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Messages from Mother Mary.  


 July 21st, 2006


I welcome all to call upon me, Mother Mary, at any point you feel sorrowful or have lost faith in the process of your life.  Trusting your life and how it is progressing is the theme for 2006.  There are many trust issues coming up at this time for the earth and its frequency is raising and asking all it’s inhabitants to change a long with it. 


Many may be fooled into believing that the only way to seek God, Jesus or My approval is by repenting one’s sins or through guilt.  Guilt and disbelief cause anxiety and hate towards the self.  In order to become properly aligned to the God or Goddess within all you must do is to surrender and ask for guidance and it shall be given. 


The process of allowing one’s own wisdom to come through can occur at any time or place by trusting in the flow of grace and love to come pouring through your body.  Your body knows whether you are in a situation that you need to stay in or a situation that calls you to become more truthful to yourself and others.  If you are feeling weakened by another person you have given your power over to the thought that they know better for your life than you know. 


When feeling weak such as this, we ask that you call upon us in a moment of silence and deep breath.  Ask us to shine upon you the light of truth.  This light of truth shall bring you to your resurrection once again.   Christ was resurrected from the cross by asking for the alignment of truth to be shown to the people that we are all spiritual beings and not of the flesh.  You are a spiritual being who is in the flesh but not of it. 


When you have a desire you view as bad that is of the flesh it is not for you to repent and punish yourself, it is for you to recognize that your body has memory and desires to do things out of habit and old patterning.  With the earth rising to a new awareness of itself, you too can easily now let go of old patterning that is limiting.  Mother earth will continue to rebirth herself and she asks that you give birth to new ideas and thought forms that will raise the vibration of the entire planet.  One person such as you can and will make a difference by raising your own vibration on a daily basis. 


Your thoughts are made up of molecular light forms.  You may not think of your thoughts as matter, but they are indeed matter.  That is why we say “It does matter” when someone has a thought they wish to be heard.  Every thought you think about another or yourself does indeed take form in the shape of heaviness, lightness, loving energy or negativity.  All thoughts make up the structure of what you term your life.  It is you who creates the sum of all the parts of your life by your thoughts. 


When you thoughts are in sync to the vibrations of love, togetherness, freedom, harmony, peace, celebration, transformation, discovery you literally change matter before your eyes.  You become what matters. 


When your thoughts are of the vibration hate, pessimism, doubt, disseat, betrayal, lies, abuse, mistrust, jealousy you lower the vibration of an entire room if there is no one to counter act these thought forms and transmute them into love and peace.  When thoughts are misused they become aligned to heavier vibrations that only serve to re-engage you in thinking that it takes energy away from you living a life of perfect harmony. 


When you have a thought that is of the lower vibrations we ask that you again close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask us to help you realign your thought system to the higher frequencies of light forms.  We will literally lighten up your thoughts if you let us.  Please ask us to do this for you.  You must make this request, for we do not do anything without your permission.  We are your guides and masters here for you at all times of the day and night.  You are doing a grand journey here on earth at this time in space and matter.  All of your thoughts are healing the wounds of mother earth and are indeed making her a place where miracles can take place before your eyes more frequently than before.


Earth is becoming less dense in physical matter and more of an open place to be creative.  Your thoughts allow you to see new possibilities on earth.  Many of you are having dreams and visions of destruction.  This is the washing away of the old ways of doing things, old ties, bondage and the past is breaking away from you now.  There will not be a need to seek therapy for years any longer.  Problems will resolve much faster and more gentle because of the earth changes. 


Many of you are noticing how others are not just doing lip service any longer.  People are putting into action their dreams and plans for a better future.  All of the planets alignment is shifting to a new consciousness.  It is as if Mother Earth herself is getting a soul cleansing and will become so clean and vibrant that humans will not be drawn to destroy the earth or to make more destruction. 


You will see many wars end by 2010 and the Unity of the Nations will occur.  This will happen because the lights have been switched on and the people who were in the dark fighting for destruction will not be able to continue doing that without great repercussion to themselves in this life.  It used to take lifetimes for people to feel the result of what is termed “Karma”.  It will not happen instantly so that all who create a negative force field will have to surrender and open up to the light. 


When the dark side has more light energy pouring into their souls they too will “Start to see the light”, they will be likened to a great giant finding his feet again.  They will be a bit stumbly and will need the light workers of the earth to step in and give them some guidance.  The end of times for the earth means the end of suffering, not the destruction of the earth form herself.  The end of self mutilation, the end of hate crimes, the end of tyranny, the end of having to “fight tooth and nail”, the end of having to make things happen by yourself. 


All of life will become less of an effort and more of a cooperation of unified study and benefits.  We ask all of you to be patient while the earth makes these next transitions and you see more natural disasters.  Know that it is a necessary evolvement of transition.  There is nothing that can destroy you if you have asked to be on earth at this time.  It is up to you to continue doing your soul’s work and pay attention to when it is the right timing for you to make a move to your next level.  We emphasize timing for you because if you don’t feel it is the right time to take your next step it probably isn’t’.  This is because the divine timing of the earth changes and the energies of your life have not become in alignment with your greatest support for your own transitions yet.  Waiting does not necessarily mean taking a back seat.  For we ask that all of you hold your own power by bringing more light into your bodies daily.  Spending time in nature, relaxing, taking a bath, breathing deeper, pampering yourself in order to let go of the old Karma that no longer has a hold of you anymore. 


On the other hand if you feel like you have delayed starting on a new project and need to get moving, you probably do.  Timing again is important to listen to. 


Time is changing because of the earth shifts.  If you find you usually have been able to judge how long it takes you to do things and now you are off it is because time as you know it is no longer.  The hours on the clock are remaining the same but time has speed up.  We ask that you do not try and play catch up or you will make a mess out of situations.  Know that no time is lost it is only changing, different in respect to what it used to be. 


The timing of events may alter at the last minute.  Planning for events or circumstances will be harder.  Life as you know it will assume a more flexible role.  Events and dates in your day planner will shift a lot more and you will need to plan for this.  In order to “manage” your state of affairs with ease and gentleness we ask that you become aware that all time is happening now.  If all time is occurring right now that nothing is ever lost.  There really is no time but the Now time.  Of course you all have to plan for some things, this we know.  We are not asking for you to live a chaotic lifestyle.  But to know that you will have a brighter, a more light-filled future by allowing for a more “light” schedule.


In closing I would like to add for all of you to realize that your journeys may take surprising turns.  What you planned to happen in your lives may be altered and rediscovered.  What you thought you’d like to become may shift.  Please know that your new thought forms are essential for allowing the new you to show up with gentleness and complete allowance. 


We are with the always,



Mother Mary

Channeled by Kimberly Dawwn








Harp of God


Marianne Williamson <mariannewilliamson@app.topica.com>

22 Jul 2006



by Marianne Williamson


Like many people, I'm both glued to the news and horrified by it. My

thoughts and feelings have been thrown out of order, into some kind of

disarray that at times surprises me. We're all being challenged by world

events to see just how deeply our convictions lie, and how and where we're

ready to apply them to the realities of the world.


For myself, if I'm sure of anything I am sure of this: the mortal mind, as

it is currently and commonly configured within human consciousness, is

inadequate to the demands of the times in which we live. As Gandhi said,

"The problem with humanity is that it's not in its right mind." We are

being asked by history, by evolution, by God, to evolve beyond all thoughts

of separation to see the unity of all children of God. Ultimately we will

leave behind as quaint such notions as "national sovereignty." We will

realize that all of us are one. Or else... No one has a monopoly on human

suffering, and no child is more precious to God than any other. Only when

we have learned to love as God loves will the world be uplifted to where it

naturally belongs. It's one thing to say that, or to even believe it. But

how do we apply it to such a moment of world crisis as confronts us now?


A Course in Miracles says that God does not give us victory in battle;

rather, He lifts us above the battlefield. Our greatest spiritual

contribution to this moment is to remember, in the words of the Course,

that "beyond this world is a world I want." Beyond this three dimensional

reality where the horrors of war are raging, there is another field of

possibility alive in the Mind of God. Our work as individuals is to claim

that world beyond this one, with passion and conviction; it is a world in

which Jews and Arabs and Christians -- and everyone else as well -- are

united not through the body but through the spirit. Close your eyes and see

with your Inner Eye what the newspapers cannot show you. See the light

withinn every Israeli, the light within every Palestinian and Lebanese, the

light within every human heart, emerge from the center of their souls and

then merge into One. See this, hold onto the vision, pray that it become a

reality on the face of the earth, and then surrender it into the hands of God.


What the world needs now is a miracle, and it is miracles to which we are

all entitled. For miracles occur naturally as expressions of love; they are

in fact the natural order of the world when the mind is in its natural

state. Our task, quite simply, is to love in a way that we have never loved

before. Let us love even those with whom we do not agree, perhaps even

those whom we might think we hate. Let us love them not personally, of

course, but impersonally. Let us reach for the Love of God within us, that

we might reach the Love of God within them. Let us all awaken to a higher

truth, that we might be subconscious awakeners.


Neither Israel nor Lebanon need any of us to fall into this nightmare with

them. What they need is for us to remain spiritually awake -- to the truth

of their Oneness in the Mind of God. Because all minds are joined, our

being awake will help them all to awaken. Their souls are making an

ultimate sacrifice for each of us, showing what lies ahead for the world

should we not remember who we truly are.


God bless Lebanon. God bless Israel. God bless every child of God. And God,

please help us to live in peace. We need a miracle. And we need it now.



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"you never change things by fighting the existing reality.  to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." r. buckminster fuller



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