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Master El Morya 7th Dimension initiation
Johannesburg – 12 April 2005
Please keep in mind that just reading this information will activate a process and shift for you.  It is not the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, but you will still benefit from reading it and aligning your consciousness with the associated Master.
I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet you at this time and bring unto you the blessings of awakening, the blessings of integration, introspection and integrity, greetings beloved ones.  And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you all firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.
Beloved ones the presence of the force of the Christ light is one that motivates you on a Soul level to move into new states of awareness for the purpose of evolving as a soul, moving through various time lines, various levels of consciousness, solar systems, galaxies, even universes.  This is for the purpose of exploring every aspect of life, every aspect of an experience available to every force of consciousness with a desire to grow and reunite with the God essence, the Presence, the fiber or the core Being of Mother/Father God.  This is one of many experiences you have encountered and will come to encounter on the journey of returning to the unified Presence of Mother/Father God. Your journey at this time has paved the way for many to follow in your footsteps as you follow in the footsteps of the Masters of the Light.
Therefore let me now take my place along side my brother of the Light, El Morya, as he comes to deliver his message and brings forth the energy required for each of you to experience an initiation into yet another level of 7th dimensional consciousness.  Let me at this point make it clear to all of you that lessons such as the teachings of light the Masters bring forth are what activate the initiation through your consciousness in order to further integrate higher levels of awareness and wisdom for the purpose of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical growth in the world you occupy.  Beloved ones I shall greet you now and hold you in the Presence of Lord El Morya.  Blessings and Adonai.
I am El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray of Divine Will and Power, welcome into the Ashram of Power.  Greetings. 
The combination of our energy today serves a much greater purpose.  This purpose is activating a number of levels of wisdom for the collective consciousness of your planet. Each of you is a planet.  You are made up of many aspects of life and consciousness. These aspects of life and consciousness are meant to support the greater whole of the good in order to arise into yet another level of understanding how the mechanisms of life are integrated in all aspects of consciousness.   The aspects of consciousness are greatly varied.  Those of you present right now will find yourself moving through hundreds of levels of consciousness and awareness through the duration of your incarnation in the current body you occupy.  All of you will be taken through the process, in other words the initiation, to truly experience the Divine Will of your Power and how the power of Divine Will is to be used.  The controlling forces you have been governed by until this point has separated you to such a degree from your Divine Will and Power that you have forgotten many of the reasons you came to earth.  It is vital that you remember why you came for it is with every coding of consciousness you entered in with.  Each of those codings serve a Divine Purpose in bringing the combination of Will and Power back to life so that your world can reach the higher levels of consciousness required to bring into full manifestation sufficient energy to take the collective unconscious into a state of higher awareness.
As most of you know, the base chakra is home for the collective unconscious and you as a group have responded to the need to be here today, for it is the collective unconscious within you that shall become more active through the messages we bring for you today, and it is vital you remember what we have said to you now.  It is vital that you remind yourself every day about these words for it is these words that will support your motivation, it is these words that will support your integration of what we have already started your initiation with today.  The activation of energy is already moving through every cell of your physical body and this vibration will continue to permeate your mental body, the mind has been greatly misunderstood and misused.  The abuse of the mental body has resulted in a world of ignorant and disempowered people.  The races making up the collective consciousness of your world is not even operating on 10% of its capacity to use Divine Will and Power.  This gives you an idea as to what extent humanities will has been abused through the utilization of the mind and the abuse of the mental body of your planet specifically.
First of all you need to acknowledge that in order to lead your life, in order to manage all the systems of energy that bombard you on a daily basis and in order to live with integrity you must accept that no one really knows the truth.  In the physical world you occupy there are many who claim to know the truth.  Many who stand, punting their teachings, insisting that the world follow the truth from their perspective.  This is one of the reasons why your consciousness fell into the slumber it did.  You were manipulated into following a singular “truth” which claimed to be the only route to spiritual liberation.  Instead you all paid with your ability to use Divine Will and Power.  That was the sacrifice you had to make.
This initiation will take you even deeper into the world of confusion.  The confusion is one of your greatest allies in fact, because whatever you find yourself confused about and whatever you find yourself in conflict about is for a higher purpose.  It is showing you that there is something else to be discovered, that there is something more to what you have to date accepted as a truth. The First Ray of Will and Power is known as the destroyer ray and I Lord El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray steps forth to destroy everything that you have come to accept as a truth.  I come to destroy your world of complacency I do not come to take you out of the essential truth in which you were created.  I will only ever shake the cage you have fallen prey to.  I will huff and I will puff and I will blow your house down! (Laughter)  Think about it, how many people claim to have the truth, how many teachers judge, reject and criticize the teachings of other teachers.
Any teachers regardless of their level of consciousness, regardless of whom they claim to be representing who criticize the workings of any other fellow worker is projecting their fear, their doubt, and their ignorance onto others in the world.  The fact is that there is no one road home, there is no one way to reunite with Mother/Father God because every soul has chosen a unique path.  That path results in an experience of exploration and the exploration itself takes the soul in a number of directions and those directions end up discovering new terrain.  The undiscovered worlds influence you as much as the discovered ones do.  You are being called to discover everything there is to be discovered. Quantumly speaking that will never end. 
Therefore to claim your Divine role and to reclaim the power within you, you need to define what your truth is.  You need to go so deep within yourself that everything else disappears and that is were you will find what you truly are all about.  This process requires that you embrace everything about you, your shadow, and your light side. Your perceived strengths and weaknesses, your insecurities and vulnerabilities.  Your guilt(s) your anger and every single one of them needs to be put into perspective.  You need to study every aspect of your being.  This purpose helps you to understand what motivates you.
When you know what motivates every aspect of your emotional and mental life, then you know what drives you to do what you do.  Then you understand your reactions, your responses, and that is when your subconscious ceases to be a mechanism of self- sabotage and becomes another ally.
You have to find the way that best supports you.  You need to find the modalities that bring out the best in you.  This may initially start out as bringing out the worst in you, but that again is a perception, a judgment, based on your belief system and the conditionings you have adopted as truth, based on society’s projections.  Because your world is made up of so many different levels of consciousness, and every single soul a unique vibration, it is impossible for there to ever be only one way or one truth.  I repeat, find your way, find your truth, and in so doing, you will reclaim your sacrificed Divine power and will.
I assure you that as you journey deeper into your consciousness, you will recognize the truths that you have come in touch with throughout your life time that reflect the essential inner core of your truth...  Those truths you can reintegrate on another level. But the ones that you recognize as being separate from your truth, those are the ones that you can safely let go of for all time.  And that brings you into a complete state of integrity for only then can you truly live with integrity because at that point you have realized what your unique truth is and what you need to do in order to be true to yourself.  Integrity begins in being faithful and true to the self.  One can never behave in integrity to others and not the self because sooner or later you will find that integrity being betrayed because you have betrayed yourself all along.  So if you truly want to live your life displaying integrity, making every decision and taking every action based on the power of divine will you will begin acknowledging the true truth. 
You as a group will find your challenges coming through judgments.  Every time you find yourself in judgment of another or witnessing the judgment of another, be it another person, or a way of life, acknowledge the reflection within the judgment and search within yourself to find the message and the teaching, so that you can experience another sense of liberation. 
I began this message with you as individuals so that you can understand how important it is to work with yourself in every aspect of life, in every area of life you are required to search your inner world, to be able to stand before your inner self and be confident and be at peace.  All of you make up the vibrations that permeate into the ethers of your world.  You influence the world of business. As a consumer; you influence the world of business.
As an entrepreneur or self employed business person, you influence the world of business.  Being a part of a large corporation, even a small one, means you influence the world of business.  Every thing in life is made up of bodies of energy. If you run a business and you are a sole member, your business is a direct reflection of you.  Larger corporations are bodies made up of many systems of energy. Every person in the corporation determines the well being of the body.  And if the mental body within that body is motivated primarily by fear or lust, you have a very good idea of how the body behaves in the business world.
You can now begin to influence the world of business in an amplified manner by being consciously aware of how these bodies behave in the world. As a consumer you have rights.  You need to use the Divine Will and Power within you to exercise your rights as a consumer.  This is just the beginning.  The very tip of the ice berg in bringing this whole process into balance in order to bring order one needs to move through the chaos and find the center of the eye of the storm,  and that is where one needs to find ones center and become still.  Your world has become so accustomed to getting away with behaviour that lacks integrity.  Your world has become so accustomed to lying, manipulating, controlling, defying, judging, rejecting that you have accepted it as a normal way of life.  Besides your rights as a consumer you have rights as human beings.  You have the right to discern what you put into your body, what you put on your body, what you subject your body to, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Therefore the time for a new movement of change has dawned and today we take your consciousness into the healing of the sacral chakra. 
I am Chohan of the First Ray of Will and Power associated with the base chakra but I am also the Master Creator of the God Force through the sacral chakra.  All of your chakras are interlinked. Movement and change are some of the key areas of the sacral chakra.  The movement for change I wish to present to you today as a group is the one of truly reclaiming your divine rights.  Your sacral chakra is coded with the divine right to feel but through the abuse of the mental body of your planet, you have literally become frozen in space and in time regarding your belief systems and the paradigm of consciousness you have been exposed to.  Many of you have broken through the ice.  There are still a number of souls however trapped in the old world.  Therefore we ask you to take your awareness and consciousness to another level.  Bring it into your physical world; embrace your divine right to feel, because when you feel what truth feels like, you will grasp what it means to be at One with the Divine Power of All that Is and therefore being able to use your divine will, at will.
 A disempowered soul is not able to and does not use their will at will.  What is perceived as using ones will is often simply a subconscious motivated response or reaction to a conditioning that has been coded into the psyche that plays itself out over and over and over again like a stuck record, it develops patterns, usually destructive in a person’s life.  Your world has been governed by destructive patterns for thousands of years already.  One of the greatest destructive patterns that your world has been exposed to is war.  Did you know that WAR is an acronym for WE ARE RIGHT. And everybody thinks they are right.  The reason why war has come to the point it has is because everybody is searching for their divine rights, their will, their power, the full aspects of awareness and realization, most people don’t know where to even begin, and as a result of the arrested development of most of humanities consciousness, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, they end up bickering over land, religion etc.  Have you ever seen two children fight over a toy, the one believes it believes it belongs to them, the other believes the same thing, and they both believe they are right and eventually the toy is torn in half or the other child gets the toy, and the one who is left standing empty handed is left with a heart full of anger and resentment and those emotions become frozen in time, because that is a moment of pain that will motivate that person for the rest of their life and that person may one day become a politician who will push the button for war to begin based on that experience of not getting his or her own way. The only way you can have your own way is by finding what your way is and that is your responsibility. 
Divine will and power equips you with the ability to respond to everything that comes your way as a result of your belief systems and thought patterns.  The more you use your ability to respond the more empowered you become, the more aware you become.  Make people aware of the intricacies of war, bearing in mind that war is simply the enactment of a whole lot of people believing they are right, not one person willing to hear the other persons perspective.  If Divine will and Divine power are not being used, then they are being abused.  Another motivation behind war.  Wars are not limited to worlds or countries or nations, they permeate the very core of families, the very core of your being.  You could be at war with yourself. The war and conflict between your inner child and adult self. The war waging inside of you with unresolved angers, unresolved fears, incomplete processes of release and forgiveness, so war starts on the inside and is amplified on the outside.  Many of the masters have taught, and I will reiterate what they said, that what is manifested in your outer world is a reflection of what is going on, on the inside. 
Now let us go back to your right as a consumer, we asked you to be more aware, to be more conscious as a consumer and your Divine right regarding what you put into your body, what you expose your body to.  The next time you go shopping for food, read the label.  Do you understand everything that is written on the labels of food, do you?
Thank you. Do you see how complacent society has become?  Can you see how far the manipulation has gone, the control, it is as if you walk into a supermarket, the moment you cross the entry, a subliminal program is activated, and you become a robot. You might read the label you don’t understand it but some thing still makes you put it in your basket.  You buy things you probably won’t even use.  Sometimes you buy things that you think you will eat; it ends up in the bin.  Become conscious, become aware, you have a right to know what you are putting into your body. 
Get together with other people and put together a consumer forum, insisting to know what the preservatives are, what the chemicals are that are put into food.  Insist on knowing every aspect of the combination of the chemicals and preservatives and what it does to the physical body.  Because I can tell you something now, much of what is put into your food, the effects it has on your physiology of your body, ensures that a level of density is maintained that you cannot achieve, let alone maintain higher levels of awareness.  This may sound like a conspiracy, well it is.
 I said I have come to destroy your world of complacency.  Complacency is not limited to sitting in front of a television instead of picking up a book and absorbing some wise information, your complacency is at the very core of society’s well being, the very core of the well being of your body, your mind, your spirit, the body, mind and spirit of every child on your planet. You work very hard to improve on yourself, to heal yourself, to release every thing that has resulted in the pain and suffering you have experienced to this point.  Many of you work to improve the life your children have.  What about the food that goes into your body and their body every single day.  I do hope this will move you to initiate a change.  The request to know what is in these substances has to be supplied.  There have already been people who have gone ahead and done things like this which has resulted in papers being released regarding the World Health Organization’s complacency and scientists in laboratories that manufacture food stuffs that receive health warnings that push the paper under the rug.  You have a right to know about this.  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of doing things like that in order to be able to truly reclaim your will and power.  You see by doing things like this, in a way you enforce the movement of change.  You push the system of business to a point where they either have to surrender and give up their old way and dismantle the process completely or they have to move in an alternative direction where everything they do is done with integrity. Am I making myself heard?
Good.  Each of you play a vital role in destroying the world of complacency and I, El Morya will support you every step of the way as will Master Kuthumi, as will Lord Maitreya, as will Master Jesus.  I, El Morya am twin brother and aspect of Lord Kuthumi, Master Jesus is twin brother and twin aspect of Lord Kuthumi.  We are the sons of Lord Maitreya, seeded from his heart chakra, manifested in three aspects of three levels of awareness and consciousness to bring your world into its true balance.
How would you like to destroy the world of complacency?  How would you like to shatter illusions and what illusions and what worlds of complacency would you like to see falling into the ashes of nothingness so that the world of Divine Will and Power, of truth and light, can come into being...  Think about this.  The choices you make today regarding this is what I El Morya will work with you through and in bringing into being I will help you to restructure your electromagnetic field to the degree that you will be able to magnetically attract to yourself people (end tape one side one)
Tape two side A:
The person on my left, please begin by telling us what you would like to do, and how you would like to do it, at the moment of sharing this the reconstruction of your electromagnetic field through the first Ray of Divine Will and Power supported through the higher element of the Ruby ray will be activated. Please proceed.
Q. Just recently I have been doing a lot of research on food and purification of water.  Putting together courses for retrenched people on retired people. Health in retirement. Research shows people stay healthy for seven years after retirement then develop disease.  Diet and deactivating disease, taking responsibility for health
E.M. Wonderful.  At this point may I also make a suggestion in including in your program, awareness around the life force present within the substance of food.  The life force present within the substance of mother earth’s flesh, in other words the earth, her soil, and nutrients and minerals inside of her being and how it further contributes to the well-being of the human body.  Fruit is the highest vibration food on your planet.  It is the purest energy one can consume provided the fruit falls from the tree when it is ripe.  When a fruit falls from the tree when it is ripe there is absolutely no trace of trauma in the makeup of that substance.  Premature harvesting causes trauma.  So perhaps you can bring that in at another level.  Perhaps you can find a way to do that.
Q Is there anything written in the ancient text that has been translated about to those processes
E.M You can try researching the life style of the Essennes.  They ate food that was in balance with every season and Fruit was one of the most highly consumed in their diet.  See how you can integrate it.
Q. And the Ayurveda?
E.M Yes you can, the different body types will be of great value as well because everyone is so different it is important to have all the information required to see the person as a whole rather than a generalization as has been the case to date.  When a person’s physical body is supported through diet, their mental health is improved.  When they feel lighter, it is easier to maintain a light mind and that is when you will be able to decode disease in a different way and then destroy it completely.
Q. Can you comment perhaps on water, the vibrations and memory that water carries? Boiling water for 20 minutes, will it get rid of vibrations and memories or will it only get rid of physical things like zinc.
E.M. One of the ways is using tuning forks and sound... There are various sounds that hold the vibration that dismantle negative vibrations.  You can also use intension and the projection of energy.  Sacred water is such because it is filled with the vibration of love.  You can clear water simply by projecting the intention toward it.  Please ask this channel when I am finished with you, who will give you the name of an author who has written a book relating to everything you are asking.  But look into the use of tuning forks as well.
Q. El Morya I would like to work with children.  I find I am not getting enough respect…... inaudible
E.M Accepting your humanness is very important.  Placing yourself into an unrealistic state of mind will manifest self-sabotage.  This is a process of awakening.  A process of relearning and remembering everything that has been forgotten and because the mental body has been abused to the extent that it has, there are many layers of subconscious programming you are still trying to bypass.  This is another reason why the masters insist that one practice awareness in the present moment.  Being conscious of the motivational behaviour gives you the power to tap into your divine will and choose another way.  Patience and perseverance, faith and trust are vital ingredients in completely resurrecting the true self.  Believing you are giving the best example to your children and grand children in every moment of every day is already an act of integrity.  Devoting yourself to embracing who you are in every given moment and being true to that self in that moment.  This means acknowledging right action as well as acknowledging the aspects of self that choose denial as a defense mechanism.  This applies to everyone, not just you.  Don’t undo the wonderful work you have done by being harsh on yourself and expecting yourself to change the world in such a short space of time.   What the children have learnt from you already is more than you learnt in the environment you and most people were raised in.  Therefore acknowledge your personal growth and healing.  Acknowledge the gifts you have already brought to your children and grand children, be grateful and move forward from that point.  Have you heard me?  I have, thank you
Q. I have been very drawn to animals, have not gotten involved yet …..
E.M. I mentioned earlier on the sacral chakra is about movement and change, your sense of becoming actively involved is confirmation that your sacral chakra is wanting to move into the space of making change.  Sadly, animals are considered human beings’ private property.  Did you all know this?  And because it is considered a human beings private property, they do not have any rights.  A human being can do whatever he or she chooses to his or her personal property.  This obviously must change as I am sure you are all well aware.  So sister this will truly be a great move to bringing about change and bringing to light the divine right of animals.  Their plight is being heard at last by a number of humans and ones such as yourself who have felt their plight and becoming actively involved are responding to the animal consciousnesses plight for help even though you are human beings, you have a animal nature.  You are always meant to live in harmony with the earth and her inhabitants – animals in all its varied kingdoms...  Because the current state of being is about bringing everything into balance, it is essential that this aspect of consciousness be addressed and supported.  You will receive the support you need sister to bring this into being.
Q. For me it is about making people aware of the power they have and creating their own (inaudible) especially in the medical profession, creating awareness around allopathic medicine. Religious aspects, liberating souls and minds.
E.M. You may find you will begin attracting to yourself members of religious communities that need your help and advice as a doctor. That is one of the ways. 
You have the power to create a body/committee. A body made up of members representing the vital organs that influence the consciousness of humanity as a whole in order for mental liberation to take place and the mental body to be able to come to its point of full manifestation, people need the awareness and understanding.  The awareness and understanding needs to involve what exactly it was that lead them to the point of disempowerment and what exactly it is that maintains those levels of disempowerment, and religion is one of them.
The fact that you are a qualified medical doctor means that you have the power to insist on receiving information on what it is exactly in allopathic medication sold off the shelves or over the counter, that people can quite easily get their hands on and what that does to the physical body.  Because things like a headache, constipation, indigestion, a cough or a cold, is the body’s communication to the individual that something is unhappy.  Imagine, drugs no longer being available and every person being at the point where they understand the mechanisms of their body to a degree where if a headache manifests, they can look at the emotional and mental aspect of it, and with the support of the many other modalities of healing that are non-invasive at their disposal, bring their body into balance.  Allopathic medication, which is a vital part of the process still, can be used in a case when it is truly needed because there is no other way.  But the danger of the way it is now is that because it is so freely available, people have become complacent, and will not go and find a way to heal the problem because you can buy as many headache tablets as you wish over the counter and so on and so forth. Do you hear what I am saying?
A. Yes, ….Inaudible
E.M. So you truly have your work cut out for you and you will need help. So we will help by restructuring your magnetic field so that those who are willing to support your cause, who is willing to be the destroyers of the complacent world will find you and you, will find them. 
Thank you.
E.M It is my pleasure.
Q. I have a little boy and I am I two minds about doing vaccinations, and one part is saying no because it brings down the emotional and spiritual body and the other part is saying that its needs to be done because of the physical world we live in with disease and everything will be wonderful.  The other thing is the schooling of children, the foods that they are being fed on a day to day basis they have opted more for what is affordable than what is good for the child, they would focus on pastas and heavy dense foods as opposed to the fruits and vegs, and stuff that takes more time to be prepared.
E.M  What work do you do now?
A. Currently I am in marketing and promotions but it’s not something I want to stay in forever.
E.M. Perhaps you should start marketing and promoting something different.  I wonder what it is? (laughter).  Sister the journey before you is certainly very clear, but let us begin with your first question.  Humanities belief systems have created the world you live in.  Energy will grow in the area it is focused upon.  Fear will give birth to fear.  Pain will give birth to pain, so whatever you fear you will bring into being because that is where you focus the energy on.  So if you believe that your child is susceptible to or vulnerable, then yes, it probably will happen, but if not….
A.  I don’t, it’s my parents and everyone around me.
E.M Stop. What are you here to do today?  To reclaim your Divine will and power not so? Then reclaim it.  Your family members are simply reflecting your inner fears, your concerns.  So create a boundary. Begin with you.  Please speak to this channel afterwards to get the contact details of a lady who has the knowledge regarding everything there is to know about immunization. She is a pharmacist. Her name is Chamilla Sanua.  She is the founder and director of all the Welleda Pharmacies.  She certainly will tell you what is in the best interest of you and your child.  Your family is motivated by the old way, the old time, the old age, you don’t have to fight it, all you have to do is honor your truth, they will then mirror that, you don’t have to fight the system, you just have to be your truth.  Have you heard me?
A. Loud and clear.
E.M Now regarding the food subject, this is something that can change your future completely including your financial future, and all the fears around stability and security for you and you child, and you can pioneer a new way with regards to child nutrition within systems such as schools where meals are provided and I tell you now, parents will support you. There are many inexpensive ways of making whole foods available. An activity within schools which can be incorporated are vegetable gardens where children can take the responsibility of nurturing the vegetable garden, they can have free roaming chickens for eggs.  There are many, many ways. You have the skills as a marketer to bring this into being; you just have to believe you can. Perhaps those who want to know what the labels mean can come to you. Is this load and clear enough?
A. Thank you.
E.M. It has been my pleasure.
Q. Master El Morya for the last ten years I have made changes in my eating habits. My body does not want the denser foods but the ego won’t let go. Have been attracted more to fruit and would like to make that change. Working with outreach children and they are living on Simba chips and Coke, wanting to make changes. Wanting to make changes to the system by educating on changes to healthier foods.
E.M. Perhaps you and your neighbor need to get together and work through the school system together, as you say changes are important.  They need to understand what the changes are all about.  A person who does not understand what the changes are about will certainly not stick to the program.  It has always been a very difficult process to get human beings to understand the preciousness, and the sacredness of the physical body.  This is because there has been so much separation from the self, separation from the earth, separation from Spirit, separation from what one feels, and if a person is living in a state of self preservation, what needs for self preservation, will simply be done, but ignorance has been one of the greatest threats to humanities survival for eons of time so education is one of the key areas in bringing awareness to communities of such ignorance.  This is where you can also initiate a body of like minded souls to volunteer time and energy to give back to the community to give back to life by sharing the wisdom and knowledge (end of tape two side A)
Tape 2 side B
….   As far as your own body is concerned. It has told you loud and clear what it wants.  You need to face the ego and ask yourself what are you in actual fact afraid of sacrificing, of giving up.  Feeding your body with healthy food, be it fruit, vegetables, or any other substance does not mean that you will deny your body or yourself of pleasure, it does not mean you have to sacrifice pleasure or indulgence.  Maybe that is why your ego holds on.  You see the sacral chakra also looks at the sweetness in life.  Pleasure, passion, and if the psyche or the ego for instance determines or interprets your potential actions as being the denial of pleasure it will hang on for dear life, so you need to reassure your ego that there are many pleasures that you can indulge in that continue to maintain higher vibrations and levels of energy in your body.  Honey is a higher vibrational food.  Honey is a much better choice to syrup or refined sugars.  Fruit can also be extremely delectable. Use your imagination. 
Q. The other thing is I have realized from working with children that the parents do not take responsibility, the child suffers in the process, … financial loss due to involvement, looking for the message – what am I doing, where am I not taking responsibility for myself -, will have to work with people to hold onto their responsibility. The other thing is I did invest in a clear zone spa and I still don’t know whether the Ozone is good for me or not but there are so many other benefits that I would like to share with people out there and I have realized that the people marketing these machines are very ignorant.  They come with their fancy books and impress you with articles written but make subtle mistakes. They don’t know the products, they don’t look healthy.
E.M And what are you doing about it?
A. I would like to sell a product like this, and take a holistic approach with     this.
E.M. And what about the people that still give information that you have perceived as not entirely true? 
A. If I get into that company I will address that.
E.M. Very well. Regarding the responsibility aspect, it is more about setting boundaries than what it is that you have not taken responsibility for.  Boundaries can be a very sensitive issue for a number of people therefore people need to know what your boundaries are and you need to define what they are, once you have set the boundaries ensuring that they are balanced boundaries, you then need to be consistent. And that will certainly change the dynamic, so shift your focus to boundaries rather than worrying about what you are not taking responsibility for. 
Q.  Lord El Morya I would like to change toxic thinking …. I would like to be a catalyst to get people to re-examine their belief systems and to see how their life circumstances and everything that have manifested in their life, is a result of these belief systems.  Now I am about to start a business in …….. development and it is my intention to build this business on the foundations of love and light, integrity, abundance, and cooperation and I also intend to integrate higher wisdom in the program and I would like your support.
E.M With absolute pleasure, trust that it is done. The plan that you have brought into motion through your intentions is already creating a system of manifested light in your energy field. Just be clear about your intentions at all times, this include the intentions that manifest as motivation in your being and you will have nothing to worry about.  It’s that simple. Did you not say something about changing the way people think?
A. Yes.
E.M. Just checking. (Laughter)
Q.  Lord El Morya, now I am feeling amazed because there are things happening in my life that I feel are a culmination of thoughts and desires I have put out to the universe …. I don’t think claiming my divine will has ever been a problem for me, some people claim I am too close to it, ….
E.M Are you wondering about the fact everything is going right, is wrong?
A. I am serene about it wondering …
E.M God help us all.  Beloved sister this is a classic example of humanities belief system from a subconscious level that is, that one does not deserve to experience the goodness of life on an ongoing basis.  Perceived challenges are in fact opportunities to integrate higher levels of awareness, wisdom, life style, whatever it may be, but humanities belief system has lead to the conditioned belief that challenges are there to punish you and somehow showing you that you are doing something wrong, that you don’t deserve an easy flow. Now as I have said the sacral chakra has to do with pleasure.  The fact that you have been able to use your divine will and your power has been a great tool.  Keeping in touch with those aspects is vital, particularly with the environments that you will have to go into in your life time in order to effect change, and in order to destroy the world of complacency.  The belief systems of depravation and that one is not worthy of stability, balance, and pleasure, is also a world of complacency because the world has become complacent in that belief system, the world simply accepts it as their lot, the world accepts that you can only have a peaceful time for a certain period of time and then the fruit will hit the fan.  That is a conditioned belief system.  So perhaps there is an area of focus you can look at and break down that world of complacency in your own world.
Q. Lord El Morya, I work with black women to empower them, to reconnect them with their spiritual and emotional bodies to reconnect them with their own power…. Using techniques like visualization to ground them ….. remainder of question inaudible
E.M One can experience discomfort on a number of levels but if there is an aspect of the self that is not being supported it cannot be brought into balance.  Because yours is related more to food, in other words nurturance, we suggest that you address those particular areas in your psychology and in your life, and determine for yourself what food actually means.  Digesting life in itself can be difficult at times.  The sacral chakra holds a key for you and because you are educating these women about their chakras, the sacral chakra is obviously an area requiring a little more attention and focus right now.  The sacral chakra is about awakening the goddess.  The base chakra is the god force, the sacral chakra is the goddess force.  The base chakra is about the right to be on earth and to have ones needs met and the sacral chakra is about embracing the divine right to feel and to express those feelings.  The base chakra influences the crown chakra, the sacral chakra influences the 3rd eye chakra, so one has to bear in mind that it impacts on other levels. This means that the need to understand your nurturing patterns from a child is very important and the sacral chakra begins its process of development from as young as six months old, so go back as far as you can.  If you cannot pinpoint anything specifically during that time, go back through your life until you reach a point where you do understand or do remember perhaps feeling rejected, feeling denied, un-nurtured, emotionally, mentally or physically, that will help you recognize what you are holding onto in the form of the food you are afraid of letting go of and that will help your body feel safe enough to surrender. Your body needs to trust that it is safe to surrender and let go of the old ways, which is a combination of base chakra and sacral chakra healing.  You will also find everything that you work with sister is simply a reflection of what the women you are working with need to look at as well. Food is about nurturing the self. Taking time out to indulge in pleasurable activities.  Usually woman associate pleasure to food because it is a comfort. Woman generally have a lot of guilt about indulging themselves in comforts and pleasures especially regarding responsibilities society has placed on them in conditioned belief systems.  Women are not seen as equal to men.  Women are required to perform duties that many of them are not happy with doing.  Many women in the particular culture that you are dealing with have experienced sexual invasion and molestation from very young ages. Maybe you should also look at issues around your sexuality, how your sexuality has been impacted upon through your parents belief systems, through societies belief systems, how you indulge yourself as a sexual being, how you acknowledge yourself as a sensual goddess.  Do you hear me?
A. Yes. Thank you
E.M It has been my pleasure.
Q. Lord El Morya, doing emotional release, numerology, metaphysical astrology.  Want to do past life regression. Trust that Spirit will lead me. Would like to uplift the consciousness of humanity and re-empower. Would like to change disbelief in self, not trusting inner ability. Orange flame in sacral chakra - frozen
E.M The sacral chakra is the water element.  It represents feelings as I have explained already, it is the ability to flow, to grow, to move, to be flexible.  The sacral chakra is also the home for creativity.  Every single chakra has a flame, that flame represents the life force present within that chakras vibration.  The solar plexus holds the flame of passion, the flame of life which keeps the force and movement of life flowing through all the other chakras.  There may very well be a problem in your solar plexus where the flame for passion or the flame for life has maybe diminished to the extent that there is insufficient energy, heat or warmth to support your sacral chakra to support the flow of feelings moving, so the ice represents the frozen feelings, unexpressed emotions, undigested emotions due to an experience in your life at some or other stage that caused shock. That shock manifested in a frozen experience as often referred to as “freeze frame”.  When something is frozen in time and space, ones consciousness remains locked in that particular experience until there is sufficient heat or warmth in the form of love, understanding or awareness to empower the individual to the level required to safely move out of the sate of isolation and move into a state of movement and flow again. So the flame of creativity which would be considered the flame of the sacral chakra is what needs to be released, therefore we suggest you indulge yourself in creative activities with the intention of melting the ice, of releasing yourself from the time gate of that old space and time so that you can feel again. 
Let me also point out at this stage, all the activities you are involved in regarding modalities are vital tools to assist people in discovering what makes them work, to understand their psychology, to understand their belief systems, so see them as tools.  Start with what you have. What you have is sufficient to help the people who are ready to and receive guidance from you. You may even find you attract people into your space who reflect issues you are coming to grips with in yourself, and you will find in your ability to help them understand their personal process you answer your own questions.  Everybody is equipped with all the tools they need in any given moment to do what needs to be done in that particular moment. Which is why one needs to be in the moment and to trust that everything will be provided. 
So divine sisters you have seen very clearly how the world of complacency has become an interwoven blanket of unconsciousness in your life.  Complacency and denial dance quite well together, so intercept the dance and embrace your power and the divine will to make the changes you feel you are ready to make. Discern your fears, recognize if your fear is truly a warning to heed from your intuition or if it is simply a reaction of procrastination as a result of a fear that you are in denial about or a judgment you are afraid of.  Your world has reached the point of having to know the truth and the destroyer ray is about revealing the truth. 
You are the truth and reconciliation committee for your world, you have committed to reconciling all its aspects of truth. You have committed to finding the truth for yourself and in so doing you have created a wave of magnetism that will attract more and more people such as yourself.  Your initiation into this field of energy will continue for a couple of weeks to come but the initiation energy itself is there as a net of support so that you can become familiar with the energy we have brought you today, so that you can feel safe in the net of spiritual energy and integrate the reality of your individual truth.  Integrating your individual truth will equip you with everything you need to extract from every aspect of life, all the truths that serve your path and that will act as mirrors or lights in the dark for others trying to find the same for themselves.  I El Morya trust that each and every single one of you have within you everything you need to fulfill your desire to be a whole and complete _expression of Mother/Father God.  I El Morya am ever present. I have given you my word of service and support.  Trust that you will receive it.  I am El Morya Chohan of the first ray of Will and Power, the Lord of Ruby light, go forth and destroy illusion. Farewell.
I am Kuthumi and I return at this point to embrace each of you sisters in the Ruby ray of energy that Master El Morya has left for each of you to integrate. Beloved sisters we do have most certainly complete faith in you as leaders of the light to bring to light absolutely everything you need to be able to feel safe in the world of light you are creating.  The activation of the sacral chakra energy has resulted in many dam walls shifting their boundaries. There have been floods at the tip of Southern Africa, in the Western Cape. This is already showing you how the base chakra is ready and willing to embrace the goddess power and force which will bring about movement and change and each of you are being blessed with the same opportunity to merge heaven and earth to bring life into every aspect of darkness.
We rejoice in the message that Master El Morya delivered to you today and I Kuthumi offer my assistance, support, love and guidance to each of you to move into the avenues required to take you on a journey to bring the light to the world, to help shift humanity out of its state of ignorance and into the world of deeper understanding.  May the love and wisdom of all that you have moved through and mastered, guide your actions and your words, motivate your feelings and support your intentions.  I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love and Wisdom, and I greet and bless you in love, Adonai. 
Michelle Eloff
Metaphysician, Crystologist, Lecturer, Clairvoyant,
Teacher, Trance Voice Channel, Author, Counsellor,
Soul Coach, Conflict Management Mediator, Soul Psychology, Psychocybernetics.
083 478-6777

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