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January 2006 article
This article is part of a series from the Archangel Uriel's book 'Shifting in Consciousness--the Process of Healing Humanity' that will be available soon.

Are You Living an Active or a Passive Life?

Our life unfolds according to the choices that we make. At the time we are making them, we have only our experience, spiritual understanding and knowing to help us make the best decisions. And we are aware of the results of our decisions after they are made. We do not deliberately make bad decisions. Instead, we choose from the options that we can see at the time.

Our fears, hopes and beliefs about ourselves and what we are capable and deserving of are the tools that we use to make decisions. As we are in the decision-making process, we are living actively. When we regret the outcome of our decisions, we are living passively.

Granted, it is difficult to try again when each time we make a life choice or decision the result always seems to turn out the same way and we are unhappy with the outcome. Then we look for reasons to not make decisions, to take whatever life seems to hand out to us. Living passively can become a habit as we move from one situation to another, struggling to maintain our dignity, joy and some semblance of order in our lives when we are surrounded by chaos. While we may understand on a spiritual level that it is simply our fears and beliefs that stand in our way, we still have to find the courage to learn to take an active stance, to say ‘no’ to the chaos and drama and to become involved in our life process.

Most of us believe that destiny or fate plays an important role in the outcome of our lives and that we cannot go against our destiny.  That is true, but only in part.  Destiny is the repetition of our karma, of past life experiences.  Living according to our destiny will allow us to make those choices that have always been available to us. If we allow destiny to guide us through lives, we will unconsciously live a life that we once lived, full of the experiences that we once had and never doing anything differently.

This is passive living.

But this is the time of the Shift, a time when we are compelled to see beyond what has been true for us at one time and to decide whether that is good enough for us today.  When we change from living passively and accepting only the obvious or logical choices, to living actively, being willing to take a chance on the illogical, obscure and different options, we re-chart the course of our lives and change our destiny. What will the outcome be for us? We cannot know that because it is new and uncharted territory.  It will be at times difficult and frightening but ultimately, our reward will be a new focus and direction for our lives, one that has the potential to lead us to joy and peace and bring us the satisfaction that we have looked for.

What does it take to live an active life?  First, the willingness to acknowledge our own inner knowing that the life we are living is not right for us—we know that when we are not happy with who we are or what we are doing.  Then we have to be willing to hear and listen to the still, small voice when it tells us to try something new or different, to move forward when we would rather stand still.  Then, to make decisions and choices using our spiritual understanding as our guide and to use our emotions to help us develop the excitement and passion that will keep us committed and focused on this new journey.

Why wait until tomorrow or until you need a good reason to start?   Each moment can be lived actively, with passion and commitment and a genuine desire to make your life experience the best, most wonderful and fulfilling that it can be.  It does not take money, although living with passion will certainly bring all kinds of abundance, including money.  It takes the courage to live actively, to be willing to experience a life that is totally different from that which you have known and the faith and trust in a benevolent Universe and that you deserve every good thing in life.

Archangel Uriel

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