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April 2, 2006

Greetings to Each of You!!!

This is a time of great possibilities, enhanced energy and the promise of an amazing free for all ride to those who don’t fight the process.

And a process it is! Everyone is either soaring or sinking. To those who are soaring, congrats! You are working through some intense stuff right now. If you are one of those who feel as if you are sinking, never fear! Step back, stop, look and listen. What you will find is that you are fighting against the very things that you wanted to let go. And most likely for reasons that are not the truth.

And, the reason that the pain is in there in the first place is because you fought it when you had the experiences. Stuffed it inside for later! Why do that again? All that stuff we fight is just old fear, old emotion that we didn’t have the skills to work through then, right? Right! So why beat ourselves up. That was then and in this now I guarantee you that it is time to soar!

To release old stuff completely does not, I repeat, does not require us to suffer every painful memory of every horrible detail. It does not mean that when we think we have done it we have. Of course recognizing that we need to change things is the greatest part of the healing journey!

What releasing old stuff does mean is to give ourselves an opportunity for a greater now. Admit we are wonderful beings of Spirit. Admit that we are capable of miracles in every moment. Admit that we are amazing beings who are filled with infinite possibilities if only we can look past our pain. Pain causes us to grow roots in the past. It keeps us from planting seeds for our future because we are afraid we might hurt again. Rather than reach out toward what our hearts tell us we want or need, we hold ourselves close, unmoving, stuck in life.

This is the time of opening doors. The energies have set up so clearly for us this year that anything we want is possible if we walk in our truth.

I hear you – “What do you mean walk in my truth?” The answer is that to find out our truth is to simply recognize when we are not comfortable within ourselves. We can be absolutely certain that when we are not of comfort within ourselves, we are not living in integrity. Yep! I can hear you. “Whoaaaa! Did she just say I am out of integrity?” Yes that’s what I meant.

When we live according to the rules and expectations of others, we are not living our truth and when we are out of truth with ourselves, we are out of integrity. To me, integrity is a number one priority from the inside out. I am talking about personal integrity. Integrity to one’s self. Of course that means admitting that we are much greater than we give ourselves credit for. That means accepting ourselves no matter what, as whole and perfect just as we are.

Most of our old stuff stays stashed because it feels scary to look at and we don’t want to admit we are perfect. Being perfect might make us responsible to maintain that perfection, right? NOT! We are always perfect. In our humanness we carry perfection in every cell of our body. It is ours to keep!

We are only responsible to ourselves, for ourselves, and of ourselves. We don’t have to impress anyone. (Anyone who needs impressing is getting their value from the illusion they are better than others!) We don’t have to be good to prove our worth. What we must be is intentional in our living. We deserve much more than we allow ourselves to accept from creation. Perfection is our God given right. It is who we are when there is nothing left. Perfect, whole and complete, of infinite being.

When we don’t let go of our stuff, it stays hidden because we feel that someone might not love us or will think negatively of us, so we hide our junk, our old hurt feelings, our anger, our disappointments, our dreams – yes, our dreams. Because if we really tell people what we want that makes us vulnerable. NOT! We have spoken our truth. It is ours to speak!

I say let’s be vulnerable. And when we feel uncomfortable let’s take a look at the real why of it. Let’s take an intentional step back and become a conscious observer of our experience. Let’s quit hiding from ourselves. Let’s participate intentionally in our lives instead of being victims of them. Let’s take our power to the enth degree. It is all there, waiting for us to accept our perfection.

And when we agree with ourselves to accept that perfection then the rest of creation begins to agree with us that this is a pretty good idea. And when the universe recognizes our willingness, our potential, the next thing that happens is that we get what we want.

I repeat – we get what we want. What we need. And it is easy. And it is no longer a struggle. It simply is. Simply is. Ahhh, I love the is.

Of course it is always a choice. I choose the magic! How about you?

A few notes:

I just arrived home from working with Grammy Award winning music composer and producer, Barry Goldstein in New York City. Together we have created one of my most favorite CDs to date. It is called “In and Out”. It is a guided meditation for kids to help them learn to get rid of the junk and accept and share the great parts of life (happiness, creativity, imagination, love, etc). At the bottom of this newsletter is more info and how to get it. I have a LOT of adults requesting this for themselves as well!

On April 27th at 9 pm EST, then again on May 3rd at the same time, I am going to be doing a live interview with Maureen Moss of the World Puja Organization. We will be talking about how to connect with your own Masters, how to attain higher consciousness and multi-dimensional healing. On May 3rd, I will be doing a live healing for all the listeners (hope we don’t blow the transmitters!!!!). Anyway, to join us, please go to http://www.worldpuja.org. Thanks!

For the purpose of reaching as many people as possible, I have agreed to send the World Puja newsletter out on Monday to all of you. This is only in relation to the interviews, and I have to say, their interview line ups are stellar! Besides, the more people we can link together, the more expediently we can raise the consciousness of our world.

I will be in Madison WI next weekend to teach a four day intensive but absolutely fun workshop. There are only a couple of spaces left. Full details on my web schedule at http://www.spiritlite.com/schedule.htm.

As soon as I have a release date for my new book, “The Children of Now” I will let you know so you can get on the pre-release order list if you would like.

There are some very interesting energy anomalies going on right now so I have asked the Masters to address this for us. I know that you will find it not only fascinating, but informative, I did!

To each of you, I share my honor, my love, my light. I mirror your love back to you. You are amazing beings. Thank you for your light.

Dr. Meg

Online Channeling

April 2, 2006

Antui Anshallah! Asi entui nahelah alianah entui asi!

Greetings from within the light, that which you are and have always been, that which is light!

Within your beingness there are changes taking place which are causal to changes within your experiences. These changes are part of your destiny, part of your lineage. In such a way, they are paramount in your circular evolution as you move back toward the source from which you have come.

Because of these things, you are at once finding that your intuition is kicking in to greater perspectives of awareness and ability to discern truth and you are releasing that which you no longer need.

That which you no longer need is vacating in such a way that you may now fill yourselves with whatever you wish. Generally speaking the filling is also an illusion, for you are never truly empty. It is your awareness that you are missing your awareness that gives the impression that something is missing.

One must simply open one’s doors again in such a way that one may remember that which is already shining within.

What is happening in this now? There is a new and different kind of harmonic resonance which is forming universally. There have been changes within the entirety of all being due to the inter-relationships of the very essences of life, of creation.

As reality shifts, moves, breathes and experiences, there is energy expended and there is energy that is created. Now is a time of balancing that which was with that which has become. By this we mean that nothing is as it was, nor will it be again. Of course, that is true from every moment to every moment. It is always in the now, you know? You are always changing because you are part of the natural being of creation and that being constantly changes.

At this time, there is an imbalance within the construct. This is because there is a shift in occurrence, as we have spoken of previously. Consciousness has not achieved greater balance that that which is not light, but the greater light of the source is gaining within its growth and its strength. Because of this, there has been what you might call a sliding of the energy balance. Not completely a shift, but a sliding.

Now what this means within your experience is that those things you have hidden from yourselves are coming out of you. For some of you, this is a pleasant relief. For others, it is feeling more like a personal holocaust. Difficulty raises its illusional head, and at the same time you have become more sensitized than ever before.

Further, on ethereal levels, you are greatly affected. The entire structure of your energy fields has shifted. The complete inner relationships of their alignments have changed. The alignment of your etheric bodies is new and different. There are different affectations in occurrence among you depending upon your current vibrational level and harmonic make up. Some of you may feel disconnected because your etheric bodies have stair-stepped their harmonic arrangement. The chords that you once were are now new and different. You are literally not the same as you were.

For others, certain of the etheric bodies, particularly your intuitive bodies, are angulating off plane. What we mean by this is that instead of being flat and parallel to a certain harmonic level of reality, your bodies are tilting off plane, usually 30 to 45 degrees.

In reality, this serves to change your abilities to experience. Some of you are finding that you have gifts which are awakening and they are new and different. Surprising you in some cases. Others are finding themselves feeling somewhat less sharp intuitively than previously. This will balance as your new harmonic relationships acclimate among all other things.

Your causal bodies, which are your harmonic octave points, have slid a distance from their original positions. This is because your causal bodies are your oldest manifested selves. They are representative of your most historic beingness, some of you from the beginning when certain of the Angels fell from Grace. Some of you were there. Some of you still are, as everything is continuous and contiguous.

Your causal bodies also represent your giftedness. They hold the balance for you harmonically when you bring your perfection forward. You cannot cause injury or harm when you are of your Grace and in your perfection, do you know this?

Your causal bodies are your interpreters as well, much in the way that the solar plexus is within your body, mixing the energies of the above and the below. Instead of mixing the energies, your causal bodies step up the frequencies of your communications to all of creation, and step down the frequencies of creation in ways that your intuitive nature can hear them. So that you can feel the communications within you.

The causal bodies are also a fulcrum point in the reality of you and the world in which you exist at this time. In other words, these particular bodies are your hinge that determines when you shift.

The new positioning of these bodies as related to so many human beings is indicative of a coming shift that is of great proportions. This shift is unlike the smaller ones you have been experiencing over the years.

With this shift you will see complete changes of consciousness and perspectives among human beings. One of the most significant changes that will come foreword is the demand for truth. No longer will the people upon your planet accept the lies that have so easily permeated your societies, your homes, your lives. No longer will people sit quietly and accept that which no longer serves them.

Where you have been desensitized, great sensitivity will be born. Where you have been silent for lack of comprehension, illumination and the ability to express that which you have gained will fall from your lips unbidden.

Where you once thought that things and having them would fill you, greater truth will unfold.

It is in the unfolding that you will find that which you seek. At first it may seem as if all balance is lost. If so, it is only because you resist the changes which are at hand. And it is only when you resist change that you are of discomfort. If instead, you would easily ride the current that beings you to greater being, your greatness will be profound and your experiences of infinite perfection.

No longer will emotionality reign. Instead, truth will bring justice to your world. No longer will your egos flourish. Instead, humility will quietly instill itself.

No longer will hatred guide your countries, your religions, your races. Iinstead, commonality will not only be recognized, but paramount to your survival as a people, as a world of beautiful beings.

None of the wars that have ever reigned upon your planet have ever been of truth. They have been of invisible boundaries, and beliefs that were not of the whole. What then will you offer your brothers and sisters in spite of their differences of perception? Peace will permeate, but it requires lack of resistance. The few who would cause havoc on the many are losing ground. The times come for Universal peace.

We speak of these things in the nature of willingness to be of assistance to you. You have forgotten who you are. You are of greatness, each of you. Rise to your perfection and let your lights shine. There is no time like this now for this to be so. The only perception that keeps you from all that we have spoken is that of less than. Less than each other. To perceive less than is to allow an illusion that is more destructive than anything you can imagine. The perception of less than is a killer of human spirit, a cancerous untruth that eats away at the integrity of humanity.

Each of you is a kindred spirit waiting to rise like the Phoenix out of the ashes and into your most excellent plumage. Into powerful being which is unconquerable.

As you find that your internal perceptions and receptions are changing, you will see and experience balancing shifts within and upon your planet as well. Between now and your year of 2007 and perhaps into the early months of 2008 will be of greatness for earth change. There will be shifting of sands that will cause new balance on the planet.  There will be movement of the planet upon her axis, further that what occurred in December of 2004 when the tsunami anomaly changed the relationship of the balance of your planet.

Because of these particular items and the fact that your planet is experiencing climactic change, the speed in which polar ice melting (and glacial ice dissolution) occurs will speed up more quickly than expected.   This will most definitely raise sea levels at a faster rate than expected.

Also, there comes an even higher intensity of storms upon your planet because of the changes in temperatures, particularly of the oceans at great depths.   The cooling roughs which flow through the oceans are rising in depth.   As they do, they will become warmer which will affect climactic behavior particularly in Europe, Africa, the South Pacific, the Japanese Coast Line and Central America. 

 There will also be offshoots of the climactic changes which will drastically affect the Caribbean Islands and the land areas surrounding the Gulf of Mexico. The general expected path for hurricanes will shift to a more southward path with a sharp northern swing on a more westerly turning point.   Because of this, the storms will be flung at faster rates in a direct path for destructive landfall.

The same type of situation occurs in the South Pacific as the underwater pathways change for the warm water flow, there will be a sudden change in the pattern of Typhoons.

In relation to this, the El Ninő and el Nină patterns are going to change, causing unexpected heavy rains and mudslides.

And so, using your planet as a demonstration, what is happening within and around you as beings?

You are rearranging your relationships with your environments and within yourselves as well.   That which no longer serves you must leave because these times command truth in all aspects.   If something does not serve that which you have become, then off it will go, sometimes gracefully, at other times, with a resounding crash!

Change is inevitable.   As human beings, you do not generally like change because change commands that you step out of your comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory.   And often change is resisted because fears surface about that which is not known.

That which is not known is an opportunity for that which is different.  That which is different is an opportunity for that which is you to become that which you seek.   What is it that you seek in yourself?   Do you know?   Would you know if it presented itself to you front and center and asked for you to proceed?   In many ways, that is what is happening within you as you respond to the impending shift.

As you move with the shifting times instead of resisting them, you might think of yourselves as surfers, riding the big one.  How long will you stay on your feet?   How long can you ride the crest?   How far until the wave breaks and you come upon a beach that is forever changes?   How long is entirely dependant upon you.

To you from within the one, all that is and shall ever be. It is all perfect.

Be in peace.

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