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Matthew's Messages
    June 19/2006

Reaction is a choice; r esults of fear;  advice to energy healers and telepathic receivers; light workers, light weavers;  Rove result “skullduggery”; likely course of truth emerging; celestial activity;  we’re innately prepared for transitional “bumps”;  military draft outlook;  ELM effects;  immigration reform in US; F eng Shui;  key to relationships;  archangels,  other spirit helpers;  prayer 



S:  Hi there, Matthew! I’m ready now.


MATTHEW:  Mother, dear soul, great thanks from me and the others at this station for taking time out from the flurry of activity to prepare the list of questions.  I’ll get to those, but first I want to relate a message from all of us.  Before the “text,” if you will, we say THE LIGHT HAS WON — keep this truth foremost in your thoughts at all times!  We ask also that you take to heart the importance of our words to you this day.    


A previous message included our awareness of the fluctuating confidence even among light workers regarding the progress of the light.  We fervently hoped that all such wavering would cease, but it appears that each time something expected does not happen or something not anticipated does, you falter in your conviction that progress is being steadily made, and fear in some form enters your being.  The varying forms and severities of fear extend from all-encompassing hopelessness, temporary depression, concerned preoccupation about a possibility, and anger about a disappointing outcome to apathy. 


If you ask yourselves, Did my feelings anywhere along that spectrum favorably affect anything? your answer would be “No.”  It may be “No” because you feel helpless to make a change in something as expansive as a war zone or genocide or massive drug use, for instance, or someone you deeply care about is experiencing a dire situation beyond your means to relieve.  When you look deeper, you see that applies only to your reaction to what you perceive as the status of Earth’s or another soul’s journey, and not your own.  So again we remind you that the pace of Earth’s ascension is steady and her destination in the higher densities assured, and souls are experiencing what they chose for their own evolution—it is YOUR journey that you need to address.   


It is out of our abiding love for each of you that we urge you to act on this universal truth: You choose your reaction to every situation and you have the power to change a negative reaction to a positive one by changing your thought about it.  This is not a bit of delusion to trick you into feeling better—it is accepting the light that we constantly are beaming to you and allowing it to uplift you out of the morass of negativity.  Indeed our light helps your homeland planet and all of her other life forms, but we are speaking here about YOUR life pathway.  When light permeates your being, it aligns you with your soul’s chosen mission—steadfastness in this pathway is your foremost responsibility because it is from this essence that you grow consciously and evolve spiritually, and simply put, that’s why you are there!  


Often we have told you that there will be bumps along the way to the Golden Age, the Age of Enlightenment, the era of love and peace throughout all of Earth.  These bumps include what you may consider “setbacks” in the course of the light, although they are NOT—they are only delays in the energy’s surge forward that once tended to, will not after all be delays because they are followed by Earth’s faster “catch-up” pace.  Again we return to YOUR pace and encourage you to maintain it in steadiness so you are spiritually prepared to successfully encounter the actual bumps during this transitional stage of your planet’s ascension.


Back to fear, the food of the darkness and its primary tool against light workers.  Yes, we do realize that you know this well—so why are we saying it again?  It’s because you know the force field of negative thought forms that we commonly call the dark forces has left the vicinity of your planet and you may feel that now you are impervious to the darkness.  You are not—the dark tentacles lingering in the minds and hearts of Earth’s residents still can reach you.  The energy of fear from any source there refuels and beguiles them into believing they still have a chance to dominate all of Earth by capturing one by one the other souls there.   Although they are deluded in thinking that world domination still is within their grasp, they are correct in thinking that they can reach light workers.  We do not mean that only light workers may be affected, but it is you whom they are targeting, and lamentably, in some cases, they have reached with varying degrees of success. 


Health problems, some even with near-death experience, are the most pronounced effects among healing energy practitioners whose dedication to helping others led to their exhaustion and thus vulnerability to entry by the darkness.  Not only does this prevent these souls from continuing their valuable light service until, or if, they recover, but the collective deep concern about these dear ones feeds the darkness.  We tell you that prayers “for their highest good” and releasing the outcome to the universe will most benefit them and at the same time, lighten your hearts and minds. 


There is that dark “trap” in this kind of light activity, and we remind you that it is the same with receivers of telepathic transmissions—do NOT perform either of these services if you are feeling fatigued, ill or emotionally stressed!  Those conditions reduce your light energy and are an open invitation for the tentacles of darkness to enter in the forms of dis-ease and dis-information.   Rest to the extent possible and indulge in re-creation—restorative pursuits that will rejuvenate mind, body and soul.  To know when you can safely and effectively resume your light service, ask within and heed the answer that comes as intuition.   Another reminder for healing energy workers: If a patient’s soul contract calls for experiencing the condition or the chosen missions have been completed, your efforts to treat or cure the person cannot override those choices; the patient’s energy field will block the love energy flowing through you that you intend to be healing.   


Falling into fear for any reason takes its toll.  Anxiety about precarious employment or job loss or financial woes is causing the actuality to befall souls who give these situations their focused attention.  Even though untold fortunes are still in the control of the Illuminati, the universal law of attraction provides financially for you who see the blessings of life, feel thankful for them, and understand that seemingly adverse circumstances are “open door” opportunities for the changes necessary for your spiritual growth.    


In short, soul contract choices and the laws of the universe prevail, and each of you, so cherished by all of us, constantly has the light as your pathway beacon.  


Now then, Mother, I noticed a question about light workers.  Let’s continue with that.  


S:  Please ask Matthew to explain what it means to “be a light worker” versus a “regular person” who reads his messages.


MATTHEW:  First I say, reading my messages or those from any other high light source never is a requirement to be a light worker.   We send our information to enlighten, encourage and guide you who do read our messages, but there are many millions of lighted souls who don’t know about us or our love for them and have no idea what a “light worker” is.  The term applies to anyone who lives in what you could call godly ways by demonstrating belief in a higher, loving Creator through interaction in kindness, caring, honesty, compassion, fairness and harmony; sharing whatever meager resources with those still more needy; wanting justness for all without prejudice, discrimination or judgment.  Even without recognizing it, a person who lives like this generates light and thereby is a “light worker,” albeit what could be thought of as a passive rather than an active role.  


Light weaver” is a term I haven’t used before, but it is more accurate for you who know that you chose to participate in the ascension of Earth and actively are filling the roles your cumulative experiencing so well qualifies you to do.  You are “weaving” the loose ends of the collective karma that was required so your beloved Earth and her light-receptive peoples can be released from the limitations of third density where darkness thrives.       


S:  Thank you, dear.  Do you have something to add to the group message or shall we go on with the list?


MATTHEW:  I relayed our full thoughts, so please type the question in your thoughts.


S:  Well, it’s there because so many people want to know what happened to Karl Rove’s indictment and what can be expected from Patrick Fitzgerald’s work.  What one reader wrote sums up what others said in one way or another, “Many of us are extremely worried about the direction of our nation.”


MATTHEW:  Mother, we know this, and the concern is not limited to the people in the United States!  What happened to Rove’s indictment is, in a word, skullduggery.  After the indictment was served, dark ones more powerful than he motivated others, also with dark proclivity, to disqualify the meticulously prepared, airtight legal case against him.  Do not expect your mainstream media to comment thusly, but many reporters and all others who are thinking soundly see this as greater proof of corruption in the US justice system than the Supreme Court’s complicity in the “stolen” last presidential election. 


When I spoke earlier of “delays” that are not “setbacks,” I had in mind the decision affecting Rove, which we know was extremely disheartening to the majority of people in the United States as well as US government observers in other countries.  Some see this as the “last straw” of hope and now fear that forevermore, the corrupt ones will be in control.  NO!  The truth about this derailment of justice and all other dark endeavors cannot be hidden much longer.  What we see in this moment is a lull in any apparent movement while the dark ones temporarily put lids on public disclosures such as the monstrous web of the prostitution ring “hooker-gate” that extends to the White House and the total chaos in Iraq, and they enjoy short-lived victories such as the quashing of the indictment against Rove.  But the forcefulness of the light will bring these back to the public eye along with all other truths, and it is likely that instead of revelations coming forth incrementally as previously indicated by their energy momentum, due to the acceleration of “time,” it will be more like a prolonged eruption with one truth leading directly to another with little respite between. 


Please do not ask when this “eruption” will begin—it is not possible to know this.  The momentum of any course of action does not follow a straight line; it zigs and zags in accordance with every bit of input until the energy is played out with one result or another.  Only the lowest, or basest, off-planet sources give specific dates for any occurrence, and to a considerable extent, they achieve the outcome they desire: negativity.  Because they know the dates will come and go without the forecast event happening, the negativity of confusion, disillusionment and loss of belief in all channeled information results.  Even when dire predictions such as a comet hitting Earth do not come to fruition, the fear created by the potential event is a victory for the darkness.  How often have we urged you to be keenly discerning about all information!


Let me carry this beyond the Rove situation regarding people’s fears that justice is dead and buried and the environment is doomed, too.  Legal decisions like that about Rove and unjust new and longstanding laws in any country will be repealed when wise, spiritually evolved souls take the reigns of governments, and they are ready to do so.   All activities that are injurious to your planet’s well being will cease and restoration will take place amazingly quickly when our ET family can openly work with you and put to use their technology at ground level.  And as Earth continues on her ascension course, all forms of disease, deception, corruption and violence will end—everything ever devised with dark intent will be only history.  I know I am repeating myself here—it’s for the benefit of newcomers to my messages.  I ask that the dear souls who want more comprehensive information on these and myriad other topics read prior messages on www.matthewbooks.com.     


Now, Mother, the next question please.  


S:  Thank you for all of that, Mash—I don’t think anyone objects to helpful reminders.  But about specific dates, maybe it’s different for my combination of two questions:  What is your opinion of channeled information giving dates of celestial activity that opens vortexes or otherwise affects the planet energetically?   


MATTHEW:  Because I have no idea what events are being questioned, I can only speak generally.  ALWAYS celestial activity has had a bearing on what transpires not only on Earth, but throughout the universe, and especially now in this period of such dramatic universal changes.  Yes, specific times for celestial movement can be quite accurately charted by those who are knowledgeable, but we are aware that some who are not also are giving forth their well-meaning but wrong calculations and projected effects.  At Earth’s request, ancient vortexes that closed as your planet sank into third density are being opened by the light from benevolent ET civilizations in conjunction with spirit beings—witness the in-pouring of what is called feminine energy, or the divine feminine, that has come in to balance the masculine energy that so long has dominated Earth’s populations.  


S:  Yes! A reader expressed his concerns that after all the truth about corruption and atrocities is revealed, which would create a new and frenzied dynamic in the mass consciousness, how will we deal with the negativity that will cause, and how long will chaos continue before there will be peace and rejoicing?       


MATTHEW:  Although a change of this magnitude has not affected Earth before, other lifetime experiencing there and elsewhere has prepared you to manage it quite effectively.  You know this at soul level—you chose to participate in accordance with your acquired capabilities—and some of you know it consciously.  The greatest change—the one that enables transition into the higher vibrations—is in humankind, those who embrace the light.  This raises your consciousness and renews your spiritual awareness, and it permits physical survival in the higher planes of Earth’s destination.  Those who refuse the light cannot make this trip and will not be around to impede progress of the transition process.  Yes, there will be a period of shock, confusion and resistance to accepting the revealed truths—this is what light workers and light weavers are innately prepared to deal with in leadership and support roles in governments, education and economies. 


The year 2012 often comes into this “shift” process, but six of your calendar years hence cannot accurately convey when the major transitional changes will be completed because linear time is disappearing.  What you perceive as time passing faster and faster is the effect of the higher energy planes in which you are living now, where everything is accelerating as Earth makes her way into the continuum—or, more accurately, as your consciousness grasps the actuality of that timelessness, the reality of eternity and infinity.       


S: Thank you. Several readers asked about the prospect of a military draft being implemented in the US


MATTHEW:  What we see at this time is that evidence of the deceptive measures the US government took to justify the invasion of Iraq will come out before a draft can be implemented.  The potential does exist for the first stages to be enacted, but if this occurs, the backlash when the evidence emerges will abruptly end the draft effort, and the gradual withdrawal of occupation troops stationed anywhere will follow.  Even without disclosure of the proof, the growing international cry is against war as a means to achieve peace.  


S:  When will the frequency barrier around Earth be completely gone? 


MATTHEW:  Like you, Mother, I’m interpreting that question to mean the web of harmful electromagnetic wavelengths the dark ones devised to control the populace in ways spanning mind control to adverse health situations and surveillance.  ET technology has rendered the beams ineffective to the extent possible insofar as mind control programming, but this protects only those who are light receptive—“fence straddlers” and those with dark proclivity still are susceptible to brain alteration.  Because health situations arise from such a large variety of causes, it isn’t possible to know how severely the waves are affecting the populace who are experiencing unusual conditions.  As to elimination of the “barrier,” the same equipment can be used for purposes that are as beneficial to your world as the current uses are intrusive and harmful.


Let me carry this further and caution again about the damaging frequencies of cell phones and proximity to the relay towers.  The explosion of this almost worldwide wireless communication system is causing serious repercussions in brain waves, particularly in young children, even with the application of devices to modify the harmful effects.  It is not for your pleasure that these phones have added features that are enticing even greater usage!  We do understand your appreciation of their convenience, but we urge you to keep conversations brief and infrequent and to use land-line telephones for long discussions.  


S:  Good luck on that one!  The next question: What is the real deal behind the immigration reform that Bush has planned out?


MATTHEW:  First, I remind you that Bush acts upon orders from decision-makers more powerful than the office of US president.  This immigration “reform,” like the international trade agreements that preceded it, is another stage of the Illuminati plan to unify the Western Hemisphere by weakening all of the affected countries economically so that their natural resources can be taken over by the major multinational corporations whose top managers are Illuminati members.   


S:  Are the principles of Feng Shui valid and effective in manifesting whatever you put your attention to?


MATTHEW:  YOU manifest whatever you put your attention to!  But yes, Feng Shui is effective in achieving balance, thus it is a design of orderliness that enhances energy flow and permits peacefulness, and it is very helpful to have this in your surroundings at home and workplace. 


S:  How can we naturally experience intimate relationships without destructive emotions and disharmony; will marriage still exist in the future?


MATTHEW:  I preface my reply to those questions by saying that relationships at every level—parents and children, siblings, spouses, friends, colleagues, teachers and students, teammates—are changing as the higher frequencies are magnifying dominant characteristics, with some relationships improving and others disintegrating.  Actually, the frequencies are motivating ones toward these changes, which are in keeping with soul level choices for experiencing, and it extends to relocating and changing jobs as well.  In this new energetic scenario, putting yourself at the center of your life is the key, and it is neither selfish nor egotistical—it is recognizing the responsibility to set your life course in consonance with intuitive nudgings, your soul’s messages to your consciousness, and accepting accountability and consequences of all your choices.  You may call this wisdom or maturity or wholeness of being, and although children need loving guidance and discipline to become independent and secure in their selves, this innate knowledge is as available to them as it is to the oldest among you. 


Now then, naturally intimate relationships need each partner to put self at the center because only when there is that sense of wholeness in each can there be balance and harmony in the relationship; only when one is secure in self can he or she give and receive unqualified love—love with core level caring, honesty, understanding, sharing, compassion and cooperation.  It is the partnerships that lack this basis that are dissolving in accordance with the souls’ voices.       


Marriages arranged by parents, that require a dowry, wherein the wife is a possession, that by religious laws cannot be ended by divorce, that require the death of the wife when her husband dies—those kinds of marriages are not in your future.  I don’t know what legalities may be, if any, but all unions will be by mutual desire and love commitments.  This comes back to the changing mentality about everything that has created suffering, back to the consciousness raising and spiritual renewal of all Earth’s residents who journey with her to her destination in the higher vibrations.     


S: I hope that women in the marriages you mentioned live long enough to be free!  Here are some questions I lumped together: How do the archangels work with Earth humans?  Why do angels come sometimes when we need them and not other times?  Are my parents in spirit assigned to look after me; do they have other work to do, and if so, what is that?  How can we be sure that God hears our prayers when the things we ask for are for others?


MATTHEW:  It is the energy of archangels that works with you spiritually and not an incarnated being that interacts with you consciously, or with anyone in any civilization throughout this universe and, I suppose, the other universes too.  You could say that since everything in all of Creation is energy, the archangels are no different from any other soul in that respect; the unfathomable difference is the magnitude and vastness of power and the purity of their love-light essence that is inseparable from all other souls and thereby in descending measure is within all—it is that essence within you that you activate when you call upon an archangel for assistance. 


Guardian angels, who are assigned to each Earth soul lifelong, have the mission to be on duty every moment to prevent serious injury or death that is not in the individuals’ soul contracts—they cannot intervene when such situations are choices in the contracts.  A host of angels always is available to assist the guardians in lifesaving instances or to help individuals when circumstances are not drastic.  These angels also must honor the choices in soul contracts, so an unanswered call for help may be for that reason or the help given may not be recognized as such.  And you have myriad spirit guide helpers too, souls in spirit who have experienced Earth lives and know the frustrations you encounter.  For instance, when a piece of machinery you’re using starts malfunctioning and you think “Oh, no! Now what do I do?” a guide with mechanical expertise applies its energy and voila! the machinery starts working.


Souls in Nirvana have vibrant lives with choices, not assignments, in the diverse employment, educational, cultural, travel and recreational activities in that wondrous realm, so parents are not assigned any responsibilities for their children on Earth.  The energy of the love bonds is manifested in parental visits in spirit or etheric body and as guidance that is received as intuition or telepathic messages.  And in the children’s sleep state, they visit the parents; what they may think are dreams about them are fragments of memories of the visits in Nirvana.


NEVER doubt that God, by whatever name you use in reverence, hears all prayers!  Prayer is not understood by most of your civilization.  Prayer is every single thought and feeling throughout every lifetime, whether about oneself or another, and the energy in each is immediately registered in the universe.  So not only are you creating your life by your thoughts and feelings through the “like attracts like” universal law, you are reaching God with your requests for help for yourself or another.   The arms of God, if I may, are the angels and guides I just mentioned, and the one or ones who can best assist are instantly alerted to do so.  If what is requested is precluded by the soul contract of the one being prayed for, the help comes as a sense of peacefulness about the situation, as if through the prayer, the ultimate has been done.  Because almost all of you do not know your own soul contract, much less any others’ contracts, the prayer I already spoke of, “for the highest good,” is the best in all cases.   


Mother, we have reached the end of our space for today’s message.  I add only that my love and the same from all others at this station is with each and every one of you.  Please let love, the highest energy in the cosmos, uplift your spirit and give you peace of heart and mind as you continue your journey toward the day of rejoicing throughout your land. 


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