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St. Francis through Anina Davenport

Dear Friends,

Many of you are coming to greater levels of detachment.  You are less entangled with the world and other people.  You still care. You still help another if you are guided to do so but you get less drawn in. You keep your center. You relax, you breathe. Let us tell you a story. In India monkeys are caught by putting nuts in pots that are chained to a pole. The monkey smells the food and sticks his hand in the pot. Once he has the nuts in his hand he does not want to let go. Now he could easily release his hand if he let go of the nuts but he does not want to. So he keeps his hand in a fist and can’t get away. He is caught.

Similarly you get caught by the world. You too grasp things, people, ideas, concepts and you get attached to them and you get caught. It seems as if the world has caught you but if you go really deep and look at the whole dynamic you will see that you hold onto the world. So what is the answer? Detachment. For many of you it has been happening gradually. Deeper and deeper levels of detachment. Of relaxation, of not grasping. The more you can let go the better. Relax. Breathe. Let go. Give up the struggle. Relax.

This does not mean you suppress your emotions. If something is upsetting let the upset be there. Feel the anger or fear. Feel it but also step back and say, “This too will pass,” for it will. Relax. Breathe. Go for a walk. Step out of the drama not by suppressing but by breathing. Breathe. Relax.

When you feel very caught up in something, breathe. Breathe dear ones. Become aware of your body, your feet, get grounded, breathe. If another is pulling on you, inviting you to some crazy dance, decord. Relax. Breathe. If someone on TV tells you the world is coming to an end relax, breathe. Change the channel. Do not buy into drama.

“Nothing real can be threatened” is a phrase from The Course in Miracles. Real refers to consciousness, being who you are. You are who you are the internal I AM. No one can take that away. Breathe, dear ones. As you release old beliefs such as  “I have to be involved here” or “I feel guilty about so and so” or “I need to take on this person’s fear, anger or despair”, you start to become more free. What is freedom? It is the ability to breathe and to say, “I AM THAT I AM. I need not feel guilty or afraid and if I do I can breathe my way through it. Eternal consciousness is always there. I AM THAT I AM.”

Now you don’t need to explain the “I AM THAT I AM.” You don’t need to justify or even understand it. “I AM THAT I AM.” Period. Enough said. Why? Why is no explanation necessary? Because it is not about thinking. Your I AM  is not something you thought up like your job, your role as a wife, mother or husband, father. It is your Being. I AM THAT I AM is beyond thinking and beyond justification. What is there to justify? “You are who you are.” On that level there is nothing to justify. On the level of duality, on a practical level sometimes you have to justify. Why were you late with your rent? Why did you not finish the project at work? Practical matters are not in anyway diminishing your I AM THAT I AM and in 3D rents have to be paid or if they cannot be paid you need to work out an arrangement.

If you can stay in your I AM THAT I AM, this center, this stillness, you can act with less fear, you can just go and do what needs to be done. You need not discuss in your head why you are bad for not paying the rent, why your landlord is bad for charging it. Why your parents are to blame for not teaching you about money, your boss for not giving you a raise. You just cut through all that. You go to the I AM THAT I AM, you align with higher will and talk to your landlord to find a solution. No one is to blame. Your landlord is a I AM THAT I AM, the same consciousness really the same perfection. If you approach him with that knowledge he will respond likewise. He will come from his center, look for a solution rather than blame you for being late. Try it. Play with it. See people as I AM THAT I AM, as consciousness, as perfect right now. Not this personality but the inner core. The personality does its thing. That is fine. Go to the core.

So relax. Being in the I AM is not about tension. Consider it to be fun, easy, in flow. Yes, integrating higher energies has been hard on the body for many of you but relax, go into the I AM and breathe. Try to operate more from ease. Like a well engineered car that drives safely and gently with power and ease. Not the kind of car that makes lots of noise. The car that has to tell everyone, “Watch me I am shifting gears now. Can you see me shifting gears? Oh how much work that is. See how hard that was. See that.”

Go into ease. If you are in the habit of exercising strenuously take a break from hard exercise for a week. Try to move your body with ease. Dance. Try it. Go back to your aerobics if you like it but try also some gentleness, some EASE. Many of you grew up being told to work hard. Some of you rebelled against it. Try to do things with more ease. What if that contract does not come through? Relax. Let go. Ask the universe for help. Align with higher will. Align with flow. Go to your I AM.

Questioner: What if I am in flow but the person I am dealing with is not?

Saint Francis: Relax. Step back. Step back mentally maybe even physically as well. Relax. Breathe. Let the other person do their thing. Let us say you are selling a sweater. They are getting into, “I don’t know which one to take. This one is nice but that one is less expensive. Maybe I should come back.” Just let them relax. Like a wheel that has momentum let it run out. You stay in your I AM. Whether the sweater gets sold or not. Be there. Present. Detached. Know the other person too is an I AM THAT I AM. Know that and keep a distance. Feel your feet, breathe. Chances are he will calm down, relax and get closer to his I AM. You don’t have an agenda. You are just there relaxed. You are not trying to make a sale. You are not trying to prevent a sale. You are in something much more attractive: neutral. Neutral is like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. It is like a breath of fresh air. It is new. It is alive. It is space, stillness. So you are doing your spiritual practice while that sweater decision is going on. You are radiating peace even though you are not doing anything to radiate it. It comes through neutral. It happens when you center, breathe. Highest Good will happen. Sweaters will be bought or not bought. Maybe the sweater will make someone very happy and warm. Maybe money needs to be saved and your customer will notice that as stillness comes into his awareness, “Ah, I’m in debt already. I better skip this purchase.” Highest Good is there to be played out.

Questioner: So I don’t know what Highest Good is.

Saint Francis: No, that knowledge that you don’t know what Highest Good is is crucial for your next step in awakening. To be comfortable with that knowledge is important. Think on this, play with this concept.

Questioner: But I need to plan my life.

Saint Francis: And you can. Step by step but be flexible. What seemed like the right decision one day might change. Trust the I AM. It will inform you.

Our love is with you all.


Copyright Anina Davenport 2006

 Anina Davenport is the author of Reflections on Ascension and her new book Energetic Empowerment. To read an excerpt of  Energetic Empowerment or to order go to IUniverse.com or call 1-800-AUTHORS. Anina can be reached at Aninadavenport@earthlink.net.

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