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Hi everyone, from precious Suzan Carrol who is such a beautiful soul and so very advanced on her path, there is so much wonderful information offered on her site.  In the channeling precious Mytria is asking us to share our Multidimensional self and so for those who have not seen this I AM at the bottom of the posting giving the details of my multidimensional self, this information we become aware of further down the path, further expansion of the consciousness, it is a most fascinating and fulfilling experience working as one with your Multidimensional self.  Embracing all in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka http://loveandempowerment.com/1024_p1
Mytria of the Alcyone        by Suzan Carrol

I am Mytria, one of the many higher dimensional aspects of my Grounded One, Suzille, also known as Suzan Caroll.  I have spoken through her many times and wish now to speak directly to the Circle.

In my final third dimensional reality I was a Priestess in ancient Delphi. Upon my "return to SELF," I came to the Violet Temple of Transmutation on Alcyone, the Pleiades.  Alcyone, known on your planet as the Great Central Sun, has recently been sending Feminine Power/Light to your Sun.  I say Power/Light, for Light IS Power.  We are sending this Feminine Power to Gaia as it is now "time" for the Return of the Goddess's Female Power to balance the Masculine Power of God that has ruled your planet for many eons. 

This balance of Masculine and Feminine Power on your planet is very important, as it will facilitate the activation of your androgynous Lightbody. Just as your polarized, male or female physical body is your Earth Vessel, your centered, androgynous Light Body is your Star Vessel. As long as Gaia has been third dimensional, She has worn the form of an Earth body and her people have worn the form of a human, physical body. As Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants ascend into the fifth dimension and beyond, they will wear forms that resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond. These higher dimensional forms are latent within your present physical forms.

You, the people on Gaia, will first experience the androgyny of your Lightbody in your consciousness.  Just as your genders are "separated" into male and female, your brain is also separated into masculine and feminine functioning. The right hemisphere of your brain, which regulates the left side of your body, rules the feminine characteristics of receptivity, creativity and emotionality.  On the other hand, your left hemisphere, which regulates the right side of your body, rules the masculine traits of expressiveness, action orientation and analytical thinking.

When both of these traits are balanced and incorporated into your daily consciousness, you will return to androgynous "whole brain thinking." Whole brain thinking, which allows you to expand your brain capacity into the deeper, formerly unused areas, arises when you equally involve the right and left hemispheres of your brain. 

Your brain, the biological computer for the earth vessel, serves to hold your consciousness in your third dimensional form.  Within the unused 80% of your brain, you will find the "owner's manual" that comes with your "computer."  This manual holds the matrix for the "Rules of Incarnation," which allow you to consciously raise the resonance of your physical form.

These Rules of Incarnation contain important encrypted messages, such as: "How to activate your Lightbody," and "How to communicate with other members of your Multidimensional SELF wearing forms on other planets, galaxies, and dimensions."  However, in order to read these encryption messages, you must open your Third Eye and expand your consciousness into the sixth dimension.  On the sixth dimension is were your main hologram for "reality regulation" is found.

Before the demise and fall of Atlantis, and the subsequent fall in Gaia's resonance, everyone had access to whole brain thinking. Each person could communicate with the higher dimensions, and activate their Lightbody for multidimensional travel. This is why Atlantian technology was so advanced.  Their receptive right brain could accept insight from the higher dimensions and their projective left brain could act upon that information to make it manifest in their outer world.

However, as the Atlantian society gradually became more polarized, and males and females took on different roles in society. Consequently, the brains of the inhabitants evolved into a male OR female dominance of consciousness and thinking. This polarization of the humanities' thoughts and consciousness polarized Gaia as well, and the resonance of the planet plummeted.

With the decline in Gaia's resonance, the polarities of male and female became so extreme that humans were unable to balance both masculine and feminine consciousness in the same body. Because of this, men became only masculine and women became only feminine. 

Those who retained whole brain thinking hid their ability for fear of being labeled as aberrations.  Therefore, the ability to simultaneously access both hemispheres of the brain became a curse, rather than a gift.  Hence, the planet descended deeper and deeper into ignorance and superstition.  Finally, Atlantis collapsed into the sea and the frequency of Gaia gradually became the dense third dimension that it is today.

We on the Pleiades observed this process with a heavy heart.  Many eons ago, when we were "children" ourselves we arrived on Earth from our Homeworld on Lyra.  Since we were still learning through conflict, the great challenges of Earth caused our resonance to fall until we became afraid.  Our fear caused judgment, prejudice, competition and cruelty. We waged many wars, just as you have, and caused much destruction on the body and in the aura of dear Gaia.

Now that our civilization has long been relocated on the Pleiades and ascended into the fifth dimension, we wish to make amends for our mistakes. The Beings from Sirius, and even the Draconians from Orion, who also inhabited Earth in their earlier eras, wish to join us in clearing the physic scars that we have left when we were "children." 
Now that we have all ascended into our adult SELF, we have been communicating with the consciousness of those who are able to receive our messages.  Most often, the beings who can best hear our call are the Grounded Ones who are other members of our Soul/SELF.  There are also other cultures, such as those from Andromeda and Arcturus, who are communicating with their Grounded Ones or with others who are able to receive multidimensional transmissions.

We, the former residents of Gaia's Earth, have taken upon ourselves to assist you, the current inhabitants of Gaia, in depolarizing and balancing Gaia's aura. The depolarization toward the balanced "center" is important as the rate of the spin of the molecules and atoms create the vibratory rate, resonant frequency, of the form.  When a planetary, or personal, aura becomes polarized into male or female, an unbalance occurs in the molecules of the vessel and the rate of spin is greatly diminished.

The spin of physical molecules works much like a child's top, which must have a perfect balance on the center of its base to maintain a rapid spin. If the top wavers at all to the right or to the left, the rate of spin is instantly diminished. Whereas a top must maintain its balance on its base, a person or planet must maintain a balanced, androgynous consciousness.

When consciousness is androgynous, the balance of feminine/ receiving and masculine/projecting allows the molecules of form to spin rapidly enough to break free of third dimensional limitations and illusions. The balancing, and eventual expanding, of every individual's consciousness makes a great impact on the Collective Consciousness, as well as on the aura of Gaia. 

As the illusions of limitation diminished within the Collective Consciousness, the members of the planet can more easily receive communications from the higher dimensional realities, as well as project these messages into the lower dimensional realities. You have named this process "channeling."

Once they have remembered how to balance their consciousness, every Grounded One has the latent ability to channel Beings from the higher dimensions. A balanced consciousness creates whole brain thinking, which sends the signal to your earth vessel that you can accept input from a greater percentage of your brain without suffering sensory overload. In this manner, the mysteries of the "other 80%" of your brain are gradually revealed.

Beware, though, once you are able to move into the hidden places of your brain you will find a KNOWING that sets you apart and warns you that it is not "safe" to share this information. However, share it you must or the isolation will become too extreme and weigh heavily on your heart. Fortunately, once you find someone who resonates to the same KNOWING, a deep bond is instantly built.   

We, your fifth dimensional friends, and Beings of your Multidimensional SELF, wish to acknowledge your great advancement into the Light. You are the Vanguards for the society into which you have incarnated.  As founders of New Earth, you are scattered all over Gaia's Earth body.

Fortunately, as 2012 swiftly approaches, and as Earth moves deeper into the Photon Belt, you Awakening Ones are connecting with each other. You have found a method of communication in which time and space hold no limitation-the Internet.  The Internet also offers comfort, camaraderie and a safe place to share your SELF.

I, Mytria, am here today to ask you a favor. I am asking that you use this particular forum, this Circle of Light, to share your Multidimensional SELF with other members of the Circle. If you can share your true SELF as simply as sending an email, you can remove the sensationalism from your multidimensional experiences, making them FEEL more "normal." 

You all have many wonderful experiences that your present society may have judged as "weird" or even "crazy." Now you can reframe these communications and experiences as common occurrences for ONE who has begun the return to their true androgynous SELF. 

What's more, sooner than you can imagine, even the technological crutch of the Internet will no longer be necessary, as you will have awakened your fifth dimensional telepathic abilities and returned to Planetary Consciousness.  With Planetary Consciousness you will KNOW that YOU are Gaia and that "WE the Planet" are ascending.

We, the former members of your planet and present members of your Multidimensional SELF, will continue to assist and cheer you on. We all look forward to meeting you in the Circle, as well as in the fifth dimension and beyond.

Mytria of the Alcyone
Dear Mytria,
I have asked to speak with a Plaeidian and I received your name.  I am opening myself to my multidimensional self, and I wish to speak with you.  I hope that I have been able to clear myself enough so that I can have a clear reception of your message.
Dear One,
You have indeed been opening yourself to your multidimensionality and, in doing so, you have allowed yourself to receive messages from higher dimensional beings such as ME.   I am from Alcyone and I am one of the Guardians of The Sacred Fire. I speak to you now from the fifth dimension, although I could also communicate with you from higher dimensions. Since this is our first contact, I will take on my lowest vibration to make it easier for you to understand me.
Even though I am a guardian of the Sacred Flame, there is no need to guard The Flame from danger in our world as no one here would damage anything.   Beings on the fifth dimension know that any action affects them as much as those around them. Therefore, I do not exactly guard the Fire. It would be more correct to say that I assist those who wish to enter it.
The Sacred Fire is a porthole through which anyone in fifth dimensional form, or consciousness, can pass so that they can travel to anywhere in the Multiverse.  When fifth dimensional beings feel that they have completed the reality that they are experiencing, they transmute that body back into its higher dimensional form, and they are returned to pure Spirit in order to learn their "in-between" lessons.
On the other hand, if they wishes to travel to another dimension or location, but they wish to return to their present reality at the end of their journey, they project their essence into The Sacred Fire.  They can then travel in their consciousness to anywhere they wish. Their fifth dimensional body will be cared for here while their consciousness is traveling.  I am one of those who oversee that process. Therefore, I guess it would be better to say that I guard the body of the traveler rather than The Flame. However, our title is Keeper of the Flame.
You, my dear, have contacted me because I am open to communications with those from other dimensions, and because I know you. Actually, I know Kepier, your Arcturian/human future self.  Kepier and I are actually related. Arcturus is a great mystical center, and many who wish to be seers and healers will travel there to study and grow.  Kepier is an intergalactic communicator.  This is why you have always had such a strong urge to reach beyond your mundane world. Indeed, when you merge with that portion of yourself, you will be able to communicate with any species that you wish. You do see how your entire life has been in preparation for that, do you not? The merging of your alternate, higher dimensional selves begin with your communication with them, one at a time.
Yes, you see Kepier with me now, do you not? We are sisters in the Light. I have studied on Arcturus and she has studied on Alycone. My dear, take a moment of your “time” now to realize how it feels to be able to move from galaxy to galaxy with less effort that it takes you to drive to the grocery store on your three dimensional world. Kepier is appearing very female here even though she is androgynous because the vibration of our planet is so feminine. When she is on Arcturus, she appears very different. She looks like the "star people" that you have seen when you communicate with IlliaEm.
I will now tell you some things about our life here and about the photon belt, as I can see that those questions in your mind. Our life here is as you have read. We live very simply in large, open, central homes and smaller sleeping\meditation quarters. The time for sleeping is not as in it is on Earth. Here we remain totally consciousness, but it is better if we are alone, as we go deeply into our consciousness to integrate what we have learned and to expand our awareness. We also use these quarters for merging with our mates, if we have chosen to take on a gender. Some here wish to live with their Divine Complements as man and woman, and others wish to integrate their two components and live as one androgynous being. It is purely a matter of choice on this dimension. On higher dimensions, the division of genders is unknown.
We receive our young from The Flame as is done on fifth dimensional Venus, but some still wish to have the experience of pregnancy and child birth. When I say we receive our young from the Flame, I mean that we—a male and female Divine Compliment couple, or we—one androgynous being—meditate and train for what would be years of your time to prepare for the great honor of being a parent. Only couples that are Divine Compliments parent together. When our teachers have told us that our vibration has reached a beautiful silver-violet shade, we go into The Flame with our Divine Complement (or as a unified androgynous being) and call into the higher dimensions to see if a Spirit wishes to take a life in our world.
Once a Spirit has decided to choose the experience of incarnation into the fifth dimension of Pleiades, the parents and Spirit together determine if it is best to remain in the Flame until the Spirit is ready to take a life here, or for the Spirit will enter into the female and go through a pregnancy, much like on your Earth. Here, however, the male and female are equally involved in the pregnancy.
If there is a male/female couple, the male must move in and out of the Flame regularly so that the Spirit can pull down enough of its essence to create a fifth dimensional life. On the other hand, the female must stay away from the Flame as she is the grounding force for the new life. When the male returns from the Flame, he places his hands on the woman’s womb to give the fetus a rejuvenation of its true essence. In this manner, the Spirit can slowly and gradually lower its vibration to our dimension.
If a “pregnancy” is not chosen, the couple, or the androgynous being must live near, and move in and out of, the Flame until the Spirit is ready to create itself a fifth dimensional form. Once the Spirit is a “child” he, she, or an androgynous self (children can be born androgynous here), will move with the parent, or parents, to the Central Living Room.
The Central Living Room is the living area where our “greater family” lives. The word we use for this room is difficult to hear in English. It sounds like scrdala. The scrdala is comprised of members of the same Oversoul. On the seventh dimension, the Oversoul is one being. It then fragments itself into other beings in the sixth dimension. Each of theses fragments then fragment again into other beings in the fifth dimension. The members of the “great family” are then actually more than family. They are One Being represented by different expressions of its self.
Many of the choices of a living situation differ with the frequency to which one vibrates. A being that is able to be awake on many different vibrations at once, such as me, will have very different situations on each plane. This is much like your situation. On the third dimension, you live a quiet, private life in California, USA. On the fourth dimension, you live in Faerie with your beloved fairies and Nature creatures.
On the fifth dimension you are me! Yes, dear, you and I are ONE. We are different expressions of the same Oversoul, the same Being. Kepier is another expression of our being. IlliaEm is the higher dimensional expression of our Oversoul, as is the Arcturian Group Mind. There are also many other expressions of our Oversoul that you have not yet met, however, you soon will. It is this way for ALL the grounded ones on Earth. ALL of you have octaves and octaves of your SELF that is expressed in myriad times, worlds, and dimensions. All of your consciousnesses have split off into many dimensional realities in preparation for the grounding of the fifth dimension upon your planet.
I can see the question in your mind: Do these different portions of my SELF meet? The answer is of course! Are we not doing that now? However, each “Self” is also a different reality, much like the different realities you have experienced and remembered in your third dimensional incarnations. These portions of your total SELF are separated by time and space. On the other dimensions, the different Selves, or realities, are separated by vibration/dimension.
You see how Kepier and I are standing side by side, do you not? And, you have met Kepier and me individually. You have also met the different portions of your third dimensional self, known on your world as “past lives” or “parallel lives.” Each reality, or life, is separate until you are able to become conscious of it, than it is a portion of the whole. Your perception of the "whole" increases as your consciousness expands. Furthermore, each component of your SELF “feels” individual within the unity of your multidimensional SELF. We often wish to keep our “fragments” individuated so that we can explore each reality with more depth and intimacy. I, Mytria, am able to raise my vibration to the seventh dimension where I can communicate with all the other aspects of our SELF.
From the seventh dimensional Oversoul, we can perceive all of our lower dimensional selves within the ONE moment while maintaining the essence of the “individual” essence of each reality. I know that this sounds impossible to your third dimensional mind, but it is indeed quite natural for your Oversoul. Each of us is individual and each of us is the “One SELF.” When you are beyond time and space, this is possible.
I wish now to answer your thought about why you could not communicate with me before now. Your connection to me was difficult to feel because it came from the fifth dimension and you are in the process of raising your resonant vibration to be receptive to my resonance. If you were to communicate with me before this time, it would have been too confusing to you. Do you see how much difficulty you had with some of the concepts that I have presented to you today?
It is good that you are stretching your imagination and consciousness to embrace what will soon come about in your world. Most of all, the Goddess, Mother Earth, Gaia is awakening. She will soon hear the mating call of Her Divine Complement and will no longer tolerate any injustice to Her being. She will be like a bride preparing for her wedding. She will be making herself beautiful, and anyone who tries to stop Her will not enjoy the consequences. (This was received in 1995. That “time” that Mytria speaks of is NOW)
It will be a wonderful time. You, and others like you, will at last be happy to be born on Earth of a third dimensional form, as you will feel the higher vibrations of the fourth and fifth dimension in your atmosphere. It will then be your task to learn to totally Love life on the third dimension so that you will be able to release it.
You will not need to release your physical form, of course, but you will release all of its limitations and separations. Your physical body will be like the car you drive on Earth, it will hold your consciousness. When you wish a new, improved “vehicle” for your consciousness, you will easily replace the old one.  Only, you will NOT have to take out a loan.  You will create, free and clear, the vehicle of your choice.
Please join me in my Violet Temple so that you may begin your process allowing your fifth dimensional Soul to be the Captain of your earth vessel.   By “downloading” and integrating your fifth dimensional SELVES into your third and fourth dimensional vehicles, you will slowly transmute your physical, carbon based body into a body of light.  Your Lightbody is already within you.  You do not need to earn it; you only need to awaken to it.
From the Pleiades,
I AM Mytria

Suzan Caroll, PhD.  suzancaroll@multidimensions.com


Our soul is made up of 9 parts/aspects, I see the soul as our divine blueprint i.e. the tasks we are meant to be doing in each lifetime (timeframe).  So there are 9 yous residing concurrently in different levels of reality/dimensions.  Once you get to know your soul aspects then you can work with them for your planetary tasks as each one has their own wonderful gifts and talents to add to the tasks being done.

So there is me Fredaricka residing on earth, currently in Israel.  I AM from the Great Central Sun. I AM of 7th dimensional frequencies. Precious Lord Metatron told us that it is your emotional body that depicts on what energetic vibrational frequency band you are vibrating on.

Then there is me who is a 9th dimensional being from Sirius called Lord Katar, I AM a black Puma and am of the Paschat family. Lord Katar is currently in the earth atmosphere on his ship as he is a guide/teacher for a number of people.

Then there is me a 7th dimensional being originally from Orion, a lizzie named Ishtar who is a commander on board the ship of most precious Lord Ashtar whom I love beyond measure also because he is my Star Brother. He is an aspect of precious Lord Sananda and precious AA Michael.

Then there is me Torre, originally from Orion, he/I AM a 6th dimensional being and I AM a white Dragon. A very fun and loving being.

Then there is me named Lumeurre, I AM a sylph, an air elemental 3rd dimensional being, I look much like a fairy but am tall and slender. Currently works in the area of South Africa (my place of birth).

Then there is me a birdman called Azra from Baldor, a 6th dimensional being.

Then there is me from Venus named Hannah and I AM a mermaid and am an 8th dimensional being.

Then there is me the Andromedan named Ja'melle a 7th dimensional being.

Then last but not least is me the crystal being, named Metara, I AM a rose quartz, hail from Venus and also reside in Southern Africa.

So this is my multidimensional self that I AM merged with as one. When one takes ones path seriously lots of fascinating things take place, one also gets merged back with ones higher aspects, quite a bit took place for me close to three years ago also through the workshops of precious Reniyah whose site I have my posting on of that which I facilitate, anyone interested in reading about that can see it here http://loveandempowerment.com/comments2.html. Embracing all in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka

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