that which is Light!

Has it occurred to you that the entirety of your world teeters on a pivotal point? That the shifting which you have been experiencing seeks its climax? Do you know that you have the power to sway this shift in whatever direction which you choose?

There is chaos breaking out in many directions. It challenges many and yet remains an opportunity. What we mean by this is that anytime there is an escalation of that which feels negative, it is only because that which is Light has become stronger, more powerful in its being. That escalation is directly related to the efforts of each of you as you have strived to change your world. You are doing well.

What we wish to tell you is that your efforts are bringing upon your plane of existence, the reality of great polarization. This is always the first step toward a great shift. As the lightness becomes of a greater nature in your reality, that which is not, seeks its balance as well. So be it. But what balance do you wish for the outcome to be? Are you willing to participate?

It is time for all nations to come together in cohesive and synergistic existence. There is no nation, no people, who have a greater right to exist at the expense of others. No group of people are of greater being than any others. There are none who are any less.

To war in the name of God or any other name is not that which serves the higher and greater purpose. Instead, it is to offer from the heart of the God, that Spirit within each of you, that which serves the entirety. In your world, God has had many names throughout time. Throughout all existence. In truth, the greatest name is the One. That One which all of you are an integral part. That One which you are by virtue of your beingness. That One which is in the very essence of your existence. You are that which you seek. You have always been.

Because of this, you have the power to create a greater reality within your world. You have the greatest love of all within you. You have the greatest strength beyond human perception and coming entirely from that which has always been. And that which has always been is unconditional. There are no boundaries, no prejudices, no lack of perfection. Only infinite possibilities from which to create a myriad of choices through out the moments in your lives. Seek to choose from the perspective of conscious choice. Consider how that which you choose affects the entirety of the whole.

Every thought, action and word that you expend moved outward into the infinite process and communicated within the universal consciousness, and it responds by creating for you exactly what you have sent out.

And how is it that you can create from nothing that which can change your world? By reaching inside of you and finding the power of the One. By sending out into the universal process, pure intention fueled by passion and then letting it go so that it will be created of the infinite nuances from which is may blossom into greater reality. By believing with all of your hearts and souls that what you have intended has already become reality. And as you must know, that which you send outward will always return to you. Always.

Concentrate on the outcome, not the process, not the details. How you will feel when you have reached your great intention. Then, as we have said, let it go. All that will remain is for you to participate in your journeys. Remain aware of those things which are of every moment, guiding you, signaling you to step in another direction, to participate in the infinite choreography of intentional reality, dancing freely, flying beyond that which you imagined, because you could. Because you did. Because it is time for you to take charge of your experience.

To take charge is to change the destiny of your future and that of the future of your world. It is time to contribute responsibility as a greater collective rather than from the perspective of considering yourselves aside from all others. It has never been so.

The idea of singularity and self importance is not truth. It leaves many lacking, feeling empty and incomplete. Searching, needing, wanting, always wanting but never finding that which fills the sense of having not. That is because it was an illusion, an untruth and you have always been great and of greatness. There is nothing missing in your lives but the perception that you have always been whole and perfect just as you are.

Up until now, many have allowed the few to dictate to the many, that which is acceptable reality. First of all, what has been dictated is not working. Secondly, what has been dictated can never work unless it is the truth as perceived by you. If that reality is not yours, what occurs in your lives is chaos because you struggle against perceived truth instead of Truth. There is a vast difference and no difference. All of it is based upon perception.

What we would say to this is that no longer is there acceptability in the kinds of reality which are gaining motion in your world. Those realities which would lead to the destruction of many people and places. Those realities which allow others to act as they would, to take what is not theirs, to allow the suffering of the innocent.

What is it that you love? What is it that you desire? Live it. Believe in it with all of your hearts and souls and it will be so. And share that which is your passion with another and another and another and they, too, will share theirs. You will find that most of you have the same inner desires. To find peace, to live the fullness of love. To be filled with the joy of innocence which you thought you had lost. Be as a child and you will remember the way.

In the process of these changes, many of you are feeling within you physical anxiety. Your bodies feel stressed. You do not seem to be able to relax. What you are feeling is the collective consciousness within your world as the balance of consciousness pauses to take a collective sigh.

Food does not affect you as it has in the past. That which you previously desired no longer interests you. You are drawn to what pleases you in the moment. Let it be so for this now even if what you have been taught is opposite what you desire. Your bodies are reacting to energetic changes within and need different types of sustenance in this now. Your digestive systems are not tolerant of those things which you do not need, leaving them undigested and incomplete in their service to you.

Headaches have been prevalent as mild and ongoing discomforts. This is not unusual as your brains are rewiring in order to process more fully that which comes energetically. The cerebral cortex in particular is moving through a period of expansion.

Intuition is becoming second nature to many and dreams of processing that which you do not when you wake. Listen closely to what they have to say to you, as that which you need comes to you when you have moved out of your own ways. Light comes when darkness sets in. It has always been so.

Even when there have been times which were perceived, when the chaos ended, magnificence reigned. It always will, but only when it is chosen. Seek not your perfection for it is already within you.

What you accept in your lives mirrors outward into your world. Have you been complacent or have you walked in your Grace, speaking and acting that which you would have as your reality?

And what is it that you teach your children that they may carry forth into your world as the future of humanity? Do you teach them that life is complicated and indifferent to those around them, or do you stop and really listen to what it is that they have to say. There are many of your children who have come to you with insight far beyond what many have remembered. They bring this directly from the Source from which all things come.

It if from within their innocence, the simplicity of their observations where the healing of your world can occur. Do not disregard their insights as a cute profundity of the moment, rather, take the time to reflect on the truth which they bring. There is much to be heard.

It all factors down to the fact that everything is simple, nothing is complex. In fact all complexity is nothing more than an entanglement of simple situations. Those things borne of simplicity on their own merit are just that. Simple. What takes them to confusing heights is when fear steps in and convolutes them.

Fear is nothing more than experiences of the past crowding in and creating static energy through which you cannot see. Fear is a what if, not a reality. And as the simplicities weave amongst themselves, that fear becomes interwoven. Soon it becomes unrecognizable and you have become out of touch with yourself. You forget what it is that you do know and how it is that you know it. You lose sight of your power which is great within you, and you cower in the face of what you have created from within. That said, if you would choose to stand a bit taller, throwing off the weight of what you have created, you can see above the static, above the irrationality of the fear, and rise above all things imperfect because you are whole and perfect just as you are.

Your children remember their perfection. Anything contrary to that they learn from those around them. Imagine that from this is propagated a world which is filled with the perceptions of lack of perfection. What is your legacy to all creation? What is it that when it is all said and done that you will have left in your world to grow and propagate? Will it have been fear of everything you have denied yourselves, or will it be that you lived and loved in each moment of the perfection from which you came?

Your greater purpose is in each and every moment that you exist in this her and now. There is nothing else but the moment. Looking backward only serves to keep you in the past. Looking in front of you only allows for the creation of reality which is complicated by the might be or your greatest fears.

Each moment brings you to the next but it you are never present you do not notice all of the perfect miracles that surround you. All of the signs that would have taken you to perfection in the next and the next moment.

If you are truly to be what you intend, it is to shed the illusion that anyone or anything has the power to take you out of your perfection and into anything less than that. Only you have the power to change your reality. The power to expand your experience into fruitful and joyful journeys, or to accept less in your days, giving your power to others because you sense that they are stronger or know more. They are not and do not. Only you know what is best for you. If your mind does not, your soul essence remembers and it will guide you with ease.

You are free. You are Light. You are the unconditional love of being. Knowing this, what will you choose in this moment?

Be in peace. Be that which you are, all perfection manifested into greater reality.

And so it is that we return to Light.

Online Messages

July 20, 2006

Message from Meg

Greetings to each of you! Life is moving fast! I hear from many of you how life is changing, and that it often feels as if we are being forced to alter our direction, in fact the way we live our lives.

I can say that those who go with the flow are coming out the other side of their challenges beautifully. Those who are resistant to the changes arenít faring so well. As I have said many times recently, the truth is forefront and wonít be denied. If we are not living our truths, we are getting slammed as the new energies corkscrew through our very beings, shaking up everything we have ever hidden for ourselves and allowing it to surface. What an opportunity!!!

For a long time we have lived in denial of our true selves, of the kind of world in which we live. We have treated the idea of a new and better world as a romanticized idea that we perhaps attempt to work on in our spare time and in ways that we can keep our light work hidden from everyone else so they donít think we are strange or worse. There is no integrity in that.

Since we are at a pinnacle point of consciousness, it wonít take too much to enhance the shift we are experiencing into greater reality. We have begun to see signs of this in the world. There are wars breaking out everywhere. There is angst among people. And there is great love growing every moment. We are living in a paradox but we can change that!

Letís be examples of living grace in everything we do, knowing that what challenges come are simply examples of karmic fast forward. We can shift our lives and the lives of countless others simply by stepping out of the old fear based paradigms and into greater reality.

What do I mean by greater reality? Being our truth. Living it. Creating from within our fullness, not a sense of lack. We lack nothing except the courage to change our perspectives. If we want to change our lives, all we have to do is change our minds. Literally. When we change our perspectives, how we look at the experiences we are having, and see them from another direction, with the eyes of truth, we find that the only thing we have truly been resisting is the truth within ourselves that we perhaps wouldnít or couldnít recognize. Our authenticity.

We learn by conditioning that it is easier (not really) to be quiet and go about our business, not saying what we mean or even really meaning what we say. And on the inside, we find ourselves feeling unsettled, even afraid without knowing why.

Our perfection is inherent. It is within us even when we donít recognize it. It is our birthright and yet in our human existence we subtly move into perceptions of less than, even insignificance as we became faced with a fast moving world with so many people searching for the same things. It gets a bit daunting if we buy into it. I say, letís see things for what they are. When someone else extends their energy in ways that feel as if they over power us, letís look at why that is.

Itís because they feel insignificant too, or are afraid of failure. So they learn to be on the offensive. The best comeback to that is with true kindness. Really. Anytime anyone chooses to attempt to make us a victim of their behaviors it is because they have issues of their own. And they arenít dealing with them. Instead, they seek to gain a perception of power from others.

If, when faced with these kinds of circumstances, we stand in our truth, our integrity, and do not allow ourselves to move into the perception of victim mentality, we become empowered. We become free.

As we move closer and closer to the September 17th star gate openings and alignment, we are going to feel an escalation on our planet, as if every little thing is magnified, under a microscope. Because of this, not only will our issues seem larger, so will our perceptions and our abilities to move through them.

The reason for this is that the star gates arenít just some nebulous imagined reality that exist multi-dimensionally. As above so below, everything that it is contained within us. The star gates exist within us as well. As they begin to open and align, it will be as if we have been hard wired directly to God. We can access our source light efficiently and by intention. And that means having the power to manifest, to create whatever reality we choose instantly and completely. If, and only if our issues are set aside as part of the illusion.

Imagine having the power to create that easily. We do have it. And it is about to blossom in ways far beyond our imagination.

The changes we seek in our lives are not going to just fall in for us. We have to do our parts. Sitting around waiting for the shift doesnít create it. Doing, acting, being, does.

A few announcements: I have set up a 4 day intensive workshop in the Atlanta area in September beginning on the 17th when the star gates open. This promises to be a great class! The energies ought to be quite streamlined and powerful at that time! Also, I still have openings for the workshop in Seattle in mid August! I would love to see you there! To sign up or for more information please go to my schedule page at http://www.spiritlite.com/schedule.htm and contact the person noted for each event.

The Dr. Meg Show, Conscious Talk for Greater Reality begins on August 2nd at 6 pm Pacific, 7 pm Mountain, 8 pm Central and 9 pm Eastern time on the World Puja Network! I am very excited to tell you that Dannion Brinkley will be my first guest. I want to bring to you a fullness of experience and perspectives from a point of view that is fun and light yet very real. To see the guest line up for future shows, please see the events page on my web site at http://www.spiritlite.com/drmegshow.htm. Listen to the show on http://www.worldpuja.org

I am adding new pages to the website regularly. I have revamped much already so if you havenít been to http://www.spiritlite.com lately, check it out!

I am getting ready to add pages on UFOís and Orbs! If you have good photos that you would like to share, please e-mail them to me at drmeg@spiritlite.com with a note of permission to publish them on my web site and a brief description of the circumstances in which they were taken. This promises to be a fun and educational addition! I will be putting my own great photos on there as well!

My friend Barbara Biziou, author of The Joy of Ritual is offering a Womenís retreat to Awaken the Magic and Mystery of the Divine Feminine on August 11th Ė 13th, 2006 at the Miriamís Well in Saugerites, NY! Barbara is a wonderful being who works from her heart. I had the pleasure of attending one of her solstice rituals in New York City earlier this year and it was divine. For more information please call or e-mail 845-246-5805 www.miriamswell.org.

I am currently traveling and am a bit behind on answering some of your e-mails. No worries! I will as soon as I can!

To each of you as always, from my heart and soul, I am grateful that you are there, and that we have so much to share. Blessings Grace and Peace,

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph. D.



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