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Matthew's Messages
April 7, 2006    and   3/18/06  Message below

Incursions into Iran possible, no full-scale war; dark force field gone, influence of Earth puppets waning; global warming leading to moderate climates globally; souls from other civilizations completing third density karmic experiencing on Earth, "volunteer" ETs also on planet; majority of people are adding light; global economy; everything in the universe has consciousness level; appearance of albino animals heralds peace

S: Matthew, hi dear! I’m ready.

MATTHEW: Thank you, dear soul, for coming to your computer so we can start this message before you are completely occupied with preparations for my sister’s arrival on the weekend. Your 10 days after that will be filled with joyful times away from your usual daily service, and I would like to continue this message as your time permits so it can be disseminated prior to Betsy’s visit rather than later in the month. No, nothing is of urgent nature— primarily I want to address what we see are the two main areas of global interest and concern, which are the same as the top of your list.

The first is the United States government’s plans regarding Iran.  This longstanding key element in the Illuminati agenda, which is intended to be orchestrated by its members in that administration and the country’s military forces, differs greatly in intent and ability.   Whereas Iran once was simply another Mideast country to bring under Illuminati control, just one more step toward world domination, by now that conquest is only delusion within the minds of the top Illuminati members.  There may be incursions into Iran, but they will not escalate into the full-scale military operation that has devastated the people of Iraq, the death and injury toll and the destruction of their country.

Rational thinking would enable the ones bent upon subjugation of Iran, on the transparently hypocritical pretext of preventing that country’s development of nuclear weaponry that would endanger world peace, to clearly see that this cannot be accomplished, but fear has severely debilitated their mental processes.   Despite the stunning failure of their previous expectation to swiftly subdue any Iraqi opposition following the invasion, they still believe they will succeed in taking over the other countries in the region and thereby regain the power that they do know is waning.   That knowledge is both their desperate driving force and their undoing.   Always the Illuminati have discounted opinions contrary to their own, but in their seriously diminished mental capacity, they cannot evaluate available troop strength and they disregard military opinions that don’t fit into their state of mind.   So yes, it is possible that some deaths and destruction may occur in Iran because the field of potential is rife with frenetic thoughts pointing toward this; but be encouraged that in this moment there is no sustained energy momentum from possibility to probability, whereas the war in Iraq was inevitable because the forceful intent and strength of the darkness hit “certainty” long before the invasion.

So, even though we cannot say with any assurance how the volatility in the field of potential will proceed, please consider this: For every action there is a reaction, and the darker the deed, the more light that comes to expose it.  Whenever the puppets of the off-planet dark forces cause death or great harm to peoples and lands, the light continues intensifying through the ever-growing numbers united in spirit for peace, justice, and upliftment of the disenfranchised peoples.   Without the dark doers’ deeds, there could not be these triumphs for the light. Nevertheless, once again we urge you to send light to those who lack it, because it is this lack that fills them with the fear that leads to their violent and greedy ways.

What these puppets of the dark forces do not know is that the light has vanquished that immense force field of negative thought forms that had long prevailed in Earth’s vicinity and captured them. Responding to Earth’s plea for help and with God’s authorization, benevolent forces of the universe entered battle with the dominating darkness and, as preordained, the light won. What you see happening now is the lingering influence of the puppets’ themselves, and without the reinforcing energy of that dark force field, the once potent and far-reaching negative influence has been reduced to scattered, tattered entrenchments. Although the light is victorious, the dislodging of those remnant entrenchments will present the “bumps in the road” that I have mentioned in previous messages.

Among the bumps is the fact that many individuals, however caring and upstanding in motives and deeds, will choose not to accept the truths that the light will reveal. Mother, I know that your list includes questions from a thoughtful and compassionate reader who asked if “ordinary people” will know in this lifetime that they contributed to Earth’s karmic fulfillment and thus played their roles well to that point. He wants fairness for these people who hold fast to their religious beliefs, which they cannot accept are rooted in dark deceit, so they will refuse the light energy that would enable them to physically ascend with Earth. Those are approximately his words, to the best of my recollection. No, those people will not be aware of their roles until they arrive in Nirvana, where memories will come as to what they had chosen to consciously remember during this Earth lifetime, but did not. Then, once again they will know the truth, and totally without judgment or penalty, will select other opportunities to “see the light” at the level each one needs, and therein is the fairness that caring reader wants for them.

He further asked if higher evolved beings truly realize what it is like to live in a world that precludes conscious awareness of what it means when a person denies what her or his soul knows is true. Yes, we do. All souls at this station who have lived in third density worlds—and for many of us, the multiple experiencing includes Earth lifetimes—intimately relate to the turmoil that is shortly ahead for the many millions whose religious faith, whose very foundation for living, is based on the lies they have been taught. We continuously beam to them in the fervent hope that when the full truth comes, they will open their hearts and minds to it, but we cannot impose upon them our intense desire for their spiritual reawakening.

And it is not the responsibility of you light workers to convince them that they must follow in your pathway. Yes, YES! do offer your enlightenment with patience and compassion, and rejoice just as we shall when your efforts succeed. But remember that your primary responsibility is not to others first, it is to Self—to stay steadfast in your light and not allow fear to enter your essence when you encounter challenges. You know that light beings are with you every instant in your journey, enfolding you with the love and protection of the Christed light.

Now then, the other issue at the forefront of concern is “global warming” and what it portends. It is true that great changes in climate are coming due to the evidence and reasons given by knowledgeable, honest scientists. However, they do not know the ultimate reason or purpose, that your planet is emerging from the polarity that was necessary for karmic balancing, and part of this is the return to moderate differences in temperatures and climates. During Earth’s restoration to her original paradise self, glaciers will melt, the sweeping deserts will become arable, rain forests will flourish, variations in temperatures will markedly decrease, and every part of your world will become comfortably habitable.

This will occur more rapidly than you can imagine with the help of your “space” family. Their willing assistance is by your invitation via your heartfelt desire for Earth’s well being, but also your bewilderment how to overcome the pervasive damage humankind has wrought. You will be astonished and joyous to see how quickly extraterrestrial technologies will eliminate the pollution in your water, land and air and enable Earth’s recovery from the massive extractions of ores, crystals, oil and gas, all of which are essential elements for planetary health. ETs’ free energy technology, some of which already is known by select scientists on the planet, will replace the energy sources that have been so destructive to your health and Earth’s.

There will be other changes. Peoples now living in the coldest or the hottest climes will adapt, but it is unavoidable that the few animal species in the polar regions will disappear and some that live on the fringes will survive by migrating toward the equator—the affected species instinctively will know not to reproduce or when to move. Gradually some sea level coastlines will become submerged, but this need not present anxiety as there will be protective and compensatory measures for any inhabitants of those areas. We are aware of the speculation that Atlantis and Lemuria may rise, but this will not happen. The continents served well the ancient civilizations during that era on Earth and their return is not needed, but some of those souls have returned to assist in the ongoing consciousness-raising and spiritual renewal within today’s civilization.

Mother, before we get to other questions on your list, I want to add a bit to the answer I gave you for replying to the ones who asked about overpopulation. As I just mentioned, vast regions that now are uninhabitable will become hospitable residential areas, thus doubling living space; but beyond that, contrary to current count and certainly population projections, your numbers are decreasing, not increasing. Prior to the time when peace and harmony will prevail throughout your homeland, many, many souls will leave due to the same causes as now: disease, starvation, injuries in wars and other types of violence, geophysical events. Ahead are the departures of those who refuse the light that would enable physical survival in the higher frequencies of Earth’s ascension destination. Please do not feel despondent about this—those souls, like all others in the universe, will continue their evolutionary pathways wherever their needs shall best be served, and the eternal and infinite love of Source will under gird their experiencing.

And now let us continue with your list, Mother.

S: I have a question. You’ve said that in the higher frequencies people will live longer because disease can’t exist there and also that fewer children will be born then. Is this combination because there’s an “ideal” population figure that Earth’s resources can sustain?

MATTHEW: If there is such a figure, I don’t know it, but I can tell you that I visited a civilization of about 10 billion loving and intelligent people living on a healthy planet much less than the size of yours. But “ideal” does enter into this—individuals will choose to have fewer children in the ideal conditions of the Golden Age.

Now many babies are born into poverty because of the parents’ perceived needs for extra income earners or they don’t have the means to prevent conception; or the infants are born diseased because their parents are or addicted to drugs because their parents are; or they are too weak at birth to ever be healthy because their parents are malnourished; or their conception results from rape and they are unwanted, neglected and perhaps abandoned. The souls who incarnate in these circumstances do so for the hardship experiencing that balances lifetimes where they were ungrateful for their blessings of plenty, were greedy and ignored the plight of the needy, were cold-hearted toward people with infirmities, or are advanced souls who agreed to play those roles for the benefit of the other principals in the pre-birth agreement. Also, souls who enter fetuses and are well aware that abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth will be the outcome, do so for the emotional experiencing that well serves them and the parents in spiritual growth. None of those living circumstances and necessary choices for karmic balancing will be a part of the peaceful world and its abundant blessings that you are co-creating.

Something that I don’t think is clearly understood even among light workers is that for the six decades and more of progressive planetary changes, your population has included many souls whose last incarnate lifetime was in other places, even in other galaxies, and knowing what would be transpiring on Earth, chose to experience the anticipated dire hardships and suffering that would complete their third density karmic lessons. Their next physical lifetime will be in the kind of world on your near horizon, perhaps in that very world of yours, but this is not only in service to self—these souls have greatly aided Earth by opening hearts unto global awareness and compassion. Other “ET” souls volunteer for those kinds of living conditions or severe physical limitations or chronic pain, mental or emotional distress, or to be political prisoners or unjustly convicted of crimes, and none of that is a karmic need. These are highly evolved beings who have come to inspire you, motivate you to achieve to your fullest, and upraise consciousness throughout the planet so that wrongs will be righted. Along with your caring and respect for ALL souls who experience adversity, honor their indomitable spirit and feel grateful for their vital service in this unique time on Earth.

S: Thank you for explaining that, Matthew. Do you want to add anything else before answering some questions we couldn’t get to when they came in weeks or even months ago?

MATTHEW: No, thank you. By all means, let us address those unless they have been “overcome by events,” in which case the readers already have their answers.

S: Right. Please comment on a proposal by a former Canadian Minister of Defense to hold hearings on relations with ET civilizations.

MATTHEW: Surely you know that we greeted this with a resounding “hoorah,” but you may be surprised that it was a cheer of relief that this person finally responded to his godself’s nudging to perform this part of the larger mission that he chose in the family’s pre-birth agreement. He is one of the many light workers whose conscious awareness “is coming to light” belatedly.

S: Interesting! Does belatedly following one’s intuition—or maybe conscience?—put “demerits” in the person’s lifeprint record?

MATTHEW: Not automatically, that is certain, and since each soul reviews the lifeprint after memories of all other lifetime experiencing have unfolded, I’d say that the integrity of the cumulative soul’s assessment would arrive at a just evaluation. It would take into account how much harm, if any, befell another who had not chosen it and that could have been avoided if the person had heeded the soul’s messages sooner.

S: That makes sense. Someone who wants to know how to increase higher energy vibrations within the body heard that spinning increases the energy within chakras. What can you say about this?

MATTHEW: If spinning is a pleasant sensation, by all means do it, but don’t expect anything other than faster energy movement, because no exercise raises a person into a higher vibrational level. It is thoughts, feelings and deeds of godly nature that determine the light within a body, and the kinder, fairer and more generous, honorable, helpful and thoughtful a person is, the higher his or her vibrations are.

S: Is there is some “rule of thumb’” for ascertaining if a person is working in the light when there is no personal acquaintance, e.g., a newly elected leader in a foreign country?

MATTHEW: I know I don’t have to tell you to disregard political rhetoric!   My best counsel in this, as in all other circumstances, is to ask your godself and trust the answer that comes as your intuition.   Although energy sensitivity has greatly increased in accordance with the higher frequencies coming in, it has not reached the level where the majority can identify the energy emanations of another, particularly at a distance, and this is the only foolproof way to distinguish whether a person is working within the light or has a yet-undisclosed dark agenda.   The same applies close to home, as participation in community service, spiritual groups or charitable pursuits doesn’t necessarily indicate light worker status—some of them cleverly hide their real purpose that may be such as career advancement, control over others, sexual abuse activity or theft.   Those third density inclinations are being exposed by the light—witness the individuals whose self-serving motives have become public knowledge—and will disappear in the higher vibrations along Earth’s course.

I want to emphasize that there are many, MANY more persons of light than there are darkly, or negatively, inclined!   With the exception of the Illuminati and other Satan worshippers outside that hardcore group of darkness, lighted souls are all over your homeland planet.   I spoke earlier of the ones who may not be able to hear or heed their godselves urging them to listen when the truth of religions is revealed.    Other than the fanatics of any religion who kill others and call it obeying God’s laws, most devout ones have been adding light to the world by their thoughts and deeds.   They are thoroughly good people whose religious faith inspires them to help wherever they see help is needed.   It is NOT a punishment for their adherence to their faith that some may not make the journey with Earth; it is that acceptance of the truth gives the full measure of light needed to physically survive in the higher frequencies.    Again I say, do not be despondent about this, as all will incarnate in worlds where they will have another opportunity to consciously remember their souls’ choice to embrace the truth when it is given.

S: Thank you, dear.   This reader isn’t asking for financial advice—which you never give—but he would like to know how the global economy is going to be affected.   Also, will the various currencies become one standard kind of exchange?

MATTHEW: The global economy is more myth than actuality.  The various currencies, especially dollars, are printed and distributed with no foundation to back them, and the daily transactions involving billions of dollars are merely information from one computer to another.   I am not saying that there is no agreed upon market standard for these exchanges or that no precious metals or other solid assets are available to justify some of the “face value” of some of the currencies.   What I am saying is that regardless of where the money is—stocks, bonds, commodities, treasury notes, mortgages, manufactured goods, natural resources, bonds, real estate—whatever is available for buying or selling—
the Illuminati control the money.    They use it to buy governments, bankrupt countries, keep billions of souls at barely subsistence level, fund both sides in wars they start.

This cannot continue and it won’t.   I can’t tell you the mechanics, so to speak, of the reallocation of the world’s resources from the unconscionable fortunes amassed by the top Illuminati to the impoverished peoples, or how soon a standard monetary system can be implemented internationally, but I can say that it will be accomplished as swiftly and smoothly as possible by the knowledgeable transition team members at the ready.   This step will closely follow the standby team members who will take over government leadership, first in the United States and end its engagement in war, and then will come the unseating of other corrupt leaders around the world.    These logical first and second stages of transformation will lead to introductions to your benevolent ET family, the use of new and suppressed technologies and other innovations that will restore Earth to her original health and magnificence.

S: All of you “out there” must know about all our prayers for this to happen NOW!   A civil engineer wants to know what construction materials will be used in the future and if architectural designs will change; also, what about all the utility lines and poles?

MATTHEW: It is joy for me to speak about what will delight you in your “future” world!   Although much less lumber will be used than currently, the sacred agreement between trees and humankind includes their willingness to be used for decorative parts of building interiors and furniture in the short term, perhaps as long as the next half century.   Other natural sources will come into wider usage, such as clay, strong reeds, straw, tropical canes, surface stones and plants that will be introduced later—again, in agreement with humankind.

Mother, thank you for your questions that are popping out at me.   Everything in the universe is energy fluctuating at one frequency or another.   Energy is the life force of everything, and with life comes a level of awareness.   Because energy cannot be divided, only directed by thought forms, the thought forms that effect any cooperative venture are within the mass consciousness, which in turn permits unlimited communication and interaction possibilities of any one thing with any other thing.   While there are countless levels between the lowest and the highest universal intelligence, which you may think of as omniscience, no thing is excluded from the mass consciousness; and the higher the vibrations of any environment, the higher the levels of comprehension of all life within it. To sound more personal—indeed, to be more correct—substitute “soul” for “thing” and you see the interrelationship of the totality of this universe.

To continue along this line, the fast-growing elements of nature—such as food crops, flowers, cotton and other fiber-producing plants, plants with medicinal aspects, canes and grasses, all kinds of trees—are expanding in consciousness along with you. At their varying levels of awareness and longevity, all agree to grow as long as needed and then be cut to meet your requirements. Acknowledgement of their importance and consciousness and gratitude for willingly ending their life for your use will become inherent in all peoples. You will know, too, and treasure the Devic kingdom that is so closely allied with the beauty and thriving of all that you consider Nature.

Now then, current and new technologies will produce substances similar in strength and appearance to concrete, steel, rigid and flexible plastics, and quality simulations of fine woods. Glass, which also will be altered from its present composition, will be widely used because you will desire to live closer with Nature even when working indoors. Geodesic domes will be popular as will fanciful building designs that reflect the light-heartedness that so long has been denied the majority of Earth’s peoples. Architecture will be limited only by imaginations and choices, but no building will be ugly or inadequate for its purpose. Some of you will choose to live on the calm, restful seas for long periods, and the millions now living in painfully crowded conditions may prefer the solitude and restorative energy of forested areas. Parks and playgrounds will abound in cities and towns, and by unified intent, no litter or eyesore of any kind will exist anywhere.

Wherever you live or travel, you will not want the vista to be marred by the utility poles that now are necessary blights on landscapes. The poles will be removed and where conduits are required, they will be underground, as many now are; and other energy sources will be direct, without any need for connecting wires. Expanses of concrete gradually will be removed too, as new transportation modes will change the need for current fuels and highways. Although telepathy will be a common form of communication, voice-to-voice communion across the miles will be as important as now, but the harmful aspects of the wireless methods you are using will be gone.

But more wondrous than all of these transformations will be the peoples of Earth. The goddess vibrations that already are showing profound effects will continue to bless you as individuals and as a civilization. The negativity that is the root of fear, greed, dishonor and violence will be gone, and the vibrations of Earth’s entirety will be love. Every soul’s beginning essence— which is peaceable, kind, harmonious, wise, caring, respectful, responsible, generous—will be freed from the dark forces’ bondage that twisted that essence through deceit, ignorance, fear and ruthless cunning.

We understand that it is difficult for you to envision a world so vastly different from what you see today, as different as the cave dwellers’ world at the other end of this spectrum, but it IS your vision at soul level! If this were not so, it could not happen.

Mother, the next question please.

S: Mash, I’m sure you know how magical and glorious it is to hear that!   This question fits nicely here: Do you know if the recent appearance of albinos in several animal species has spiritual significance?

MATTHEW: It has both spiritual and transitional significance.  You associate white with peace, and these animal rarities that are appearing are symbolic of the coming changes in animal nature that will eliminate the predator and prey food chain and restore the peaceful relationship that once existed among all species, including humankind.

S: That’s such a lovely way to let us know that peace among us all is coming!

MATTHEW: And I believe it is a lovely way to end this message. So, with the love of the universe richly blessing you all and my personal caring, I say farewell

March 18, 2006
060320 -

Matthew's information sources; life in spirit; gods and goddesses; Illuminati power base shattered; Bush et al seeking legal means to stay in office; spiritually-based organizations; soul contracts re: ascension with Earth; US spacecraft; inhabitants of "hollow" Earth



S:  Hi, sweetheart!  I’m ready, so how would you like to start?


MATTHEW:  By wishing you joy, dear soul, and by greeting all with loving energy to uplift the spirit and encourage, guide, comfort and enlighten.  Even without that greeting, always it is the nature and purpose of these messages that reach receptive hearts and minds.


Now I would like to address the many questions you receive that are variations of “Where does Matthew get his information?”  In this station, which is not a place, but an evolutionary stage, I am many levels of energy—not miles or light years—away from Earth and other worlds emerging from third density awareness and near the most spiritually advanced civilizations.  I have an overview of the most important happenings in all, and also an interest because some of my incarnations are in these worlds—yes, are in the timeless continuum where all is NOW.  It is the same with your soul experiencing, but I shall return to my point.  The three primary sources of the information I share with you are the supreme ruler of this universe; observation of activity on your planet; and “reading” Earth’s field of potential, where energy motion indicating possibility, probability and certainty of happenings always is in flux due to the effects of free will choices.  My information comes as well from souls in various discarnate and incarnate worlds, the monitors in Nirvana who track events on Earth, and my mother’s thoughts and feelings—this is not to say that I echo her ideas about the information she acquires, only that by my awareness of it, I am able to address it.


Although this resource base is indeed expansive, definitely there are limitations to what I know.  I am aware of events, persons, organizations, the media, entertainment, books, and such when they are prominent in your collective consciousness, but when awareness is limited—say, within minds that I am not energetically connected with—I cannot speak about those issues.  I don’t have energy streamer connections to all individuals on the planet, so I cannot answer questions of personal nature either, but I can speak from “general” knowledge that may be applicable to the situations they write about to my mother.  Although I cannot ascertain with certainty when the energy in the field of potential will proceed to culmination of specific processes, I do see the activity at any moment, where the momentum is building, and I know the outcome from the continuum, but not all details or the timing— free will rules, and most often the course of events zigzags instead of going in a straight line.    


Frequently my mother hears from readers of the books or messages that they believe they are communicating with me or strongly feeling my presence.  If you are among them, please be assured that when you think of me, the energy of your thought draws my essence to you; and to you whose telepathic communication channels have opened, yes, you are hearing from me in accordance with your desire.  All extraterrestrial beings, in body or spirit, respond to your thoughts or feelings about them, but most of you are not convinced, perhaps because you are asking something of them that by universal law they are not permitted to do.  While angels, spirit guides and beloved souls in spirit may nudge you in directions in line with your soul contracts, NEVER may light beings interfere with your choices.  In spirit realms, where memories of other lifetimes come to conscious mind, love, the most powerful energy in the universe, bonds and reunites souls in both spirit and physical experiencing anywhere in this universe.    


I believe I covered that topic sufficiently, so let us move forward.  Mother, I know your initial reaction “What?!” to a reader’s 17 questions about me.  No, you don’t have to type them.  Although they presume that I live in Nirvana, and I don’t, my answers will offer greater understanding about souls wherever they are—more accurately, wherever ALL of us are in our multiple lifetimes.  It never has been my intent to be more a “current events reporter” than a resource for spiritual enlightenment, and these thoughtful questions show there is a need for greater understanding of the high light beings I refer to as “we” and “us,” the dark beings, and the differences and similarities in our life in spirit and yours in body.


A major difference is that in spirit, light beings know who they are, and the density of Earth bodies precludes your conscious awareness of your godselves. When you return to a spirit life, you tap into that wealth of knowledge, just as we do.  While it is true that not all souls have experienced as much as others and the type of experiencing can differ profoundly with evolutionary stations differing accordingly, it is equally true that each of you is SO much more than you or any other Earth human realizes! 


Now then, we are aware of our cumulative experiencing that encompasses varying ranges of knowledge; talents and skills in many fields; and travel to and associates and services in many worlds.  The composite is not consciously with us in every moment—having that vast amount of information constantly in our minds would be overwhelming—but rather, it can be likened to a library where all of the reference material ever produced on Earth is available to you.  We do have the advantage of speedy and exacting access, whereas you may need considerable research before locating the most helpful resources for your purposes.


Just as you, we have specialty fields of expertise, again from composite lifetimes where interests and inspiration motivated our pursuit of pertinent education and application of the learning.  Mass, or universal, consciousness, is the countless thought forms that started with Creator’s first expression and were “inherited” by the supreme being of this universe, called by God and other names of reverence.  Thus everything in your lives and ours already was—IS—in existence throughout the universe; everything you consider your own ideas, inventions, innovations and creations have come from the limitless knowledge pool of All That Is. 


And so, just like your specialty fields, ours also can be in engineering, the various forms of art and music, education, landscaping, technology, child caretaking, communication, the raft of sciences, building design and construction, and so forth.  The great difference is your concept of visibility and sound.  You perceive yourselves as solid—you’re not; everything in the universe is energy fluctuating in an unfathomable range of frequencies—and Earth sounds are audible.  You perceive us as invisible and silent.  We are discarnate by your definition, which is without physical body, but we spirit beings and our worlds are not invisible or silent except to the limitations of third density vision and hearing.  To answer another of the questions: No, spirit realms are not planets and they don’t have fixed orbits; they have flexible boundaries and “hover” nearby the embodied populations they serve.    


As for what I do most of the time, it is service in my specialty, which is spirit realms, a very small field in comparison with the other areas of light service in the universe.  During my first several years in Nirvana after my last Earth lifetime, I progressed from greeting arriving souls to being in charge of the millions who comprise the transition assistance field, and about eight or so years ago by your calendar, the experience led to my present service of evaluating and helping to upgrade the spirit realms of incarnate worlds in a number of galaxies.  At this evolutionary station, we never impose our assistance upon anyone, so it is only by invitation that I visit the civilizations that desire my help.  In each world I manifest whatever style body fits in comfortably with its inhabitants, and I leave in my etheric body that looks like an older version of the son my mother remembers.  Whether of light or dark nature, souls who are advanced in intellectual development have this manifesting ability.  ALL souls have the innate capacity for manifesting, but in lower densities, they don’t have that awareness, much less the developed ability.


Yes, this service is my choice, not an “assignment.”  Souls in spirit choose their next physical lifetime within the parameters of karmic lessons for balanced experiencing as well as the world where that can best be realized.  I chose a life of travel and becoming acquainted with many hundreds of civilizations instead of a single lifetime of great duration in a spiritually evolved incarnate world. Souls cannot be in a “rut”—each one in this universe progresses or regresses in accordance with free will choices—so continuing in my position in Nirvana was not an option for me as other souls’ growth enabled them to take over.  Nevertheless, I consider Nirvana my home even though I am there between my frequent travels only for brief visits with the dear souls I think of as my family or when I am summoned to assist in instances of arrivals of souls who departed Earth lifetimes en masse.  It is a bonus for me, so to say, that Nirvana is one of the most wondrous and exquisitely beautiful homelands of the many worlds I’ve come to know. Their spirit realms do differ considerably in accordance with the civilizations they serve, and since your interest is Nirvana, I am speaking primarily but not exclusively about life there. 


Am I a male spirit?  Just as I was in my Earth lifetime, I am androgynous, which is balanced male and female energies, and so are all other spiritually evolved souls in either physical or spirit worlds.  There is an immense difference between these masculine/feminine energies and sexual genders and sexual activity.  In spirit realms there are genders because there are etheric bodies, but there is no sexual union or reproduction.  Infants and children enter the same as adults, by physical death, and they are nurtured with an abundance of love and guidance that sadly is rare on Earth.  The youngsters age and the elderly “de-age” much faster than your linear years until all reach the physical appearance of what you consider “prime” years, approximately 30 to 35 in age.  The bodies remain at that point and spiritual and intellectual growth continues.  This is one factor that has attracted civilizations to request my visiting their spirit worlds, and another is the proficiency of Nirvana’s medical teams in ushering in frail etheric bodies—frail due to the devastated condition of the physical bodies from which they disconnect at the moment of death—and healing traumatized psyches. 


Do I still pursue my Earth lifetime recreational interests?  When people arrive in Nirvana, understandably their last lifetime experiences are predominant, so their favorite forms of recreation continue for a while unless those were hunting, fishing, bullfighting and the like.  No activity that harms any soul exists in the realm, where Earth’s domesticated and “wild” animals and marine life who also are souls, live peaceably among themselves and the people.  As arrivals adjust—I should say, readjust—to spirit life and their cumulative lifetimes come into focus, their recreational interests and levels of expertise are greatly expanded. This applies as well to employment, associations, living styles, modes of travel and knowledge.  


Depending on my destination and urgency of the trip, I travel in the same ways as all other intellectually evolved souls: by spacecraft—and if so, it can be in my “solid” Matthew body or one I manifest to fit in with the other passengers; astral traveling in etheric body; or teleportation by instantaneous thought; and regardless of where I travel, like the other souls, my evolvement station is the same.  It bothers me a bit, repeating “intellectual” development, as if I could be implying “See how really smart I am,” but the purpose is to show a crucial distinction between dark and lighted souls.  Both may be intellectually and technologically advanced, but only lighted souls are spiritually evolved.  


Do I work with any galactic forces?  Across the board there can be communication and coordination between souls in spirit and souls in body at suitable evolvement levels and within the “like attracts like” universal law—this pertains to both light and dark beings.  A personal example with someone whose name you recognize, Hatonn and I work closely in light beaming to Earth and offering information to you, yet our other services diverge considerably. Hatonn and his intergalactic fleet of light warriors are battling the dark forces in physical worlds, and I help civilizations provide the most ideal recovery and learning environment for their souls in spirit.  I am not proficient in areas such as advanced technology or astrophysics, so I can’t contribute to ventures in those fields, but other souls in spirit do have that expertise and they work in conjunction with incarnate beings.  These cooperative efforts are the same in intent as your amiable affiliations for the most efficient productivity.   


No, I don’t visit Earth leaders to persuade them to help rather than harm Earth, nor do other lighted souls in spirit.  What we do is continuously beam light to them, so intensely and relentlessly that it could be called a “love assault.”  At the other end of the spectrum are the dark souls in spirit who are doing exactly the opposite from us.  However, in this unique era in the universe, souls from other civilizations have visited world leaders, and a number have incarnated by natural birth or are walk-ins.  They come with clearly defined missions that all know at soul level; some know consciously from the start and others learn when their contributions are needed—these are souls of both light and dark nature, and the darkest are the peak of the Illuminati.  


Have I met any spirits who “claim” to be gods or goddesses?  The emphasis of quotation marks is mine, not the writer’s, and yes, I have met some in spirit and also some in physical form.  This begs considerable comment.  Each soul is a part of the supreme being of this universe, who is a god.  Creator, the supreme being of the cosmos, and the souls of the Christed realm that was Creator’s first creation, together made the first life form potentials that include gods and goddesses.  Some took form, others did not, and those who did not maintained the essence of Creator in perfection.  In Creator’s infinite wisdom, It selected the ones among the formless to send forth to co-create and rule over universes.  In this universe the ruler’s name as given by Creator, a series of tones and light, became lost as manifestations became denser, and the ancient knowledge that a god was in charge led some to refer to that entity as God. 


It may appear that god denotes masculinity, however neither the gods nor goddesses without form have genders—they encompass both masculine and feminine energies and exemplify androgyny at its highest light.  When Earth reaches her destination in the higher vibrations, where today’s religious doctrines will be only history and all souls will understand their shared spirituality, maybe God-ess will become the name for our supreme being.  For my ease of speaking, please accept my use of God and know that I am not deferring to Christianity, but in meaning I include all names for The Source within this universe.    


To explain why I stressed the word “claim,” declaring oneself to be of god or goddess status, universally speaking, is not necessary—the auras of those in form radiate their high station, and if vanity and power-seeking enter the character of any, even if they keep the designation for self-image, they drop from their former spiritual station and this is reflected in their auras.  Clearly those who are ruling universes don’t need to proclaim their status!  In your awakening to being a part of God and through your eagerness to share this truth, you are claiming your god- and goddess-selves—this is not vanity, it is a hallelujah chorus!


Mother, I know your thoughts, and I do intend to put on the “roving reporter hat” and address the situation that we see is of concern to people throughout the world.  But before I do, I say that my prior words have been exceedingly purposeful.  Spiritual evolvement of the eternal soul is the goal and core motivation of every one—even in dark souls, the spark of light that is their life force flickers with this recognition—and this truth must not be dimmed by the humanness of pessimism, even despair, about your physical world.  The darkness that has been causing everything abhorrent on Earth for eons knows it has lost the battle and is pulling out.  With the assistance of benevolent ET civilizations, you have brought your world to this juncture in unprecedented speed—rejoice in this and stay steadfast in the light that is recreating your homeland’s Eden self.  Please do not let yourselves be pulled backwards into fear about your “future,” but focus on your world as you want it.  You don’t have conscious memory of choosing to participate in this glorious achievement, but by following your intuition and inspiration, you are contributing exactly in accordance not only with your desire, but your capability to do this!


Now then, with eyes globally focused on US President Bush’s next move and his low approval ratings in polls, even mainstream media, although still heavily controlled by the Illuminati, has been reporting that his policies are under increasing attack from all corners of the Earth.  But Bush never has been the driving force of his administration—the real decision-makers are his father and vice president Cheney, who are key Illuminati members.  They control the principals in both parties—partisan politics is an illusion, part of the dark agenda to keep divisiveness of the citizenry alive and well—some of whom accede willingly in their lust for power and others who follow through bribery or threats.  It isn’t yet public knowledge that legal wheels are churning steadily to topple the most corrupt and depraved in this government, but following the dots of what has been reported to date shows that movement in this direction is making headway and more is soon to be disclosed.   


We wish we could tell you exactly when the movement to dislodge all of the major offenders will reach fruition, but we don’t know—we can only say that at this moment, it appears to be a matter of months, not weeks or years.  In their desperation these betrayers of public trust are seeking delaying tactics via legal means to hold onto their positions, and in their delusion they think they will succeed.  They won’t.  The legal housecleaning will result in the judicial system working as it should, with justice in its purest sense, not as it has been perverted to serve the darkness, and for two vital reasons it is important to honor the legal process.  First, impeccably observing those channels preserves the country’s constitutional foundation.  Second, the people need to adjust psychologically to the inevitable fall of their government; for this to come in one fell swoop would invite panic and chaos, and that energy would permeate your world.  This is not meant to happen and it will not.  In our love for you, we commiserate with your impatience to see the end of this reign, and as our own soul-selves, we are eager for Earth’s complete freedom from eons of dark domination.   


I repeat what I have said in many messages: The United States’ emergence from its corrupt governing system that started not long after its war of independence is the pivotal step to ridding the rest of the world of tyrannical regimes.  The US government appears to be the reckless and arrogant aggressor, but that is because it is the keystone in the power base of the Illuminati’s global operations, and this base has been shattered by the in-pouring of light.  You could say that only the “mopping up” is left—even though individuals will hold onto their positions for a while longer and continue their mayhem, their influence is fast going the way of their power base.  Between the infighting that weakened both of the Illuminati factions and the continuing defection of members from both, their plan for world domination has failed. When the US administration falls, the domino effect that will reverberate around the globe won’t be accomplished only by political means, but more so by the intensified light energy that is a combination of your own and the broadening beams of our space family reaching a crescendo.  The off-planet dark forces that have been influencing their Illuminati puppets know they are defeated and are leaving planet Earth to the victor—the light.   


It is the light that will unify the peoples of your world and heal aching hearts and troubled minds.  Think of this analogy: Imagine Earth as a dull green ball encased in a net of thick dark rope so tightly binding that barely any part of the green peeps through—that image dates back sixty or seventy years.  Rid yourself of that image and see the net as loose, slender white string with some tiny dim stains scattered about, and the ball as a verdant green beginning to shimmer and rotate and much more visible—this is Earth today.  Now see the ball as vibrant glistening green, turning freely within the net whose minute threads are sparkling like crystal and radiating white and golden streamers that blend with the incoming light rays.  This is the paradise you are creating—Earth surrounded by a grid of Christed light and glorying in the vibrations of peace and harmony among all of her life forms.  Please hold this vision in your thoughts instead of preoccupation with how and when events will unfold as they are predestined in this part of the tapestry of your eternal life.   


Mother, before we go back to your list, I have one more comment, something necessary for readers to know but you are reluctant to state yourself: You are very far behind in replying to emails and will be grateful for their understanding that the influx is exceeding your time to respond.  Also, we are behind in answering questions.  Now then, please choose one.


S:  Thank you, Matthew!!  Of the many spiritually-based organizations, which are the best for us to align ourselves with to upset the plans of the dark forces?   


MATTHEW:  By seeing the light emanating from the many groups around your world whose purpose is to achieve and share greater spiritual understanding, I am aware of them but not by name.  While it is so that energy toward a shared desire expands exponentially with numbers of contributors, membership in a group isn’t required. It is the collective energy generated toward the same goal that manifests it, and the “generators” are the single souls putting forth like thought forms from wherever they are.  Throughout the ages some groups that started in purity started feeling superior to others, and their intent to grow in spiritual clarity became the intent to indoctrinate others with their philosophies, often at a monetary sum, and this diminished their ability to reach sources high in the light or tap into their own soul level knowingness.  It is the same today, with some groups still in the purity of their origin and others having departed from it.  If aligning with a group feels right to you, ask your soul to lead you and follow your intuition, your innate guidance wherein the truth lies.  Don’t be discouraged if a group doesn’t emanate the resonance you seek; simply glean whatever value the affiliation offered and move on, knowing that you are a “generator” and in your steadfastness, nothing or no one can dim your light.


S:  Thank you. A lot of questions are about who will or won’t ascend with Earth, so I’m just going to type the categories: hardened criminals in prison and ones who haven’t been caught; teenagers who acted foolishly and are serving sentences for their actions; religious fanatics whose beliefs motivate them to be suicide bombers or kill innocent people any other way; doctors who perform abortions; doctors or other health care personnel whose incompetence or negligence causes patient deaths; people who know they have a sexually transmissible disease and still are promiscuous; people who do terrible things, feel genuine regret, ask for forgiveness from God, and try hard to live a life of goodness; individuals who can’t overcome anger about the state of the world; people who are afraid they aren’t worthy of going along with Earth because they haven’t discovered their lifetime missions.  


MATTHEW:  The spiritual destiny of those many individuals is as unique as they are themselves. The soul contracts of everyone in those categories serve them exactly as all other souls’ contracts do insofar as determining whether the person will travel with Earth into the higher densities or not.  In the complex matching up of “perpetrator” and “victim,” each of the prisoners, doctors, religious fanatics, diseased sexual partners, and “atoners” may be strictly adhering to his or her contract; if so, since the contracts are designed to offer the karmic experiencing chosen by all other principals sharing that lifetime, many may be benefiting from what appears to be one person’s wrongful act.  When an innocent person is convicted of a crime—say, as scapegoat for the more influential real villain, inadequate defense counsel, or a jury’s faulty decision—this may or may not be a provision of that innocent person’s contract; but either way, there will be the restitution of either freedom or vindication if the person dies prior to release.  Some contracts may include a longevity clause that calls for transition during the planet’s ascension journey, and in other cases, death may come because the individuals refuse the light that enables physical survival in the higher frequencies.  In all cases except the souls that willingly and knowingly reneged on their agreement to join the light after filling “heavy” roles, the individuals in question automatically will go to the appropriate layer of Nirvana, which is traveling with Earth.  The reneging souls will be drawn to lower realms where cognition starts “from scratch” and light is constantly beamed to them to aid their fresh start. 


To those who are angry about the state of the world, I am suggesting that you adopt the practice of a bright light who recently wrote to my mother that she always reads something spiritual before any “new” reports.  This can be helpful to anyone who directs thoughts to be spiritual in nature, which not only lets understanding and compassion replace anger, but adds light to what is playing itself out on Earth.  


And to you who haven’t yet discovered your life’s mission, please do not think this will prevent your traveling with Earth!  You are soul searching, clearly desirous of and receptive to spiritual enlightenment—this is moving onward in soul growth whether physically with the planet or in Nirvana, depending on your soul contract’s longevity clause.  Mission statements don’t come with birth certificates, they come into consciousness when the time is right.  Intuitively you will know when and what to do. 


S:  Thank you, dear. Do we need to re-visit how we look at family members whom we’ve decided are best kept at a distance because their traits are extremely difficult to tolerate?


MATTHEW:  It would be wise, compassionate and advantageous to see if reconciliation can be achieved in harmony.  These individuals may have provided exactly the experiencing chosen in the family’s pre-birth agreement— our frequent emphasis on DO NOT JUDGE most surely includes family members.  If reconciliation efforts made in good faith don’t succeed, move forward with forgiveness and fulfillment, knowing that the energy of your attempt does register with all involved.   


S:  Has the US developed spacecraft capable of shooting down friendly Star visitors, and if so, do they know this and can they defend themselves?


MATTHEW:  We joyfully greet the initiatives there to keep space free of warring, and we shall admit our amusement that a few arrogant minds on Earth see their developments as equal, even superior to those of friendly Star visitors.  It is true that some craft and weapons systems exist on Earth that are not generally known there, but their capabilities are elementary in comparison with the ET technology that is beyond the comprehension of any Earth scientists, whose developments came from instructions by ETs with limited knowledge of such.       


S:  OK, thank you. A few people are questioning the existence of a “hollow Earth” with inhabitants.


MATTHEW:  The planet never was “solid,” but not always since its formation have souls lived beneath the surface.  Some souls who perished physically in Lemurian, Atlantean and prior civilizations chose to return to an Earth lifetime and formed a homeland safe from later residents who it was known would come with cellular patterning with the dark influence that eventually would cause wars, brutality and other ungodly acts.   So for millennia these spiritually evolved souls have flourished in their beautiful sanctuary in Earth’s interior, always aware of happenings on the surface and sending love energy to the souls in the midst of those lifetimes.    Like your extraterrestrial family who have been helping you on and above the planet, the souls in the interior will introduce themselves when it is safe to do so.  You will experience the reality of what we have been telling you: From The Beginning, you have been loved, assisted, cared for and honored, and on that loving note, I say farewell for this moment.  


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