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Online Messages

October 23, 2006

Greetings to Each of You and a heartfelt welcome to all of you who have subscribed since the last transmission! We have really been through the energetic wringer since I last wrote!

I will give you as much information as I can regarding the incoming energies, but first I have great news and want to share it with all of you!!!!

My new book, “The Children of Now, Crystalline Children, Indigo Children, Star Kids, Angels on Earth and the Phenomenon of Transitional Children” is coming out in December!!! It was originally scheduled to come out in March, but there has been so much interest that the publishers moved up the date!

“The Children of Now” is about amazing children who are coming into our world with many different types of giftedness. They are telepathic, super conscious beings who often remember from where they came - many of whom bring pure love vibration into our world and others who have fallen thought the cracks, unrecognized by their parents and society for who they really are. Many of them are being misdiagnosed with ADD, ADHD, autism and other dysfunctions. Their brains don’t work like previous generations. The Children of Now speaks to the reader of real children in real families, their experiences, joys and heartbreaks and how we, as parents, teachers and caregivers can help these kids. It is a book that every parent and school should have! Unlike most other books on this subject, “The Children of Now” does not sensationalize the children and instead lovingly offers a great deal of information about how to help these kids. . If you would like to preorder this book from Barnes and Noble at a GREAT DISCOUNT

This is very exciting because this is the first book of its kind that I am aware of that is goingcompletely mainstream! Let’s get information about these kids to as many people as possible and show the book sellers that we need more information like this on their shelves by ordering now! Please send to everyone you know. We need to help these kids! From my heart, thank you!

I will not be in Atlanta the last week of November as we found that weekend to be to close to Thanksgiving for most people. Sorry to miss you there! I will reschedule when my calendar allows. Thanks so much!

The Ceyelon Star Gate System did align and has created amazing heights of manifestation already. I sincerely hope that each of you took advantage of this once in a lifetime phenomenon as it was aligning!  Those things which were put into motion by each of us are already manifesting in amazing ways. Personally, I have seen changes happen so quickly that it has been mind boggling.

And then there was the big energy influx on the 17th of October.  May of you wrote to ask my take on that.  Yes, it was very real, but to me, the incoming energy didn’t look like a tractor beam, it looked more like sheets of pulsing energy that went from violet, to white, with many other shades of purple mixed in. The incoming energy had a powerful pulse which is still tapering off.

The Masters had said that shortly after the star gate alignment there would be an astrological occurrence which would basically give the coming shift an amping up. And so it is.

So what is happening to us as we move through the changes which are happening?

Some of you have said that you are feeling a bit lost in your journeys. That is because perhaps you have a preconception about what your journey should look like, and maybe, just maybe, if you let your journey unfold without expectations, you will find that there truly are miracles in every moment.

Many are reporting that they are beginning new lives, leaving the old behind. That may include spouses, partners, jobs, friends, pretty much anything that no longer serves.  There is obviously a certain amount of grief as such changes occur in our lives.  I would encourage that if you are one of these people, you allow yourselves to experience those feelings.  Feel them then get on with what is happening so naturally for you.  No need to hold onto that which has passed.  Sometimes after the changes those people will catch back up with us. Others will not.  But as we move forward, upward, others will come into our lives who are of our highest good, of similar vibration and consciousness, but we have to let ourselves get there first.

Over the years I have found that when changes come into life that it is easier in the long run to have the experience emotionally and otherwise, to let the changes process within and then get one with all of the new and exciting transformations that are happening.  Of course changes can be scary but only because there is much that is unknown. Generally speaking, it is harder to make the choice, that first step toward change than it is to actually experience it.

The unknown takes us to higher ground.  Challenges us to greater reality, if we are willing, sometimes even when we are kicking and screaming all the way through those challenges, resistant to step into the unfamiliar.  If our time is now, those changes will come one way or another.  We can resist or we can let go and let God so to speak.  Ride the current of change with ease, allowing ourselves to be carried into greater reality with joy and wonder.

There will be a period now of undulating energy waves that will be moving through our world for about five weeks. These waves have regular patterning and are purple and white in color.  They look much like sine waves, which are regular curved rises and falls. The waves are coming in overlapped multiples. In other words, many overlapping waves at a time. There may be some mental fog with these energies because of their overlapping nature but don’t let that throw you. This energy is positive through and through and should bring relief for many from the intensity of energies we have experienced over the past month or so if we don’t try to mentally format our experience.  Guaranteed, the current energetic events are not subject to the boundaries in which our minds would want to put them. .

The new energy waves are an opening of us, of positive outcomes, flowing to us from the very things which we carefully manifested during the Ceyelon Star Gate Alignment. If we believe in our powers of manifestation, if we know that anything we intend to create can and will come to us fully, then it is already so.  There is joyousness within the infinite at this time and we are capable of not only receiving this but also being aware of it to the point that we live the joyous experience - intentionally.

To best sum up what I am feeling about the present energies, the phrase that comes to me is in Latin. Much like Carpe Diem (“Seize the day”), the phrase 'in horam vivere' means to live for the moment.

In horam vivere!  In this now, are you in your truth?  Are you doing what your heart commands, or what you think is appropriate for the moment according to what others say or imply?  Are you in joy, or have you found yourself complaining about the now, blaming others for your circumstances?  Remember, your experience is a choice.  To change our life, all we need to do is change our mind about how we are going to live.  Simple as that.  The rest is simply a process, a highway to the outcome.  We simply must pay attention to the road under our feet and move our feet in the direction we intend.

What we find at each destination may surprise us.  Perhaps it doesn’t look much like what we pictured.  That is because we pictured it.  Perhaps it doesn’t feel exactly like what we intended.  That is because all of our thoughts and fears were behind it.  Maybe our destination has challenges that we didn’t expect.  That is because we took ourselves there for the experience.  Or, perhaps our arrival finds us filled with all was infinitely available to us and it is awesome.  That is because we let go and gave ourselves the freedom to arrive at the opportunities that were there all of the time.

Oh, and the opportunities are endless, as are we.

I continue to be grateful for each of you. I honor your journey and that part of you which is part of me as well. Wishing you love in your hearts, laughter in your days and perfection in every step of your journeys.

Blessings, Grace and Peace,

Dr. Meg

Messages from the Masters

October 24th, 2006

Anallah antui anshalla! We greet you from within the One.

Lachalani ensitu Lachalani. Heart to heart with Gentleness of Spirit.

Asi. Of Light

Asi With Light

Asi Within Light

Transformations are in occurrence and at the same time, balancing within the seventh realm.  There has been a lateral shift encompassing and shifting five dimensions to fifteen degrees of higher frequencies as the culmination of the Ceyelon Star Gate System occurred.  That shift and balancing is as if a multi-dimensional doorway has opened across many worlds.  As this has occurred, it is an expansion of reality.

This expansion also witnesses the birth of a new solar system in such a way that interplanetary energy exchanges are forever altered.  It is a beginning of an energetic relay that will allow more light energy to flow to and through your reality.

It is that as you must know, you have begun to enter the photon belt. As you have, many of you have begun to awaken to the possibilities and even the experience of greater reality. You are remembering who you are. Or you are beginning to suspect that there is more to you than your corporeal selves.

There have been events in occurrence for several years now that are taking you closer and closer to a reality shift within your world. This began with the Arcturian Corridor shift on the third of March at 3:33 pm in 2002 when there was a harmonic alignment and at that very moment, energetic clarity that had been seconded by no other event since the dawn of humanity.

In this now, even the energetics of the Arcturian Corridor opening have been surpassed as the Ceyelon Star Gate System has created further inter-dimensional attunement to higher harmonics.  You must know that any time there is an occurrence in any other aspect of reality that you are affected.  What we mean by this is that as the universal aspects attune, so do you.  repeat: As the universal aspects attune, so do you.

It is that the possibilities of awareness which you had only yesterday, a month ago, a year ago, have been exponentially heightened.

That which closes the doors to your perceptions of greater reality are only your beliefs, that which you have learned and that which you have been told.  What is in your very heart of hearts is that which you know and that which you know you have always known.

You carry within you that light which is of the highest nature yet you deny it by justification of your experience and your continual seeking of perfection.  What you have forgotten to remember is that your perfection simply is.  You cannot improve on that which is already of the highest nature.  It is only your perceptions which cause you to believe that you are of an imperfect nature.

It is that in this way you create the consciousness of human reality.  You challenge your experiences by comparison when each of its own right has been perfect in relation to all other things.  Allow that perfection within you to be your guide.  The guides that you seek are always with you but your greatest guide is the one of whom you carry within you.

Seeking perfection implies that all is not already perfect.  Believing that there are things to work on belies the very fact that it is in the “working” that your soul finds its way home.  The experiences each of you has in your beingness are those which have come to challenge your perceptions of perfection, that give you a fuller understanding of the possibilities of the depth of your emotions and that depth brings to you the triggering of your remembering that there is a beingness much greater than anything which might be fallible in your lives.

That being said, we return to the discussion of the chain of events which are in occurrence.

The Arcturian Corridor, as it opened and then closed created an indelible balance across the dimensional field. There have been other occurrences astrologically which have since propagated the energies which were set forth in that event. This was the event which also triggered a response within your DNA and RNA communication patterning which negated the linear communication that your circular evolution had caused.

Your DNA now communicates in a tentative but graceful remembering of that which is higher being.  The electrical and electromagnetic relationships amongst, around and within your DNA strands have become more complex.  Your DNA strands are emitting a stronger electromagnetic field than ever before in the existence of humanity as you know it.  This communication system will continue to grow and expand.  As it does, you will experience and witness more and more spontaneous awakenings of the human consciousness.

Your DNA acts as a transmitter and receiver of communication of universal source.  It tells your, the universe and all that is within your scope of reality how you are handling that reality and what it is that your reality is as an experience.  The universal interactions then create exactly what you are calling for in your reality, your experience.

Your emotions have everything to do with the size of these electromagnetic fields as well as the power of their tranmissions. When you create from a sense of negativity, you create limitation in the frequencies.  You literally restrict the amount of energy and the frequencies that you are emitting.  This in turn, as everything has an opposite, creates a repellant effect to the very reality which you intend to create.

When you create from within your heart of hearts, from the unconditionality of your perfection, the electromagnetic fields around your DNA strands are expanded and actually unite.  It is as if you have become the One and in turn have become the very creator which you have sought all your human lives.  You expand the perfection within you until it begins to create your reality accordingly.

As the perfection within you unites in creative oneness an amazing thing happens. That One which is you also unites with the One which is all things and you intentionally have the creative force of all that is within your grasp.  You have united your humanity with all other things.  We call this intentional consciousness.  Intentional Being.

Instead of living your lives from the perception that you are a victim of your circumstances, why not step into Intentional Being in such a way that you are participating in your experience?   Participating as an intentional and conscious member of that which you are. One with all things.

When you have let go of the untruth of your separation from that which you came, you become everything that you have always sought.   And you are perfect.

The Ceyelon Star Gate System created a shaking up of your energy fields which caused the truth to come to you in ways that it had to be recognized and then it was up to you to fight the truth or to step bravely and confidently into it.  Your bodies have had to adjust to the consequences of that release.  Your hearts have had to heal (or not) from this event.  Your prospects of manifestation became unlimited and in this now many, many of you are beginning to already see the fruits of your manifesting capabilities.

On October 17th you experienced another huge occurrence of the Arcturian energies which created a pulsing of high frequency energies which come to you still.  These energies were an instigation, a cleansing of your fields in such a way that has energized your DNA fields.  There will be spontaneous awakenings in further relation of your DNA aspects and this effects your levels of consciousness for as your DNA fields become unified, the brain wave patternings you experience also being to unify.  This is when the doors to multi-dimensional awareness occur.

As you may remember, there are three steps to multi-dimensional awareness.  This first is initiation.  This is when you begin to receive inklings that there is greater reality beyond your third dimension.  You begin to know beyond a doubt that there are other realities, other beings beyond what you previously remembered.  You may begin to see them, hear them or even feel them touching you as they come and go within your awareness.

The second step is communion. This is when you being to intentionally interact on multi-dimensional levels. Your consciousness begins to take you to other places and times, other realities and all while you remain aware of your human beingness.  Instead of walking between the worlds you become the worlds.

The third step is ascension.
  Ascension is when you step into your Mastery intentionally and become an intentional part of the very One from which you are created.  Ascension has many phases and from a human standpoint can be as expedient or as deliberate as you choose.  Turning to white light and disappearing is a possibility but first there must be unification of self within the One.

There is a law of your physics which is also universal law which says that everything will order naturally.  Imagine a jar of marbles.  As you pour the marbles into the jar, they will order to the highest and best combinations in such a way as to fit perfectly amongst themselves.

Imagine that you and all others are much like the marbles.  Humanity is like that jar of marbles, each with different sets of harmonic frequencies, each with certain vibrational awareness, each with a soul journey that is unique to them.  Humanity is in the process of ordering based upon vibration and intent.  Based upon experience and willingness to experience.  Based upon past journeys and remembering of the source.  Based upon heart and mind, soul and emotion.

Ordering is a process. Processes begin with chaos and end with the magnificence of perfection. Within each of your journeys, you fit exquisitely amongst the entirety.  There is never any reason to feel or believe otherwise unless you are willing to perceive that you are powerless and then you must be.

Rise to your magnificence. You are all that you seek.

Over the next years, there will be many changes within you and around you.  Do not lose sight or perception of the fact that you are in perfect and divine order wherever you find yourselves, whatever you witness.  What is important is to remember all that you know.  Let go of the beliefs that there is anything less than perfection and you will find only perfection in any given moment.

Remember that nothing ever happens outside of a moment. Each moment is all there is in relation to all other things.

On February third of 2007, there will be a further shift across al realities.  This will be in the form of further balance as dimensional shifting occurs throughout higher dimensional realms.  This effects all universes including yours and those parallel.   There will be a need for physical balancing in that time as when there is a shifting of such magnitude, there is a need universally for balance of pressure between realities.

There will be a quick expansion of all universes, a spreading out, so to speak as that which is light is reborn in the way of new stars and in the form of the ending of others. This will cause an expelling of energy from one universe to another in parallel fashion as the black holes draw off excess energy from one universal reality to another.  This will be causal to certain responses from within your earth as she too seeks her balance.  Do not be of concern.  This will pass as yet another universal balancing as has always been.

There will also become a differentiation amongst the balance and intergalactic communications as star alignments shift slightly and the overall relation of intergalactic energetic emergence occurs.  What we mean by this is that new energy relationships will affect your bodies and even the light within your very souls.

It is further evidence and experience of awakening.  Be in peace with that which has always been and that which will be. Live each moment intentionally, speak to the light within you to recognize its opportunity to bring awareness forward into your humanity.

Your minds can never wrap around that which is infinite and has no bounds.  Trying to do so is like being caught in a loop, a record that is skipping and the same fragment of a song repeating over and over again.  Step out of the loop and reach into your perfection.

In this now, this culminates our transmission.

We offer you blessings of all higher nature, for you are that. Be in peace.

Antui anallah, ansi.



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