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                                                    CHANNELING from ASTRA
                                                        THE GUARDIAN ANGEL
                                                             January 6, 2006

    You are in this new time, in this new energy an a new beginning, and you have come together in this space in order to exercise your desire to understand and to embrace that which is to come, for there is for each of you much activity that will manifest in this time ahead of you.

    This is a new world that you are stepping into on many levels, for your energies are shifting, your consciousness is rising, and you are becoming more and more in tune with your physical-ness and with your emotional body.

    Now, you are asking and you are speaking in this time of ancient time and ancient time and present time have much resemblance to one another. In other words, it is a mirror that you are looking through and as you look, you see the past and then when you look again you see the present, and then when you look again you see the future. 
  It is one looking glass that you are looking through and that one looking glass is pertaining to your consciousness. Your consciousness has been what has pasted, your consciousness was what it was yesterday and is what it is today and will be what it will be tomorrow. 
  There is a constant changing, a constant moving, a constant vibration that has substance, that finds its way through the physical plane to make itself known, and this is man.
Man makes himself known through that which he creates, whether he is creating something of good or something of evil. 
  Mans creations are a statement of where his consciousness is. When you think of time and you think of consciousness, time is of the physical, within the ego consciousness, and your energy in its Truest sense, in its spiritual enlightenment is in a space that you call the moment and within it there is no time. 
For, when you're truly within the moment, the moment expands and it seems to be eternal.  It feels like forever.  There is no time in that space.  So understand that when you're creating through the ego, you are creating these different times, the time of the past, the time of the
present, the time of tomorrow, the time of the future.

   When you are in your higher consciousness, you are creating in the moment and your creation is an eternal vibration. You've heard the expression on the earth plane "time stands still."  That is what it is meaning, that when you are totally focused into the moment, then you are operating out of your God consciousness, you are vibrating on a higher level, a higher plateau.  In that space, what you are experiencing is eternal. Therefore, the feeling is that there is no time.  That is when you experience your True Reality.
   You are in your curiosity now.  You are curious about this linear time.  You are curious about what happened when the Christ energy was on the planet.  You are curious about why there is war now in the present as there was in the past, motivated out of belief systems,
spiritual belief systems, out of the God beliefs, and you wonder how the belief in God creates this kind of devastation. 
Yet,it is man who is creating the devastation.  But remember, you are looking at the same beliefs now only it looks different, because of what you call advancements, what you call your technical advancements in this plane.  So there are added elements that were not here then that are here now.  But at the same instant, you are following the same time line and so therefore you are still doing the same thing. 
You are on that time line through the ego consciousness, so you are still fighting one another over God.  You are still believing that one God is more truthful and more powerful than another.  You are still believing that your belief systems have valid truth while others are empty.  It is still the same.

    How does this change when you raise the consciousness out of time and you are in the One stream of thought?  This is where you are all in your soul's working now, towards manifesting Truth for yourselves. You are working towards self-realization. 
   To realize the self is to realize the creator.  To realize God is to realize the One.  To realize the One is to set you free, from all war and all pain, and all separation.

   Now let us continue with your investigation. But, remember as you are investigating, that your goal is to go beyond this ego level of consciousness and to rise to the level where there need be no investigation, for all there is known.

  You may begin.

                          QUESTION:  I think there was a question that Anna wanted to know.  She had read a book called Rabbi Jesus, and it talked about how through meditation Christ
was able to travel.  He was meditating on a chariot.

                          ANSWER: Yes.  That is what we are just speaking of,  that when Christ, was in meditation, he was out of time.  He moved his energy from the linear, he moved his image from the ego, he went out of time into that eternal space where all is known, where all is clearly God, and God spoke to him from this space.  God showed
him,  he saw.  He saw other people and how they lived and what they ate and how they related to one another, what kinds of healing modalities they used, and how they were very much in tune with the miraculous ways of healing.  And he was taught while he was in this space, in this space, where we say to you is an eternal vibration, where he was with the One. 
   In that space he came to know what God was, what God wanted of him, what God
represented for the world.  He came to know that he was one with God, that he was an extension of God.  That is why he called himself the son of God.  He knew that every being was the son of God, an extension of the One.  He understood that, that was to be celebrated, and he understood the rituals of celebration. 
He learned about miracles, that people believed in miracles from the land that he lived on in his physical body, these were healing modalities that he learned, he saw, he experienced,  he viewed what was taking place in other countries on this planet.  These teachings, were taking place in places where the people were very much advanced and had visitation from other galaxies,  they were visited by beings of advanced wisdom.

  When you are speaking of Egypt, for instance, there were many beings from other galaxies that were visiting in Egypt, and they left much of the wisdom and healing modalities there where the people would have access to them.  And there was certain beings that were
able to utilize this, what was called spiritual alchemy. 
These beings taught spiritual alchemy to many people.   Christ was a healer, and he was the greatest spiritual alchemist.  He could transform metals into gold (meaning in the Truest sense), that he could transform a body, he could transform a mind, he could transform a heart to serve the Higher Self.  He was what you might call today, an Avatar, he was this being that was very, very connected to exploration beyond the world he knew. In other words, he was a student of all of the world.  He was a student of the  physical world and the Cosmos. 
   He, was totally devoted to the creator and to the concept of One and that is what he taught as he traveled through his meditations.  He would travel for days, for he was able
to meditate for many, many hours without break, without sleep, for he didn't need sleep there.  One doesn't need to eat there.  One doesn't need to drink nor sleep there
because one is in the  presence of God.  One is no longer on the material time zone.  One is now into the infinity zone where he is being expanded into all that is.  He is part of all
creation one with the Cosmos and the Light.

  But, yet there is no word that can describe what we want to say. Draw a picture in your mind, of knowing God's heart, knowing God's mind, knowing that this is infinity and all of
creation has no ending, and know that when he went there, into infinity, all knowledge was his, and he brought what he needed to bring into the land of the living of that time, into the 
vibration, Earth.  
  Yet, he did not bring everything because it would have been impossible for the beings of
the earth to accept, for it was difficult for them to accept what he did bring.  But he was being guided.  So everything he did was measured. 
  This came out of the love of the Divine.  His love for the Divine brought him into union with the Divine.
You may ask.  There are other questions.  Ask whatever questions you have, even from past.  They are valid questions.

                       QUESTION:  When the class -- one of the first classes about 20 years ago, you started to tell us more about the life of Christ and at the time we weren't ready to hear.

                       ASTRA:  Yes.

                     QUESTION:  And so I've always wondered what it was that you were going to say.                
                     ASTRA:  What we just told you now, which has a lot to do with that which you were being told then, that when Christ was walking the earth, he was walking the earth as man, so he suffered as a man. He was lonely, he felt betrayed, he felt abandoned.  He
had the same feelings that man has on the earth plane now.

 and he turned to the Creator for all that he felt lacking on the earth.  He then had union with the Creator and shared himself with the physical beings of the earth. When we are saying he shared himself, he shared himself like anyone would share themselves. 
  If you were there you would not see him as this vision of Christ and as this vision of this man that is God-like or as one with God, no, you would see he played, he danced, he had love, he had woman, he had food, he had wine, he had everything that man had.  He loved to eat and drink and talk.  That was his -- that was his passion.  His passion was to be
the personality that was entertaining many people with fascinating stories and information. 
Jesus loved to eat.  Eating and drinking was a holy thing for him because he new that while he was doing it, he was celebrating God, he was celebrating the Creator, and he was celebrating humankind.

So, this is the way that he celebrated, the way people then held the traditions as you hold these traditions now, these feasts of celebration, for on your earth plane you celebrate all of your religious holidays with food and drink, this comes out of , the Christ energy, this tradition which took the place of other traditions of that time. 
   Christ was a man.  He had siblings. Whatever you have in your life, Christ had in his life.
He was a man that had education.  He was an educated being.  He was an educated being in a building craft in a certain way, but he had, a Higher education through his connection to the Divine, and  for that you celebrate him.  That is why people wanted him around
because he taught them so much and brought them peace.               
   He was able to heal others because he knew that the love that he was carrying, was healing. He knew that when a person was ill and desired to be healed,  that when he would give them his love and he would focus this divine love on them, that they would immediately heal because it is the love that heals everything.  
   Love is the Creator.  It brings sight to a man who cannot see. It creates the limbs to work on a man whose limbs are broken.  Because the body is an illusion, the only reason that man can't see and the limbs are broken, is because there is a belief system in linear time, that this is the day the limbs broke and that was the moment I lost my sight and so therefore, the blindness and broken limb is a continuation of this physical illusion. 
  Yet, once you've raised your beliefs out of this vibration, you are perfect.  You are healed, you are surrounded by the love energy, and so therefore when you are taught in this life that, Jesus was teaching man/woman to love one another and that is how you heal one another, and to love yourself, to honor your family, to honor your work,  then all that you are serving, will rise up to perfection, you are experiencing the creative force .

   What does this mean?  It means that you will raise yourself out of this lower vibration, this dense earthly vibration of linear time where everything follows on that line and therefore it repeats itself and repeats itself and repeats itself.  Just like 12 noon will come every day and 12 midnight will come every day and it will be repeating and repeating and repeating.  
  Therefore, when a being is going through something that is negative like hatred of people that are different than himself, if he does it at 12 noon today, he is going to do it at 12 noon 100 years from today because he is running on that same vibration. 
   But man, Jesus, was teaching, has the power as he had the power, to rise above, to rise above that  linear time and to come into that one extended eternal vibration.  That is always changing.  That is never in a  repeat.  That is eternal, meaning that nothing is repeated.  It is always changing, always moving, always exposing itself to be something totally different than
what you just saw or experienced in that moment, for every moment holds the new.

  Therefore, he brought in many miracles to hold the attention of man so man would not forget, so man would not forget him, not him the person but him the teacher and the things that he taught.
  When speaking of the resurrection, it is a God reflection.  Jesus went into that place where he is with the One and reflected himself back into the Earth, where his body was before.  He reflected himself back to those who loved him, knowing that they would see him, for the desire to see him created his being, his substance to materialize.

  And so therefore it isn't that the body doesn't die,  because the body is an illusion so the body dies. The body deteriorates, the body is gone.  But what he was teaching man, is that the soul doesn't die, the mind doesn't die, the energy does not die. 
So therefore, that is your true substance and that is what is eternal, and if you connect to that part of your energy that is you, the True you, then you will never, ever die. 
 That is why he said, "Follow me and you will not die.  Those who believe in me will never die" because your consciousness will always be thoughtful, always be in memories, always be in the creative vibration, meaning you will be able to project yourself back to the loved ones you leave behind.  You will have the ability that he has and had and so that is what he means by you'll never die, not that your body is not going to die because your
 body is going to die.  It is an illusion. 
 It will not survive you.  Believe in this Truth and you will continue on.  You can project your body.  You can create your body for your own purposes, let us say.  You are walking in another vibration and you are creating, so you can see whatever you desire to see.  You can manifest whatever it is that you desire to manifest into form. You can project your form back,  It's a mirror, you are eternal. There is no death.

   These are concepts that when you confront a being, that is very much into the dogma, whether it is Jewish dogma or Christian dogma or Hindu dogma, they will not believe that everything is above the physical, meaning the consciousness is what elevates man.  
  Some will not believe.  Yet, all can  believe your goodness and kindness, and this elevates you.  But they do not believe in the concept of elevating consciousness from one plane to another then another, while in body.  For each plane that you go to you are at a
 different concept.  You are in a different place within consciousness.  It is not any longer the same as where you were, in the sense that you are changing your being from within and from without.  
When every being's consciousness is raised into the infinity, into the Truth, then the
physical world would be raised as well.  This will be, when all man/woman on the earth see themselves in Truth.

   These are things that man/woman are still struggling with and they will struggle with it for many years yet to come, because the religious organizations that you have, with all the dogmatic teachings that man has been taught for centuries, will hold him a prisoner to
 the physical. 
Yes, many as yourselves, will work to release themselves from that entrapment, and you will rise and then you will fall and then you will rise and you will fall, because there will always be that pull from the gravity of the earth and from the idea of time.

   Think about time when you are  seeing stars in the sky.  You believe that you are looking at a star,  but the star is dead.  In reality it doesn't exist anymore.  You are seeing
the light from the star that once was.  In this way you are believing that you are seeing something that you are not seeing. 

   We call this earth the wheel of karma, where you are believing in something that is no longer, that is gone. Time is showing you that you have seen something called the
ancient world of religion.  As you are going into Israel, and going to the Arab countries, and you are looking at what it was then, you still think it's that way now, when all has changed and past away.  It does not exist as it did in the past.

 The world of Jesus, that world of religion, that world of God is not there anymore, but you believe it's still there because you are on that wheel of karma where all keeps repeating. You are going to repeat it on and on and the wheel will spin on and on. 
   And that is why there is all of this prejudice that people have against one another and against different religions and against different ways of being and different traditions.  Because it was once, and you are looking and you are thinking it's still there, when it is not, for it has changed.

  Because you believe it's still there, that is why you repeat it, and freeze it in time. Follow what we are saying.  Consciousness is forever changing and although the past was, it no longer looks or is the same.
  Therefore man/woman must embrace the expansion of the past into the new, where all religion and spiritual beliefs become One. 
Be in Truth and you shall be eternally in peace. ASTRA
            ASTRA The Guardian Angel
            Channeled by Anna Harlas

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