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Message from Archangel Michael
December 2006 * LM-12-2006

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, we ask you to pause for a moment and turn inward as you quickly move into your Sacred Heart Center. Take a deep breath and tap into your Sacred Mind Center as well, which is an integral part of the right hemisphere of the brain. Now ponder these questions: What is it that you yearn for above all things? What is missing from your life that affects everything you think, feel and do? The answer is Sacred Love, dear hearts.
We do not mean love as you now experience it in the physical realm, but the Sacred Love of your Twin Flame, your soul family in the higher realms, your wondrous angelic friends, the great Beings of Light, our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator. That is what is missing, and what you have yearned for ever since you left your lofty home among the stars, and divided yourself into two Sparks of individualized awareness, one masculine Spark and one feminine Spark of Divine consciousness, so that you could reflect and experience the glory and diversity of our Father/Mother God.

In the past, we have explained how you agreed to separate from your sacred partner in order to fulfill your Divine mission, how you have taken turns in assuming a masculine or feminine body, and how, most often, one of you stayed in the higher realms while the other incarnated in the physical expression.  Rarely were you given an opportunity to meet in the physical world; however, there were wondrous times in the higher dimensions when you were allowed to join together for a time of joyous reunion; for an infusion of loving ecstasy, a blending of your Essence, a remembrance of what you left behind, and what you have to look forward to in the future.  This wondrous gift has not been available to you since you sank into the density of the third/fourth-dimensional expression–UNTIL NOW.

We have asked much of you over these past years of awakening, and you have suffered through many trials and tests. We see that great multitudes of you have slowly, but diligently, changed for the better as you lifted and harmonized your frequency patterns and let go of old, self-limiting thought forms and limitations. You have relinquished most of your ego-driven emotions and habits, as you have striven to Return to Center within your Sacred Heart and become a self-master. We have watched you struggle to understand all the new, mind-boggling concepts, as you endeavor to claim and live your truth to the best of your ability. We salute and honor you for your dedication and your constant vigilance in monitoring your thoughts, and for always striving for the “greatest good of all.”

In reviewing the past, have you not changed radically for the better?   Isn’t your personal world more tranquil and filled with joy?   Are you not gaining proficiency in creating abundance and the things you desire to live in comfort and safety? Have you learned and taken to heart the universal laws of prosperity, whereby, you affirm that you are entitled to abundance in all things? Remember, you must keep the universal flow circulating, you are to take what you need, and then allow the balance to flow out into the world to be shared, so that it can be replenished and multiplied, over and over again.

Yes, you have been reaping many rewards for your dedication and loyalty, and we are most gratified with the progress you, the Seekers of Light, have made. However, the gains you have made and the miracles you have experienced in the past are nothing compared to what is now available and awaiting you: a gift beyond compare.

We have spoken much about the purity of unconditional love, which was encoded within your Adam/Eve Kadmon Light Body, as you journeyed forth as emissaries for our Father/Mother God, and how it became distorted by the physical, ego desire-body as you sank into the density and the broad spectrum of duality in the third/fourth-dimensional experience. It was not ordained that you should lose touch with the sacred love of our Father/Mother God and the Creator, just as it was not planned for you to forget your lineage and your Divine heritage.

As you began your journey into the density of the third and fourth dimensions, the veil of forgetfulness was placed over your memory. It was not meant as a punishment, but an act of mercy, for it would have been overwhelmingly painful to remember the negativity of your past incarnations, as well as very confusing to have access to your many experiences in the higher realms of consciousness. Remember, in most of your past incarnations in the physical realm, you brought very little of your God consciousness with you, and the majority of human beings have been functioning within the lower levels of brain consciousness. That has now changed, as we have explained in the past, no matter where you chose to incarnate on the spectrum of Light and shadow in this lifetime, it is not where you belong. You chose your family lineage, your physical vessel, and the circumstances of your life, for it was decided, with the help of your angelic guides and guardian angels, what the best overall experiences would be to assist you to heal old negative thought patterns, resolve ancient karmic issues, in order to return to balance and harmony and attain self-mastery once more.

We have told you that you have encoded within your DNA and Divine blueprint all the virtues, attributes, qualities and aspects of our Father/Mother God. You are an electromagnetic force field; an energetic package of Divine Light substance. Encoded within each of you is the ecstasy and bliss of Sacred Love, a cosmic, orgasmic experience beyond anything you can imagine in the physical expression. Opening and attuning to the physical, sacred heart center is just the beginning. It prepares you for the multi-level reunification process whereby you gradually reconnect with the many facets of your Self. Many of you are now comfortable with the concept of communing with us, your unseen friends and companions of the higher realms. Now, a most wondrous gift is being offered to you, the ability to reconnect with your Twin Flame and to experience the ecstasy of Sacred Love. No longer do you have to feel lonely or hunger for loving acceptance and validation of your worthiness. No longer do you have to yearn for fulfillment, and desire someone in the physical to reflect back to you your beauty or give you a sense of belonging.

Our Father/Mother God have been waiting for the time when they can offer you this gift beyond compare. When we speak of returning to Oneness, we mean that in the greatest sense, as well as in the many subtle levels of integration in the physical realm. We have told you that the Divine blueprint for the future is now in place, and many rules and conditions of the past will no longer apply to those of you firmly on the path of heightened awareness. No longer will you incarnate with one of the three major God Rays as your predominate overlay, but you will have all twelve Rays of cosmic consciousness fully available and active. In the future, it will be up to you to decide which Rays and combination of Rays you wish to focus on, develop and master. Many of you will choose to not return to planet Earth, but will join with your Twin Flame and many members of your soul family, as you accept a new Divine mission in order to assist in the creation of the new Golden Galaxy of the future. Many rules, conditions and concepts of your earthly experiences are changing as you evolve from human beings to Galactic Beings, in the process of returning to your true estate as a master in the realms of Light.

How do you go about connecting with your Twin Flame? First you must say “YES TO SACRED LOVE.” You must desire this connection with all your Being, you must open your mind and heart to the concept that you have a Twin Flame, and it is possible to reconnect with them. Go into your Pyramid of Light and lie on the crystal table, move into your Sacred Heart Center and allow the Sacred Love/Light of our Mother/Father God and the Creator to pour forth and fill you to overflowing. Send out the call to your Twin Flame and ask them to join with you. Speak the words of love that fill your heart and mind and then listen for an answer. Know that you will receive an answer; however, do not put any conditions as to how and when it will happen. Just know that when the time is right, your beloved will appear. Your reconnection in Spirit form will be a very “personal happening,” unique and precious to you and your beloved. Open your heart to all the possibilities of Sacred Love, and know that it is your Divine birthright to experience this most intimate gift. You do not have to share your experiences with others, but know that those around you will begin to feel the difference in you, and will respond to your uplifted, loving nature. Everyone around you will benefit from your expressions of Sacred Love.

Even if you already have a mate or companion in the physical expression, it is permissible and desirable to reconnect with your Divine counterpart in Spirit form. As you connect with and integrate the attributes and qualities of your other half, something magical happens: You return to wholeness within your own Being, and you no longer look outside yourself for validation or for what you feel is missing. It is the quickest and surest way to feel and then learn to express unconditional love and, therefore, your frequency patterns will be lifted and you will begin to radiate that refined love to your mate, your loved ones and everyone around you. Most often, your mate and your family will respond to your emanations of Sacred/unconditional love, and the interactions between you will quickly change for the better.

Many dear souls have agreed at a soul level to journey alone during this lifetime, or to focus on their spiritual mission instead of seeking a mate or a close companion. We tell you, you do not have to complete your earthly journey alone, nor do you have to wait until you transcend to experience the “state of bliss” of the higher realms. It is time for you to shed the filters and veils that have been placed over your memory and consciousness. It is time for you to remember who you are, and ALL that you are. It is a time of reunification of the highest order.

A small minority of Twin Flames may be incarnated on Earth at the same time, and it is sometimes ordained that they will find each other and make a connection. In such an instance, both halves of the whole agreed to incarnate at the same time to see how Twin Flames would progress together in the physical expression. Unless the two people involved are firmly on the path and are fairly balanced within, these unions do not result in the bliss state, but bring more strife and unhappiness into their lives. There is often an obsession with each other which results in a “can’t live with, but can’t live without” situation, for they have not learned the secret of sacred love and are still playing the game of duality and ego-driven love with many conditions.

Going into your Pyramid of Light in the fifth dimension has prepared you for new levels of awareness and the many gifts of en-LIGHTEN-ment that await you in the future. The Cities of Light meditation has also accelerated the process of preparing you for the reunion and rejoining with your Twin Flame, and also with many fragments of yourself that you left behind in the higher realms.

Many of you will experience doubt, and perhaps some negative emotions regarding this concept of Twin Flame reunion and the possibility of cosmic, orgasmic bliss. We tell you, beloveds, the feelings of love and the orgasmic union in the physical body pales in comparison to the bliss and the ecstasy we experience in the higher realms. We are in a constant state of bliss, but the most precious gift of all is when we merge with our Divine compliment, blending our Essence and ALL of who and what we are. At each higher dimensional level, the bliss/ecstasy state of sacred love is magnified. You, as humans, could not tolerate the power and magnificence of the Creator’s sacred love that we experience constantly. Are you willing to test this new level of cosmic awareness? Are you ready to accept this Divine gift that is being offered you? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your Twin Flame is waiting for you to put out the call. When you say “YES to Sacred Love” you will feel a dramatic change in your Sacred Heart Center as it prepares to receive the rarified gift of sacred love sent forth from our Mother/Father God. Your earthly life will forever be changed. Call on us and we will guide and assist you in every way possible. Know that I am with you always and you are dearly loved,

I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna Herman

Dearest friends: I am constantly amazed by the astounding information that is being revealed to us at a faster and faster pace. The Pyramid of Light and Infinity Breath information was so transforming and empowering, and then last year, AA Michael gave us the Cities of Light information and how we can access and anchor this Divine Light from the highest Source. It has been a constant “mind-expanding” process for me as I slowly integrated the data and put it into practice (with wonderful, astounding results).

 The information in this month’s message from our beloved Michael was initiated in a different way (which I now know was divinely orchestrated). It was 1997 or ‘98 when I first connected with Shanna Mac Lean, and in 2001 she attended my I AM Mastery Facilitator’s seminar in Reno, NV. We immediately felt a connection and I was impressed by her inner radiance and loving nature. We have touched base occasionally over these past years, and I have been aware of some the of wonderful things she has accomplished. I knew that she moved to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and that she is working with two wonderful, enlightened souls, Yael and Doug Powell, authors of the Messages from God series of books, and owners of the Circle of Light Center. I often receive books from my spiritual, author friends, and was pleased when I received a copy of Shanna’s new book ETERNAL TWIN FLAME LOVE, The Story of ShannaPra. The first small miracle happened when I randomly opened the book and my eyes were drawn to an excerpt from Messages from God dated NOV.30 (my birth date). I skipped through the book reading various segments of Shanna’s incredible experience, and as ripples of “angel bumps” radiated through my body, I knew immediately that this was a book that I had to read in its entirety. I could hardly wait until evening so I could begin to read Shanna’s story from the beginning. Occasionally, beloved Michael gives me an overview of what the next month’s message will be about; however, I was surprised when he told me that it was time for those who are ready to listen to learn about the gift of “Sacred Love” so that the Twin Flame reunion process could begin. He spoke of Twin Flames several years ago, and said that the time would come when we would be ready for this joyous reunion. It seems as though that time is now. As you know, I have been told I must experience everything I teach and so I immediately began the preparation process to reconnect with my Twin Flame as outlined by Shanna, and by AA Michael in this month’s message. Every night I go into my crystal Pyramid before I go to sleep. I lie on my crystal table and call in my four angelic helpers. I ask for my highest good and the greatest good for all. Several nights ago, I affirmed that I was ready and said “Yes to Sacred Love” in preparation for a reconnection with my Twin Flame. I immediately felt an expansion in my heart center that has increased and is constant. During my meditations, as I lift my energy and put out the call to my beloved soul mate, I feel a tingling sensation throughout my body and sometimes some ripples of energy throughout my chakra centers. It is not uncomfortable, just a feeling that something unique is happening. I don’t know how long it will take for my Twin Flame to appear, but I know it is worth the wait. I know that this reunion will only enhance my love for my husband, my physical family, and you, my earthly soul family. Another miracle is that my dear friend, James Tipton, AKA Tyberonn, a bearer of Metatron’s energy, and I are planning a joint seminar event for next year in Little Rock, Arkansas. Tyb has been told that the central region of Arkansas rests on enormous beds of crystals of a stunning size, some the size of skyscrapers (some time ago, AA Michael told us about the “skyscraper” size crystals that would be found and activated in the future). That is now happening around the world. We plan to hold a two-day seminar, and an optional two-day journey to some of the most powerful sacred sites in the area in May, 2007. I have asked Shanna to join us. AA Michael has validated that the Circle of Light Center in Eureka is a major active vortex. The details will be posted on my web site just as soon as they are finalized. Dearest friends, please join us in this next exciting phase in our journey of transformation and integration. I am so excited about the future, and I feel the challenges and discomfort we are experiencing along the way are a small price to pay for the wondrous gifts we are receiving. Love and angel blessings, Ronna

I have made arrangements with Shanna to make her incredible book available to you on my website. Eternal Twin Flame Love will be listed under “Books.” Price: $16. S&H USA $5.00 * Canada $8 * Overseas $12. Or call Cindy: 775-856-3654 * Monday thru Thursday, 8 AM to 2 PM Pacific time.

**There is a dear soul who sends a “love donation” to me every month. There is no return address or name included. I wish to thank you, dear heart, for your generosity. And to all others who are so generous, may your kindness be returned a thousandfold.


by Claudia Coleman
Email: starwavz@telus.net * Website: http://www.starwavz.com

"Reach for It."

"During the previous Age of Pisces the path of spiritual evolution for humanity was through salvation guided by an individual savior. We spent many lifetimes prostrated in supplication and prayer before those we considered our spiritual superiors. Martyrdom, suffering and self-sacrifice were considered saintly. During this current Age of Aquarius there will be no savior, as all of humanity now have the opportunity and the responsibility to accept their self-empowerment and don their cloak of Self-mastery. The path of salvation through atonement has evolved to the path of ascension through at0NEment. The word atonement is being restored to its original meaning. The symbol of Aquarius is the Water Bearer, the Being who pours out the waters of life on all. In order to taste of the waters of life (universal consciousness) each of us must rise from the floor, release the chains of powerlessness and victimization, and catch the waters of life in our own hands."

Until next month--Be Well. Claudia

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