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From the book "Unveiled Mysteries",  by Godfre Ray King,  copyright 1939;
quotes from conversations with   Beloved Ascended Master, Saint Germaine:

Page 97

" ..... The Divine Plan for the future of North America, is a condition of intense activity in the greatest peace, beauty, success, prosperity, spiritual illumination, and dominion.   She is to carry the Christ Light, and ' Be'  the Guide for the rest of the earth, because America is to be the heart centre of the 'Golden Age',  that is now dimly touching our horizon.    The greater portion of the land of North America will stand for a very long time.   This has been known for thousands of years, yes!  - for over two hundred thousand."

Page 42

"In your beloved America, in the not so far distant future, will come forth a similar recognition of the Real Inner Self, and this her people will express in high attainment.   She is a Land of Light, and Her Light shall blaze forth, brilliant as the sun at noonday, among the nations of the earth.   She was a Land of Great Light, ages ago, and will again come into her spiritual heritage, for nothing shall prevent it.    She is strong within her own mind and body - stronger than you think; and that strength she will exert to rise out of, and throw off from border to border, all that weighs heavily upon her at the present time.

"America has a destiny of great import to the other nations of the earth, and Those who have watched over her for centuries still watch.   Through Their protection and Love, she shall fulfill that destiny.   America!   We, the Ascended Host of Light, love and guard you.  America!  We love you.

"A similar form of perfect government will come at a later period, when you have cast off certain fetters within that hang like fungi, and sap your strength as a vampire.   Beloved ones in America, be not discouraged, when the seeming dark clouds hang low.   Every one of them shall show you its golden lining.   Back of the cloud that seems to threaten, is the 'Crystal Pure Light of God and His Messengers, the Ascended Masters of Love and Perfection' ?   watching over America, the government, and her people.   Again I say, 'America, we love you.'

"One by one, great awakened souls are coming forth, who will become clearly conscious of their own mighty, inherent God-Power, and such as these will be placed in all official positions of the government.   They will be more interested in the welfare of America, than in their own personal ambitions and private fortunes.   Thus, will another Golden Age reign upon earth, and be maintained for an aeon."



The Descent of the Dove

here are times when the Masters tell me to withhold information whether in personal sessions or of a global nature for a certain duration according to the timing rhythm of consciousness in each circumstance, but this is one that they tell me is important to share now, even though it is far ahead of its course for greater humanity.

A few weeks ago, I felt that I had entered into a deeper state of peace.  This shift in my consciousness was quite noticeable, and I even mentioned this experience to someone in my apprenticeship program.  At that time, I shared that maybe it was because I had just finished the 4th book, and there is a great peace that comes over one after giving birth to any creation.

Now I have a lot more clarity to bring forth.  For the past few days, somewhere in my conscious awareness, I kept feeling a sense of "a dove."  This was not an ordinary dove bird on the earth plane, which also does symbolize peace, but this was an etheric level of the imagery of the dove.

Today, as I very consciously entered into doing some intense Kundalini meditation, at the very beginning of my meditation, my experience was that of the dove and the phrase came in very clearly as  Descent of the Dove.  So I telepathically asked the Masters to clarify what this meant.

This is what was told to me. 
The Masters said that over the past few weeks what has occurred is what they refer to as  The Descent of the Dove.  The Christos Consciousness or the Christ Consciousness, both terms are synonomous, has to some further degree “descended into the conscious awareness.   Further clarity was explained that this does not indicate an ascension of the consciousness of humanity, but that the Christos Consciousness has downstepped the frequency of the aspect of deep peace associated with this imagery of “the dove.    Also to clarify, this emanation of frequency vibration that is being downstepped by the Christ Consciousness has nothing whatsoever to do with the Christian religion or Christian terminologies like the second coming in that sense of the term.   This is to be made clear to avoid any misinterpretations or misconceptions about what is occurring at the Cosmic level and to avoid any repeat of distortions to the reality at the level of Divine Truth.

This also does not mean that all of humanity will experience this or even notice this “Descent of the Dove.  This is occurring in alignment with the Cosmic level beyond the universal, global and personal.  I was told very specifically that I am ahead of the curve among a very few individuals worldwide at this juncture that are experiencing this.  This is the beginning of the opening of this energy as those of us awakening consciously to this are the conduits and the portals to merge this new level of attaining peace into these dimensions.  What this means is that those of us opening this portal in conscious awareness as the conscious experience of this deep peace now make this much more available to those that would approach this threshold of awareness.

If you have experienced anything like this in the past few weeks, know that you are bringing in this level of peace “in embodiment” in the physical plane.  For those not yet aware of this experience, you are invited to “ask for it.  Simply ask the Higher Self to bring you to this portal in consciousness to invite in this peace that is the Descent of the Dove.

The Dove that I sensed in the etheric is one of the many aspects of the Divine Blueprints, so it is both an energy of deep peace and also a matrix of a grid formation.

The reason the Masters told me to share this information now is so that you can all invite in this new sense of peace by simply asking.

Further into my Kundalini meditation, I was filled with new levels of experience.  A beautiful mixture of both the Solar gold and the Liquid Light silver blended in harmony to infuse the four-body system in more alignment and I experienced a platinum Light.    I explained in the latest book, Spiritually Awake in the Physical Realm,  where I outlined the experience of clairvoyence as being that of many levels-- at the astral level to be remote vision, at the Light Realm level to see the brilliant luminosity of form that emanates pure Light, and then into the visionary realm of pure abstract vision of the ideals of Divine Source.  However, today my experience in meditation of the third eye has now moved even beyond these three levels.  Today I experienced very briefly the third eye elevated or aligned with the “All Seeing Eye of God.   However briefly this alignment occurred, I know is just the beginning of shifting my inner sight into an entirely new level.  The Master Thoth told me this shift will enhance my ability to bring forth even more esoteric information he is prepared to impart for the 5th book and the work to merge the dimensions ongoing.

I was also very lovingly and very specifically told to not get on the computer right away before grounding this platinum Light.  Back in the mid-1990’s during an intense Kundalini meditation, I jumped up too quickly from the experience and went directly to my laptop and a gold spark about an inch long jumped from my fingertip into the computer, which never worked right after that.  Normally when doing the Kundalini meditation, my thumbs and index fingers are touching, which was explained to me today that this keeps the “circuit of electric/solar energy” circulating through the 4 body system.  I was then told to relax my fingers and not have them touch, as this would then release a good deal of the intense energy being "circulated in the circuits of the four-body system".  I could literally feel the energy streaming from my fingertips when I released my thumb and finger from touching, and it felt as if there was a ball of Light energy in each palm of my hands.  After a while, I rose from the meditation and was told to eat lightly before going on the computer.  This is the answer I’ve been looking for on how to ground the energy before going about this world of electronics without interfering by putting out light bulbs or blowing out computer circuits.  Thank you, Dear Thoth and Masters for this newly integrated clarity of understanding the solar/electric principles.  I'm sure I will include some of this explanation of the solar/electric principles plus much more insight  Thoth is revealing in the next book, but I just wanted to share this added experience to the information I am to impart regarding the Descent of the Dove.

Today on this solar eclipse in the universal and global world of cycles and revolutions, as greater humanity stands under the shadow of reflection,  I Higher Consciously chose to align with the Cosmic and step more fully into the Light as prompted by Master Thoth “to be the Light.  I am honored to stand most humbly at this portal and invite each and everyone to experience this most beautiful peace that is the Descent of the Doveby simply inviting it into your conscious experience.

I have many people tell me they hope I don't mind if they post the channeled messages around the Internet.  You may feel free to forward the messages or post them, as long as you do so with the full integrity of keeping the entire message intact.


Sharon Shane
Liquid Light Center

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