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This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged.
To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit www.thelightweaver.co.za

Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process faciltated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan,Timing & Purpose. All Questions & Answers from the session have been left in the transcript as we have found the answers too have been of great benefit to our readers.
I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom, to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto each of you the blessings of tranquillity, the blessings of trust, innocence, and presence, greetings beloved ones. 
Greetings Lord Kuthumi
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day, as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. Beloved ones, it has been a very eventful time since we last gathered with you. In fact the events of cosmic activation and alignment have been very active since the 13th of April, the time of your full moon in the southern hemisphere. All of this cosmic activity has resulted in very profound inner shifts, realisations and changes for most of you present at this time. If you as yet have not experienced or felt anything tangible know that it is simply a delayed reaction to the cosmic events and your time too shall come where you will feel the power of the energy that you have evoked as well as invoked. It is truly a honourable time as much as it is a time of rejoicing and expectation. Each of you have a role to play in this particular cycle of unfolding the awakening of the divine nature within each of you. Most of you are already aware of the fact that the consciousness stored within your DNA, has as yet not been tapped into in its fullest capacity. Scientists are discovering this and it is now a fact. As each cosmic event unfolds, so more of this dormant consciousness is activated as a result of the subtle energies at play during such times. Your physical eyes perceive a very limited aspect of the vast expanse of what is in fact occurring in every moment of your experience and at times such as events currently taking place, there is even more activity occurring. You are becoming more sensitive to it, your body is responding. This response is felt in the form of unexplained fatigue at times, unexplainable discomfort and aches and pains within the physical body. Some of you often experience what we call expansion headaches. As the cranial plates shift in order to be able to integrate more light, the pineal and pituitary glands open to receive more of this light. As the pineal gland draws in more of this light, what was once the size of your physical eyeball, which is now the size of a shrivelled up old pea, begins to resuscitate itself and opens to the light that exists within the realms that your physical eyes cannot perceive. The pineal gland looks like and eye looking upward through the crown of your crania. This particular part of your body is one, like the pituitary gland, of the most mysterious and unexplained within the physiology of your body, with regards to its function on a grander scale. Besides governing your sleep patterns, which is your pineal gland duty, and governing the hormonal system of your body through your pituitary gland, there are many other functions which are evident to a degree but the intensity, and the immensity of it still eludes the scientists of your world. The reason being, what exists is currently not tangible and cannot be labelled in a form as such. This process results in systems of research having to move beyond the barrier of the 5 main senses of human existence and begin exploring the realms beyond the material plain and work with energy. When research is taken to its energetic level and waves of energy are measured, and micro and macro waves utilised to explore the realms of the human mind and its consciousness, the discoveries will leave many speechless.
These discoveries will come to the fore in the not too distant future. Just like, Russian scientists have proved that junk DNA does in fact not exist, and that the 95% of so called junk DNA, is in fact such a sophisticated mechanism and energy, it has yet not been able to be measured in its full capacity. But as your world evolves technologically as well as spiritually, so the systems at your disposal becomes allies and reveal to you what the ancient masters have known all along and what many of you have sensed all this time and have not been able to present it in a format that would be acceptable to the majority of society. This is one of the many reasons why we bring groups such as yourselves together, to move along Gaiaís body serving as conduits, catalysts, conductors and recipients of this very important energy. Your physical system, is an iota of the complete mechanism that you are made up of. It is all the subtle aspects of yourself that you are not physically conscious of that responds to and retrieves the energy systems we activate during such powerful cosmic alignments and gatherings amongst the masters of light, both incarnate and discarnate. All of you present at this time including the children, are experiencing a transformation of such intensity that there are many aspects of your body literally being transformed into nothingness, so as to integrate those subtle aspects that to date have eluded your conscious self. You are dropping all the old paradigm systems of operating within a world constructed for the purpose of controlling vast numbers of individuals, programmed to react and respond to a very limited set of rules. That time has come to its end and it is ones such as yourselves, and it matters not how long you have been walking this path of greater self awareness, self empowerment or self knowledge, it is ones such as yourselves who are the keys to the awakening of the dormant world of expression, creation and experience.
When ones such as yourselves, refuse to follow the conditioned ways of the old paradigm, you become what we call system busters, resulting in the old paradigm having to make way for a new system of experiencing life. Cycles always come and go, therefore any system set in place will have its ending and a new one will begin and it too shall end. The purpose of cycles is for learning and growth and from that growth a new system is born, one supposedly more knowledgeable, powerful, sophisticated and of course aware than the previous one. The processes of self awareness that all of you have been taken through, will result in these massive changes that lie before you. The most important part of your journey is about being true to yourself as your self awareness grows. As your self awareness grows, you develop greater self respect. Some of you may have heard me speak of this before, however there is nothing wrong, with having to hear something more than once, just to make sure you got it the first time. Laughter Therefore self awareness, facilitates the anchoring of self respect and the way you develop greater self respect, is by taking risks. By doing things you have not done before, especially if you find your self in a situation that no longer serves you. If your life is filled primarily with negative unhappy experiences, then you can be sure your soul will ensure that something cataclysmic comes along to change your course of action. Bearing in mind that the time line you are currently living in affords you the opportunity to experience such powerful intervention from your soul. The times of lengthy pain and suffering, as I have said before is over. Now you stand within a reality that asks you, that in fact insists in a way that you take responsibility for your life. Responsibility being, your ability to respond to the life you have created and making the best of it. Habit, is often what prevents you from taking a risk. This you might better recognise as the good old comfort zone. I have said before, that the short term discomfort you experience as a result of having to break out of your comfort zone, is worth the effort. It is less painful than the long term discomfort you will experience by remaining within the current comfort zone of discomfort. So break the habits beloved ones, of simply being a sheep, no offence Bruce and Sheila. Laughter Just when you thought everything was getting serious yes. More laughter Sister Liz and Brother Geoff, by the way very happy birthday to you brother Geoff Thank you
Letís get back to old habits. By being a sheep, you accept that it is your lot in life to live a miserable existence. You are a puppet on a string, who is pulling the strings you might ask? The puppet master is your ego who keeps the conditioning in place. That conservative aspect of self, that has been wounded, that rejects anything new because the past has been traumatic or shown you, that certain ways of living, hoping or believing have brought pain and suffering. Now is your opportunity to break away from the flock and become the lion and roar your truth. The magic of life is experienced within the moment of realisation that you truly are free, to say yes to what brings you happiness and to say no to what limits your experience of happiness. Many people stay within miserable destructive relationships, and dead end jobs, they live in places that do not support them, simply because they believe there is no other way. Your head creates your world, which is fuelled by your belief systems and if you always do what you have always done, you will be guaranteed to get what you have always got in the past as a result of that behaviour. So in order to have something different in life, you need to do something different. You must initiate the change, unless of course you want your soul to intervene with some kind of cataclysmic event, your choice.
So today spirit stands before you presenting you with an opportunity to walk through the door of change, and to choose what you would like to do differently. If you do not know what exactly it is take some time this afternoon to try and pinpoint at least an aspect in your life, where you desire some kind of change, different focus or the invocation of a new vibration of influence, be it from your soul or any other level you choose. All of this is vital on your path of awakening to the deeper aspect of yourself, in order to become more self aware. Be prepared to break old habits in order to experience something different and by experiencing something different, choosing it, you are taking a risk and you will be very surprised at how differently you look at yourself. This raises the vibration of your self worth, that in itself is a very precious gift to bestow upon yourself. Is this clear to all of you thus far? Yes
Very well, now to, the matter of the Brandberg, which I am sure many of you are burning to ask about. (We could not get to the Bransberg as a result of flooding) The activation that has taken place over the past few days has been of such a high frequency, that it enabled master Serapis Bey to accelerate the process, of anchoring the ancient teachings, of the 12 indigenous tribes of your planet. That particular part of the activation was originally planned, to take place, upon the 13th of December of the year 200. Because all of you have responded to what your soul and your ego have brought to you in its many forms to address, it was possible for this anchoring to manifest.
Besides that, on a global scale, so many shifts have taken place, that have raised the frequency, of all the heart chakra vibrations that master Serapis Bey, Lady Nada and Lord Merlin where able to activate the core heart chakra diamond of light within the heart of the Brandberg mountain. This particular portal is now a fully active heart chakra portal for healing and for the purpose of anchoring the fluid love energy for Mother earth, at yet another point of light. Lady Nada was able to combine the magenta ray with the platinum ray and anchor it. All of you did in fact participate in this, however it was done in what is called your light body. Proof of you being out of your body was the feeing of intense fatigue, feeling as if you where not all present, the need to sleep a lot and I am sure all of you have experienced this at some or other time over the past 48 hours. Water is the element of the sacral chakra, Namibia is a very powerful sacral chakra point, hence the presence of all the water (rain) prior to your arrival and at this current time. The water brings the flow so that receptivity can emerge again, as well as the utilisation of intuition and the re-emergence of creativity. The sacral chakra governs receptivity, creativity and the ability to flow with life and all of you have had to literally flow with the plan over the last few days because Mother nature has been calling the shots, so to speak and all of you know better than argue with her, yes! She brings you the gift of cleansing, as tears flow, so cleansing takes place, as the water systems of your body function, clearing is taking place and rain is the seed from father sky fertilising, Mother Earth with new life giving energy, therefore rain is in fact the activation of the creative force. Many will say "but when there is too much of it, it is destructive", no it is not. All it is doing, in its abundant form, is washing away all that is old and no longer needed. And when you cry, you are washing away all of that which is old and no longer needed.
If the water system of your body did not work your body would become so toxic, you would experience renal failure, your body will cease operating and you will leave it. It is the same with the water system of Mother Earths body, she too is undergoing a lymph drainage of sorts. This water, is the water of life, flowing through you, showing you how to flow, showing you that (water) healthy emotion can penetrate any area. That it can bring life to what is perceived as arid and lifeless. The waters are resuscitating the lifeless arid aspects of you. Do you all understand? Yes All of you have had your base chakra and your heart chakra connected to the Brandberg mountain. Over the following 77 days, the connection will remain strong. During that time Lady Nada, the ascended master Serapis Bey, who was the 1st bushman to ever incarnate on earth and Lord Merlin, will supervise the process, of your clearing of the sacral chakra.
This is in preparation for the sun chakra, to become one with the sacral chakra, resulting in the full expression of all the divine levels of creation and creativity. So utilise this time, as I have asked, to look at what you no longer require, and where you would like change, it is very important to all of you. The current geographical location that you find yourself in, is one of the heart chakra points linked to the base chakra within your physical body. This current location is also considered a lymph node and your presence, in a manner of speaking, is as a masseuse, stimulating the lymphatic node of this area to release all of the toxic energy within the etheric body of Namibia in this particular geographical location. The energy being activated today, will impact on every aspect of the geographic location within a 500 km radius. Therefore, each of you hold a specific vibration contributing to the healing of this area. The energy and the toxins in the etheric field, are linked to layers and layers of abusive patterns that have become trapped in the astral body of this area. This goes back, many years ago, when the South African defence force was still fully active in this country. Over the next 18 hours, we will conduct a mass exodus of trapped souls who have been bound to the astral plain, as a result of shock, trauma, anger or grief related to whatever abuse or trauma was experienced at the time of death and shortly prior to their time of death. Many women, & children were massacred without reason. There are still many undiscovered mass graves. These souls need to be released, which will then lead to the discovery of these mass graves and when their bones are found so the completion of the cycle will take place. However, it has become necessary that this portal be opened so they can pass through because the density of the vibration of the vast amount of trapped souls is preventing very important energetic work from taking place. Once these souls have been released, there will be a system of energy activated in Windhoek itself. This will then be connected, to the Vogelfederberg where Lady Nada activated the mystery school energy. That particular thread of light, will then be anchored at the Brandberg.
This line of energy, will then branch off in 13 directions, linking to all the magnetic points of receptivity holding that particular vibration for the anchoring of the template, resulting in the release of all the old paradigms, and the patterns that have kept poverty consciousness in place, freeing the people of your world to take up their power, and live a prosperous life in all its facets. The last thing I wish to discuss with you regarding todayís activation and which is a very important part of the activation within your heart and base chakra, as well as supporting the release of the trapped souls, is free will. When you deny your truth or when you remain within any situation that contributes to any feeling of grief, sadness, unhappiness, powerlessness and I speak of on a long term basis, means, you are not utilising free will. You are being governed, by the puppet master I spoke of earlier. If you wan to truly see yourself as one who utilises free will, then take response-ability, take action and do what you should have done a long time ago to get your life moving in the direction that will guarantee you long term joy and happiness. Moments of grief, sadness and unhappiness are part of your awakening and growth, but if you find yourself experiencing it for weeks and months and years on end, then the reality of your situation is that there is a problem and you need to pay attention. Humanity has spent so much energy denying the reality of their life situation, that they have forgotten what it means to be present and to be active in their life. Most people have discarnated from their body. They have moved out of their life and spend all their time worrying about others, living other peoples lives, be it their children, their spouse, be it work or other members of the family and not paying attention to their own life. Come back to earth, get back into your body, use your freedom to use your will, to choose, to respond, it is your divine right. Why waste it.
So in summary, todayís process is facilitating the release of the trapped souls, anchoring the energies within the base and the heart chakra, supporting the connection of the 3 points from Windhoek to the Vogelvederberg and to the Brandberg. It is the activation of the desire within and the acceptance, of the reality of your life situation and the choice to take a risk, and empower yourself by being aware of what you no longer need, want or desire and gain self respect. This is the gift you bring to this place and it is this action that becomes the energy that stimulates the lymph node of this area, resulting in the flow of life force that will break the pattern of the old paradigm of poverty consciousness and free everyone to discover the power of their creative presence. Free will is at one with flowing with life. What you resist persists, therefore what you are in denial about, will not leave you alone until you acknowledge it, until you own it, for once you have paid it attention, it is free to move on, as are you. So destructive patterns or any pattern in your life, that does not bring you joy, is simply the pattern of denial or resistance. Physiologically you can expect shifts within the pituitary and pineal glands. Ladies and gents, perhaps a little hot flushes may happen. You may, consider this to be, pre-menopausal or post-menopausal, whichever suites your age! Laughter This is simply the pituitary gland balancing the energetic systems hormonally. If any of you feel very tearful, you can blame it on your hormones too. (laughter) Because the pineal gland is bringing in more light this may result in some of you experiencing interruptions in your sleep patterns, because the pineal determines your sleep patterns it therefore explains why that could occur. Take some time to connect with the earth and with the animals. This too is very important. Each animal you see or make contact with, is delivering you a gift or a message. Squirrels, for instance are gatherers. The presence of the squirrels is showing you you are gathering energy, you are gathering information and whatever else you intuitively feel to be part of the process. So observe what is around you, allow it to speak to you. If you do not know what its message is, simply ask that it be integrated and that your imagination, connect with whatever it is and see what you can come up with. Be creative. Now are there any questions we can assist any of you with?
Q. Lord Kuthumi I just want to know about Otjiwarongo which we spent a little bit of time there and it was very dense. That is one of the centre points of the entrance or the access points to the toxins in the astral I was talking about earlier on. The trapped souls, linked to the old South African military, but you knew this yes, you sensed it? Yes Very well, that answers your question? Thank you
Q. Lord Kuthumi can you give me more information on Merlin's role, which Iím not clear on? Merlin is one of the master creators of the universe, therefore his presence is inevitable because of this place being a sacral chakra point and the creations aspect of it. Therefore anchoring the golden seeds of creativity is vital and that is usually his purpose. Thank you You are welcome
Q. Lord Kuthumi could you explain what junk DNA is, Iíve never heard that term before. Many scientists have referred to what is considered the dormant DNA, the ones besides the 2 active strands that humanity currently functions on. There are 12 strands altogether, this has now been proven scientifically but because they did not know what the other 10 strands functions are, it was considered junk, nothing, because they could not read its function. All of the 10 remaining strands do not function on such a dense vibration as the 3rd dimensional world. All of them function at a much higher vibration. It is pretty much the way sound travels through various dimensions and when it reaches the density of the material world it slows down. Therefore everything slows down. Does that answer your question? Yes it does thank you
Q. Lord Kuthumi can you tell me the significance of the lady I met in Swakopmund on the bay there, the one that just came and spoke to me? Many times one has the opportunity to connect with either a guide or messenger of light in many different forms. She was one of your light messengers and the exchange of energy that took place between the 2 of you has been mutually beneficial. Does hat explain it? It does I just canít put my finger on what exactly the message was. Go over the conversation in your head, but do not limit it to the words spoken. Think of how you felt, when you were with her too, the emotions the feelings, there is a clue there for you too. Ok Iíll do that thank you You are welcome
Q. Lord Kuthumi itís not exactly related to this trip but I have always wanted to ask about the geographical connection that I have or connection I have to a specific geographical areas that Iíve heard you speak about Would you like to be specific? Iíve heard you say that, each of us is connected to a geographical region of the world I believe and I am just wondering where my connection would lie? Sister this changes, as ones grows with the flow so to speak. As you undergo changes, so those links change. Mother Earth is transforming and shifting energies quickly, as each of you are. This is why one may at some time in their life feel very drawn to perhaps, say Egypt or Paris or Rome and after having gone through profound healing, the desire is no longer there, for whatever was linked to those places, have either been healed or released and the connection is no longer present. One will also tend to be drawn to places on the globe where one has had a vast amount of previous incarnations. The best way for you to feel which part of the planet you are most connected to, is to explore which part of the world you feel most drawn to. If you are given a free ticket to any place on the planet, where would you go without having to think about it? That will give you an idea, do you understand? Yes thank you
You are welcome, beloved ones before we end this transmission completely, we would like to just activate the energies in their final stage in the pineal and pituitary glands. Therefore for a moment please shut your eyes, take a few moments to breathe in deeply and exhale fully. (pause) Become aware of how your physical body is feeling. (pause) Be aware of the air you fill your lungs with and how it rushes out of your mouth or your nose. (pause) Concentrate on your head and where you imagine your pineal and pituitary glands to be. It doesnít matter if you donít have it exactly spot on, we will ensure that it hits the mark. (pause) Ask your personal angel of activation to step into your energy field and imagine this angel touching the crown of your head and igniting an electrical current of energy. (pause) This electrical current activates all the dormant energies within the pineal and pituitary and sends new messages to the neurotransmitters. (pause) This now activates a new flow of energy through your nervous system and it increases the flow of energy through the cerebral spinal fluid. Just imagine an electrical current moving up and down your spine and as it does this all the chakras of your body are realigned and the recalibration of your energy results in you feeling relaxed, balanced and peaceful. (pause) Now imagine yourself stepping into a giant crystal ball. This crystal ball acts as a sphere of protection around you ensuring that this electrical flow of energy always flow in a balanced fashion and that it be unhindered by any external influence or force. (pause) This ensures that the activation taking place in your pineal and pituitary glands, unfold harmoniously, gracefully, in perfect, balanced and miraculous ways. Take a moment to look around the inside of your crystal ball. (pause) You may notice a colour manifesting within the crystalline structure. (pause) Breathe this colour in if one manifests itself. (pause) Be aware of how you are feeling and if any other sounds, symbols or thoughts come to you. (pause) Give thanks to your angel who has activated this electrical current. (pause) Give thanks to your personal crystal ball for granting you the access and agreeing to protect you during this time. (pause) We also wish to take this opportunity to restore all the vibrations of the highest vibration of light so as to keep you protected during the mass exodus of the trapped souls to keep your energy safe so that it does not hook onto yours. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale fully give thanks to yourself for making the choice to undergo this experience. (pause) Continue to breathe in deeply, exhaling fully, feeling yourself grounded in your physical body. (pause) When you are ready, open your eyes, draw your shoulders back, rotate your neck and this will ground you and lastly, we would like to take the opportunity, to address brother Geoff.
Brother Geoff, the masters of the desert bring you the gift of the golden eagle. This particular creature has chosen you at this time because it brings you the gift of golden consciousness, which is the link to the new world. The new world is simply the world you have chosen to move in to, where people of like mind and heart experience life, uninhibited by all the paradigms and the patterns of the ego based world of the past. The eagle embodies the gift of unlimited vision and this is part of the gift for your birthday. You embody the unlimited vision, allow it to guide you and to show you what lies beyond the known territory of your life. The golden eagle will carry you into the unknown. We assure you, it will be a safe journey, happy birthday. Thank you
And so it is then beloved ones, that we bless each of you with the inner strength and the inner courage to face your truth. We bless you with the inner understanding, the self awareness and self knowledge, that whatever your choices are, they are for the right reasons and because the direction you are being pulled in, is your truth, it cannot fail and absolutely will not fail you or anyone else. Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you and know that not ever do you walk alone, for we are all one and with you always in all ways. May the light of Mother/Father God shine brightly upon the pathway you have chosen to walk and may every step be a steady confident one. Trust in your ability to respond to the life you have called forth for yourself. I am Kuthumi, Cohan, of the Golden Ray of love and wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai. Adonai


Hi everyone, from most precious beloved Lord Kuthumi.  Embracing all in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka http://loveandempowerment.com/1024_p1


This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged.

To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit www.thelightweaver.co.za
Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process faciltated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan,Timing & Purpose. All Questions & Answers from the session have been left in the transcript as we have found the answers too have been of great benefit to our readers.
I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom, to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of new frequencies, deeper understanding, higher vibrations and what we will call open contemplation, greetings beloved ones.
Greetings Lord Kuthumi
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each at this time of immense love and lightness. As we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God, we embrace you in the blessings of all that is divine.
Beloved ones, this evenings channel is an extremely important one and we thank you for being flexible with what has been required so as to facilitate the energetic requirements, etherically, cosmically and on a planetary level. We wish to welcome Brother Peter and Sister Linda in their light bodies, for they are a part of your group. One of the reasons why it has not been possible for them to join with you this evening is of course their geographical location, but also because they are connecting to another energetic system which they are anchoring at the point of Namutoni. This is another reason why there has been so much animal activity in that particular area. The crystal consciousness is activating the 12th dimensional Master Abundance Portal, and for this purpose we have had to anchor another 2 Buddhic Columns, one at Nametoni and one here were you are currently present. All the mountains in this vicinity hold very delicate frequencies of energy which are echoed through the energy body of Mother Earth. As this happens, it is like the strumming of a guitar and each frequency strums upon the fine thread of creativity that make up the grid of energy in this particular area. The flat mountain in this particular area is a very important portal for storing information. It is this warehouse of cosmic light that all of you are being supported in tapping into. Do not fret about what this means. What is important is that this very delicate system of energy will have a very positive influence on your energy system as a whole, for it is meant to assist you in moving into your space within the cosmic creative field of quantum light and in so doing, reclaiming your 12th level Master Abundance energy.
This particular energy is one that you are absorbing through your feet chakras. It is being pulled up your body to the base of your neck. The energy moving between your coccyx and your 1st cervical is another aspect of all the spinal work you have been experiencing over the past 15 days. All of this work is aligning you with the abundance grid that has been activated at various points globally, as well as magnetically matching you up to a very specific master abundance network that houses your divine blueprint code, as well as the master plan of your divine soul plan. This creates myriads of systems. These myriad systems connect with each of the chakras within your body, amplifying what you are in the process of acknowledging and releasing and simultaneously bringing the clarity regarding that which you are releasing. Do not be alarmed by the rate at which your life is changing, or the rate at which you are gaining a deeper understanding of your life and yourself. It is inevitable because you have chosen higher frequencies in which to exist. This particular location is one of very, great importance, if we can call it this, for this too is one of the ancient sacred points where the masters would come to for open contemplation. This meant, they would gather as you have gathered now and contemplate within a groupand share that which was of importance. Open contemplation is the space where sisterhood and brotherhood form a bond of light so powerful, it dissolves all darkness within it or around it. There are dark portals at this current location. Another reason why we needed to perform the work this evening and not leave it for the location of Omaruru. The vibrations here are far lighter but also the intensity of the darkness that has been held at this point, poses a greater threat than that at Omaruru. The change of plan has been called on specifically by the Great White Brotherhood and we are this evening silencing 3 major entities of a group whose name we shall not mention, for we wish not to activate this vibration. All we need for you to know is that work such as this enables very intense and accelerated clearances of places and people, if and when it is needed. These 3 specific negative threads of energy have been holding this energy in a paralytic state of procrastination, and ttermination and have kept many of the portals of truth dormant.
Over the next 3 hours, these dark threads will be removed. Commander Ashtar is already present, as is Lord Sananda, Lord Arcturus, Lord Metreiya, Archangel Michael and a team of 444 members of the Ashtar command. They will ensure that these 3 threads of dark intention be escorted out of your solar system. This entitles all members of the group to an accelerated release of any aspect of the past that no longer facilitates the growth forward. It doesnít matter if you do not know what this is. There will be a liaison with your soul and it shall be decided upon at soul level what you can now move beyond and move forward with. Do you all understand this thus far? Yes Very well, therefore we need all of you now to close your eyes and focus your attention on your breath. Breathing in deeply and exhaling fully. (pause) As you continue to breathe in this manner, visualise yourself, being embraced in a brilliant platinum and gold light. (pause) This creates a field of protection around your physical body, your emotional, mental and spirit bodies. Your personal master guide manifests his or her presence and links their energy to your aura and your 7 major chakras. (pause) As you continue to breathe, the palm of their right hand is placed upon your 3rd eye chakra and as you breathe in and out, so does your 3rd eye. It breathes in energy from your master guide and as it exhales, it releases any illusions or veils that have prevented you from seeing beyond your comfort zones. With their hand remaining on your 3rd eye, become aware of Lord Matreiyaís presence. (pause) If you are not familiar with this being of immense light, it matters not, just imagine what a mighty presence would feel like. (pause) Greet the presence of Commander Ashtar and Lord Sananda, (pause) greet Lord Arcturus, and welcome all the other members of the Ashtar Command who gather in this place. (pause) Behind you, and some of you in front of you, the buddhic column is still being anchored. This was triggered when you arrived here today. The young boy Kairan activated this, when his body was immersed in the water. (Kairan fell into the swimming pool) Water is always a powerful point for anchoring the buddhic column, for it links to the pranic tube within the core of each buddhic column, which links to each member of light actively participating in such an anchoring. This strengthens the presence of your personal pranic tube in your light body, continuing to develop a deep process of breath that becomes a breath not only of your physical body, but that of your light body. As it brings more oxygen to your body, your body has the ability to regenerate itself at a much greater rate.
We would also like you to take a moment to connect with the lions. Their presence represents truth, roaring the truth, walking ones talk. Feel their voice reverberate through your heart chakra and try and become one with the voice of the lion. (pause) (Pride of Lions were roaring in the background throughout the channeling)Try and hold the vibration in your body. The voice of a lion, its roar, is one of the purest and most powerful activators of the heart and throat chakras. This is the blessing and gift they bring all of you this evening. The buddhic column that we are anchoring will facilitate whatever healing you require at this time. This buddhic column is being anchored here permanently, to ensure that none of the negative threads return at any point. This will present this particular establishment with the opportunity to move forward in the light or leave this space to nature. However as it stands now, it appears that this particular locationís divine plan is to grow within the light. Perhaps in the not too distant future some of you will return to this point and find the energy of a much higher frequency. The natural light within this location offers all of you a regeneration of energy. This opportunity has come because all of you have participated in some of the deepest energy work you have performed to date, or been a part of to date. There have been 2244 layers of energy that have been worked through since the onset of your journey to Namibia. Each layer has within it 144 layers. Each layer is linked to, a level of consciousness and or programming. The lower levels of these vibrations are linked to the earth plane and the matrixes that have contributed to the programming and the conditioning that people have bought into, as well as the belief systems they have adopted that determine their lifestyle. Each vibration being worked with, and each level of this being addressed, has altered the frequency of Mother Earths collective energy body. Each time her collective energy body, increases in cycle vibration, so the entire planet is presented with yet another opportunity to experience a more advanced ascension wave. This opens energy systems to allow for higher frequency energy and technology of all kinds to enter the etheric field of her body. This information is then open to all who are open to receive this; this contributes to the evolvement of humanity technologically, emotionally, intellectually, mentally, physically and spiritually.
You will see how your world advances, faster and faster, as more energy comes forth. Our focus at this time is focusing on those who are aligned with the light and ensuring that the majority of them are the ones tapping into this information, utilising it for the greater good of the whole. There are ones who hold very high vibrational energy who are currently located in major corporations all over the world and are present in these companies as beacons of light to ensure that change will move through the entire business world, resulting in the eventual release of the templates that are currently holding the lack of integrity and the corporate greed that your world is currently experiencing. Your world is no longer victim to the behaviour of these ones motivated by lust consciousness. The reason why we say this is because there is more and more information at humanities disposal to awaken them to the fact that there are different paths and the more they choose to buy into the game, the more they volunteer to be a so called victim. You are all catalysts in a manner of speaking, in making people aware of their ability to use free will and not to accept everything that is dished out to them as being the truth. For what is presented as the truth is often the greatest lie in existence. I have said this before and I shall repeat it, the truth is far more disturbing than the lies humanity have chosen to accept as truth. It is fact, when you begin seeing what the people in power are up to, many will choose to rather remain in denial, because the truth is so unbelievable, do you all understand this? Yes
Now the energy that we are anchoring through your crown chakra, is an additional wave to the one that was anchored in the channelling prior to this one. This is a contributory energy that will further you along the pathway of illumination, not only of self, but bringing awareness to others, so that the truth, can be recognised and accepted. The vibrations in your energy field is a higher frequency. This means, more people will take note of what you are up to. Not that you will be spied upon, but rather more those whom you know will be a little more conscious of the subtle differences within you. They will begin to ask questions, if not, they will be more conscious and attentive to what it is you say. You will get them thinking for themselves, which is always a good thing. So beloved ones, focus again on the platinum and gold energy spinning around you as you draw energy up your feet chakras and imagining a flow of energy moving in through your crown chakra. (pause) Imagine the energy of the buddhic column absorbing you, pulling you into the centre of its pranic tube and begin to breathe between your crown chakra and your base chakra. (pause) Imagine yourself breathing through your chakras, as apposed to through your nose and mouth. As the lions roar the vibration of truth, so the 12 Master Abundance Codes within your body are initiated back to life. Just be aware of what your body is feeling and any sensations in your body, this will indicate were those codes are within you. (pause) Remember to breathe in deeply and exhale fully, imagining yourself breathing through your chakras, from crown to base, from base to crown. (pause) Where all of you are now held within the pranic tube, within the platinum gold energy, your master guides present, Commander Ashtar and Lord Sananda, Lord Metreiya and Lord Arcturus and the members of the Ashtar Command activate the exit portal for the 3 negative threads to begin their exit. It is important that you continue to visualise yourself surrounded by the gold and platinum light, and if you do decide to sleep before the time of exit is up, as you fall into your sleep, fall asleep with the image of the platinum and golden energy around you. Brother Peter and Sister Lindaís energy has joined you in the pranic tube and the buddhic column at Namutoni and here have now connected.
The cosmic alignment is taking place and the Master Abundance Grids are active. The intensity of the activity will increase over the next 12 hours. Those of you who are going on your walk in the morning, please connect with the energy of Lady Nada and the crystal consciousness and myself Kuthumi. On your walk, visualise fine threads of golden energy emanating from your body, connecting with nature around you and this will begin the intricate weaving process of the 12 Master Abundance Grids. Continue to breathe and relax. (pause) Archangel Michael now spins a powerful electric blue light around you. This electric blue light severs all cords of attachment to anything present, past or future that is not in alignment with your divine plan. Just breathe and allow the process to unfold. (pause) Again it doesnít matter whether you know what it is or not, just be and trust. Take one final deep breathe in, as you exhale, exhale through your mouth settling your body in all the energy fields we have created, gently drawing your consciousness back to your physical body, yet still remaining connected within the pranic tube of the buddhic column and within the golden platinum energy and the electric blue light that Archangel Michael has created.
Beloved ones we wish to take this opportunity to thank all of you for making the journey to this very ancient land. Each day that you have travelled through the different places, you have brought energy with you, you have left energy behind, you have transformed, transmuted and transcended. You are different, there is much more to learn about yourself as a result of what you have experienced. Do not be disturbed or perturbed by that which did not unfold as you expected. All was in perfect order, in accordance with the highest will of your soul and that of Mother Earthís divine plan. Every place you have found yourself at geographically, has been perfect and what you where contracted to do. At the place of Halali, last evening, all of you were also supported in releasing many negative energies of your past. You tapped into some of the negative energies within that place. There was a grid of sadness and grief that has been there for approximately 50 years which has now been released, very similar to the energies being released at this current place. All of you will receive reciprocal energy as a result of that which you have facilitated. As time unfolds you will recognise the benefits of your journey through this ancient land. Initially the changes may be very subtle, however I assure each of you, that you are different, that your life has changed and I promise you it is for the better. We shall continue to hold you as a group within this pranic tube and buddhic column energy until you return to your permanent homes.
Brother Geoff, Sister Elizabeth, we ask you to ask the land of Namibia to give you some soil and stones to take back to Australia with you. There are 3 sacred places that I Kuthumi will personally guide the both of you to where you are to leave some of the soil of this ancient land and a stone at. This will be the connecting energy between these ancient lands and the ancient lands of your Home country. Is this Clear? Yes Very well, again we thank you for the journey you have made as light weavers, light warriors and light workers. Beloved ones we ask that on the day of Tuesday, that all of you come together in celebration of the completion of the task at hand. We ask you to celebrate over some food and beverages and at this particular gathering to seal the process by sharing what the journey has meant for you. This will seal and complete the work for each of you individually. Do you all understand? Yes Very well, now are their any questions before we end this transmission. Sister Elizabeth?
Lord Kuthumi I would just like to ask you if my current career that I am in, is that where I am meant to be or should I be moving on? Sister you are certainly serving a purpose where you are at currently, however I can tell you it is coming to an end, the cycle is drawing to a close. We can see in you energy field you have suspected this already yes? Yes Therefore, see your time in your current place of work as being for a purpose, yet coming to en end. So do whatever you feel inspired to do or guided to do. Search for an alternative outside your current work space because it will not be permanent, is this clear? Yes, thank you You are most welcome and blessings be with you
Lord Kuthumi, can I ask you, I know its between me and Lord Arcturus but Iím not sure if the symbols Iím using during anaesthetics are the correct symbols. I wonder if you can maybe give me a few symbols that I can use to project to the anaesthetised patients. Certainly, you can use the Star of David for the balance of the yin and yang energy, or you can use the yin yang symbol depending on what you feel intuitively is appropriate for the person whom you are working with. The dodecahedron, the octagon, the star tetrahedron, hexagon, square, circle, five pointed star, oval and rectangle are all very powerful symbols. As is the figure 8 within a circle, the x symbol within a circle, the wave within a circle, make it a 3 layered wave, are all very powerful symbols. Draw them all. Perhaps you can put them on little cards, laminate them and instinctively slip one or two under the sheets of the patients whom you re anaesthetising. Discreetly place it there and remove it when it is time, do you understand? Yes thank you It answers your question? Yes thank a lot You are most welcome
Lord Kuthumi, some years ago, I constructed a labyrinth in the north of South Africa. I was told, at that point, that an energy vortex had opened and in some respects it was connected to the Mojaji people not to far away, is that correct? Youíve been told you are an earth awakener? Yes Now you know what it means. Aha, thank you and the light goes on And whoís home? (Laughter) I hope I am, thank you Lord Kuthumi You are welcome and blessings be with you
Lord Kuthumi the whole situation with myself and Mr. Robinson has that now competed its cycle? It sounds like it yes Thank you Ask Archangel Michael to hold you in the electric blue light for a little while longer if you feel you need to make completely sure, is this clear? I will thank you
Beloved ones you will be hearing the lions speak for the majority of the evening. This vibration will reverberate through your energy field until you wake in the morning. Each time they roar, whether you are conscious of it or not over the next few hours ahead of you, they will be recalibrating your energy system, opening more and more levels to your throat and heart chakra and assisting your master guide in the rebuilding of your body of truth. The body of truth has many layers linked to various aspects of your emotional self, your physical self, your mental, intellectual and spiritual selves, and each time any aspect of that self does not respond to the authentic vibration, a part of that body fragments and needs to be recalibrated and rebuilt and the lions of this location is supporting you in that purpose. Therefore give thanks to them and as you hold the vision of platinum and gold light as you go to sleep, give thanks to them for what they are helping you with, is this clear? Yes Very well, beloved ones then we shall bring this transmission to an end, reminding you once more of our gratitude and the honour of being part of the team of the members of the light, bringing light to your planet and helping ones such as yourself who embody the vibrations of integrity, of love and self mastery. As you lead by example, so we shall serve alongside you.
Continue to trust in the many invisible arms that hold you and may we remind you that not ever do you walk alone, for we are all one and we are with you always, in all ways. Let us add as well, that every stone, mineral or crystal that you have connected with, that you have taken with you or shall connect with or take with you, by the end of this journey, will be fully activated with the 12 level master abundance crystal grids. You may use these crystals or stones to activate similar energies wherever it is you go, is this clear? Yes thank you And so it is beloved ones that I Kuthumi, Cohan of the golden ray of love and wisdom, greet and bless you in love, be at peace and Adonai.



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