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Integration of the New Energies
St. Francis through Anina Davenport

As many of you might have noticed this summer has brought a lot of new energies. All these need to be integrated. We have talked about integration before but since it is ongoing it is worth repeating what is going on and how you can smooth the transition. When high energy hits your body the frequency of your cells gets increased.  Imagine the electrons in your cells spinning faster and old energy getting thrown out a bit like material gets thrown to the edge in a blender when you let it spin. This is why clearing always follows light infusion and bliss or mystical experiences are often followed by sadness or anger or some old grief. You might even experience some old trauma come up and for some their PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) gets activated. As much as you can just let it happen and breathe your way through it the easier it will be. That does not mean you might not benefit from help if you decide to go to a healer or therapist or psychologist or psychiatrist or doctor or naturopath; at times just a friend that you can talk to can help. Another person who is going through the same process can be extremely helpful. One who understands that this is a clearing and not a regression to an old state. You are clearing something old and unless you add to the story by re-traumatizing yourself or letting others do so, it will clear and soon you will feel better. Especially if you have recently had a spiritual experience or have just received an influx of new energy it is part of clearing.

So what can you do to help yourself clear and move on in this process?

Number one: NATURE: We will put this word in capital letters because some people still don’t realize the power of the natural world around you to restore not only your spirits but also your energy system. We don’t mean to criticize anybody but we want to point out that every minute you spent in nature, walking, gardening or just laying in the grass by a lake listening to the birds can be healing to you.

Number two: Movement. Movement is very important when you are dealing with an influx of energies and the clearing of old trauma, energy, patterns or whatever words you like to use. The word “stuff” is a good one too. Stuff is coming up and being cleared. Often you don’t need to know anymore. So if you are depressed and don’t know what is going on go for a walk or put on some music and dance. Do some yoga or a bit of stretching to help the body release whatever is being released. You need not know the details and if you do they will be revealed to you by a dream or flash backs or memory. Life will always send you what you need. But you do have to listen, take notice. If you need help say: “Universe I need help. Please help me” and then see what happens. New ideas, new people, new resources will appear. Watch life.

Number three: Try to be ordinary. So yes your body is changing from the inside out and lifetimes of trauma are being thrown up and your perception of life as a whole is shifting but the dog still needs a walk. Your teeth still need to be fixed by the dentist. You still need to pay your rent. Groceries still have to be bought. Our Point is: Life continues in a sometimes strange feeling ordinary way. If you can embrace this ordinariness it can help you. If you can just wash the dishes and focus on that rather than the latest energy surge and what it all means that can actually be helpful. Life continues. The weather man still appears on TV every evening. Weeds still reappear about four weeks after you plucked them out. Your children still leave their boots by the door and your cat still disappears when visitors come; ordinary life.

Number four: Keep moving. Life will support you. Your job is to get up in the morning and to pay attention to what happens around you. Life is very magically. It sends you signs and signals all the time. The more that you can pay attention and appreciate the gifts life has for you the easier your journey. When we say easier we do not mean the fewer problems you have necessarily (although sometimes it works out that way) but we mean that you can now feel a sense of ease and support even in hard times.

Number five: Don’t suppress your emotions. A lot of New Age philosophy can lead people to suppress themselves. Even well meaning and accurate advice of “accepting life on life’s terms” can be misused by the negative ego to now become stoic and frozen. The most pain in this process is created by not expressing, by trying to freeze yourself (which is not possible). So you need a way to let your emotions (or energy in motion) flow. It does not matter whether that is through journaling, therapy, dance or any other form but communication is important. Express yourself verbally and in other ways. Try to have at least one good friend that you can talk to.

Number six: Accept yourself warts and all as they say. Accept your limitations too. If you are tired take a nap; if things get too much take a break. If you need help with your work hire someone if you have the money to do so or exchange. Help each other. Support each other.

Do you have questions?

Questioner: What do I do when I feel overwhelmed?

St. Francis: You rest. You take a break. You watch a silly movie. Spend some time on the couch. Go for a walk in nature. Lay down in your back yard under a tree. Ask spirit to heal you, rejuvenate you. If this does not work you can go and see a healer or another body worker. Get a massage, take a bath or go for a swim in a lake. Relax; release. Don’t push yourself too much.

Questioner: What if I feel overwhelmed with others?

St. Francis: Then maybe you have taken on the energy of other people. Do a daily de-cording from others. You are letting go off negative ties not connections. Relax. Tune into spirit your higher self. Ask god to help you. De-cord from the media.

Questioner: Can I still watch the news.

St. Francis: Yes, go ahead watch the news but do so with intelligence.  Don’t buy into the over dramatization and de-cord when you feel overwhelmed.  This increase in frequency is the most important “work” that you can ever do.  It leads you to clear old energies and also old limiting beliefs.  When you are on this path you are going to be challenged to give up your old crutches, your resentments and your holier and though attitudes.  You are going to be challenged to become ordinary (the ego hates ordinary) and free and easy and fluid and forgiving and at the same time emotionally available.  Suppressing your emotions won’t work anymore and you will be speaking your truth more and more.  You won’t be able anymore to blame other people for your problems although you will still do so at times and be amused by it.  Here comes the old me finding an enemy to blame.  The ego says, “This person is responsible for my problems.  Society did it too me.  My parents are to blame.”

Questioner: But when we are clearing old energy we might get a picture of a parent hurting us and then we feel anger.

St. Francis: Yes and that is coming up to be released and it is important to feel the anger about it especially if you have been suppressing it. And it gets cleared. It’s gone and does not need to be warmed up again so to speak unless another raise in frequency brings up more of this trauma and more anger needs to be released but this is an organic process like the flowers in your flower bed opening and closing their buds; it is not controlled by the ego that says,: “I have a right to be angry.” It is more like anger comes and anger goes. We say this to you who are on the accelerated path of growing spiritually. We won’t say it to a person who is new to this and just discovered anger yesterday. “To that person a therapist might say, “You have a right to be angry” and it might be exactly what that person needs to hear at that time. This is why we always say with any teaching take what is right and leave what does not feel right for you at the moment. It might be right for another or will make sense to you years later or maybe it will never be right for you.

Questioner: Why do we like to blame others?

St. Francis: Because then you do not have to take responsibility for your own life. You do not have to dig deep and say, “Wait a minute, even though it hurts emotionally let me stay with this hurt and see if there is something that I am doing or believing that contributes to this situation. Now, sometimes the answer to a situation is to leave it, but even if you do also look at your unresolved issues. Why was there so much hurt in that relationship. What triggered you? If you really hate someone then often there was hate there before.

Questioner: How do we clear this hate?
St. Francis: First you have to be honest with yourself. Watch yourself with love, compassion and honesty maybe even a bit of a curious attitude. Like Sherlock Holmes you say, “Isn’t it interesting I got really upset by this issue. But this other thing did not bother me at all. Why is that?” You need a bit of a detachment from yourself. You are inquiring into your personality and why it works the way it works and you can ask the universe for help. “Universe please help me with this hate that I feel for people with short noses (we are making something up here)? What is going on here? What is being triggered? Why am I violent here?” Most probably at some point in your life someone with a short nose chided you or hurt you in some way and you are still carrying this around with you. All short nosed people are now condemned by you.

Questioner: How ridiculous.

St. Francis: Yes, ridiculous but if you don’t do this work you (and we don’t mean you we mean some people) go out and get guns and shoot someone because someone has to pay for their pain.

Questioner: So what dissolves this hate that I have for people with short noses?

St. Francis: Understanding: understanding yourself; the ridiculousness of it all; the release of old emotions that have nothing to do with your short nose neighbor. Now he might have his own problems. Maybe he dislikes people with dark hair but his problems have nothing to do with you. You are here to untie your knots, your energetic knots.

Questioner: And it is a process?

St. Francis: Yes it is a process and spirit is there to help you to send you clues and strength when needed. Ask for help. Our love is with you.

Copyright Anina Davenport 2006

Anina Davenport is the author of Reflections on Ascension and her new book Energetic Empowerment. To read an excerpt of Energetic Empowerment or to order go to www.IUniverse.com or call 1-800-AUTHORS. Anina can be reached at Aninadavenport@earthlink.net.


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