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August 13, 2006
Matthews Messages

Plane-bombing plot more ruse, deception;   NO nuclear war in Lebanon; Zionists don’t represent most Israelis, Jews; economic outlook,  resources reallocation;  geophysical events, “global warming”;  repeal of unjust laws worldwide;  Matthew’s requests regarding questions;  cremation, burial;  US November election;  effects of feminine/goddess energy;  illness,  aging outlook



S:  Hi, Sweetheart!  OK, the list is finally ready and so am I.   


MATTHEW:  More greetings to you, dear soul, this time for recording.  What I shall do, if I may, is answer many of the questions on the list without interruption, and I will start with the one uppermost in the minds of the world—the “terror” involving the airplanes.  It is another Illuminati-CIA “black ops” terrorist failure being publicized as an “intelligence success,” just a different mode of transportation from the “intelligence coup” that kept the trains in England from being bombed, which I spoke about in a prior message.  


It is as I said at that time, either way that scenario goes, the fictitious war on global terror is kept alive and kicking to justify everything President Bush does on orders from more powerful Illuminati members.  And whichever way that is, it is one side of their win-win situation, with the companion side that fear gets back on center stage for a large segment of the populace.  Even among you who sense that these incidents are what they are, there is a slender streamer of anxiety as mainline media repeats and repeats “fear,” “threat,” “terror,” “fright.” When there are more of these pronouncements, please don’t give them the energy of even your ponderings, much less your concern that a subsequent attempt at bombings or any other kind of major terrorist plot could succeed.


There are some twists to this current situation.  The plot itself is not new—it’s another one out of their old book of tricks, so to say, but the effort was so clumsily implemented that the decision was made to abandon it, greatly exaggerate the extent of the plan and announce that the “terrorist perpetrators” were foiled in their attempts.  Rather suspiciously—actually, it is blatantly transparent that it involved flights between the countries ruled by Bush and Blair, the only national leader who unfailingly endorses Bush’s policies and very likely the only one who would agree to squash all authentic investigations, just as he did with the train bombing charade.  Another twist is the timing—again transparent—with political campaigning in full force for the upcoming elections in the United States and poll results favoring Democrat candidates, the Republican party pulled out its major platform plank: The war on terror!   


Small acts of terrorism will be successful, as I have said before.  The fanatics who are retaliating for generations of oppression often succeed in their intentions, but between the intelligence of off- and on-planet light beings and the advanced technology of our space family, no black ops activity will meet success.  Dozens of attempts like this one to explode airliners and far more destructive plots wherein many, many thousands of lives would have been the toll, have been prevented. 


Since that is the case, it is logical to ask why the attempts are still being made—why don’t they simply make claims of the plots and forego the effort to carry them out?  The ones who order these strikes are too desperate to think logically; moreover, they are convinced that they will triumph “the next time,” just as they cannot concede that their era of power is over.  It isn’t going out with a whimper, but with a call for more violence and death, but it IS ending.  Please do not ask when.  As I have explained, we know the outcome because that is in the continuum, but Earth’s field of potential is teeming with activity and it is not possible to determine a specific date when all the energy streamers’ momentum will run its zigzag course.   


I continue by addressing other situations preoccupying people’s thoughts, such as the questions on the list that basically are: Will the situation in Lebanon lead to nuclear war, WWIII?  In numerous messages I have said there will be NO nuclear war—NOTHING can change this decree from Creator!  One writer stated that “WWIII is on,” citing the global war on terror, which has taken many lives of troops and many, many more of civilians, and the hundreds of thousands who will die from injuries, radioactive poisoning, fatal birth defects due to that, and post-trauma suicide.  In that respect, yes, it can be said that “WWIII is on.”  In the respect that in many cases soul contracts have been and are being amended to permit all “innocents” to move forward in evolution without experiencing all of the difficult lessons they chose, it can be categorized as divine grace.  Nevertheless, the souls who reneged on their agreement to join the light when their “heavy” roles for planetary karmic balancing had been achieved have caused unnecessary widespread tragedies and suffering, and we weep with all who are grieving. 


The persistent belligerence of the Zionists…. I must interrupt myself to state emphatically that the Zionists do NOT represent the majority of Israelis or Jews living anywhere—by no means are Zionists only in Israel—and they are but one faction of the Illuminati carrying out that cabal’s ages-old plan to dominate your world.  To continue, their attitude is as we anticipated, and so is the war insofar as duration, but the extent of the destruction and the unconscionable disregard for human life exceeded anticipations.  Perhaps we should have foreseen this, not from Earth’s field of potential, where it cannot be registered in advance, but from knowing what we do about the zealotry and brutality of the Illuminati throughout their entire history.  


Please take comfort in knowing that justice will be done both in heaven and on Earth to all souls who are suffering and all those who are causing it.  Just as it is sad for us to see the terrible suffering and grieving, it is sad to see those dark souls dooming themselves to their next experiencing as little more than primitive matter, the point at which they must start their inexorably slow return to any degree of reasoning ability so that no trace of inhumane proclivity is carried forward.  We are inseparable souls in the Oneness of all, and even though we will rejoice when their reign of terror is over, there can be no joy in knowing how justice will serve them, however rightfully and solely by the energy of their lifetime choices.


In addressing the list questions that are examples of the widespread concerns about the economy, where the Illuminati’s tenacity is especially evident: Will Bush deflate the dollar 50% to cause the collapse of his country’s economy as an excuse to invoke martial law?  We do not see martial law having any headway in the field of potential, and since Bush’s country is bankrupt, the economy can only improve with the collapse of the current system, wherein the Federal Reserve—an Illuminati private banking consortium—along with individuals in this dark cabal in other nations, are the “owners” of the country. 


It appears more likely that a global economic recession rather than a depression will occur in domino fashion, but even if that develops more harshly, it will not be long-lasting and the principals who will lose the most are those with the most to lose.  Most of Earth’s peoples are in such dire straits now—the millions who are struggling to make ends meet and the billions who are deprived of life’s most basic needs—that the changes they will notice will be greeted joyously and thankfully.  And please remember what I have said in other messages: The universal law of attraction never ceases, so concentrate on having NOW what you want and it shall be yours—and vice versa. 


Will there be chaos when reallocation of the world’s resources starts?

Please take heart in what I have said before, that the transition team of economic experts will proceed so that confusion will be minimal and comparatively short-lived.  Chaos ensues when a system collapses and no one is prepared to institute a better system.   


The name Leo Wanta was mentioned in several emails, sometimes in conjunction with NESARA, and other writers are asking when NESARA will be announced.  Mother, to reduce your time in answering emails about this, you made a computer document of Hatonn’s and my explanations of NESARA.  That material is too lengthy to include here, so to alleviate readers’ concerns about which of the conflicting information is correct regarding this global reformation and spiritual renewal program, as a unique posting on the site with my messages, please put that document there.  Thank you.  


Now then, I know of Leo Wanta through monitors in Nirvana, who know him to be of integrity and acting in honor in his long-time dedication to humanitarian causes through economic means.  He is trying to get into circulation trillions of dollars cached in Illuminati banks—those last two words usually are synonymous—dollars they amassed by lending money they don’t have, but making loans anyway at usurious interest rates.  Also, the Federal Reserve buys for pennies each printed bill and lends the money to the U. S. Treasury at the currency’s face value, thus continually increasing the “national debt.”  This untenable situation, like the no-foundation lending, has been a mainstay in the Illuminati’s strategy to economically control the populace, and it will be remedied in part by the liberation of illegally amassed funds.  I am not an economist and don’t know all of the Illuminati’s machinations in buying and selling many countries’ currency, which has added to their caches, but I am aware that the profits from this and from controlling all stock market activity are hidden in foundations or other protected areas, and releasing their hold on these is part of reallocating all resources worldwide.


Moving on to questions about melting icecaps, record-breaking temperatures, increasing severity of storms, prevalence of geophysical events: As mentioned in previous messages, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and storms are Earth’s natural means of releasing negativity that is stored as kinetic energy.  The other changes are a return to her original temperate climate globally; some low-lying areas will be affected, but there will be equalizing effects and no need for mass population relocation, much less evacuation by circling spacecraft as some channeled messages state is a possibility.  Please do not go into fear when you read analyses with grave projections! 


Several questions pertain to new or planned regulations or bills or policies in the United States, such as Internet providers’ legal responsibility to share with the government all communications they handle; pharmaceutical companies’ safety from liability for their products’ harmful or deadly effects; vitamins and other natural nutritional supplements coming under FDA authority; micro-chipping passports, drivers’ licenses, etc.; criminalizing truth-tellers who inform the media of their knowledge; presidential powers sidestepping court orders and the Constitution; national ID cards; lists of individuals who may or may not travel by air; and now more “safety” restrictions on people who do.  ALL unjust and illegal laws and policies worldwide will be repealed as oppressive rulers are replaced by the highly evolved beings who are ready to step into leadership roles.


Now then, Mother, one last thing before we go on to other questions on your list. I know it was irritating to you and no doubt to others as well that often I mentioned “I have said before” or the like, and I did not do that as often as I could have.  It has a twofold purpose.  Even though many of those questions were answered in previous messages, some repeatedly, the issues remain of sufficient concern to the message readers who still need reassurance.  Time is fleeting for your soul-searching to go within instead of relying on external sources for enlightenment and guidance.  Indeed without meaning to stifle your growth, I think I have been contributing to that by supplying answers that would far better come from within you.  My intention is to inspire you to do this and instead I am not motivating you to practice what I am preaching.  It is also to relieve the pressure of my mother’s formidable email workload—this is necessary if she is to continue giving attention to them—that I give you these requests: 


Before sending a question, please go to “Matthew’s Messages” on the site [www.matthewbooks.com]  (and the LightNews.us)  to see if it has been answered.  A number of topics have been addressed in more than one message—scanning the key points in all messages will show which ones have related information.  Please do not send links to Web sites with spiritual or current events material and ask my opinion of that volume of information, which I can know about only if my mother reads it; please state the issue simply and ask your question about it.  


Please do not ask questions about your beloved people in spirit—I don’t know them, and my service is many energy layers from Nirvana.  My best suggestion is that you read Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven and envision your dear soul in that wondrous world of activity and diversity.  Please do not ask about your life’s mission or “What can I do to help Earth?”  Along with following your soul’s guidance that is specifically for you, the most basic and immensely valuable help that all can give is sending light to Earth and all her life forms and staying out of fear. 


And coming full cycle, I request that you not ask which sources of information in the media, books, or channeled messages you can trust.  Not only I, but other high light sources have repeatedly urged you to be discerning about all information by asking your godself, wherein the purest truth lies.  We have urged you to trust the answers that come as intuition, instinct, conscience, inspiration, aspiration.  Opening the communication line between your soul and your consciousness is an essential part of soul evolution, your journey of self-discovery.  


Now, on behalf of my mother and myself, I express gratitude to the many readers who have graciously written their appreciation for the messages and the books—these kind, thoughtful acknowledgements are very meaningful to us.   


Now, Mother, we can move on to your list. 


S:  Matthew, your requests certainly will help me!  Since Betsy left two weeks ago, I’ve been really conscientious about trying to catch up, but except for answering a few later emails, I’ve just reached July 1. And we’ll be away for five days next week.


I’ve combined and paraphrased a few questions and omitted the personal ones: Do accurately interpreted astrological timeframes have specific and direct bearing on the outcome of the many wars in progress, the truth about 9/11 being widely known, the removal of Bush and his cabinet from office, and mass landings of friendly ET forces; if so, to what extent can we count on these events happening within the given timeframes that major changes will occur?   


MATTHEW:  It is true that juxtaposition of celestial bodies in their continuous movement have an impact on other bodies, especially those nearby, but in these situations questioned, that influence is far secondary to Earth’s self-generated activity and also the measure of individuals’ beliefs about  astrological effects, because those thoughts shoot up into the mass consciousness.  Although energetic assets and opportunities are more numerous or more pronounced during some periods than others, in most situations there is no compelling force that could guarantee a certain outcome, especially at a specific time, because of the many variables in operation that must be considered.


S:  Is that a “No”?   


MATTHEW: I think so! 


S:  OK! Are the Israeli forces using new chemical or biological weapons?


MATTHEW:  Yes, and the airborne effects are being ameliorated to the extent possible by our space family. Their technology is far more effective used closely and directly, as it will be on your planet in conjunction with your scientists to eliminate radioactive and other types of pollution;  but in combat zones there is no safety for these lighted souls and from the distance they must keep, the impact of their beams is lessened by the levels of energy through which they pass.


S: When is free, non-polluting energy technology coming as promised by some ETs?  The writer wants to disseminate this “through this media” before commercialization.


MATTHEW:  Like you, Mother, I can only assume the “media” is the Internet, but in addition to that uncertainty, I have no more information about a date than your sources whose technology will be shared, and they tell you it will be when it is safe for all, and that time is not at hand.


S:  That’s exactly what they’re still saying. A man who has decided on cremation still would like to know if that or burial is the better way to dispose of a body.


MATTHEW:  Either is fine—it doesn’t matter to the soul, who no longer needs the body’s service for experiencing.  But to extend this subject, the manner in which a body is treated, whether with respect or disregard or even desecration, is important to the culture of the person, to the entire civilization, as an indication of the sanctity they hold for life itself.  I’m not speaking of a grand show—a pine box or simple little case are as respectful as an elaborate casket or an ornate urn—I’m speaking of honoring or dishonoring the beliefs of the person and the family.  Irrespective of karmic implications, there is sadness for us in mass burials to cover up massacres, huge pyres to stop the spread of disease, corpse-littered battlefields and sea bottoms, intentional dispositions of bodies so they never will be found.  The departed souls grieve not for the bodies they left, but for their beloved people who were denied tender goodbyes.    


S:  Mash, thank you, dear.  Someone who read about scientific experiments that produce “creatures” wants to know if it’s a universal law that a physical body must have a soul to function.


MATTHEW:  No.  Bodies have their own life force simply by virtue of being energy, but depending on the genetic combinations, the functioning could be as grotesque as the creature.       


S: What must good people do to insure that this midterm election [in the United States] will be conducted with honesty and integrity?


MATTHEW:  At this point, you can only focus your thoughts on the character of government you want, feel thankful for this collection of fair, wise and just leaders as if they already ARE the government, and send light to all of Earth.   
 Even if the electronic voting machines were not specifically designed for tampering— they are, of course— the people who count the votes are Illuminati-controlled.  They release whatever figures they want, thereby determining the winners, so this upcoming election will be devoid of honesty and integrity.  But the farce of two major parties to choose from—most members of both are either Illuminati themselves or under that dark control—will end along with everything else that has dark underpinnings, so please do not be discouraged.  Cast your vote with the vision of all countries governed by people who represent the highest in human nature.


S:  Matthew, I’ve heard from so many women about their mysterious feelings that range from weird physical conditions to sensing they’re not with the right partner or working with the right people, that I’m wondering the same thing as the woman who asked if women more so than men are experiencing the effects of the higher frequencies.  I receive a ton of emails from men too, and usually their interests are a lot different from women’s.   Will you please comment on this. 


MATTHEW:  Remembering if you will that masculine energy, which is lower in vibration than feminine, has been dominant in your world for millennia; and considering that your society has established a domineering personality as your stereotypical male that boys emulate and thus the cycle is perpetuated; you can understand that the recent in-pouring of feminine energy is being welcomed—however subconsciously, because most of the population don’t know about these energies’ effects—by women more so than by men.  These new frequencies are magnifying personal characteristics and sensations, and as women are feeling more uneasy about unsatisfying aspects of their life—that something “out there” is better—their male partners and co-workers are exhibiting an increase in their usual traits and behavior, which is adding to the new level of dissatisfaction in women.  Their ability to change their circumstances directly affects the extent of physical anomalies.  If they have the means to effect changes they feel they need to, there is less stress than if they do not, and the higher the stress level, the more pronounced the physical reactions.  


However, this is true of any situation’s effects on any body, with energy blockages developing in the body’s most vulnerable parts, so along with new sensations of dis-ease, long-term conditions can be exacerbated.  Because there are many origins of stress and variations of its effects, it would be foolhardy to hold the higher frequencies solely responsible for a new or worsening illness, so please discuss these kinds of situations with your trusted health care provider.  I offer this recommendation: Use natural remedies and treatments whenever possible rather than prescription drugs and established medicine’s therapies, which often are harmful or fatal instead of beneficial.


Now then, the feminine, or goddess vibrations that are stirring up things to a fare-thee-well are balancing, not replacing the long reign of lopsided energetic influence on your planet, so the current unsettling effects will level out in a far more favorable environment for all.   Balance is the goal of all experiencing of all souls.


S: Thank you. I know you’ve mentioned this before, but please comment on the health of people who make Earth’s full journey with her.


MATTHEW:  I’ll happily do this.  The root of all disease—more correctly, dis-ease, because that covers the full spectrum of distressing conditions—is in dark intentions that originated in antiquity, and through multiple experiencing to achieve

 balance, through myriad generations the susceptibility to adverse physical, mental and emotional conditions continued

All souls who accompany Earth to her destination will have completed third density karma, and like all other situations rooted in darkness, dis-ease no longer will be part of life—no viruses, harmful bacteria, parasites, toxins or deficiencies of any nature exist in those higher vibrations.  I cannot give a timetable as each body is unique, but the healing of chronic illnesses will come, missing or defective limbs and organs will regenerate, third density sensory loss will be restored, minds will be free of former encumbrances, heartaches will cease. 


S:  What about age reversal?  There are questions about this too.


MATTHEW:  This is an option.  In the greater purity of fifth density, bodies can become younger to the same prime age as the etheric bodies of souls in spirit, the 30-35 years you consider the prime of life, and live for many thousands of years in that same energy environment.  However, depending on a soul’s other lifetimes, moving into another civilization that offers greatly varied experiencing, and perhaps in a male instead of a female body or vice versa or a body considerably different from the human form you’re accustomed to, is often a soul’s choice.


S:  Mash dear, we’re out of space.  Do you want to say something else, short, or only “goodbye”?


MATTHEW:  A short goodbye, with the assurance that our constant love and the bountiful blessings of the universe are with you





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