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Online Channeling and Messages

March 3, 2006

Greetings to each of you!

 Time continues to speed up and amazing things are happening. Some days life and what we experience are moving so quickly that we often barely notice what happens around us, but we must! Our presence in each given moment is paramount to the fullness of our journeys, our experiences within those journeys, and even in the lives of others.

 The most often asked question of the Masters and me is “What is my purpose?”   Unequivocally, the Masters always say that our true purpose is every moment that we exist.

 First of all, we are comprised of sets of harmonic energy that is individual to each of us. As we are, we remain unduplicated in all of creation. Each of us is very special as we not only hold space in all that is we continually contribute information to our very Source as we experience our lives and as we make choices in every given moment. And our Source communicates back to us, bringing guidance when we listen.

 Those choices take us into new and different experiences or keep us rooted in place. It is always up to us. As we make those choices everything that occurs as a result is communicated universally, and believe it or not, all of creation listens and adjusts accordingly. Talk about power! We have the capability by virtue of our very existence to change the world.

 Often in this forum we have talked about how we touch others as we move through life – how we never know how we have affected someone’s life by a single moment in time when we gave just a little more of ourselves, a smile, a touch, a kind word. Those moments in time are our true purpose. They cause a ripple effect that is timeless and serves our true purpose.


If we are to truly make a difference we must exist unconditionally. I know, we have all heard this before, but do we really know what this means? Unconditionality, unconditional love is not an idea, it is not an emotion, it is a way of being. And we must walk in that at all times as everything we do ripples both outward, communicating with all of creation and inward, as we evolve further into light beingness.


Sometimes, even for me, it is hard to know how to apply unconditionality into everyday living. How to touch others who just “don’t get it” yet? Words don’t always seem to be enough, and to me, words often feel empty, incomplete. Generally I look for fuller ways to share unconditionally.


Yesterday I had an experience that really drove home a reminder of how listening in a moment brings answers that we might not have otherwise imagined.


I was on my way to an appointment and feeling on top of the world. As I approached my destination, I slowed and turned on my blinker in plenty of time for most anyone to see that I was about to turn. As I began my direction change, I heard a loud screech as tires ground against asphalt. Quickly I looked in the mirrors… and saw no one…so I physically turned around, and there, next to me up over the curb and on the grass, was a car that had just missed smashing into me at a high speed… (Thank you Angels!!!!!)


Strangely, I wasn’t the least bit rattled, but I did recognize that someone “out there” was watching out for me. Off I went into my appointment which went quite well. On the way home, I decided that I needed something at the grocery store. I had the choice of a large store, or a smaller one closer to home. I chose the smaller one, wondering why, as I really don’t like the place. “Oh well”, I thought, “it is easier getting in and out of there…”


As I walked in the store aisles, I was thinking bout how magical my life is, how amazingly things just happen, how happy I was that the near collision didn’t occur, and my thoughts moved to unconditionality.


“How is it”, I wondered, that we can apply unconditionality to others even when they can’t seem to recognize it. What words does one use when confronted with another who has never considered pure love because their life so far has not reflected that kind of experience?” Sometimes in the face of others, unconditionality seems to hit a brick wall… but then do we ever really know where that expression of love went after we left it?


I continued to muse as I arrived at the check out counter and in front of me was a woman in a wheel chair. She was extremely large and obviously unwell in every respect. Her skin was mealy, her color like paste. She had huge dark circles under her eyes, and her entire countenance reeked that she was tired of life and that it was a great struggle just to exist.


Her hair was several shades of dyed color, and it was greasy. I imagined that her size and condition made it difficult to move around for every day self maintenance and that just being out at the store was an effort…


I wanted to reach out and touch her, heal her of her pain. I wanted to do something to show her that things can be different, but what? Somehow I knew that words would fall short, and that to touch her would be an intrusion. Silently to the universe I asked “In this moment, how can I make a difference that she will take home and remember”. There was one way to find out… I became the conscious observer. And in the magical way that all things are, the answer came almost immediately!


Her basket was full; her groceries already bagged and ready to go. As she swiped her debit card to pay for her purchase, the woman seemed to be having a hard time with the machine. The cashier patiently asked her to swipe the card again. Again, the sale did not go through. “How much do you have on that card?” the cashier asked.


“Oh” the woman said, “about fifty dollars.”


And after she swiped her card again to no avail, the cashier gently told the woman that there were only eight dollars and sixty-nine cents available. A look first of shock and then confusion swept across the woman’s face. She must have made an error somewhere.  The friend who accompanied her didn’t seem to have any answers. The two women quietly moved into a swiveling discussion about putting the groceries back and I realized that there was no option for money from any other avenue for the woman in that moment. What to do? They wondered…To me, the answer was easy…


The universe had just provided a way in and I had definitely noticed! I happened to have enough cash in my pocket to take care of her grocery bill. Quietly, I reached into my pocket, unnoticed by the women who were deep into their dilemma. Drama was taking over.


Silently I handed the cash to the cashier with a nod. She was fantastic. “Shhhh” I motioned. The cashier nodded and completed the transaction.


Without missing a beat, the cashier ripped the receipt away from the register, discretely handed me my change and gave the receipt to the woman. It took a second or two, but the woman slowly got the idea that something very different was happening. The cashier told her that her bill was paid, have a nice day, and the woman wanted to know who had done this.


The cashier sort of motioned in my direction and said “she did this”.


“It wasn’t me” I said.” To me, truly it wasn’t. It was the One, taking care of one of its own.


The women left the store, and I paid for my purchases, all the while being thankful for finding a miracle in a moment. One small way to reach one person in need. No words could have expressed to her more fully than what she had experienced in that moment.


As I left the store, the woman and her friend were waiting in the middle of the parking lot. “Thank you!” they both called to me. I nodded gently and started to go the other way when suddenly I realized that my chance was now.


Gently I turned and said “Everyone’s day deserves to change for the better. Today is your lucky day and mine too. Take care of yourself.” And away I walked. No drama, no ego just unconditional love…


On the way home I wondered at how the universe provides opportunities even when we don’t expect them. Especially when we don’t expect them. And I was grateful for the opportunity to touch another in a way that could be heard. Without a word, I conveyed to the woman that she was valid, that she was not helpless, and that yes, someone cared. Who knows what else she heard in my silence?


Who will she tell about her experience? Will she or they follow my example of unconditionality? What about the cashier? What will she do with what she witnessed? Will she tell her friends at school? Her family? And what about the people behind me? Did they notice that something good happened right in front of them, or were they too busy?


Maybe, just maybe, someone who was there, or someone who hears the story will help another just as discretely. Maybe, the little ripple that our wonderful moment created will create a tidal wave of good things. Who knows? All I know is that all forms of unconditionality travel with grace.


Truly, that moment is out of my hands and I will never know where it goes from there. The important thing is that the moment was lived to its fullest, unconditionally and the One, as always, took care of her own.


Great news! I have finished my new book, “The Children of Now”! A labor of love, it exceeds all of my expectations and soon it will be available to the public! In it, there are some amazing new pieces of information that have never been shared with the public. I can’t wait for you to experience “The Children of Now”. This book has taken on a life of its own and amazing things are happening… When I get a release date from the publisher I will let you know.


Over the next couple of months I will be traveling and teaching workshops. Friday, March 17th through Sunday, March 19th, I will be in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, teaching a three day intensive workshop that includes Pyramids of Light, Channeling with the Masters, Movement to Spirit, and the Pyramids of Light healing workshops. There are a few spaces left. If you are interested please call Nancy at 845-642-2194.


I also have a few openings in Madison, WI April 7th through the 11th for the workshop series that includes everything above as well as a fourth day during which we will learn about advanced healing issues. For more info or to sign up Madison, WI, please call Jill at 608-241-7557.


To read about these workshops, please visit my web site at http://www.spiritlite.com/workshops. A reminder that I always have my appearance schedule listed on the website as well. It is constantly being updated, so please check back regularly if you are looking for me to be in your area http://www.spiritlite.com/schedule. We do accept Master Card and Visa!


I will also be in New York City toward the end of March, recording new CDs with Barry Goldstein. Kudos to Barry for his recent Grammy win! I am so proud of him. This time Barry and I will begin the children’s series of CDs. The Masters and the children are directing these so I imagine they will be fantastic! I will keep you updated on this project as it develops!


To each of you, I want to express my gratitude for your continued interest. Without you, my journey would look very different. You are amazing, thank you!

 As always, I wish you joy in your heart, love in every moment and peace in all that you do. Love, Blessings and Grace,

 Dr. Meg


Online Channeling

March 3, 2006

 Antui Anshallah ansi entui entillah

 Greetings to you from the perfection of the One.

 We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you once again. It is that within your world, time as you know it has become a thing of the past. That which you counted upon for your days no longer exists within its previous format.

 It is that your sun and moon rise and fall as they have previously, but if you look at your night sky, the relationships amongst the stars has changed ever so slightly. This is because your planet revolves upon its axis at a slightly different angle than it has previously. In the past year there has been a shift of angulation of your planet in relation to gravitational pull as well as interstellar communications, energy patterns and harmonic relationships.

 What this means to you is that your perceptions come from different angulations as well. Those things which you were unable to see clearly had risen to your awareness in such ways that you find yourselves wondering how it is that what was now seems to be what is.

 By this we mean that there are events from your past, fears, issues and feelings which had remained hidden from you now greatly present. As this occurs, you are moving through a clearing of that which no longer serves. It is not to resist the experience, rather to embrace the awareness and allow that which was to finish its journey through you and further, to return to light. That which you have resisted and no longer serves you is the very thing that has kept you earthbound. Surely each of you remembers that you are capable of flying!

 Generally speaking most of you have a great tendency to confuse that which is your thinking self with that which is your consciousness. These are two separate parts of you. Your thinking self is directly responsible for logical processing which ultimately maintains your safety within your human experience. It is that which has developed along the way in order to let you know whether or not what you experience is “real” in third dimensional perspective. Whether or not you are “safe” in your journey.

 Of course, very little of what your thinking mind tells you is truth. Your thinking self serves only to maintain a ceiling on reality within your current circumstances.

 Then there is your consciousness. That which is unhindered in every way. That which is capable of taking you anywhere, anytime to any reality in all of creation. Your consciousness is what gives you life in this now. It is what instructs your body to take you through your experiences, your learning processes, your feeling experiences. After all, you are here for those experiences. It is to contribute to the whole of the One, to experience all possibilities of beingness back to the source from which you came. Fullness. Wholeness.

 The source from which each of you came is whole and complete in most ways, but yet in the Beginning there was lack of physical and emotional experience within its knowing. As each of you and all others come to your world to touch, feel, laugh, cry, dance, lie in stillness, all of creation lives through you. All that is and ever has been lives within you, experiencing those events along with you, learning, becoming, always.

 But yet in many ways, many of you perceive that your experience is only about you and what you are going through. Step back a moment and look at the fuller picture. Perhaps if you do that observation will change your life from this moment forward.

 Perhaps when you step back from yourself, you may begin to observe that those things that you were taking personally really weren’t about you at all. It was simply that others had a need to learn and perhaps were not as graceful as they might have been. That is not your fault.

 Perhaps when you observe from outside of your emotionality, you will begin to see that what you have created for yourself is exactly perfect in this moment, and that there are always choices in every moment. Choices that will take you down one road or another. Choices that mean the difference between comfort and lack of comfort.

 Often when human beings make choices they do so based upon their perception of what others will think. Or, how other people will respond to those choices and completely disregarding the very inner truth that created the situation in the first place.

 For instance, perhaps you find yourself in a situation which requires that you choose an action or a response. Instantly deep within, your emotional self and your logical self become best friends and convince your ego that you have to choose a certain way. And when you do, chaos becomes of it.

 That is because you have chosen not from your truth, but of the truth you perceived. The truth that others project or have projected out of their experiences. The truth of others has become entwined within your truth and this can be confusing as long as you approach your lives from within your minds.

 We ask you this: Is everyone you know so perfect in their own choosing that they have earned the right to dictate the choices you would make in your journey? Is everyone so far advanced that they have fine tuned their perceptions to the point that they can intuit the perfection of the moment based upon truth, or do they, like you, reach from deep within their fears and pull out a best guess action or answer?

 Our point is that choosing is a very, very personal decision as long as you are in human form. That choosing will assist you in your growth or lack thereof in some way or in many ways.

 True power is in choosing from within, from the strength of having owned your fears, from the gentleness that you carry within your Grace. It is there, you know.

 Power does not come from making yourself large as an assertive gesture or projecting your energy field outward at others, unless you are fighting dark beings, of course, but that is a wholly different subject.

 Each time you choose against your truth, you become farther and farther from the true direction that you intend.

 Right now you are saying, “but I thought everything was perfect no matter what!”. It is, Dear Ones. Perfection has infinite faces. That which you do, that which you choose, and even the inaction in which you find yourselves occasionally are all part of the greater aspects of perfection. Each moment that you choose, you are creating or recreating your journey.

 So you must choose consciously.

 To do this we do not mean that you must think things over until they no longer make sense. No! Instead, it is to ask yourself in every moment “what is my truth, and what choice best serves the journey that I have chosen”.

 Many of you will say to us that you do not know what your journey is. That is because you are seeing yourselves from the actions and reactions, the perceptions of others. They can only guide you based upon their experiences and perhaps they have not chosen diligently or intentionally, so perhaps all that looking outward to others is deceiving you.

 Instead of looking outward to others, be still; listen to your rhythm from within. Do you resonate with everything around you easily? Do you feel of comfort, of ease within the body you wear at this time? If not, why not? What is your struggle? What is your fear? Why are you still fighting? The answers lie deep within you. They are yours to find.

 Most likely you struggle to fight that which was, that which you have never processed or resolved. Each and all of those issues are those things that you have come to learn about and in many cases, Karmically complete.

 And yet there is a child within you who is afraid of being left alone, of being unloved, of not performing well enough, or not having enough value to matter to anyone…

 Lies! All of it.

 Your consciousness knows that. Your mind though, in cahoots with your emotionality, continues to whip up doubts and fears as it has become caught in a loop. Every time similar stimulus comes into your perception those parts of you which are not of your higher interest as an infinite being begin chattering away and convincing you that you are less than.

 You. Are. Not. Ever. Less. Than. Never!

 You are a child of the universe, of the Source from which all things come. You are perfect even in your sense of imperfection. You are whole and complete just as you are.

 The child within you is a paradox, a mirror of your innocence and your pain, the pinnacle of your success and the depth of your perceived failure. A symbol of your gentleness and a reminder of your vulnerability. The wisdom of all time that you carry within you and the part of you which feels empty and unskilled. Lightness is a world that often seems dark and unfriendly.

 You are all of those things and more. You encompass that which is and that which is not. You are everything and nothing.

 You are perfect.

Embrace yourself today from deep within you.

 Nurture yourself in a way that is yours and yours alone. What brings you joy? Do it. What makes you laugh? Play it. What opens your heart when nothing else will? Envelope it.

 Return to yourself. It is time. The time is now. This is a clarion call to each of you to step aside of the illusions. It is time to raise your sword. You are needed. You are loved. It is time for intentional, conscious creation.

 Life is the stairway to Light.

 Be in peace.

 Ansi anihu anallah ensi ensitu anui.

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