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Photo: Venus Grotto at Castello di Montegufoni, Tuscany, Italy
Lady Goddess offers quantum clues


This Full Moon doesn't have to be a total meltdown. Really, some kind meltdown may be the best course to make clear, to melt resistance into a smooth flow, into a pool of heart gold. March continues to be an intermediate space, like an eddy spinning in a corner of the cosmic river that changes the whole flow.

This is a penumbral eclipse, a bit shadowy but not a total shut down--yet. With the SUN IN PISCES and the MOON IN VIRGO, we have the Fish and Lady Goddess merging, mermaid-like and seductive. Did you see her wink? Watch where you dive in. The waters are dark, deep and potentially murky, stirred up big time by Big JUPITER (still diving in SCORPIO, but coming up for air).

The most influential undercurrent, PLUTO is monkey-in-the-middle between Sun and Moon, pulling the Full Moon energy down to the subatomic regions where new life forms emerge. Are you cleaning out closets, passing your dust-collectors to people who need and can use the stuff? That's a good Pluto activity, symbolic of a deeper cleansing. Spring cleaning big time. Or are you creating a new space? Clear the old energy and be aware of what you bring into it. Intention goes a long way with Pluto.

The Sun and Moon stand opposite each other, heightening our awareness of relationship, the back-and-forth of polarity, complementarity*, see-saws and swings. Relationship is highlighted in the light of this Full Moon, with Plutonian intensity, like Destiny walking in or out of the door. At best, opposite signs bring out the best in each other. Or a tug-of-war.

Preparing to go retrograde at the end of the month, Pluto is slow and penetrating, like holding your hand over a flame. Are you feeling the heat? There is a laser beam intensity about the Sagittarian themes of Truth and Consequences, Ethics and Morality, Intuitions and Discoveries. This is a life-changing Full Moon that leads right into a total eclipse at the next New Moon on March 29. In Aries it will sprout a fresh start.

*Science lesson. Skip if you wish.
The concept of complementarity was articulated by physicist Neils Bohr. In quantum mechanics, the elusive "quantum of action" cannot be determined with precision in both space-time and energy-momentum at once. Though highly unpredictable in INDIVIDUAL experimental circumstances, yet there is a remarkable stability in atomic and molecular SYSTEMS. How one sets up an experiment, has a direct impact on the results. The mind-set and approach of the scientist is an integral part of the observed phenomena. The question you ask (and your conscious or unconscious expectations about it) defines the outcome. This brings us to the intersection of psychology and consciousness. In the search for self-awareness one loses objectivity, because the self is the ultimate subject.
Bottom line: things are very unstable at the quantum level. You can effect the outcome by the questions you are asking and how you are perceiving the potentials in your situation. Or, in other words, plunge to the heart of creative chaos as into the calm eye of a hurricane. The individual has more freedom of potential than the system. Can one then affect the system?

Another current opposition is that of VENUS/CHIRON in Aquarius opposite SATURN in Leo. Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and grace has joined Chiron, the Quantum Shifter, as she did on Christmas Eve onward through the end of 2005. After her retrograde pilgrimage, she is back with Chiron, ready to move on with electrical sparkles, ready to upgrade our personal emotional experience as well as the social fabric. Major shifts in organizational affiliations run tandem with personal invitations to join new circles and associations. An upgrade in technology is appropriate—and continues to be a good way to meet people. I predict a huge increase in internet dating.

But take care, says Saturn in Leo, get serious here. This is no time to play around. Leo loves to play, but this is serious play with Saturn, playing with heart.
Saturn's basic question: What is working and what not? In relationships this becomes a question of the long run. If a current relationship is not going to work out in the long run, this could be the end. If it's worth staying, it could be time to take the next step. Saturn makes it pretty obvious what is going on. Are you feeling good? If not, an emotional upgrade is called for. Especially appreciate your long-term, quality friends. It's all about making connections and helping each other. Love is the heart of life.

Venus also rules values, money, quality of life. How does your life style contribute to your sense of richness and enjoyment? Any changes needed there? Once in a workshop, a wonderful Jungian Astrologer named Alice Howell instructed us to write a statement about how we feel about our experience related to money. Try it….take a moment……before you read on…….and then look to the bottom of this article for the "punch line." **

is still retrograde, in secret council with Pluto, putting out press releases about the transformational agenda. Mercury is also turned on to the higher mind wavelength of URANUS, the Awakener. Our perspectives are altering daily. This goes on for weeks more. AND Mercury is challenged by MARS in GEMINI to put ideas into action. Yet haste makes waste, as the saying goes, even at this rapid pace. Pisces and Gemini are interactive, moveable signs, and get distracted easily.

There is a challenge between Mercury/thinking and Mars/doing. Is your head spinning with all the activities going on? Hard to keep track? Things, like time and space circumstances, are shifting with the frequency acceleration. This can be a tricky sort of situation, volatile and fluid, as things change moment to moment. Do you find yourself or others saying one thing and doing another? If you take time at night or early in the morning, at the edges of dreamtime, to sort out your thoughts and set priorities for the day, that is useful (Virgo) and the angels have time to whisper suggestions (Pisces). Keep checking in with those priorities and with everyone else you are coordinating with, as they are going through the same mix—especially those born under Pisces, Gemini, Sag and Virgo.

Each degree of the zodiac has an energy picture that goes with it—the Sabian Symbols.

Full Moon at 25 Virgo: A FLAG AT HALF MAST

A time of mourning, changing perspectives and spiritual renewal are suggested by this combination. These images also seem to refer to the very close Neptune-Jupiter challenge dynamic in progress: Mystic philosophy, spirituality in religious context, religious fervor and higher mind objectivity.

I like the way Canadian Astrologer Blain Bovee takes the opposite images and blends them. In his book, The Sabian Symbols and Astrological Analysis, Blain writes about the inherent genius of this degree-pair:

'Tender appreciation of the changing nature of reality; that the old is ever renewed.. Think of confidence and trust that whatever the external changes, the sacred temple within can never be destroyed; that eerie potently creative time is tinged with a touch of sadness…."
(see http://www.blainbovee.com).

As we leave the past behind moment by moment. Let Venus and divine Grace guide the way with creative joy.

**Punch line: Alice Howell then had us cross out the word money and put in the word sex. Hmmmm. How does that read? A dash of Mars in Gemini humor. Revealing???

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Dr. Kelley Hunter is a long-time astrologer and mythologist, writer and artist. She is Astrologer-in-Residence for Omega Institute winter programs and the Self Centre International at Caneel Bay Resort in St. John, Virgin Islands, where she also leads star gazing for visitors. She is on the Board of the International Society for Astrological Research. Her articles have appeared in The Mountain Astrologer and The International Astrologer, as well as other publications. Her booklet Black Moon Lilith is published by Astro Communications (http://www.astrocom.com). To be on her e-mail list for Cosmic News articles, click on the link below. For an astrology consultation, email kellhunter@earthlink.net. Explore her website at http://www.heliastar.com.

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