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Message from The Masters

September 15th, 2006

 Anshallah! Enti nahale nahedrae ensitu nahla enti!

 And so it is that we greet you on the cusp of changes!

 Your world has entered into a most amazing paradox. That which is the crux of change and that change becomes alive as if it were a living entity. It is palpable in your world. Can you feel it within you? That feeling that things are somewhat out of balance yet you cannot put your finger on why?

 This is because the why is infinite and does not only apply to your third dimensional being but instead, to the entirety of your being. You must not think that all that you are is made of minerals and water. You are comprised of a myriad of infinite energetic relationships which communicate to and from you in every given moment.

 Those parts of you which are communicating inwardly from within all that is are telling the infinite you that your world is changing. That you are changing. That in spite of your efforts to the contrary, you are being rocked out of your comfortable discomfort. It is because that discomfort can no longer apply as the vibrations within you change and the vibrations universally are re-harmonizing to create an entirely new age, an entirely new kind of reality within your world and beyond.

 For millennia the ancient ones upon your planet and elsewhere have spoken and written of times to come. Calendars end on such a moment when the world as you know it no longer exists. This does not mean a physical death to you or your planet. What it does mean is that your world is about to move through a great process of change.

That change begins with the alignment of the inter-dimensional Ceyelon Star Gate System. Each of these Star Gates are portals to different realities, places and times. As they align, what occurs is an alignment of all that has even been with all that is.

Everything that you have ever been or done, everything that has ever existed unto this now is aligning energetically and multi-dimensionally to be reckoned with. As this occurs, perhaps you find yourselves resisting those things that you resisted previously and with vehemence. Or, you are able to look at these issues from a point of one who has healed, blessing the experiences and moving forward into the new reality.

 In many ways, it is as if there are overlaying dimensions and it does not seem to you that everyone is living the same realities. This is because it is so. Many are not living the same reality. You are witnessing the crossing over of other dimensions with the third dimension. Some of you are living from a higher state of consciousness. Some of you have adapted to having your consciousness within a higher plane and yet there you are still living in the third dimensional world. You have learned to straddle multiple realities, balancing them and participating as a conscious observer from your heart.

 Others of you are looking around and wondering what happened. Where your friends have gone. Where others are who used to be there all of the time. Many of them follow their own calls, their own paths, which are not necessarily the same as yours. Others are choosing to leave, transitioning out of your world and back into the infinite. They have finished what they have come to do, or the call which resounds through all realities is heard by them and they choose to go home.

 Whatever your place, whatever your choice, it is perfect in this now. It is part of that which has always been and will always be. This is a time for shaking out, reestablishing balances for completion of the effects of polarization. It is a process that will take several years, and yet will ultimately result in balance and perfection of the re-harmonization.

 The re-harmonization that is taking place on universal levels is creating changes in your perceptiveness, in your bodies, in your lives. It is changing the very structure of reality as the vibrations rise and the particulates reorganize. As the particulates reorganize what you will notice is a great releasing of all things that do not serve.  

Since your world, your planet also carries energies, it will release as well. This will be in the form of certain changes which will take affect over the next several years. Your years 2007 and 2009 in particular will bring changes to the landscape and the overall balance of the planet in its orbit. There will be shifts of land, sand and water, and there will be shifting of climatic patterns. As this occurs, you will notice that there will be evidence of civilizations which were lost long ago. Their locations will surprise you and be closer to home than you would have imagined.  

These will display in the form of carved rock, geometric carvings and a new language which had not to date been known. This language is of the stars and consists more of lines and geometrics than any other previously discovered language. There is also available for discovery, a cache of pots of a certain fired clay structure which contain a liquid form which is yet unfamiliar to your sciences. This liquid is representative of fuel which carries a charge so that it is not only more efficient, may be used in very small amounts for very large purposes or lengths of time. This being an alternative for your fossil fuels as you are draining the balance out of your earth. This liquid carries within it certain properties of light which bring within it both longevity and self regeneration. It is this liquid which has fuels many an interstellar vehicle in the times before your world as you know it now.

As the re-harmonization continues you will find that nothing is quite as you have remembered it. Those things which are not important you may not remember at all. In such a way, everything may seem just a bit skewed from your remembering. That is because you will be witnessing your reality from not only a different vibration, but from different angulations of consciousness than you had before. Your awareness will be heightening as the Star Gates have opened the way. Part of your consciousness is being pulled to the infinite and there it will remain, bringing to you the possibilities of infinite reality as never before. Purity of manifestation. Streamlined communication. Telepathy will begin to become more and more apparent within you as human beings.

 Many of the children who come to your world from this now forward will bring with them aspects of the infinite, denying limitations of spirit and bringing communications of other worlds, other world beings. Listen to them. They speak truth.

As the Ceyelon Star Gate System completes its alignment at approximately 3:39 pm EDT on the 17th of your September of the current year, it will remain open for some time. Once the alignment has occurred and remains, the escalation of energies will suddenly stop and you will feel deep within you a resounding peacefulness. You can draw from this inner peacefulness in such a way that you will be able to create purely that which you intend because the swirling of confusion, of doubt will be gone.

 During these times it is important to remain hydrated, drinking much pure water. If you are dehydrated during these changes your physicality will have great difficulty maintaining balance. The polarities in the tiniest levels of your being will be switching polarization quite often during the changes. This will affect your electrical system, the amount of sleep you require, the energy you have each day, your thinking processes and their continuity. You may find that your mind acts as if it has gaps within its logic, as if you begin a thought and lose it simultaneously. This will pass as your physicality balances with the changes. But you will never be the same. 

Supplementation that you ingest for the maintenance of your bodies may not work as it had previously. In fact, that which you once required may now be no longer necessary. Other supplementation may be more relevant or you may simply not require what you once did for as the polarities within you change, that changes the relationships of how your minerals and proteins are metabolized. As this occurs, your biological needs become different.

 Have you ever considered what it would be like to travel in consciousness through time and space? To visit other realities as if you were visiting your neighbor? With the alignment of the Ceyelon Star Gate System, conscious travel has never been so streamlined. The possibilities are endless. Your consciousness travels faster than the speed of light. That being the case, you can travel outside of time and space instantly and immediately, moving from one reality to another upon nothing more than intention. In most places you will be more of an observer because universal law commands that you do not change that of which you are not a direct part. For the purpose of learning, however, you can witness as you desire.

 In those places where you exist as an aspect of your current being, you can intentionally participate to create greater reality for yourself and others if you wish. The easiest way to do this is to command the alignment of all of your aspects into the same formation as the Star Gate alignment. Then all that you intend will be heard and participated in by all of yourselves. Pure unadulterated cosmic perfection. Unified beingness.

 What we say to you is that your view of limitations, of restrictions of being human, encased within a corporeal body are part of the human illusion. You are much more than that. You are much greater than that.

 The shifting which is begun brings you to new heights of being. As all things are a process, there is always the shadow side. Be not afraid if your shadows come up. After all, it takes a dichotomy of energy to reflect an entirety of reality. This is well pictured within the Yin and Yang, opposites which create a perfectly balanced whole.

 If you wish to participate in the moment of alignment, it is acceptable and in fact of perfection! It would be for you to close your eyes, blocking out the third dimensional illusions, relax and breathe. Next, it would be to allow yourself to align. Imagine many bodies that all look the same, are the same size, but out of focus, comingtogether as one clear and functional being. That is what it looks like when your aspects align. One perfect forever being.

 You will feel it as your aspects align. Do not be literal in your commands, simply state to all of your you’s to align harmonically with the Star Gate System.

 Next, imagine that you project yourself, your perfect alignment through the openings of the Star Gate System. Now you are willingly participating within the instigation of change. And by doing this in such a way, willingly participate within the change. Becoming the change with ease and grace.

 You will feel yourself being to balance and an inner evenness occurring.

 As this occurs, imagine what it is that you wish to create in your experiences of life. Imagine that the interior of the Star Gate pathway is like a river, a constant flow. Let your imaginings float away from you with ease and with grace. Let them become what they will. After all, you are both on the same river to the same destination.

 Let yourself float for a while, but remember that you have unfinished business on the human side of reality, and bring yourself back gently and with ease, knowing that there are parts of you which remain within the Star Gate Alignment because you have intentionally aligned yourself within it.

 And be in peace.

 That which is the shift you have worked toward all of your lives comes. What it will be in its fullness is entirely dependant upon you. 

And so it is that we return to light.

 Antaheli anu anai ensi asi.

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.


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