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Online Channeling December 12, 2005
Antui asi entu alannah antille
In peace we come to you of the light.
Greetings Dear Ones. It is that your world is experiencing changes. It is that the shift of which we have recently spoken continues to be of its process in such a way that many of you are shifting more quickly than you are able to notice or adapt. As with any change, there is always the process.
One cannot shift without adaptation to the changes unless one has completely and ultimately brought within them that which is the truth of truths, that which is the perfection of eternal being.   When there is any perception at all that there is separation among you, there will be conflict. Conflict arises by differences in belief systems. That which is truth depends entirely upon the beholder. So perhaps another point of view would be to see that each, no matter which side of a conflict passionately fights for their truth.
How one chooses to view truth determines that truth. When the truth is found to be of drama, of unrest, then it must be so. When truth is of perfection, then it is perfection which is experienced. It is the expectation of truth that determines it. It is the limitation of those expectations which creates failure.
In all of eternity, in all of creation, each of you must know that you are the truth. You are not in any way except by you own perception separate from that which is the entirety of all being. You are not in any way different from anyone else except when you choose.
There are changes coming upon your world which have begun. It is that we wish to speak to you of the coming times, as they have the potential to be dramatic or of perfection just as all other things that you experience.
As you are aware, there have begun to be changes upon your planet of all kinds. There have been earth changes, political changes and challenges, changes amongst the very consciousness of your world and there lies within that consciousness at this time, a battle of forces for balance.
In the beginning there was darkness and out of that darkness became the light. That light resides within you. That light is the very source from which you have come to this place and this time. As you strive to bring consciousness to higher and greater levels of vibration, of light, of perfection, there are those residual forces which would interfere with that process. We would ask you then, to realize another perception…that darkness is also part of you, which in your balance resides all things.
In such a way then one begins to see that there is no reason for fear.  Only limitless possibilities for the creation of whatever you want your experience of this shift to be.  What we mean is this.  If you carry fear within your heart, facing changes with the thrill of being afraid of them, then your road is rocky and your struggle will be to the bone because that which you fear will surely come to you.
If, on the other hand, you can find within you the ability to be not afraid, then that which you do not fear will not recognize you.
To apply this wondrous shift directly to your self is to set yourself aside from that which is the greater truth. You being all things and all things being you. In such a way, it is to relinquish your perceptions of perceived power and allow yourselves to come from within your true power. Your true power has no judgment. It has no imperfection. It has no anger or grief and it cannot lie. False power lies to you constantly, trying to please you and soon, if you have the perception that you are in control you begin to believe it.
What we say to you is that your freedom does not lie in the hands of others, it resides within you.  The most merciful God lives within your heart of hearts. That which is your Christedness, your perfection. That which is the Christ Consciousness which you seek is you.
We say this to you because you in your world are on the brink of extreme change. Those changes have begun to occur in such a way that many have left your world thousands at a time. You have watched as different areas of your world have moved into complete change and some to destruction. Anytime there is balance being sought on any level of creation, there is change.
For many of you, the changes of which we speak have not directly touched you.  Those changes seem to be far removed from the reality of which you are so familiar and within which you are of comfort in that which is known.
In the coming years there are gong to be challenges to your sense of reality, of what is safe and predictable and of what to trust or believe as changes occur in your world.
The coming year is one of bridging one vibration to another.  It comes as a time of shaking out that which is not constructive to the highest purpose and that which is climbing of the social consciousness.  The time for the shift is now and you are at the crux of the pinnacle, about to soar into parts unknown. Be not afraid. Be powerful.
In this coming year there will be further disruption to the oil industry.   Much of this is due to certain entities who wish to bolster their financial gains.   There will, however, come an incidence that is of a nature that will draw attention to the corruption of the industry.  This in occurrence in the late spring or summer of 2006, depending upon how certain incidences play out between now and then.
Politically, the leader of Nicaragua appears to be in jeopardy.  It appears that there are those who are of enemies to him who would erase him of his life and of his perceived power.
In the United States, your President Bush will face further and more extreme challenges of integrity and the decisions he has made which reflect on and directly affect countless people. There are those who work closely with Bush who will be caught in the net of deceit and all of them will ultimately become publicly liable for those things which they have done. It is that this situation is of many levels and that the deeper those who dig ferret out that which they seek, the larger and more intimidating the picture becomes. All things of this nature depend upon the very integrity they represent to shield the participants from the public knowing the truth. That truth boils and seethes in its reality and as all things universal must find a release of pressure. The relief in this situation is that the truth will be told. There are at this time two sources which hold the key to and will be willing to unravel that truth.
The war in Iraq, which is a corporate war, will draw greater and greater public disapproval. In such a way, there will come a time by September of 2006 that the troops who occupy there now will have begun to disband.
In Great Britain the prime minister will find himself at odds politically and become indecisive in moments of great import. He will not have another to lean upon in such a way that he may falter.
There will be a loss of a mid level government official in Germany who will perhaps be found to have been self indulging. The events leading up to the change will occur in or near Dresden.
In Panama there will be a political coup that will be unsuccessful. It is poorly financed and unorganized.
In Romaina, Bucharest, there will be further conflict of violent nature particularly near the month of May. There appears to be an escalation of tension amongst certain factions.
 There will be further earthquake activity in excess of 6.8 on the Richter scale. There will be activity in the Atlantic Ocean which will be unexpected. There will be further activity in Indonesia in the form of aftershocks and further quakes.
There will be percussive responses within the earth which will affect the coast of India, the North West coast of the United States including northern California, the coast of Japan the Balitc Sea area and New Zealand. Africa will also be affected.
There will be further volcanic eruptions in the Pacific Rim.
Anomalous weather patterns will continue. There will be further evidence of global warming in such a way that the subject will become irrefutable to even the greatest of the ignorant.
There will, in the next three years, be discovered a city below the ice in Antarctica. This city was once a major place of power in the before times. There will be bodies found there which are well preserved and can provide stunning data as to the world before this time.
There will be evidence found of Atlantis that will mark the beginning of full discovery of the ancient land. Some of this evidence will be found as a result of sands shifting in light of tropical storms and hurricanes and will be in the form of artifacts and remnants of ancient construction.
There will increase and be less hidden, activity of ultra-terrestrial and inter-terrestrial activities. There will be found the entry to an underground base. The base appears to be empty but it is not. This is to be found in the mountains of Utah.
There will remain to be contact between the star nations and certain people of your earth. It is that for the most part, positive outcome is possible from these interactions.
There are those who have hidden the truth along the lines of this subject and there are two who will come forward with information which will unequivocally confirm that there are, have been and will be alien contact with beings of the earth plane. The timing of this is dependant upon certain events which will take place and cause rise to the information to become public.
Leaps in nanotechnology will give an appearance of great discovery and relief of certain illnesses as well as technological issues. We are given to utilize caution in this area as that which is being created is often in direct conflict with the laws of nature. It is not the technology which is of concern it is the process in which it is created. The medium that is used in much of the biological application has a tendency to not break down under the usual laws of nature. If this process is not modified, ultimately the biological systems will mutate to accommodate the nanotechnology which as been introduced into its system, The result will be mutations that are not particularly favorable to human evolution and in fact can be destructive because the natural biological balance will be completely swayed. The medium, under the right circumstances can multiply of its own accord.
There will be new minerals discovered in early 2007 which have similar properties to monatomic gold, but are naturally created. This occurs near a volcanic vent. Those who would approach there would use caution because of anomalies in the electromagnetic field in that area. There is an undulating doorway there which bypasses the time space continuum and could be dangerous to the unsuspecting.
There will be weather anomalies that will directly affect the eastern coastal areas of Europe, particularly France, England and Scotland.  High winds and uncharacteristic winter storms can arise.   Hurricane vortexes will be particularly strong in the summer in the Atlantic region and there will be two storm vortexes that will affect the coast of central and South America with devastating affects which include flooding and particularly mudslides.
In the nature of intergalactic energy, there will continue to be real time influences from deep space as well as reactionary events that are caused by emissions from the sun of your solar system as well as certain instabilities of neighboring stars which will tremble in their balance. This will affect the electromagnetic relationships in your world and the force of gravity will change slightly in its electromagnetic balance.
This will contribute to earthquake activity and the severity of weather conditions.  There will be certain storms this winter which are far beyond normal weather conditions.  With them will come large amounts of snowfall and record cold. These occurrences particularly in the central and north east united states.
There will be higher moisture activity in the way of precipitation as well. This will create record rainfall amounts in some areas and other, generally moist areas will be very dry.
There will be a new virus outbreak that will be concentrated in its effect and affect that will affect the human body through the blood stream. This is a mutated protein which acts to destroy newly formed blood cells in the body. The cells will deform and the ability to carry oxygen within the circulatory system becomes inhibited. There is a plant serum that can be found in Southern Peru and Bolivia which can alleviate the affects of this virus. This plant can be found near naturally occurring springs is no more than twelve inches in height and has pear shaped leaves. The plant has a proclivity to grow upon or in rock formations. There will be found in its presence a green moss which also grows upon the rocks. This particular moss is light green to light brown and grows up to three quarters of an inch in length. There is a certain beetle which cohabitates with the plants which carries certain healing properties as well. This beetle is black and some mutated versions may be of an iridescent green with black specs on their wings.  They are generally about ½ to 5/8 inches in length. There is a blue substance which is resident within the beetles which can shift infectious diseases and can have amazing healing properties in disorders of the blood as well as certain cancers. This substance operates biologically in a way that is traceable throughout the body. It can be utilized in nuclear medicine for specific targeting within the body.
As you move into 2007 of your time, consciousness will have begin to reach all time highs in both vibration and awareness. The polarization which you have been witnessing will climax around May of 2007. As this occurs there will begin to escalate the beginnings of a new age in your world. This new age will bring planetary and intergalactic consciousness at a height of awareness that is a pinnacle point in your evolution as people. There will begin to occur, a cohesiveness to the overall consciousness.
There will be an energetic cone effect in which consciousness will spontaneously begin to respond to consciousness and there will be spontaneous awakenings in many who at this moment do not remember their true nature or source. As these awakenings occur, there will come an awareness of inter-relationship between you and your earth which can completely shift the direction that events are headed in this moment. A new age will rapidly descend upon you and how that appears in your reality is completely dependant upon what the races of your world do toward application of their rememberings. Since you are of five different root sources, your DNA coding will respond somewhat differently depending upon which of those five root races you carry primarily within you.
Your DNA is encoded with memories of its beginnings, your beginnings, and all that you have encountered, experienced and done in all of your journeys since the Beginning times. All that you are and all that you have ever been can be read like a history book within you. In such a way, your God self speaks to your human self and reminds you of your divinity as well as your right to recognize that divinity. This is why you constantly seek to self improve. It is why you constantly seek a higher power. There is a remembering far within your very construct which calls for your attention. You are, as we have said many times, that which you seek.
What is it that you will know when you meet yourself along your journey? Everything and nothing. All of perfection. That which has always been truth. You are that truth. Are you listening?
We are grateful to be of service with you as always. We remind you that you are whole and perfect just as you are. And remind you to apply your perfection not only to the experiences of others but to yourselves. In such a way then we offer to you all Blessings and now return to light. Be in peace.

Stepping into our Power During Shifting Times 
Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey


This has been a year of wonder, of changes in most of our lives, an escalation of our consciousness, awareness and with many, even of giftedness as we align with the coming changes within our world and all creation.

Multi-dimensionally speaking, many have entered into fifth dimensional consciousness while our humanity has attempted to keep up, faltering now and then, but seeking balance within our shift. We have entered into planes of consciousness awareness which excite us and confuse us at times. There have been great numbers of spontaneous awakenings and there are more to come as when more awaken, more awaken. This is universal law.

We experience many challenges at this time, with a lot of focus on issues of integrity. We are challenged emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Emotionally, feelings are of a height that often feels overwhelming. Anger comes up, grief, passionate love. Those negative emotions which come forward from within us challenge us to question the integrity we have had with ourselves.

No longer can we lie to ourselves that “everything is just fine”. We must process and release those things which we have hidden from within our experiences, ourselves. Those things that until now have driven our subconscious in such a way that we react out of fear rather than truth. That fear is untruth. It is what we gave ourselves because we knew no other way except that what we experienced was unpleasant, perhaps even hurt in some way, and so we glossed over the real issues and convinced ourselves that we had it all under control.

The conditions of our world, the interactions multi- dimensionally, energetically and beyond force us to look at ourselves in the mirror. We are being challenged to let go of those things which do not serve us and to step onto a higher road. That higher road cannot be taken until we let go of those things which have had us earthbound.

The higher road does not have room for heavy energies, old baggage that no longer serves. It commands that we act outside of our comfort zones, reach outward from our heart of hearts and into a greater reality. We are doing this in spite of ourselves. It is only our resistance which causes us pain. We resist that which we did not want to see in the first place. We resist because we have lied to ourselves. We cannot anymore.

We have been challenged to right this world back into integrity. How long must we seek to improve ourselves when we are already of perfection? How long must we talk about “them” and what “they” have done or are doing? How long must we act as if others carry greater strength and power than we do? How long must we wait before we see that we are they?

We are the ones we have been seeking all along. We resist ourselves through our emotions, through logic, giving ourselves the perception that we are in charge. Sure, we are, but not in the way that we have gone about it. We have operated from a standpoint of separation. As if it is all about us, each of us. That is the untruth. The truth is that we are all part of the living organism that is reality, creation, all that is.

This may be a difficult concept to grasp but it is truth. Each of us is a combined set of harmonic frequencies that is unique to all other things. Each of us is a soul in search of experience, cosmic education, and as we do this we contribute to the experience of the whole and everything within us and around us. We are great creators of reality.

The untruth lies in our perception of victim hood, that the world has served us a bad hand, that someone else has caused our experience to be other than perfect when in fact it is directly how we apply those experiences to our truth that determines the outcome.

When we blame others we also give them our power. When we blame other situations we give them control of our lives. When we can see that many things we experience weren’t really about us and we don’t have to own them, we begin to find our freedom. We are the ones who lock ourselves out of fullness.

We limit our experiences by having the imperfect need to fill ourselves from a perfection of less than perfection. We cannot lie to ourselves anymore. We are of the One and the One calls us to be of service. We are in a shift that is greater than humanity has experienced since the dawn of time as we know it.

Who are we really? We are emissaries of light with messages for ourselves and all other creation that perfection is acceptable and freedom from within is a natural occurrence in our very beingness. We are whatever we perceive ourselves to be. We are whatever we perceive our world to be.

To each of you at the ending of this year and always, I recognize you in me. I recognize myself in you. I am grateful for your presence in this world at this amazing time. I thank you for giving these messages a forum. We average over a quarter million hits a month on spiritlite.com as you and I meet there. That is amazing. Sometimes even overwhelming as I recognize the scope of the Masters’ journey through my life. I am humbled beyond words and love you back.

I have recently added a donations button to the website. I have resisted doing this for years because I consider this work part of my service and I don’t want this work to feel commercialized in any way. Since we have had such a high rate of hits on the website (over 250,000 per month), and literally thousands and thousands of subscribers, we have once again outgrown the capabilities of the server through which the messages are sent. Because of this I have had to add technology, a new newsletter service, intensive spam filters and online storage space all of which have extra monthly fees that are becoming expensive for me. I want to keep the messages as a free service! I know that not everyone can afford an extra expense. If any of you out there desire to help by making a donation I am ever grateful! From my heart, thank you!

There are some changes in my schedule that are not yet reflected in my website. The workshop series in Santa Fe in January has been postponed. We will definitely be doing this, but at a later date. I will be in Atlanta early in the year and will give you an update when I know more about that.

I am currently working on completing my new book about the children and will let you know the release date as soon as I have it for sure. This book is a phenomenal one, I think, one of my best to date.

As at the beginning of every year, the Channeling is about coming times. The Masters have introduced some very interesting possibilities in our world. Some of them which are a bit mind blowing. The Masters’ prophesies are generally right on. I have added the first few pages in this transmission and as usual the transmission in its entirety can be found at http://www.spiritlite.com/newsletter.htm.

To each of you, my love and grace. Do you know that you because you are love, you are a living celebration unto yourselves? Blessings,

© Dr. Meg BlackburnLosey and
Spirit Light Resources 2005

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