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Flying horse web collage by Dana Hunt (danaheart@gmail.com)
using original water color by Ardene Klima.

Dream Horse flies, sky bound
Moon tide turns from low to high
Stars streaming through hair

On the Full Moon of October 6 we consider the polarity of Aries-Libra, experience of self and other. Who am I in relationship? Who are we with each other?

The Moon in its fullness is aligned with one of my favorite stars—Alpheratz, in line with 13-14 Aries. Seeking illumination from this star brings us into some interesting territory. Richard Hinckley Allen's classic Star Names and their Meanings, tells us this name comes from "Al Surrat al Faras," meaning the Horse's Naval.

After all the angst of the September eclipses, is this the answer— contemplate the horse's naval? Contemplating the naval symbolizes reflecting on the source of life, our life-line. We could do worse, for this horse is Pegasus, the flying horse, ready to carry us Across the Universe:

Images of broken light which dance before me like a million eyes,
and call me on and on across the universe….
Sounds of laughter shades of love are ringing through my open mind,
Inciting and inviting me.
Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns,
It calls me on and on across the universe.
Jai guru deva om.
Nothing's gonna change my world…. --Beatles

We seek the unchanging essence, but we don't find it on the surface of our lives, especially after the September eclipses. Even the star Alpheratz changed, becoming the head of Andromeda, the Chained Princess. When I hear about Andromeda, I get on my high horse. As a 21st century woman, I proclaim that it is high time we free that woman from her chains and let her get on her really high, up-in-the-sky horse. This Full Moon gives us a signal to do that.

Andromeda is giving birth to a galaxy. Yes, I saw it just the other night, a celestial smudge to the naked eye, visible on a dark night even from 2.7 million light years way!—in a telescope it resolves into a immense whirling and swirling pool of stars.

A star associated with riches and honor, independence and love of freedom, Alpheratz puts the woman on the horse.

She went to the stallion, whose answers fling from his breath and his hooves, and whose eyes imagined her freedom..
--C.P. Rosenthal, Elena of the Stars

My hair knots into his ready mane...A fiery streak--toward heaven!
---Marina Tsvetaeva, Russian poet

How do we seek this freedom? It's a personal journey to free the feminine essence we hold back, sometimes in relationships.

The Full Moon reflects the Sun in Libra, flanked by Venus, magnetic attraction, and Mars, assertive initiative. Mars needs the Moon in the Martian sign of Aries to counterbalance the strength of Venus in its own sign, Libra. The male/female, yang/yin dance is seeking its rhythm, its symmetry or asymmetry. Asymmetry is more dynamic. I think that's what we have here. We are trying to regain our balance after those recent eclipses, but it requires initiative. I must admit that September New Moon eclipse flat-lined me in some ways. Since then, climbing toward this very Full Moon, we are charged to move with as much creativity and heart as we can put into every moment. Then we ride Pegasus, and let fly our imagination, to imagine our freedom.

We can't rush it, gotta go with the flow these days. Who would want it to go any faster any way? Swaying with the rhythm, as in a dance, feeling for the center point, leaning in and out of relationship, as we seek the delicate balance….

CHIRALITY is a word from optics that describes a situation of asymmetry, where something is "not superimposable on its mirror image." Great word, from the same root as Chiron, and possibly relevant here, as Chiron turns direct this month. It's as if we cannot regain our balance, we must create a new one. The Libra way weighs both sides, comparing and contrasting. The sides are not mirror images. So what, then, is a mirror image of our heart-felt longing? The freedom to seek it is a basic guarantee of democracy. A great offer, if we do it and share it with others: Aries / Libra.

In global terms, it's a responsibility, based on mutual respect. Fair negotiation may not be so much about compromise, as about dialoguing to understand the "other" and discover common - higher – purpose. True Justice abides by Universal Law, aesthetic proportion, and shaping our lives in sacred geometries.

As Above, So Below: the woman on her flying horse leads the way. Imagine yourself riding through the skies. Who is riding with you?


LIBRA: Your birthday month is extra special this year, with your own planet Venus right at home in your sign. Appreciate the beauty around you. Good time for make investments. The additional presence of Mars urges communication to keep dialogue on an even footing. Relationships are the focus for you, as usual.

SCORPIO: Enjoy Jupiter in your sign for another six weeks. At the end of October a turning point comes with a bit of challenge to express your perceptions. Consider who you are talking to, come from the heart and be creative. Amazing things could happen—if you want them enough.

SAGITTARIUS: A month for friendships, new and old, and connecting with colleagues to imagine new initiatives. By the end of October, internal considerations will be brewing as you polish a new arrow and get ready to let it fly.

CAPRICORN: Career activity is at a high point of the year. Everyone on the teams needs to be in the loop. It could be your job to get them there. Make sure others know your plans, so you can take their ideas and agendas into consideration.

AQUARIUS: Global internet could be a great source of interest and advantage now, whether you listen to podcasts, sign up for on-line courses or dating, or seek news from abroad. You're in the middle of multi-wavelengths, find your new and fine frequency.

PISCES: Negotiations mean change for you, with possible travel on the horizon. It's an adjustment month, do keep turned on and tuned in. Listen to you body for good advice on the day-to-day flow, which feels a bit like a roller coaster.

ARIES: If you can have it your way, the other person can have it their way. How does that work? This is the month to figure that out. Before you go on your way, you might want to take a second look, ask some questions. Others people might know something you need to.

TAURUS: You are a patient sign, in general, but too much talking and not enough action can be a lot of "bull" to you Bulls. It's been a tough enough year without arguments. Sometimes you can be stubborn. Change is unavoidable, new insights are useful.

GEMINI: People, people, and more people. Never a dull moment. Lots of opinions and ideas. Look for the connecting threads and focus on the goal.
For some of you the tide has already changed and you are dealing with the ripple effect. For later Geminis, this is the time.

CANCER: Family relationships take center stage this month. Some important conversations take place. You'll need moments in between for reflection to figure out the balance between your needs and those of others.

LEO: If you have been working well with Saturn, that mean with creative focus and a certain amount of discipline, some reward is surely coming your way. Later this month the next steps come into view. In the meantime, gather information, keep pace with the learning curve and be in touch with what is going on around you.

VIRGO: It might feel like certain things are finishing out, that you're untangling some knots. No one is better than you at that. Take stock of your resources; you may have overlooked some assets or connections that can benefit you. Balance the checkbook and see where your best interests lie.


Fall Clearance: Current cycles update to help you finalize 2006 and get clear for 2007. One hour, $100.

Dr. Kelley Hunter is a long-time astrologer and mythologist, writer and artist. She is Astrologer-in-Residencefor the Self Centre International at Caneel Bay Resort and the Omega Institute programs in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, and also leads star gazing nights for star-struck visitors. She is a member of the Board of the International Society for Astrological Research. Explore her website at http://www.heliastar.com.

Helia Productions · PO Box 37 · St. John · VI · 00831


Mayan Calender Info
13-Moon Dreamspell Calendar System

Greetings Planetary Kin!

These 13moon.com emails serve to explain the 13-Moon Dreamspell Calendar System, Galactic Time Science delivered by Dr. Jose Arguelles, based upon the ancient Yucatec Chilam Balam or Jaguar Priests, what we know in today's time as Earth Wizards.
This is therefore also called the Wizard's Count - which is the sacred count of days (the 260-day "galactic spin") synchronized to the 365-day year cycle which always begins a new 13-Moon Year on Gregorian July 26th. (The Gregorian correlate dates always remain the same.)

The 13-moon year cycle is the measure of our 3rd-dimensional biological rhythms, as we progress through each annual round, while the 260-day cycle offers the codes of the 4th dimensional spiritual energies of the "galactic spin." By referencing where we are in time in regards to the 13-moon year as well as the 260-day galactic cycle, we can access invaluable insight into the synchronic order of time, experiencing the pattern of the 52-year cycle in which no two days repeat the same combination!

With the Great Calendar Change of 2004 people from over 90 countries have proclaimed a New Time by changing their calendar from the irregular, artificial 12-month Gregorian calendar to the "Harmonic Standard" of the 13-Moon/28-day Calendar! The regularity of the harmonic standard provides a perfect measure for the coordination and scheduling of all practical affairs, while simultaneously offering a harmonic foundation from which to develop a sacred relationship to the cyclic flow of Time.

In this Light, the 13moon.com Natural Time Update E-mailer will now utilize the 28-day cycle as the primary focus from which to explore the many layers of the Dreamspell/Wizard's Count.

Both the 13-Moon Year and the Galactic Spin are composed of "Wavespells." A wavespell refers to the entire cycle of the "13 Tones of Creation," 1-13. Regarding the definition of "wavespell," a "wave" is a motion in time, and a "spell" is that which can be cast, known, or experienced during that time. Another way it is defined is a "wave" refers to the power of movement, and "spell" to the power one can gain by being in harmony with reality.

Because a Wavespell is any cycle of 13, there are both 13-DAY wavespells, as well as 13-MOON wavespells. In other words, the Year cycle itself is also a giant wavespell spiral, where each 28-day moon holds the energy of one of 13 Tones of Creation!

Each of the 13 Tones presents qualitative and numeric meaning in itself, and in relationship to the other Tones. Where the 20 Solar Tribes provide measure, the 13 Tones portray the movement of creation, showing the progression of life in interconnected stages. These universal energies govern the unfolding sequence of the 13 moons of the year, and are also found reflected in the 13 major articulations (joints) which allow our body movement (2 ankles, 2 knees, 2 hips, 2 wrists, 2 elbows, 2 shoulders and 1 neck/spine.) Working with the Tones, we are invited to see life as a process, reflecting on these naturally occurring patterns of inner and outer growth. In addition to its name, each Tone has 3 specific code words - exact keys to unlock their action, power and essence. As succinct clues, these code words are the ideal point of focus to understand the unique functions of the 13 Tones.


This FOURTH MOON OF THE 13-MOON YEAR corresponds to TONE FOUR of the Annual Wavespell Spiral.

This is the year of the BLUE CRYSTAL STORM (July 26 2004 - July 25, 2005), because the first day of the New Year aligned with Kin 259: Blue Crystal Storm on the Galactic Spin. Again, this alignment of energies will only happen again in 52 years!

This year being "Storm" brings the qualities of: Catalyzation, Self-generation, Energetic Transformation & Activation of Our Inner Thunderbeings! The "Crystal tone" of this year brings the focus of: Dedicated Cooperation - inviting All parts of the Whole to Unite, Collaborate and Cohere that the Magic of a Higher, Crystalline, Universal Order may dawn! According to the codes of the Dreamspell, the Crystal Tone of Cooperation evokes the power of the sacred circle, declaring: "Every one is related and holds equal power and place." Crystal energy provides an opportune time to work in concert with the Whole by each of us being and doing our unique and precious part. While the Storm energy has us geared for change, expansion, renewal, and revelation!

With this annual focus, we can now orient the current moon in relation to the 13-moon wavespell:

Moon 4 - Self-Existing Moon (Oct 18 - Nov 14) - Totem Animal: Owl
Essence: FORM
Action Directive: "What is the form my service will take?"

"It is only through the operation of measure as wholeness and order than any manifestation can occur as a coherent organism...

Measure - the form giving principle of energy - is represented by the number four." -The Mayan Factor

Four directions. Four seasons. Four elements. Four limbs. Four chambers of the human heart. Four sides to the tetrahedron. Four delivers structure into the 3rd dimension. 4 offers double stability - it provides a uniform foundation which nature's order builds upon.

Tone 4 represents the essential role of definition in shaping our lives. When supported with accurate information, clarity is formed and direction revealed. Without verified facts, life may be clouded or disoriented. Plans are weakened when based in speculation or heresay. Therefore, Tone 4 prompts us to: ask questions like what, where, when, why, and how? Define specifics. Assess the situation. Unveil the designs. Determine the parameters. Measure possible scenarios. Scheme and dream the structure you seek!

The wisdom of Tone 4 assists our development by observing that when recipes for creation are recorded, others can then replicate and build upon our evaluation, discernment, and formulation.

Let us remember that our every-day definitions construct our every-day perceptions, which ultimately shapes our world. By functioning as an open system, we are capable of re-structuring our perspectives in order to trans-form our reality!



*Blue Storm Wavespell
(Begins at close of Moon 3, extends into Moon 4) Electric 25 - Self-existing 9 (Oct 14 - Oct 26)
Blue: West/Transforms
Blue Storm's Code Words: Catalyzes / Self-generation / Energy

The Blue Storm Wavespell is always the 3rd TRANSFORMING wavespell of the 52-day White Northern Castle of Crossing. The White Castle unites the 4 cycles of the Red Skywalker Wavespell, the White Worldbridger Wavespell, the Blue Storm Wavespell, and the Yellow Human Wavespell. (A castle of time is 4th dimensional harmonic architecture created by a grouping of 4 wavespells, one of each color which creates a 52-day period of time (13 x 4) in which the powers of the 4 wavespells cumulatively work together to bring specific lessons and initiations. Within each Galactic Spin, there are 5 castles of time, 52 X 5 = 260 days.)

Yellow Human Wavespell
Self-Existing 10 - Self Existing 22 (Oct 27 - Nov 8)
Yellow: South/Ripens
Yellow Human's Code Words: Influences / Free Will / Wisdom

The Yellow Human Wavespell is always the 4th RIPENING wavespell of the 52-day White Northern Castle of Crossing.

Red Serpent Wavespell
(Begins at close of Moon 4, extends into Moon 5 Self-Existing 23 - Overtone 7 (Nov 9 - Nov 21)
Red: East/Initiates
Red Serpent's Code Words: Survives / Life Force / Instinct

The Red Serpent Wavespell is always the 1st INTIATING wavespell of the 52-day "Blue Western Castle of Burning." The Blue Castle unites the 4 cycles of the Red Serpent Wavespell, the White Mirror Wavespell, the Blue Monkey Wavespell, and the Yellow Seed Wavespell.

Due to its placement in the 260-day Tzolkin cycle, the Red Serpent wavespell always brings the 10-in-a-row-galactic-activation-portals!!!

Beginning on tone 2 of the Serpent wavespell, White Lunar Worldbridger (Kin 106;Self-Existing 24; Nov 10) they span through tone 11, Blue Spectral Eagle (Kin 115; Overtone 5; Nov 19).

What is a galactic activation portal? Within the 260 energies of the Tzolkin, 52 of them are called portals for they form the "Loom" on which the entire Tzolkin matrix is woven upon.

As far as "what this means," what you can be sure of is heightened energies; access to amplified awareness and sensory experience; greater opportunity for information exchange and multi-dimensional insights.
The energies of Portal kin can offer lucid reflections and revelations, accelerated clarity and understanding, as well as good ole' INTENSITY!
Let us also note the standard college dictionary definition of PORTAL:
"An entrance, door, or gate, especially one that is grand and imposing."



Full Moon: Self-Existing 10 (Oct 27) 8:07 pm PST with a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE @ 7:23 pm PST !
New Moon: Self-Existing 26 (Nov 12) 6:27 am PST


Please share this "13-moon emailer" with all who might be interested.
New kin can sign up for these updates at http://www.13moon.com/natural_time_update.htm

For more information on the need for Global Calendar Reform visit http://www.13moon.com/cal_change.htm

Explore the Art, Science, and Spirituality of Natural Time at http://www.13moon.com Thank you for participating in an ever-widening global community of natural time day-keepers!

In Lak'ech - I am another yourself!



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