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The ENERGIES of 2006

 St. Francis through Anina Davenport

 Many of you ask, “What will the year 2006 bring?” All of you have made tremendous strides. We look at energies so we can see how hard you have worked, how much got cleared in the last years and how much more peace and clarity you have access to. The most important thing that you can do in 2006 and beyond really is to treasure the moment, to breathe, to relax, to get centered into the now moment. The now is a gateway of tremendous energy that you have access to. Be in the now as much as possible. Relax. Breathe. Stabilize yourself in this energy of the now moment. Turmoil cannot touch you if you can stay in the now. See the turmoil like a funnel cloud swirling around you and relax. Breathe. Pray if you wish but stay in the here and now. Here and now things are alright. Maybe you will die of cancer in six months but here and now things are okay. That energy of the now moment will be more and more accessible to you in this next year. There are two reasons.

Number one: Many have worked from the other side to clear the gateways to help humanity burn past. To remove the old. This gets done with high frequency energy that gets beamed to earth and of course to individuals who are open.

Number two: Humans all over the world have engaged in consciousness raising activities and that can be doing the dishes with awareness or complex mantras and energy work. Both techniques work. 2006 is the year that you can get more centered in the now. It is a great opportunity.

Now let us get to problems because you see problems all around you. Terrorism, war, pollution, disaster, sickness, overpopulation, unhappiness, poverty. The now will solve the problems. When we speak of the now we refer to a mind that is still. A mind that is receptive also to solutions of problems. Whether that is world hunger or how to fix the porch door. In the now moment you receive information that will save you. Save you from drowning in unhappiness. Save you from being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Save you from suffering that is self-created. Some suffering is just part of life but some gets created or magnified by egos. Spending time in the now moment burns off unhappiness. That is how it works. Presence is the great healer. If you can be present with another, even better. You can both burn off some illusion, some drama.

            These present times are pivotal times and some of you respond by worrying. Worry gets you out of the now moment. If you do worry make a list of what needs to be done. Do it or assign it to a certain time and then go into the now moment. This is the solution to your problems because and we will repeat ourselves here it burns of the past. There will be creative solutions to the problem of terrorism. These will come from a place of love not fear. We are not saying actions will not have consequences. If you kill another human being there will be consequences. Prison for example. But the question guiding those who judge should not be revenge but Highest Good. What is Highest Good? A person that learns his lessons deserves a second change, an early prison release. Maybe he will be instrumental in stopping terrorism for he knows what the pattern is just like a former alcoholic can help one who is currently drinking.

            Consciousness is your answer. It will find solutions to global warming, to hunger, to violence.  Creativity will solve many problems including mental problems.  So many suffer from depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder and some from more debilitating illnesses such as schizophrenia and others.  You need to look at your environment, food supply, chemicals used in buildings and gardens and lawns and medical procedures, drugs, dental fillings, etc. and eliminate what hurts you.  You also have many plants and supplements that can help detoxify and cleanse the human body.  You also need to look at energy patterns and heal old dysfunctional energies in your system.  Release them.   (See our Healthy Products for several such products)

            2006 is the year to do that by going into the now moment.  If singing helps you do so, sing. If silent meditation is your thing go ahead. Gardening, cleaning can all be ways to be here and now.  Relax. The universe is not against you.  It is for you. Rooting for you.

            Right now feel your feet. Feel your hands, relax. Breathe in and out without forcing anything. Congratulations you have just spent a moment in the now. You have just rested your heart, cleared your brain and released some old energy. Try another moment. Relax. Feel your body. Breathe.   (Keth editors note: Connect with a Pet, they are always in the Now!)


Questioner: How can I be in the now when there is turmoil around me?

            Saint Francis: What turmoil?

            Questioner: People around me being afraid.

            Saint Francis: Afraid of what?

            Questioner: War, terrorism, sickness.

            Saint Francis: It is a choice to join in their energy of anxiety or to access the now moment and channel peace and “I am here right now energy.” Right now I am okay. Breathing in and breathing out.

            Questioner: It is like I want to be anxious with them, like I feel I need to feel their emotions or I am being selfish.

            Saint Francis: Because you feel peace when others don’t?

            Questioner: Yes.

            Saint Francis: You help no one when you join people in their anxiety.  You help all of humanity if you stay centered in the now moment.  You emit an energy that creates a space for others that enables them to more easily reach their peace, their now moment. Books can do that too.

            When we say you emit energy we refer to an emission that just happens by your alignment with the Now moment. It is not a willful movement: it happens naturally as a consequence of your alignment. This alignment is the solution to your problems. We repeat this statement because it is not obvious. Not from where you stand immersed in duality. For us it makes perfect sense. You have to practice it to see the truth of it, to experience the truth of it. It is a totally different approach to problem solving. I have a problem. Let me not think about it now. Let me instead spend some time in the now and then observe my dreams. A solution will come.

            Questioner: I trust the universe that a solution will come.

            Saint Francis: Yes, trust is part of it. Trust and energetic alignment.

            Questioner: You mean going into the now?

            Saint Francis: Yes, and mantras, dance, singing, whatever methods you enjoy.

            Questioner: It is not passive?

            Saint Francis: No, it is active and passive. You act on impulses from your soul and then you wait. Stop. Breathe. Relax. This is a very exciting opportunity for all of you.


Copyright Anina Davenport 2006

 Anina Davenport is the author of Reflections on Ascension and her new book Energetic Empowerment. Both books are channeled and available from Amazon.com. Energetic Empowerment can also be ordered from IUniverse at IUniverse.com or by calling 1-800-AUTHORS.

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