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Online Channeling and Messages    May 3, 2006
Intensity inside and out - How are we handling it?

Greetings to each of you!

The energies continue to pack a wallop on our lives, our bodies. Doors are opening in directions for many of us that lead us into uncharted territories. The question is, are we resistant, afraid of the unknown, or are we joyfully stepping into each moment of our new adventures?

When we are given higher roads to follow, it is for our growth, our learning process, in fact, the very challenge of our souls upon their journeys. Taking those journeys is always a choice.

Of late, and in our choosing process, many of us feel like loose cannons, as if we have no aim or direction, and yet are being compelled forward out of control. That is because we are too busy trying to understand the changes. Instead, why not allow ourselves to enjoy the ride?

Any time we move through personal changes and our vibrations rise even further in vibration and awareness, there are certain phenomenon that occur within our experiences. First of all, those people around us who we have considered much of our support system begin to fall away. Often we take that very personally when in fact, it is simply because those people cannot harmonically relate to our new vibration.

Often our friends or family members feel uncomfortable around us, not fully able to grasp what they are feeling. So they decide on some level that we are wrong or that they just donít want to be around us anymore. And they step out of our inner circles. This can be painful because our love for them hasnít changed. Our love has grown immensely for everyone and everything and the drama of the individual becomes less important. That can be hard to understand.

The great news is that as some of those in our circles choose to join other circles, we are joined by others of similar vibration who can further our growth and as well as theirs by having chosen a different set of challenges, different experiences.

We must not grieve for those who have come and gone, rather celebrate that they have been in our lives, and that perhaps the purpose of those relationships has been served.

Every relationship has a purpose to each being who is involved. No matter what kind of relationship we have, we can choose that it will serve us in our journeys or not. This is always a choice. There is always a greater picture than the obvious we experience on an every day level. If we find that we are struggling with those around us, perhaps it is time to step back and consciously observe the situation.

Are we resistant because we are afraid of the changes that might occur when that person is no longer in our life? Do we secretly fear that we will no longer be loved, or that we arenít good enough for that person?

Changes are opportunities. They are challenges for the expansion of our experience, our depth of feeling, our capacity to know the truth within us. Changes carry us to new experiences that bring us a multitude of thoughts, feelings and the ultimate realization that we are alive with limitless possibilities.

Please allow me to share the example of my experience. Many years ago, before I knew what I do now, when I went through my dark night of the soul, I was flailing, off balance, panicky even, for everything that I had known as my life, the foundation of my life, had fallen away from me within a matter of weeks. My home, my love, my career and generally life as I knew it. I was raw inside, not sure how to feel or what direction to proceed. One of my dearest friends called me and said ďAll I have to say to you is this: Everything I ever let go of was full of claw marks.Ē

At first I didnít get it. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Everything I ever let go of was full of claw marks. Resistance. Fear. Destroying what I thought was mine as I held on too tightly. Held onto what didnít serve me anymore because I was afraid of what I didnít know. Embracing insignificance rather than standing in my power and claiming my perfection. Seeing myself as less than rather than using the mirrors others had given me so that I could grow as a human being and therefore a being of spirit. Holding on. To what? Others who didnít respect me? The illusion that they gave me value because I pleased them? Finally it came down to well, ďWhat about me???Ē

And because there was nothing left, because I was all I had, I began to look at the truth from the inside and what I found was that I had convinced myself of the value of all that dysfunction because I had learned to value myself based upon the ideals and expectations of others. Their truths, not mine. Why was it that I thought they were so perfect and I was not? Because I doubted me.

During the healing process what I learned was that those things others handed to me in the form of words, criticisms, compliments, actions and more, were not the true barometer of my success as person or even as a soul. I learned that I couldnít blame anyone else for the choices I had made. I learned that many of those people came from their own places of fear or dysfunction. And I learned that their truth wasnít mine. I repeat. Their truth wasnít mine.

So how to go about finding my truth? The greatest step was to accept myself unconditionally. Whatever that was, whatever that meant, I had to take responsibility within my journey, become present within my own experience, not look outwardly for my value or values. Stop living life from a distance.

And so, vulnerable, alone and aloud, I said to all of creation ďFrom this moment forward I accept. Whoever I am, whatever that means, I accept.Ē

And some doors began to close. Those lessons learned, completion of an era of ignorance.

And doors began to open. Light, life, love and all things positive became me.

And life became magic.

And I learned that the true power of being is simply the Truth in every Now.

In all of your travels in all of your mirrors, embrace your perfection, love that which I not, for it teaches what is.

My web schedule has been updated to include many new appearances and interviews with the Masters and me. There is too much to list here so If you are interested in tuning in or coming, please go to http://www/spiritlite.com/schedule.htm.

As a reminder, I will be with the dynamic and delightful Maureen Moss on the World Puja Network tonight at 6 pm Pacific time, 9 pm Eastern. To join us, please go to World Puja, and sign in. Itís free. We will be talking about multi-dimensional healing work and from what I hear, the Masters will be joining us live! If you missed last weekís interview on World Puja and would like to listen to it, please click this link: Dr. Meg on World Puja April 27, 2006

I will be at the Living Expo in Spokane, WA at the Spokane Center June 3-4th. On Saturday, June 3rd, I am offering Movement to Spirit as a FREE workshop at 1 pm, and I will be presenting a two hour interactive talk about the Children of Now, the crystallines, star kids and a few surprises as well all based upon my new book. Conscious Living has graciously given us more space this year so we have lots of room for everyone to attend! SOtherwise I will be in booth #101. See you there!

I will begin shipping the new kidís CD, ďInside and OutĒ next week. I have repeated the order info at the bottom of this newsletter if you missed out last time. This CD teaches kids to protect themselves from the inside out, how to let go of their problems, worries and fears and to embrace their love, happiness, imagination and more. Even the adults who have heard this have had a great time with it!

As always, I honor each of you and am grateful for the opportunity to share with you. You are beautiful beings filled with infinite possibilities.


Dr. Meg http://www.spiritlite.com

Online Channeling

May 3, 2006

Antui Anshallah, ensitu lahnea nehandrea

Greetings fellow souls of all being. We are One.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be of service to you at this time. We find that we are most often requested to speak to you of the continuing changes. Your bodies, your spirits have been challenged in many ways and yet do you not sense a quiet strength building inside of you?

The energy patterns have changed once again and continue to speed up. In such a way they are coming at you from a horizontal positioning, streamlined as they move through the dimensions and gaining momentum before they slice through you like etheric knives.

As they do, you are being opened in even more ways that are not familiar to you. You are being given all at once re-harmonization in such a way that you are being shaken to your core. Karmic circumstances arise to your awareness and force you to pay attention. Are you listening? Do you see that now is the time to finish certain situations, acknowledge your inner truths, open your heart to new and different experiences and notice completely in what place you exist within yourselves at this time?

None if this is a problem. The only time that there is a problem is when you are resistant to the changes.

Many of you are being affected in physical ways as well. Your bodies, being the most dense of your manifested selves, are displaying symptoms to the changes as well.

The back of your heads is changing. It is widening and thickening. This allowing for expansion and protection of your brains as your conscious expands exponentially. As a result of this, some of you are having headaches of unknown origin. Some of you are having stiffness in your necks which may move into your shoulders as well.

Eye issues are rampant at this time. Anomalous disturbances within the field of vision, tired eyes and blurriness.

Others of you are having digestive issues. Your liver is sluggish, your intestines irritable or slow functioning. Your kidneys are taxed and your joints are aching in places they never have.

Do you embrace the pain or dysfunction of your physicalities as an outward sign of your inward struggle or do you continue on track toward your ultimate goal of perfection as a soul experience?

Many of you are at extremes of tired all the time or so energized that you do not sleep. You awaken hour after hour, or do not sleep at all.

Emotionally, many of you at this time are finding it difficult to remain balanced. And so it is that you choose to fight back or to hide and not deal with the changes which occur within you? Do you understand that the need to fight back is the embracing of outward illusion, misperception of truth and an acknowledgement of imperfection? To take the changes personally is something only your ego would do. Your ego is dishonest. Your essence knows the truth. The entirety of creation is experiencing these things. Relax and allow yourselves to shift with the changes.

And with this shift comes changes within you and within your world. It is what you have prayed for. It is that which you have strived for. It is what is necessary for the very light to expand and create those changes that will ultimately lead to your release from self imposed illusion that there is any imperfection at all.

And the changes are escalating. Many of you find yourselves being carried forward as if something greater is propelling you into experiences that take you to higher awareness, synchronicities and abundance within your very being. Others of you are finding that you are also being propelled forward as if you are careening out of control and you canít seem to find a place to jump off.

That is because you havenít yet jumped in. You have allowed yourself to become of the illusion that you are a singular and omnipotent being that is alone in your journeys. You arenít really participating in your journey, just coasting and waiting for it to end.

What we mean by this is that many of you have told us that you are tired. That you feel as if you have completed your journeys and that you want to go home. Do you not realize that in every given moment you are home? That your essence lives where it chooses as it moves through its process, your process? Do you not realize that the light of home as you call it, resides in every aspect, every cell every molecule, every energy that runs through you at all times?

The light of your being is there for you to call upon to tap into your origin, your cosmic lineage, for the benefit of not only all of the experiences you have ever had, but those of everything that came before you and that mat possibly be. To embrace anything other than your perfection is untruth. It is illusion, perception gained by the opinions of others as they have lost sight of their own perfection.

And so what we say to you is this: Do not worry about the state of your progress. It is what it is and has always been. Instead, allow yourselves to savor every moment of the journey in such a way that each moment becomes a profound experience for you. Each bringing a revelation of your perfection and all that you are and all that you have been, as all of your being is perfect in any given moment.

If you had truly completed all of your Karmic circumstance, all of your challenges, you would have no need to be present in human form. At the same time, you would have nothing to gain and nothing to contribute within the experience of the One. You would be light. Or not.

The challenge is to shed the perceptions of being alone in your flight. You have the wisdom of the ages at your disposal. We and others are with you at all times. Whether you choose to accept or acknowledge this is yours to choose.

But if you wish for a positive and expedient progression of the shift that has begun, if you wish for your journeys to be filled with higher vibrational aspects, if you wish for your hearts to be full and for you to receive that which you often give, then you must accept and participate in the flight. Live your truth. It is beautiful.

Many of you are waiting to find your purpose, or depending on that which you have been told by others to come your way because if they said it, it must be so. It is not. Your purpose is not a singular achievement in your life, but every moment that you are. We have said this before.

As you choose, as you live, as you love, all that you are communicates with all that is and tells it the details of your experience. As all that is receives your messages, it rearranges harmonically and restructures the reality of itself. Concurrent with those changes, the One communicates back to you, to all of the light essence that resides within you and provides limitless options for the next moment. As this occurs, your experiences change as do those in all of creation. Imagine having that much power. Imagine the limitless possibilities within the One. Imagine.

You are unlimited.

So the bottom line then is to remain within your personal integrity. By this we do not mean honesty with others (though that honesty is important) we mean honesty within yourselves and of yourselves. When the experiences you are having reflect equally above and below from within and that which you see outside of yourselves, the Truth becomes self evident and you are no longer of any discomfort. When you have given yourselves the freedom of being that which you are and that which you have always been in such a way that your being dictates your experiences, you will have found that which you have sought and that which has sought you. It was there all of the time.


As yours and with Grace, we offer to each of you and to all of us as well the remembrance of infinite Blessings that live freely within the integral whole. The infinite choreography of simultaneous being of, with and within the light. That being is in and of love. Be in peace.

Dr. Meg http://www.spiritlite.com

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