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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
9 Cimi, 14 Moan, 1 Caban        5/16/06

Selamat Jarin! We come to you once again, dear Hearts, with more to tell you! As your world continues to grow in consciousness, your planetary populace becomes less subject to manipulation by your dark cabal. Further, there is mounting discontent with the miserable conditions that most of you still have to endure. Another factor is the rising power of our Earth allies. This motley mix has served up a setting for a great change in the very near future. We see this grand transformation as now being ready to manifest in your reality. This we base on three main factors: First is the dangerous monetary situation on your world; the reign of the current US dollar is nearly over, which means a new monetary system is critically needed. Second, the present, untenable petroleum-based economy of the planet is creating a new desire to find practical alternatives, and quickly. Third, the exponentially increasing world debt needs to be forgiven before a series of potentially explosive civil wars throughout your so-called Third World becomes inevitable. This is the dire situation facing your many ruling cabals.

      The solutions to these dilemmas lie in heeding the requirements for change. This change can no longer be merely cosmetic; it needs to be a massive realigning of the financial, economic, and political elements that form your society. Those in charge realize this and have formally and covertly accepted our assistance. Yet despite this, there remains an immense hodgepodge of powerful individuals and groups deeply obsessed with a variety of different solutions. However, these are by and large very practical and reasonable members of society, and we have therefore been able to use our "good offices" and our technology to formulate a widely approved series of solutions. One of the more important addresses the monetary quandary. Ultimately, this involves a new global banking agreement, which in turn requires a new primary currency or, alternatively, a balanced spread of currencies. In any event, this new monetary giant needs to become the foundation of a system based upon true value. Your present fiat system has run its course and has fully displayed its countless, inherent weaknesses.

      The prerequisite of a new, true-value monetary and banking system depends upon finding a new energy source to drive the global economic engine. This means that your fossil-fuel-based economy is viewed as a dinosaur "gasping its last" by these practical ones. All this is weighed carefully against the powerful positions still held by your last dark cabal. Hence, progress has been slow but nevertheless steady. As the powerful U.S. regime, still controlled by this dark cabal, begins to implode upon itself, the prospect for a coherent plan of campaign comes into focus. Bear in mind that our role in these matters is to work in tandem with our Earth allies to make this quiet revolution a reality. The dark cabal still maintains the primary power positions in the present system and is holding on for dear life. Their current stranglehold cannot last much longer. Like the mounting chaos in your various global systems, their internal chaos also grows and is soon to affect their complete collapse. This inevitability inspires and motivates our earthly coalitions!

     The political component is of course inextricably tied in to this equation. This last dark cabal holds your reality in a fierce headlock. Here also, the foundation upon which they stand is crumbling like a brick wall in a powerful earthquake. The many difficulties they faced during the last Gregorian year are only multiplying in this one. We are buoyed up by what is happening throughout your globe. The political system you have long known is everywhere becoming more and more insufferable, and so regime changes are more likely to occur. This can further destabilize the present system and demonstrate the overall need for fundamental change. The depth and scope of these changes, not to mention the time factor, points clearly toward the need for some type of external assistance. Our intent is to help you create the requisite conditions that can then lead rapidly toward our formal acceptance and the moment for first contact. We feel this moment is getting very near.

      This growing chaos is more than countered by the increase in the consciousness levels of your global population. In every country, children who possess a higher level of consciousness are being born. Their addition daily raises the consciousness quotient of your reality. This further weakens the ability of this last cabal to compensate for the innate liabilities of their goals. All this means that you are advancing at an accelerated pace toward your victory. Look upon this period in your history as the golden moments when the dark's influence on you began rapidly to wane. It is a time of great promise as the forces of chaos move to obstruct the dark from its dire goals. This approaching defeat breathes life into the new programs mentioned above. These agreements, which ensure you an abundant and a safer world, can now start to emerge from behind the curtains where they have been kept.

      Before they can be released from obscurity, certain things must first take place. Our liaisons and diplomatic personnel are working around the clock with our Earth allies to this end. As you know, as soon as this U.S. regime falls, a window of opportunity is thus created, and the demise of the current monetary and economic systems can be swiftly announced. A moment of transition will open up which can move your world beyond the current brinkmanship into a space where she can prepare herself for something new. This something new is an innovative precious-metal-backed currency system, an end to fractional banking, and a global debt-forgiveness holiday! This is to be followed by a great sharing of abundance and the restoration of common law throughout the globe.

      These events contain the final steps leading to first contact. They include the implementation of new ecological pacts that end the tyranny of fossil fuel dependence and begin an age of alternatives. This contains the formal introduction of free energy devices and their derived transportation systems. Our arrival can spur this move to energy alternatives, but more importantly, will begin the necessary union between the inner-Earth people and the surface dwellers. This union can initiate you to much needed technology and serve as the start of a new galactic society for the peoples of Mother Earth. At this time, the facts about Earth's true history can be made known together with an amazing education system enabling the assimilation of huge amounts of new information. Most importantly, these new abilities can enable a joyous return to full consciousness.

      Our purpose has been, throughout, to move you toward your divine destiny. This is why, in our messages to you, we constantly harp on about the need to "consider the big picture", be positive, and learn to move beyond your understandable frustrations. We know such advice can be challenging for those living in the anguished throes of a world wresting itself from the clutches of the dark. Nevertheless, you need to know that these necessary transformations you are going through are to result in your destined triumph. Our part, at first, is to help you indirectly and, at the appropriate moment, to join in directly. This arrangement compels us to help where our special talents can do the most good. Due to the current conditions on your world, this has mostly meant working in a covert manner with those most able to unseat the rooted power of your last dark cabal.

      Today, we discussed what is occurring on your world. We wish to re-emphasize to you the power inherent in your calm, continuing focus on your victory. This concentration has helped us greatly, and we remain ever grateful for your mindful assistance. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
2 Kan, 7 Moan, 1 Caban             5/9/06

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return on this day with some interesting items to discuss. At the top of our list is the Sun. She has been more active than usual this week. This is due, in part, to the great increase in interdimensional energies streaming toward her from the galactic core. This energy affects not only this solar system but also, for example, others as far away as those in Andromeda and Cassiopeia. This energy is helping to heal the fractures in space-time produced by the more devastating of the battles in the last great galactic wars which largely ended some 200 of your years ago. This healing is permitted because a general peace treaty, fully approved by the combatants, is now in effect. Further, the proper legal and heavenly sanctions for this reconstitution were only approved in the past few weeks. This energy can cause some unusual phenomena: an increase in the polar ozone holes and eccentric weather around your globe. Another side effect is heightened interference with your radio communications and your larger electrical power generators.

      Another item on the list is the changing nature of the Moon and his relationship to Mother Earth. Normally, a moon acts as the regenerator and protector of a planet. Moons help to correct the tides of the oceans, stabilize the atmosphere, and constitute an intrinsic part of the circadian rhythms that the planetary ecosystem requires to function in a prescribed manner. Lately, your Moon has been delegating some of these activities to the nodal points that are eventually to become Mother Earth's two natural moons. This is part of the procedure to return your moon to his original position as one of the five moons that once served the trans-Martian planet that some of you call Marduk, and that we prefer to call Bellona. Some observers of the moon's surface have noticed new constructions. These devices are part of this relocation work, as are the various craft recently seen floating nearby. Together with the Elohim, we are preparing your reality to fulfill her fully conscious destiny!

      Your solar system is likewise changing as a result of the profusion of energies streaming out from the Sun. In previous messages, we remarked about the changing conditions of the inner planets. These mostly water worlds are to be restored to their former glory. Even the now lost, innermost world of Vulcan and the outermost and largest of the inner planets, Bellona, are to be reinstated in orbit around their great Mother, the Sun. Six outer planets are similarly being prepared to take an active role in a wholly reconstituted solar system. This involves recapturing many moons that have floated free from their planets and now wander the solar system as so-called planetoids. A prime example is Pluto; others are Ceres and Chiron. These small worlds are important to the future of this system as a whole. Much is mere flotsam: pieces of Bellona that drifted out into space and established orbits around the Sun. Some are moons, or pieces of moons, that need to be lassoed and returned to their former mistresses. It is clear from this that your astronomers need to change their definition of a solar system.

      As order is returned to your solar system, you can begin to understand what a miracle a solar system in fact is. Special conditions are needed to form one, and most stars do not possess them. Nevertheless, a nearly countless number of them exist in physical Creation! Solar systems can have as few as 2 or 3 worlds, or as many as 24. Most of the systems hosting highly sentient Beings have from 6 to 12 planets. Yours is to be returned to a system of 12 planets. This is all about understanding harmonics or resonance patterns. Solar systems with "the right stuff" possess a set of harmonics equivalent to yours. In fact, Mother Earth sits in the middle of a planetary system that once had perfect harmonics, and the work of the Elohim is presently restoring these rhythms. When finished, your solar system will have a base harmonic that is sympathetic with the Sirius B system. In the near future, this resonance can allow your solar system to drift much closer to Sirius B.

      In the various realities that surround your solar system, major transformation is likewise taking place. As you shift your consciousness, this process can become quite disturbing for you. Each solar system is generally composed of sub-realities. Normally, each planet is enveloped in its own sub-reality, and since these sub-realities are so similar, they fit together almost seamlessly. Realities are based upon the collective belief system; they constitute the lens through which you view yourselves and your physical world. Now, however, your perceptions are about to change. When they do, the physical construct of your world will change. Things you did not notice before will become real and take on great significance. This process is part of the great shift in consciousness that you are undergoing. The immensity of this shift's last stages is one of the main reasons why we are here to complete our first contact with you in the very near future.

      These changes in your reality and in those surrounding you are an important by-product of your move back into full consciousness. It can be quite difficult for those with no experiential concept of it to comprehend what full consciousness is like. Physicality is Light and Love forming a determined space. This space (a reality) sees itself as a form and generates a collective with the other inhabitants. Together, all decide to perceive the rest of the space in the reality as a series of forms. These forms behave according to a joint set of rules. When these rules are altered by new perceptions, sweeping new rules are forged which reinterpret all the space in a given reality. This is why the Universe you see in the night sky can look and feel quite different as you become fully conscious. For you to achieve this shift as flawlessly as possible, you will need a physical "coach."

      Physical Creation is, by nature, quite magical! Its apparently staid and solid aspect is deceptive. In fact, Creation is permeable and given to frequent change. The critical factor is consciousness. When you began, over a century ago, to loosen the bonds with your "traditions", you moved away from the means that tied you to a limited consciousness reality. This process was further accelerated by inventions that moved you first into the age of electricity and then, super electronics. Heaven preplanned these developments. And now the time has come to end the dominance of the dark and return this world to the Light. This undertaking required the sanction of the dark. The key to their acquiescence was greed, long a province of the dark. Once their consent was given, you were hurtled to the very brink of first contact and the rewards of full consciousness.

      Today, we wanted to convey to you an insight in the way the many transformations underway in your reality influence your perceptions of the Universe and your world. Everything around you, including you and your "known" Universe, is changing at a great rate. Nonetheless, it is a mere intimation of what the future holds. The world you know is destined to alter in the twinkling of an eye! But this can only take place after what seems to you to be a most trying period of waiting, soaring global chaos, and other related but ostensibly illogical events. Try to take this all in your stride. The magical process of morphing a reality can be distressing and strange at times, and interspersed with bouts of frustration. This peculiar "soup" is your current daily reality. We ask you to view it with empathy and to bring your combined superb abilities to bear on hastening the arrival of your new reality. Remember, Together, We are truly Victorious!

      This message addresses what is happening to you and your reality. Bear in mind that your reality and those adjacent to it are transforming and that it is all part of the divine plan. This process is to restore you to your true selves and return you to the loving bosom of your spiritual and galactic families! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
8 Caban, 0 Moan, 1 Caban         5/2/06

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return for another discussion with you. Around your world, much is happening, both good and not so good. Many important agreements, global in scale, have been secretly reached. These pacts reaffirm the majority view of your secret cabals to permit a great change to occur on your world. This alteration of the present status quo is unprecedented. Never, since before the catastrophic fall of Atlantis, have the dark forces agreed to thus relinquish their 13 millennia control of your world. The Earth is approaching a point in her history where the shadowy pall of evil that still grips her can at last be transformed into Light! This potential existed before, but not until this moment was a force as considerable as this and long claimed by the dark able to wrest itself successfully from its former masters. This change opens the door to possibilities most of you cannot yet fully imagine! Not only is the dark ready to retreat from your world, but it has also agreed to retire from a number of "local" sectors of physicality. This is important not only to you but to all of physicality.

      Besides these wonderful developments, we secured positions to limit the power of your planet's last dark cabal. Don't forget that there are still vast sums of money, many hiding-places, and those who covertly support this dark cabal on your world. It is therefore essential to work within the operational confines of our Earth allies. This process is much slower than we desire. However, your world is still gripped by the fear, want, and mistrust so effectively laid down by your former overlords, the Anunnaki. These factors, so prevalent in your global population, prevent us from showing ourselves as openly as we would like. First contact became an operation limited by what your major governments would allow. So far, a massive cover-up continues to belie our purpose. Changing this distortion to reflect the truth of our objectives is vital to speeding up the process of first contact. There are also many religious and cultural reasons for your secret leaders to keep on with this insanity. These secret cabals believe that once these last points of control are done away with a great chaos can result.

      The recent pacts we mentioned above address these issues. It is critically important that our presence and that of our heavenly supervisors be treated with the proper levels of decorum and dignity. To this end, we asked for these indispensable agreements. Your move into an abundant and free reality needs to come about with a minimum of discord. Those who control these elements in your societies must agree on a general plan of action. What has just been accomplished lays down the steps and strategies for this to happen. There is now a procedure to establish the post-first-contact world. Also, there is a means for the proclamations to be made by governmental, religious, and cultural leaders alike. This more broad-based operation can ensure that the transition to a new reality transpires swiftly once we are formally announced. This pleases us and sets the stage for those events currently close to happening on your world. Energies are being manifested to allow for the grand governmental changes your society now desperately requires.

      In the meantime, our first contact fleet continues to monitor closely both Mother Earth and yourselves. Personnel familiar with what is occurring are quite happy with the results. These significant breakthroughs signal how precarious the agenda of your last dark cabal has become. But these dark ones are not finished yet! Among them are the last generations accustomed to being absolute controllers of your world. At present, much circumscribes them; yet still they retain much room for maneuver. This process of change is a road that alternates between smooth patches and potholes. Even before the start of the 19th century, this cabal's forbearers had set up huge trust funds whose sole purpose was to provide for the skullduggery needed to maintain global control. These funds are constantly moved around and kept top secret. Limiting their use is a continual problem for our Earth allies, and thus we have long asked to be allowed to restrict their use.

      This need was addressed in the last series of signed agreements. It is our intention to help our Earth allies keep track of the illegal use of these funds to buy governments, instigate disorder, and in general create conditions that support the cabal's continuance as reigning power brokers on your planet. Many financial venues are used to disburse these monies. And because banks and other financial institutions are rarely used as the prime disbursers, a special system of appointed couriers and other secret operatives are employed. Banks are simply places where these resources are safely held until they are needed. Then a diversified and covert set-up is used to distribute funds to those places most conducive to achieving the dark agenda. Normally, these movements are hard to track, but our technology can do this easily.

      The question now becomes, what do the various elements that comprise our Earth allies do with this information? One of their challenges is that this group expanded so fast in the past few years that it is at present unwieldy. Lines of communication between groups are unclear, and this leaves the dark cabal with even more maneuvering room. Our liaisons are now working to alleviate this shortfall. The improvement achieved so far is most encouraging, but there is still much to be fixed. This increase in cooperation makes this problem more pliable and permits us to solve this in the very near future. Until then, there are potential points for future breakdowns that can prove costly to our main objective. Even so, we are confidant that what has been done so far will not unravel and that our victory draws ever closer with each succeeding day.

      The main point for you never to lose sight of is that first contact is inevitable and not far off. Despite the hurdles mentioned in this message, a great deal of positive progress has been made. The awareness among our Earth allies that first contact is near has increased exponentially. The mounting dangers to your world posed by the trickery of the last dark cabal are quite worrisome, as it seems that this group persists in its desire to torch the planet should they ever lose control. Our intention is to counter this insane goal and to convince this group of the futility of such an agenda. The cornerstone of this undertaking is the divine ban on nuclear deployment. The deranged apocalyptic strategy of this dark group is thus voided! It is essential to confine this last dark cabal so that its overthrow by our Earth allies remains a forgone conclusion.

      Observing this last dark group and its myriad machinations is most educational. Their determination is legendary among us. We have countless stories to tell you once first contact is completed! Until then, we intend to ensure that your world survives the present troubles intact. We are adamant that first contact is to happen in the very short term. The growing resolve of our Earth allies encourages us to believe that our meeting with you is just around the corner. The lengthy process that has brought us to this point has removed most obstacles. The rest is solvable and simply requires that we remain in a position to act when necessary. With this in mind, we have set up a plan to swiftly dispatch the tasks that remain. We are forever grateful for your big-hearted patience and your continuing assistance in these matters. Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we reviewed what is occurring on your world and our part in these developments. From the fullness of our hearts, we thank you for your ongoing support and ask that you continue to be upbeat and ready to do what is needed for our mutual success. Know absolutely that victory is inevitable and close! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)



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