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Forecast for 2006 with Lord Maitreya

channelled by  Lois Hartwick
January 2006

Dear Guests and Friends ~

It is an important time you enter on the Earth plane. I am Maitreya who speaks to you with wisdom and heartfelt interest to those paying attention in these times of change and alteration.

I come forth each year to speak with you, directing certain energies as I do.

Energies are put forth by those of us who have teamed up together throughout specific times of the year, acessing and in some cases, neutralizing forecasts which have been set in place by mankindís intention, which may not necessarily adhere to a finer Hand of Grace.

It is with this intention I speak with you today, that the Hand of Grace be upon you. It is this work we together assimilate and place into your hands so that you, indeed, may effect certain changes by simply carrying specific energy, awakened codes and information to best assist during these times.

I appear before you today with a specific intention to eradicate many of the thoughts and ideas which have produced a great deal of tension on earth. Thoughts and ideas which fill mankindís heart with some form of hatred or belief of oneís superiority to another. It would not be without saying there are those on your plane who have altered levels of reality through lesser intended acts at the same time many of you are projecting energy toward a higher solution.

I would like to address both situations and for you to understand there are specific checks and balances which exist on earth. In some cases, these checks and balances become somewhat misaligned and need readjusting from time to time. You may witness this through earthís fury and through natureís dispensation of specific acts that would intimidate and alter and change topical areas of your planet. But today, I speak beyond that. I speak for those of us who connect in a level of hierarchy who will be placing much more interest and energetic dispensations toward the reharmonization of your plane. It is so that much agression has taken over in the past number of years and it has been impossible for many of you to withstand that onslaught from an energetic perspective, for these changes, indeed, are inherent within you all.

We are not those who would step in to completely alter mankindís desire. At least the desires of those who are chosing to create further chaos and disruption, but we can come forth to assist those of you choosing to incorporate and embrace greater levels of peace and harmony within your lives. In such an effort, we are requesting merely that you place within our hands a level of trust that this energy will be received. Indeed, you must request such an effort, but it is now time that those of you who have placed before you the hearts you carry into a world arena with care that you be supported, too.

I, along with the many Brotherhoods which have come together at this time, and the angelic realm, have decided to assist each one who places their request before us. We would ask it be in an official form of prayer or a statement on your part. In the same request, we would ask for you to acknowledge those areas of your life where this is not met or this is not kept and we will assist to support the overall harmonization of that situation and attitude.

In the same token, we are bringing forth a newer area of, letís say, concern, that will be supplied and generated by specific amounts of light in the years ahead. Within turmoil and chaos there is always a situation in which that energetic forecast must be quelled for further light to regenerate it. For you to understand a greater meaning of this, let me say that within swirling waters, there are moments in which a hand may supply that quietude to allow for a stream of consciousness of a peaceful nature to be supplied. It is time for this hand of calm to be applied to the nature forces on your planet. Indeed, there will be disruptions forthcoming. You may chose to assist an effort to focus energy, focus light, focus a hand of calmness to those disruptions that would be forthcoming.

I say this for each of you to recognize that in a given situation you may actually visualize and take your hand and place it over an area of disruption in your mind and focus, so that it would be placed in this manner calmly over an area. Steaming through and bringing forth that light carried from us and those who are connected to the highest of All That Is. This presence and energy can indeed be quieting to the disruptions that dispell chaos.

It is also important to notice that I am enjoining in such a manner toward each effort made. You, as a group, and for the larger audience may recognize that the tumultousness so existant upon your planet now, in many cases, is manmade. And for those of you who are choosing from a manmade perspective to reinforce the higher tenents and intricacies of interacting and interlocking peace, may generate that vicissitude toward your planet now. I say this because you have witnessed for a long period of time many of these changes. Often you have felt helpless in the light of what is occurring. Little have you known, as a collective, how to incorporate your thoughts toward healing or altering given situations that other aspect of mankind has brought forth.

We can speak in terms of an ocean of people or we can speak in terms of three-family unit! It does not matter the size. It does matter your heartís intention. And now is the time we step in to assist your heartís intention in the year ahead.

It will be essentially a time in which you are greatly empowered. Please direct your energies and thoughts to the highest potentials and seek not to utilize or even misuse energy that does not supply betterment toward life itself.

In many cases you may think of this as an aspect or an area of combined manifestation, for indeed, it wil be. In certain cases for those of you who have chosen to work in consort and request assistance, you may understand that you are creating things much more rapidly than you have before. In some cases at this point, you may doubt this potential, but as you move into this new year, it becomes quite heightened. Pay attention to what you are thinking so that that which is being generated by you matters and is clearly important.

I would like to address, for a moment, some very specific thoughts I have for this earth plane. You have entered a time, in fact many years ago, in which the earth was to turn into another direction and allow for the opportunity to generate a new begining in another reality of existence. A dimension where frequencies are quickly allowing for transmission of light. Yet you are witnessing, at the same token, many areas in which this light does not yet appear to shine. And certain areas that seem not only stuck, but entrenched in such a density that you cannot transmute it. Not all areas of your earth are overcoming with great success this tranmutation of energetic vibration. It is your significant direction, those of you who are focusing in such a manner to alleviate that which you are guided to do in the times forthcoming. Much that you witness on earth will be a process of allowing for greater light to exist and in certain cases, there are powerful and strong wake up calls yet to come.

These wake up calls are announcements to people on earth that something is amiss and not working. Why is this so? Many will question or wonder or perhaps even disappear. The progress of the earth plane will not be stopped. The choice depends whether one goes with that flow or does not. The choice becomes that there are areas and pockets which are not readily susceptible to these higher energies. When you have sustained them in an area you are able to assist the planet. When you have not sustained them, then the planet will assist herself.

If indeed, you focus with us in quieting specific energies, be aware of what is needed and what is not. All areas of your planet are to move in the next 46 years into the next higher dimensions, and I say 46 years because there are pockets and areas in which there will be levels of difficulty and resistence. Even as I speak these higher dimensional realities are poking through. This year youíre anchoring light group will begin to transmit energies from the l2th dimension to your planet. You will be receiving an extremely powerful essence of light. It will clear through any areas of doubt which remain within you. It is going to shift the vibration strongly here. As you seek this, recognize it is also something that is being shared with your area and will be infusing with much that is here.

In some cases there will be those who will fall away, not comfortable with what you carry.   In other cases, there will be many who begin to seek you out sensing and feeling something different.

Few are doing this in your world. Now is the time for you to prepare for these changes that come forth. Recognize it will alter to some degree, your own physical capactities, that some foods may no longer agree with you, that specific arguments will not easily fit into your life anymore, that patience for those who do not wish to alter or change their lives in any manner becomes extremely difficult to maintain and you may choose to walk away and to exist in a higher framework more often by yourself than you have in the past. And yet, at the same time, you are creating a level of reality for yourselves in which you are seeing much further, knowing much more, and embracing with us the higher dimensions. The energy that will be sent toward all of you, as a member of this group, will be gradual and build over time. It will shift some of your thinking. It has long been known that a process of light was to enter the earth plane, most often through the stargates and openings of a portal nature that would allow this energy to pour through. In many cases, in this level of opening, the energy is very much focused in terms of volume and spreads from one area to another but greately dissipating as it does, unless you are in the area in which direct transmission comes through. In your cases, however, you not only become the conduit of such energy, but you also become the carriers. It will awaken within you many things that you may not, at this point, remember.

You may have or start to have dreams of a forecasting nature. You may recognize what you are here to do. You may indeed embrace aspects of yourself not incarnated at this time. You may recognize areas of soul healing needing still to take place. In the same token, you will witness more clearly areas of the world not resolved and where, indeed, to place that calm hand.

It is a powerful year for all of you, not only from what you witnessed inthe world itself, but the changes that occur within each of you as we move through this together.

Perhaps it would be best said that few will be aligned with such higher energy. In some cases you witness greater divisions than you have before within your lives, but as I said, at the beginning of this message, that you may work with us, most clearly to assist in harmonizing where some of those differences may lie. Remember to ask.

I give you here today these thoughts to contemplate but I also place before you a umber of ideas that are significant -- an outcome of the council meetings that are held between us on higher levels, incorporating ideas for those who are assisting in the plane to unfold this planet into a greater dimensional light. Each of you, certainly, is a part of this. By participating, and offering your thoughts and your attention and focus in the outcome of this plane, you are included in these plans on higher levels and we greet and work with your higher selves, each one of you, in such a way that there is an integral focus that comes forth onto your plane or your soul purpose. For this reason, then, in the forthcoming year, two or three new areas will be opened for you as a result. These areas include dimensional activities on other levels and planes that will filter down into your 3-D Ďconsicousnessí and awareness. What does that mean for you as a person? I would say that the contemplation and the concentration of love that is being extended to you as a result of your activities and your methods of service will be greatly

extended and you will feel far more completed in the overall aspect of being yourself. It is this you are able to give forth and bring forth to others as well.

Now what happens when one carries a higher concentration of love? It is not something that is held within oneís being truly for oneself, but becomes and emination that surrounds oneís being and all who step within it, receive this.  From this place, you will create greater healings, opportunities for others that they may not have understood and you will witness transformations before you as a result of that which you carry.  When those of you heard or read about Jesusí life on earth and he walked this plane, indeed, able to dispense his love in every direction.  He suggested you all could do the same. It is now time for you to step into an arena where you are ignited and receptive of those energies, that love and that support so that you manifest, or begin to manifest, the same.

I am suggsting this because when you are able to embrace that energy, that force from the 12the dimension, you are receptors of that which heals.   Be blessed in knowing the consequences of your lives. Remove the blinders from your eyes, in thinking you are merely human going through exercises each day that are meaningless. Rather, take to heart your dicipleship which is starting today.

I extend my hand of peace and place it on each of your heads and acknowledge that which you are and have come to be. Together this year, is the extension of that which you came to do and all that you believed that was possible can unfold before you.

My hand is of a golden light. Allow it to impress you and to be felt within and to accept that which is given here today. I witness and seal this promise.

Lord Maitreya

Greetings Everyone!

Itís been quite some time since Iíve sent messages out.   Sananda indicated he would speak toward the end of January, which he did, only his message was directed toward our weekly group providing information on work we would be doing in the days ahead.   It was not a typical message or one for general distribution per his request.   For that reason, I decided to transcribe Maitreyaís Yearly Forecast instead and send it out.   It, too, is not quite a Ďforecastí as one might anticipate, and the latter half of it relates specifically to our Anchoring Light group work.   Even so, I hope you find it of interest.

Our group has been busy!   The teachings from Thoth have been ongoing for nearly six years. In November a change occurred with Pan providing three sessions on oils and essences for times ahead, along with other information. Ariel appeared in Dec. to add another perspective to Panís channelings.   Maitreya and Sananda returned in January, along with Pan, who's adding 3 or 4 more teachings to the earlier ones working with nature and nature spirits. Upon completion of that material, we step into another 16-part offering from Thoth. Be assured any messages intersperced from Sananda will continue to be forwarded to those of you who joined the email list. They also appear on my website. Sending these messages poses greater difficulty as servers sometimes reject channelings as spam. If you request to be added to the list, make sure your server will accept messages and their length. Our work continues in Anchoring Light to our planet and creating etheric pyramids around the Earth where guided.

There are those of you who have expressed interest in joining us. In order to do via email, it takes two days of every week to transcribe, edit and send out each transcription. If enough people are interested and can support such a measure, I will offer to do them. The 6 or 7- part Pan series is $48. Let me know if you feel you can join us, or have scholarship donation to assist to those seeking to join in. A small percentage of your contribution for this series, as well as all private readings goes to Feed My Lambs program for the unfed children in Haiti. Fifty cents provides one meal. Should you wish to make a separate donation, I'll forward all monies on to Margaret Trost at the What If? Foundation, or you can find them on the web to do so directly. Anyone wishing to direct energy toward etheric pyramids, email me for a list of what's still needed. And if you have a group of six or more people interested in doing Anchoring Light, I'm happy to discuss the possibility of doing a workshop in your area.

In the future the teachings take on a newer aspect with Thoth leading the helm. He has offered a number of specifics in the past, and is forthcoming again with ideas and suggestions to regain some sense of our lives in a time where much confusion reigns. We are not meant to be unaware nor unprepared.

Individual readings are offered with either Hilarion, Sananda or Thoth. In certain cases, other masters or angelics may be requested. To be be added to the email list or request specifics for a personal reading: hilo88@msn.com or www.expressionsoflight.com.

Wishing you a joyful year ahead filled with blessings, love and peace,


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