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Matthews Messages

July 15, 2006

No all-out war Israel-Lebanon; factors behind Mideast violence; prevention of NYC subway bombing a “tall tale”; original, amended soul contracts; Fitzgerald,  Plame/Wilson lawsuit;  Discernment, Trusting Intuition imperative;  some channeled information from dark sources; Buffet’s “generosity”; Adam, energy healer; “ultimate encouragement”

S: Matthew, hi sweetheart! The questions are ready—do you want to start with those or do you have something to say first?

MATTHEW: Loving greetings to you and all readers, dear soul! The most pressing thoughts in minds worldwide is the proper place to begin, so please type those questions at the top of your list, however out of order the submission date.

S: The most urgent requests are for your comments on Israel’s intentions in Lebanon and what you see as the outcome of this violence. Other readers asked about a related issue, if the Palestinians will ever see an end to their suffering at the hands of Israel.

MATTHEW: I shall speak about the factors that are not apparent to the eye, but to quickly ease your wondering, first I say that the collective assessment at this station is that there will be a short time of retaliation for Israel’s bombing of Lebanon, but the fighting will not escalate into all-out warfare between those two countries or pull in neighboring countries. What we see in Earth’s energy field of potential is what will be perceived as “cooler” heads prevailing, but actually it will be “lighter” hearts. Light is continually intensifying as Earth is ascending and people are responding in two ways: the higher frequencies that are creating more fear, desperation and rash decisions in those who are darkly-inclined are renewing spiritual awareness and demands for peaceful settlements in light-filled people.

To address Israel’s intentions in Lebanon, I clarify that the intentions are of the Zionists in control there, not the country’s people who long have been weary of warring and destruction within their borders and in nearby nations. If questioned with the assurance of safety, most Israelis would acknowledge their leaders’ outrageous strikes in Lebanon and decades of brutally unfair treatment of Palestinians. The people of Israel are longing for peace and living in concert with their neighbors—this is true of ALL countries’ peoples! It is the dark minds in government or military leadership wherever warfare has been waged, civil or international, that are bent on conquering and oppressing others, and these leaders are controlled by the behind-the-scenes top power-mongers of the Illuminati, whose entire kid and caboodle of intentions will never bear fruit.

In reply to the second question, I repeat what I have said in previous messages: The greatest change underway on your planet is within all of you. Light receptive people will accompany Earth on her journey, with love energy magnifying as she progresses toward her destination, and those who cling to their dark ways will not go along. When only light beings reside in your world, Israelis and Palestinians will live together in friendship and cooperation, as will peoples of all nations. This is not centuries off—stimulated by the light, reconciliation of age-old differences and release of bitterness is underway.

Now then, the unseen major factors I mentioned. I did touch upon some, but it is necessary to see all of these influences in context of the entire Mideast situation. That region has been a hotbed of violence almost continuously from the time when greed, competition and betrayal came with the first civilizations that arrived on the planet and settled there, thus karmic balancing has been in effect ever since.  But even though the relentless negativity in the area started in antiquity, it is “fresh” karmic lessons that are being completed.  A second factor is, the higher frequencies in which Earth is revolving are magnifying dominant characteristics in human nature, making the “good” stronger than ever and the same with the “bad,” as you could view these opposites.  This has led to desperation in Zionist leaders who have been controlling not only Israel’s politics, but influencing major happenings globally; they are making obvious foolhardy decisions like “overkill” retaliation to an incident and continuing to suppress the Palestinian populace.  Another factor is God’s honoring of Earth’s desire that no more multinational wars may shed blood on her body, and if need be, our space family will prevent this without the population at large becoming aware of their involvement.  And last, what is happening throughout the Mideast—indeed, your world!—is that energy momentum, long ago set in motion, now is on an accelerated course to play itself out so the Golden Age can be ushered in.

S: Thank you for that reassuring explanation! Next, will you please comment on the bombing of trains in India and the thwarted attempt to do that in New York City subways.

MATTHEW: The bombing in India was a tragedy for all affected and the New York City situation was a tall tale.  Actually, it was the reverse of what was intended—it was a failed effort by Illuminati-connected terrorists that was reported as the success of the intelligence community.

S: Matthew, this is my own question: Since the dark hold on our world was supposed to end a few years ago but didn’t because some souls reneged on their agreement to join the light, are any current deaths in wars and suicide bombings or other terrorist acts part of original soul contracts or have all of them been amended?

MATTHEW: Souls who embody since the reneging choose to do so knowing what they will encounter, and those who came in prior to that time worked out either original or amended contracts, but not necessarily limited to those specific parameters insofar as cause of death.  When a contract’s major provisions have been completed and the longevity clause reaches fullness, the specific manner of physical death is not important as long as it is in keeping with the soul’s choice.   That is, if a contract calls for a sudden, painless end of the lifetime, an instant death from any cause serves to fulfill that choice.  If a soul chooses to experience a violent ending to balance other lifetimes, dying in any kind of traumatic circumstances can serve this purpose.   When the latter happens outside the contract, through divine grace the soul has a choice:  It may evolve to its next learning level with third density karmic completion granted, or it may incarnate at the same level and enjoy a gracious, fulfilling life with opportunities for spiritual growth without traumatic aspects. Souls who tended to be timid in the immediate past lifetime usually choose something pleasantly familiar, and the bolder ones opt to see what else is “out there.”

S: That’s interesting and it sounds reasonable. What about the hundreds of thousands of gravely injured survivors in these kinds of situations?   In many cases, a productive, fulfilling life is lost to these individuals, and their families suffer dreadfully too.  Do their pre-birth choices specifically include losing limbs or eyesight or suffering irreparable brain damage or becoming emotional basket cases due to their violent experiences?  Is karmic choice involved in lethal illnesses or deformed babies due to toxic radiation?

MATTHEW: Insofar as pre-birth choices for experiencing, what I explained about physical death situations applies also to the survivors of violence. In many cases soul contracts are amended to accelerate evolutionary status to persons whose living circumstances are far more challenging than they originally chose, and this applies equally to the principles who share those lifetimes if they remain loyal, loving and supportive.  Remembering that spiritual growth is the goal of all souls, what you may perceive as tragic lives actually is these souls’ accelerated progression through the spectrum of human emotions.

Mother, I know your feelings—they are shared by many—that people don’t know about soul contracts and pre-birth family agreements, but they do know about pain, destroyed lives, broken dreams, and maybe financial ruin, life in a hospital, family separation.  Yes, it does seem cruel and unfair, and in physical experiencing it is for those who did not choose it, but that’s why divine grace provides that equalizing opportunity or accelerated soul growth for these individuals and the people dearest to them.

We understand that this is not within mortal understanding or of comfort.  It is only my words and what they’re explaining is something you cannot consciously relate to, so there is heartache for the millions suffering from any cause.  You do not understand either that their situations also are learning opportunities for you to conquer apathy and master compassion.  If you could see the light that your feelings of compassion are generating to uplift all souls, you would say “Hallelujah!”  And fear is the opposite in its effects on you and all of Earth, so do feel compassion but never fear for those who are suffering.

S: Thank you, Mash. You’re right about my not being able to emotionally grasp everything you’re explaining, and surely I’m not the only one, but still it gives me some sense of peace. Back to timely questions—this is my favorite of several about Patrick Fitzgerald: “Did he sell out to the Bush gang on Rove?   What’s he doing to get this indictment show on the road again?”  Yesterday I received a question about the lawsuit filed by Valerie Plame and her husband, Joseph Wilson, accusing Cheney, Rove and Libby of the leak that she was a CIA operative: “Will this be the ‘uncovering’ of the Bush administration and expose their lies and deceit to control the masses?”

MATTHEW: Mother, this is a fine example of the benefit in knowing what’s beneath the tip of the iceberg. Fitzgerald, a highly evolved light being, did not “sell out,” but he did withdraw from vigorously pushing indictments because he took seriously the death threats against him and his family, and who can blame him— with the mountains of evidence he has uncovered, no one is more aware than he about the means undertaken to silence individuals whom the dark ones consider dangerously knowledgeable.    Although he and his family are protected in the light, to stem their fear about the threats, he put on back burner his legal prominence.   However, as evidence emerges through other avenues, it will be greatly aided by his quiet efforts to see justice done, and yes, the Plame/Wilson lawsuit is one of those avenues.

Guidance for developing discernment and learning to trust intuition.

S: I’m glad to know this! I felt that’s what was going on, but it’s good to know that my intuition wasn’t just hope.

MATTHEW: Mother, dear soul, please do not disparage hope with “just”—in hope there is light!  Nevertheless, learning to trust intuition is vital.  Please forgive my sounding like a broken record, but intuition is your conscious recognition of messages from your soul, wherein all truths are known.  Rather than continuing to ask for information from external sources, including receivers whose sources you respect, ask within for the answers—that is where the purest truth is known.

S: In small part that answers several readers who asked about various channels—basically, how do they know whom to trust?   The man who wrote that many messages say the same thing almost word for word and sometimes he thinks “it’s all put together by the Illuminati to keep our hopes up before the final disaster,” also said he believes what comes from Sananda:  “Would Jesus lie?”   I know you never name receivers who aren’t connected with lighted sources, but can you say something that could be helpful to people who are trying to feel confident about their level of discernment?

MATTHEW: Actually, I can say quite a bit. Self-confidence about discernment comes like every other important accomplishment: with practice, perseverance, patience, and especially trust in Self. In beginning stages of any endeavor, you have teachers or mentors of some kind, and their instruction is your foundation. If you were content to remain always a student, you would be a thin shadow of your teachers and never realize your Self.  But you wish to soar in your own mastery, and trusting that you can is the reason you DO!  It is the same with developing reliable discerning ability.

Don’t get bogged down in analyzing or evaluating information—trust what you sense rather than the machinations of your mind. To repeat the simple guidance I have offered before, pay attention to your natural reaction to what you hear or read.   If the information flows easily, very likely it is true;  if you feel some resistance to it, very likely it is not.  Your soul is part of the mass consciousness, where all is known, so whenever you sense your soul is “speaking,”  pay attention!   Some information you may not wish to believe because it is not comforting, but if you sense it is factual, trust your reaction.  Conversely, something may sound rosy indeed, but if you feel doubt, that is resistance—trust this reaction.

Now then, some receivers who believe they are telepathically communicating with Sananda are not—they are reaching dark sources who claim to be Sananda and who give false information that the receivers send far and wide, thus misinforming many others.  Dark entities are duping the same receivers and others as well by claiming to be Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Hatonn, Ashtar, Maitreya and other highly evolved souls.   Be as discerning of channeled information as you are of everything you hear from Earthbound sources. Let me correct myself and say, be even more discerning of channeled messages!  With good reason, mainstream media have become widely suspect in their veracity, so admonitions about their “news” no longer are necessary.   It’s with far greater reason that you must unerringly discern between the truth and the lies in channeled messages because this is the guidance that many of you use to chart your spiritual pathway.

Discernment is all encompassing—it distinguishes between the important and the unimportant of life, not only between what is true and what is false. There is a vast difference between satisfying your curiosity and expanding your interest in growing spiritually!  In the lifetime, it doesn’t matter one whit whether you know Ken Lay died of natural causes or was assassinated or if other recent mysterious deaths were really the suicides or accidents as reported, but it matters monumentally if unwittingly you follow the influence of darkness and don’t recognize your soul’s nudgings to get back onto a lighted pathway.   Knowing if some book is factual or not has no bearing whatsoever on being consciously aligned with your soul’s choices,   just as being engrossed in the lives of entertainment stars or sports figures does not.   Bickering about trivial issues, following every fashion fad, keeping abreast of local or global scandals—how important is any of that to your spiritual evolution, your purpose in choosing this physical experience?

I don’t mean to sound harsh or critical of your interests and enjoyments, and I am judging none. What I wish to do is motivate you to focus on what is most significant—imperative!—to you in this unique time when everything is accelerating and time is not your ally. If you are satisfied with the mundane, so be it, and totally without judgment; but if you desire to move forward in fulfilling your chosen missions, please give attention to my words that I mean only to be helpful.

S: And you sure didn’t mince those words! Matthew, is there more concern about our progress than there has been?

MATTHEW: I don’t know how to best answer that, Mother—that is, I don’t know how to answer without setting off an alarm in some minds, and that’s not my intention any more than it was to “scold” anyone.  Absolutely there’s NO concern about Earth’s course and pace or the many who are awakening and are a joy to us, but yes, those who are still snuggly asleep consciously and spiritually are a concern.   Because you don’t see fast action where you want to see it, you don’t realize how swiftly this transition is into the frequencies where light is so intense that fence-straddlers will be knocked off on the wrong side, and it is our love for each soul in your world that underlies my speaking out so strongly. Although we know that those who lag will be given other opportunities to grow in accordance with their learning needs, we, like Earth herself, would love to have every soul make the full journey with her.

S: Well, my dear son, I’m one of many who would like to know what’s behind Warren Buffet’s decision to give billions to Bill Gates’ humanitarian endowments. So, is this interest impeding spiritual growth?

MATTHEW: I’m glad to see you smiling, Mother!   No, it’s not, and no, it’s not an arbitrary difference—it’s the difference between idle curiosity and genuine interest in those dollars earmarked for health, education and other humanitarian programs on a global scale.   I wish I could say that Buffet’s heart is behind his decision, but it is not.  It may seem that he earned his money honestly, through wise investments, but if you consider that the Illuminati control every means by which big money is made—or lost, if that is the intention—primarily in stock markets and other trading avenues, you can see that he amassed his billions by being one of the manipulators of economies worldwide.   He is well aware that if the monied powers fall—and since he is one of the foremost among them, he isn’t accepting that they WILL—fortunes like his will be reallocated in a just and judicious manner by the transition team economic experts, and he is guarding the bulk of his money in “charitable” foundations while accepting international acclaim for generosity.  Furthermore, he knows that gargantuan wealth like his is without tangible basis, but rather it is merely computer transactions, so in a way his “magnanimity” is only a hollow gesture.

S: None of it will actually be used for the stated purposes?

MATTHEW: Oh, some will, but a fraction of what has been declared—enough for evidence that he is making good on his pledge.

S: Are Bill and Melinda Gates Illuminati?  They want to vaccinate everyone in Africa and maybe everywhere else—are they really unaware that vaccines are used to spread disease or do they know and are as dark as the people behind it?

MATTHEW: They are Illuminati by the power of their money and corporate influence, yes, but by an intention to dominate the world, no. Bill has been so focused on technology, almost to the exclusion of knowing Illuminati activities other than leadership in governments, mega-corporations and banking, that only recently he became aware of their diabolic motives, including the purpose for mandated vaccinations.   When he learned about the autism-like effects of vaccinations in infants, lab-designed viruses put in vaccines, and programmed microchips in some inoculations, the Gates foundations’ health care funding swiftly but silently changed accordingly.  The Gateses are not dark souls—they were fence-straddlers who ignored the darkness in their affiliations and business dealings, then “saw the light” and now are being guided by conscience.

S: That’s good to know! The next question is about Adam, the Canadian teenaged energy healer who was on a network TV program a couple of nights ago—do you know him and is he an authentic healer?

MATTHEW: I don’t know him personally, but I know about him from Earth monitors, and they attest to his innate knowledge of energy movement and his personal sincerity and dedication as a clear channel for healing energy. He can treat or cure individuals whose soul contracts do not call for the painful or debilitating condition, and his efforts cannot succeed when individuals’ contracts include experiencing whatever malady afflicts them—their energy fields block the incoming streamers intended for healing.  You may remember that I have spoken about this in prior messages, but this pivotal aspect of energy healing is not known by the vast majority, including even healers themselves and the most fervent believers; and it is the foundation on which the leery base their skepticism and the denouncers base their contention that energy healers are bilking the foolhardy sick who resort to this pseudo treatment measure. The truth is, this kind of healing simply removes energy blockages caused by stress and allows the body’s self-healing to manifest. This will be revealed along with the other truths that have been withheld from you by the darkness.

S: We are ready!! This question fits here: “How can we successfully remove energy blockages?”

MATTHEW: I’d like to say that this is as easily done as said, and in higher densities it is because people KNOW they have this power and see no obstacle as insurmountable. Most of Earth’s peoples don’t know this and see situations as beyond their control, whether personal health or financial issues or world conditions.   Yet belief in self-empowerment does remove energy blockages unless you are experiencing the provisions of your soul contracts wherein you chose poverty over abundance, illness over health, and anxiety over optimism, for example.   Knowing the difference between fulfilling chosen karma and blocking the flow of energy that could achieve your desired result goes back to asking for answers within.   Whatever the soul’s message, you can feel a sense of peace by knowing that you are growing spiritually from chosen experiencing or learning that it isn’t necessary in this lifetime and you have the power to change it.

S: Thank you. Is substance abuse or other criminal activity part of anyone’s soul contract? If so, is a person wrong to intervene even if the intent is benevolent, trying to prevent that soul’s negative experience through raising his or her consciousness?   Does either person receive light from such an intervention effort?

MATTHEW: Your society has stipulated what criminal behavior and suitable punishment are, and “crime and punishment” by your definition is not part of a soul contract, only chosen experiencing for balancing other lifetimes is. Third density relationships are necessarily complex—you contrive them to be so for the purpose of experiencing the full range of emotions and behavior at that stage of comprehension, and everything in your world has been manifested to assist in your learning.   In the light of higher vibrations you will see that living in love is simplicity itself.

But to address the questions more directly, the portrayed individuals know neither their own nor the other’s soul contracts, yet each acts from inner urgings along with conscious perceptions and incentives. The effect for the person intervening depends on the motive, whether self-serving or selflessness—that is, to control another’s life to the advantage of the person’s own, or to act from sincere benevolence;  the former generates negativity to deal with in this or another lifetime,  and the latter generates light to enrich this lifetime and beyond.   The intended “recipient” will most benefit by heeding his or her intuition about life’s direction —in this there is conscious alignment with the soul’s need for experiencing even though society may see it as “criminal.”

S: Life here is complex for sure. Mash dear, that’s why so many of us need reassurance like you give and the few other sources whose receivers I know and respect.  Many questions I receive are about things you’ve covered—usually I don’t know if these people are new to your messages or they need more encouragement because life is tough.  But I do understand why we can’t continue relying on “external” information—you’ve explained it often enough.  Can you please tell us something new, “the ultimate encouragement,” so we can stick to the light pathway on our own?

MATTHEW: Mother dear, I can’t tell you anything “new,” I can only tell you again: NEVER are any of you “on your own”! ALWAYS intense light beamed from myriad souls throughout the universe is fortifying your own resolve to master lifetime lessons and evolve.   If you could but realize the love without reservation and abundant blessings that are with you every step along your pathway, your gratitude would be blinding brilliance in itself.  ALWAYS you are within the Oneness, embraced by God’s emissaries that you don’t consciously know.  This is how it has been from Creator’s first expression of its pure love-light essence and the creation of God and this universe.  You only need believe that you are an inseparable, beloved part of this infinite, eternal Totality, this I AM Oneness, and you will be filled with rejoicing.   Please, all of you, let this cosmic truth be your reality, your “ultimate encouragement.”

S: Matthew—thank you, dear, thank you. I love you.

MATTHEW: Mother, dearest soul to me, we are One in love and have been from the Beginning.


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