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The March 7 Shift & Dana Reeve      March 8 , 2006


This message is perhaps what I believe to be the most important and pivotal of any message I have written before.


With so much continually occurring in regard to this amazing Shift Of The Ages, we are always moving forward, even though at times it may not feel this way.


March 7 brought in a tremendous shift.  Like most pivotal points, it could be felt a bit during a window just prior to this date, but the most noticeable thrust was on March 7.


Like some monumentous earth rumbling beneath our feet, things at very deep levels were most assuredly moving. Deep, deep moving . Very deep moving . And this movement is absolutely necessary and a very important part for what is to come.


For the past several weeks we have been detoxing as we are really integrating this new arrival into the higher realms. Our bodies need to be in alignment. At times you may feel like you are 100 years old, barely able to walk across a room, with muscle aches and other various aches and pains along with no energy. It may hurt to even move.


And you may also be inspired to begin eating a much more healthy diet to support this cleaner, healthier, lighter you. Organic is a key word here…..not just with food but with a way of being. Although the word organic can be described as natural, alive, a tool to work with, etc., I prefer it to mean going back to the basics ……... back to our natural state of being, and this is precisely what we are doing. We are going organic in all ways.


In January I moved to a new home. I ended up staying in three different hotels during the transition. In each and every hotel room, the heater broke and I was unable to receive any heat. Then, when I arrived in my temporary home which was brand new, never lived in before, the propane heating system would not work.  After checking in on this situation, the message was clear……I needed to get my heat from the Sun. Back to the basics with solar and other sun heating processes.


For the past few weeks I have been spending time hiking around and sitting among the ancient Mogollon ruins of Northeastern Arizona . There are several of these ancient sites in different directions along the river and all within a mile of my home.  While here, I am meeting with star beings and beginning the process of communicating and opening up the space for their arrival and very regular visitation and involvement with the New planet Earth.


They are telling me that this place, this vortex in the Mt. Baldy area, and these sacred sites have been used in the past as meeting places just as I will be using them again.  Alignments must be made in harmony with the planets and the time of day and the eclipses and equinoxes and solstices and the location of the sun and on and on……in order to open up the doorways and to allow for better aligning of the meetings and integration.  Again, back to the basics…….back to our original state of being.  Back to how it was done naturally and in the past…..and then build from that.


As we have shed so much of ourselves that was not in alignment with a higher version of us, and are now aligning our bodies as well, we are going back to the basics to begin living in alignment and harmony with nature and all living things. An organic and healthy body will be in alignment a well.


So then, here we are up until March 7.  Preparing for the New, as always, but again, always at higher and higher levels.  Integrating and aligning, integrating and aligning.


Along comes March 7, then, and nearly knocks us off our rockers.  This energy may have brought some of you to tears, or you may not have felt it at all.  This energy is moving much…….uprooting and pushing out deep levels of unnecessary energy and patterns.


It can create feelings of insecurity, fear, anxiety, displacement, confusion and panic….you may feel as though you are hyperventilating at some level.  It can create arguments and volatile discussions between individuals.  For me, I wanted to weep all day.   Much, again, is leaving and anything not in alignment with who you are will be disconnected from you…..seemingly whether you like it or not.


We have integrated and cleared out much and now it is time for some more movement.  But this is a very beautiful experience of moving.  We are moving so very close to Source that about anything can bring me to tears.  There is a particular beauty in this energy.  It is gracious, divine, pure, loving and so very precious.  The beauty in simple visions of nature and the gratitude for all simplicity and anything loving and caring can really align one with Source.


We are moving closer to Source.


Deeply closer to Source.


During the month of March, we will experience two eclipses.  A lunar on March 14 and a solar on March 29.  During most of March we will also be in a Mercury retrograde.  This month is a very pivotal time for becoming clear on what you want your life to look like.  These astronomical occurrences are supporting this important process that we need to incorporate in order to be ready when the big energy arrives later on…….which will bring us into the full living reality of our New spaces and New creations.


You may have found that you are now willing to let go of so much more than you ever have.  Your old life does not remotely fit you anymore.  All of these processes are greatly supporting the arrival of the New, and I have to tell you that the New will be very New indeed.


Most of March is not a time to be starting anything new.  If you do, you will hit big delays and many roadblocks and it will feel as if nothing is ever going to happen.  Nothing is ready to manifest now, and believe me, it won't.  Not a time to extend yourself in any way or to move forward or to “try.”


This month is a time to get clear on who you are and why you are here on Earth at this particular time, and what your wildest dreams and biggest desires for your life and the planet are.  Your wildest dreams and the dreams that are closest to your heart are there because you are supposed to fulfill them and live within them.  They are in alignment with your soul.


March 2 brought in a very powerful and dynamic energy as well. On this day, a window opened up to what is on the horizon. This was a time for our visions to become clearer as much was cleared away.  This day brought in a lighter, clearer energy and a much more connected version of ourselves.  As always, a template arrives and creates a blueprint and opportunity, and then a process begins to align it within ourselves and make it a reality. It was as if a huge chunk of density had dropped away and we were then in a much higher reality of brilliant light and clear vision.  On that day, our highest visions and realities for ourselves could become real and basically arrived, and now we are just completing the process necessary for their imminent arrival in the physical.  So then, it was a great day, and then it was gone, but not really as it did actually arrive, so to speak!


The energy that arrived on the 7 th contained a beauty and grace along with a sorrow for what will leave.  We need a sense of courage during these times of ascension.  We need to be able to face what feels like much adversity (which is actually having experiences that bring us closer to Source as we lose what we thought was our power and connect with our true power of Source), we need to really become the light, and not just speak about its many faces, and we need to have optimism and hope as we know we are always moving into the light……….and this was the way of Dana Reeve.


Hearing the news of her passing, I believe, made many of us step back.  It brought into focus what was really important in our lives. And as this gracious, brave, focused and very spiritual woman left the planet, it brought us even closer to Source and to whom we really know ourselves to be.


Dana Reeve has left to re-unite with her husband Christopher Reeve as they were so very connected and will now serve from the other side. But she has left behind the blueprint and the opening for many to fill her shoes and to embody the special and beautiful energy that she possessed so well.


She left at this very pivotal time, as her energy is so vital and in alignment with what is to come……..her passing was part of the shift. She left to hand the anvil over to others.  She left now to activate and stir within us more of who she was.  And in addition, her passing will bring to light and illuminate the situations of no government funding here in the US for her special projects and for no funding for other very new and groundbreaking projects relating to cancer.  And in this way, she is adding to the theme I mentioned in February regarding taking matters into our own hands.  Going around the systems and hoops and red tape to move forward into energy that emanates from ourselves and the private sector……all in support and readiness for the collapse of our old systems.


These phases we are experiencing………these steps we are going through……are all part of the process to get us into position for the New World .


When we think that nothing is occurring or that nothing is coming our way or that nothing will ever change, we must know that we are merely readying ourselves for VERY BIG occurrences and manifestations on the horizon. We must first be what we desire and know to be our truth. We must vibrate it fully before we can live in it fully.


So during this time of March, if you would like to be in alignment with how the energies are supporting us, it would be a good time to get very clear and pull together your picture of who you are on this planet and what you will be experiencing in regard to your reality.  Now is the time……now is the opportunity……now is the time to go deep within yourself.  And if you feel that nothing has been coming your way, know that it absolutely WILL…..as soon as all is in alignment.  For in times to come, MUCH will be coming our way.  The longer the energies have gone out with the tide, the BIGGER the manifestations and changes will be when the tide comes in. And now with our arrival into the higher realms, we really needed to align in all ways. A nd what magnificent and HUGE new realities we will be experiencing.  Being re-incarnated into a New life and New person is a big process and event and paving the way comes in direct proportion. All is in order.


Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times. Until next time,




The Big Detox & Some Good News     March 1, 2006




February was a month of detoxing…no question about it. Detoxing, or aligning, or adjusting, or whichever term suits you best were all very prevalent. Reaching the higher realms en masse created a time for great adjustment to a New way and to very New frequencies. Anything not in alignment with our highest selves and our highest soul purpose had the opportunity to leave, if we only chose to go this route.


So then, our bodies needed to let go of older, denser energies as well. And as the pattern continues as it has for several years now, we release in order to allow “room” to receive more light. And in this process we become clearer, the illusions become evident, and we are able to connect to Source in a far better and easier way.


Exhaustion, night sweats, hot flashes, depression, lethargy, lifelessness, untimely menses, strange bowel habits, lots of aches and pains, rashes, bladder infections and so forth are the usual signs that one is “detoxing.” This time, much of the detoxing and aligning was evident in the physical body. As I mentioned in the last message, you may have been inspired to cleanse and begin eating a very healthy diet. Living in these higher realms does indeed require a physical vessel that is able to accommodate the higher frequencies.


I am not an expert on the physical body…..I have to say that is an area that I know very little about…….but I have been eating live foods and cleansing and feel that this will become a New way of living for me. I believe during this time that the weight many of us put on to stay grounded so that we wouldn't feel we were going to disappear will finally come off now that we have “arrived”! (And now drinking lots of pure water is more important then ever before…and of course exercise as well).


If our bodies are clogged up with toxins and dense energy from poor eating habits or even outside toxins, these higher energies are going to interact with our physical vessels in a much more unpleasant way. Several years ago I was told by non-physical beings that purification is a sure fire way to become a vessel for the higher dimensions and just recently my favorite New non-physical being said that if I wanted to see him in the physical, I must purify my body. Funny…all this time I had neglected my body and focused on purifying my mind and emotions!


So then, we have just experienced a time of adjusting and readying ourselves for much New to arrive on the horizon. The more we choose to let go of that is not serving our highest good…either with our relationships, careers, living situations, unhealthy foods, etc., the easier it will be to adjust and arrive in a very New and higher way of being. In these higher frequencies we can literally say, “I am not doing that anymore. No thank you.” We can let things go in one instant by simply just letting go .


“I've been operating from my inner child. Why was I doing that all my life? I don't need to be that way anymore! Good-bye! This is who I really am…..” All simply through intent alone as we begin to see the illusions and density that we were operating under.


“What was all that healing stuff? Why was I spending so much time trying to “fix” me and everyone else? Why did I think that I had to be intentionally spiritual all the time, only focusing on spiritual activities? Why did I read all those books? Why was I going to so many groups? I forgot that I am here simply to experience, enjoy, create and have fun on this playground called Earth!”


Are you here yet?


Beliefs about helping others, interfering, karma, lessons, the Earth as a school, coming from higher ways that we now know were not higher at all, and on and on. These beliefs and relationships with life and the ways we thought we had to do things are now being illuminated and it is much easier to see that we were so very confused and holding onto some strange belief and reality of what we thought was best and right. As I have said for many years now, life in the higher realms is not what you would think! We have been mis-informed and incorrect about so many things! It's OK to let them go!


Lots to let go of……time to enjoy and experience the beauty of this magnificent planet. Time to let go of the past as that was your last incarnation anyway. You're in a New one now in a New reality.


Which brings me to the latest very pleasant news. This last round of adjusting was a real doozy. We had gone through so much over the past few years. Most of us were really ready for some great and wonderful things to begin occurring and instead we went through a time of detoxing and adjusting and sleeping and exhaustion and confusion. And when we detox, we can feel depression as we are in and looking through the toxins that are up and leaving.


Soooooooooo…….at higher levels we said that this was quite enough, thank-you. At times, things can go too far. For instance, one can incarnate into a physical body and experience abuse with the intention that it serve as a catalyst to spur one on and also for the opportunity to transmute these energies. And sometimes things can go too far and the abuse can cause permanent and irreparable damage, there-by negating its original purpose. At these times, a soul can choose to exit, and rightly so.


All this recent adjusting and aligning was certainly necessary, but for many, it is simply wearing us down to a point where we are no longer benefiting from its purpose and intent. As I write this today, February 28, we are beginning to come out of this most recent phase. Basically, “back-up” is arriving. At soul levels we have summoned more supplies….we have summoned more support……..we have summoned help from a higher realm that is bringing in new reserves for us……and it is coming with great affection, assistance, support and with an energy that will most assuredly guarantee help with a New foundation that will enable us to do what we need and want to do.


What it looks like for me, is one big commander in charge who is arriving with more food, water, supplies and supports. As if in some kind of war zone of a newly liberated country that has experienced much demolition and destruction, we will be air dropped much to sustain us further…..to keep us going……..in respect of the challenges we experience during this rare and unusual experience.


For some, things that needed a final wrapping up are finally doing so. Interacting in that old reality after one has come so far ahead felt downright ugly and unpleasant and extremely difficult to go back to. Much of it is finally over, and for those who are willing to let go and trust, you will be catapulted ahead now into some real fun and into an existence that is much more in alignment with who you really are.


Some will be guided to stay in their New and own personal sanctuaries for awhile as the deterioration and illumination continues in the stepping-stone world…….staying removed from what is leaving and from the chaos. These individuals will focus on their creativity, therefore bringing into form what they came to contribute…their highest gifts. Wow! It is beautiful to see! And many will be knocking at your doors, but you need not answer. A time to be very discerning regarding who you choose to let in.


OK. So we have Mercury retrograde for much of March. This is an optimal time for going within, staying close to your sanctuary, and connecting with your New and higher purpose and contribution. You can reach higher states of being and connecting during this time and it can be a very special time for extracting and excavating your true self while connecting with these New and higher frequencies as they relate to you on an individual level.


And then with back-up arriving for us in early March, we will be much more easily supported and placed into these positions geographically, relationship wise and purpose wise which we desire and which we have always known belong to us.


We are moving forward with tiny steps, but in a progression that is healthy and stable. Integrate, move forward. Integrate, move forward. And again, the more you are willing to take a chance and let go of anything that is not flowing, is not working, doors that are not opening and things that do not feel good and right, the easier and faster you will arrive in this space of the New that feels wonderful and oh so right.


Always do what feels good. Always go in the direction that lights you up .


March will also be a good time to connect and set your intention for what you desire. With two eclipses, again, this is an optimal time to connect with what you really desire, what is rightfully yours, who you really are, and the back-up and foundation you need to support you in making your own special contribution.


These are simply more phases and steps in the process. Unfolding in a perfect way. And again, the summer months will bring in some real big energies and much more movement. We are now beginning the steps needed to get us to where we will be in the summer………all in perfect and divine order.


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,





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