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Hi everyone, a message from the Venusians by precious Suzan Caroll, also below her PDF book she offers for free from her site.  Embracing all in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka http://loveandempowerment.com/1024_p1    http://www.multidimensions.com/con_spiritual_venusians.html
Our Mission is almost completed!
We have had many Earth incarnations since we first came here during the fall of Atlantis, and most of us have repeatedly returned to Venus between our Earth incarnations. However, once we are born into our earthly, physical form, we usually forget all that we are and enter into another chapter of the “Great Illusion”.
Fortunately, in between our earthly lives, we often remember our true SELF, our Home-world, and The Universal Gathering on Venus. We were summoned to The Gathering from our various Home-worlds on many different planets or galaxies about 14,000 Earth years ago. It seems that a small planet in Venus’ solar system had sent out an S.O.S. The Forces of Darkness were stronger than the Forces of Light, and planet Earth was on a path of self-destruction.
It was Gaia, the consciousness of Earth, who sent the call. She, in her kind-hearted way, had accepted laggards onto her planet who had not been able to ascend with their own planets. Now these laggards were on the verge of destroying Gaia’s physical form.
The Gathering had been on the fifth density of Venus, as the call was sent to beings who were not used to the lower frequencies. Yes, lower!   The fifth dimension seems like a higher frequency to us now, but we all began this journey with our full, multidimensional awareness.  We were aware of even our twelfth dimensional selves, and all of our “selves” were in constant communication with each other and with our Source.
Those of us who decided to answer Gaia’s S.O.S., lived for many years on fourth and fifth dimensional Venus preparing ourselves for our third dimensional Earth experience.  Gradually, we became accustomed to the lower resonance of Venus and earnestly prepared for our rescue mission to Earth. Some of us had been third dimensionals before, and they became the teachers for the rest of us. It was the most difficult for those of us who were experiencing, for the first time, the lower vibrations of the third and fourth dimension because we had never known separation from the Oneness. These “newcomers” to lower dimensional realities experienced the greatest challenge upon entering third dimensional Earth.
Venus is such a lovely planet, filled with love and caring, that most of us took Her as our home during our training. This was important, as it prepared us for life in the solar system of Venus and Earth. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we trained; few of us were prepared for the difficulties of third dimensional life.
There is one thing that we ALL had the greatest difficulty with—FEAR—fear that we weren’t “good enough,” or that we “couldn’t get what we wanted”, or that “others couldn’t be trusted”.   The main fear was “Fear for Survival.” On third dimensional Earth, there was no “instant manifestation” like we were used to in our higher realities.  We had to work hard in order to survive, and there were many wars and diseases to fear.
Fear—Fear—Fear—our ever-present enemy.    At first, we were victims, victims to our fear and victims to everyone who “didn’t think we were good enough,” who “wouldn’t let us get what we wanted,” and victims to all who “couldn’t be trusted.”   We had many enemies then, because our fear continued to magnetize to us the very things, and people, that we feared. We had forgotten that the third dimension was a hologram, an illusion, where we humans (Venusians, Martians, Arcturians, Sirians, Pleiadians, and all the others hiding in earthly bodies) could learn cause and effect in a slow, sequential manner.
On Venus and our other higher dimensional Home-worlds, cause and effect were not separated.   In other words, because the higher dimensions do not have “time” as we know it here on Earth, both cause and effect occur in the same instant. For example, we may think, “It would be nice to fly.” Then, before we finish our thought, we are flying. Of course, higher dimensional thought is also different than it is in the third dimension. Instead of thinking in English, or another earth language, we think in pictures.
On third dimensional Earth, we can think about something for a long time before it happens.  However, rest assured that thought precedes action, and if we think about something long enough, especially if we couple that thought with a strong emotion such as fear or love, we WILL manifest that thought into our physical reality.
Earth is a schoolroom where we learn to be creator Gods and Goddess.  The problem is that there are those who are fallen ones, or laggards.  These laggards do NOT want to evolve into the light and love of the higher dimensions.   The laggards want to continue the third dimensional experience.  They want fear and the control over others that they gain with that fear.
The laggards are the same souls who almost destroyed Earth during the Atlantian Era, just as we are who same souls that saved it.   The laggards are not “bad,” but they are evil (live spelled backwards).   They live life backwards in a “devolutionary,” downward spiraling vibration rather than an “evolutionary” upward spiraling vibration.   Religion has called them the forces of Lucifer or the servants of the Devil. On Atlantis we called them the Dark Robes.
Gaia accepted the laggards because either they had not been able to ascend with their own planets and needed to find a new third dimensional home, or because their own Home-worlds had been destroyed.   Of course, these laggards were greatly influential in that destruction. They now create destruction on this planet. That is their function as they are the forces of destruction. From our third-dimensional perspective, we may think that these “bad people” destroyed their planet, and are out to destroy ours as well. However, from our higher dimensional consciousness, we realize that the laggards are necessary to create the polarized experienced of the third dimension. They are the darkness, the destruction, and the fear. They serve as the force opposite from the light, the construction, and the love.
The physical world must have polarization in order to hold the 3D frequency net in place.  The third dimensional hologram is based on the balance of darkness and light. If there is too much darkness, the hologram will self-destruct and the players will “DIE.” On the other hand, if there is too much light, the planet will move into the fourth and fifth dimension, the hologram will transform, and the players will “ASCEND.” Either way, the game ends and the 3D hologram closes down because the frequency net becomes “out of balance.” In both cases, the people do not cease to be. They merely change back to their true forms or move onto another planet.
As Shakespeare said, life—that is third dimensional life—is an elaborate play.  The set is created and the actors put on their costumes. Some plays have a very long run, and some plays end quickly. However, the actors do not die. Instead, they take off their costumes and find another play to perform in. Some actors perform in many plays (third dimensional lives) and other actors perform in just a few. In spite of this, the play is not their only existence; instead it is what they choose to do with a small part of their life force.
On Atlantis, the frequency net almost closed down because there was too much darkness.   Then Earth would have been destroyed and the people would have “died.” Gaia did not want to “die” like her brother planet, which is now our asteroid belt.   Therefore, she called for us, the Forces of Light, to hold the balance until she and her inhabitants were ready to end the game by ascending.  Gaia wants to evolve and ascend so that she can become a star like our sun, Sol.   Furthermore, Gaia wants to take her inhabitants with her.
In order to protect ourselves from falling into fear, it is important to remember that we are now playing in a hologram known as the “Third Dimensional Earth Game.”  In every game there are opponents.  In this game the opponents are the Forces of Darkness, who use fear as their tool, and the Forces of Light who use love as their tool.  If we live in fear, we are casting our vote and doing our best so that darkness will win the game.   If we live in love, we are casting our vote and doing our best so that light will win.
Fellow Venusians, we are here to remind you that Gaia is weary of this game. She does not wish to end up as an asteroid belt. She wishes to fulfill her destiny by becoming a star. Now is the time that she can, because the Grand Cycle is ending. When we first came to Atlantis, twelve to thirteen thousand years ago, we volunteered to continue with frequent earthly incarnations until the Grand Cycle ended at the beginning of the Aquarian Age. That time is NOW. Allow us to assist you in remembering the lessons you learned on Venus while preparing for your Earth missions.
The Grand Cycle started about 26,000 years ago when Earth’s solar system first left the last Age of Aquarius. In other words, it takes 26,000 years for Earth’s solar system to circumnavigate the Milky Way. There are twelve ages, and it takes 2,000 years for our Solar System to travel through each age. The Age of Leo and the Age of Aquarius are significant because it is then that our Solar System is traveling through the photon belt.
The photon belt resembles a large donut of energy which consists of a greater density of photons, or light, than any of the neighboring space. The photon belt rotates at a 90-degree angle to the Milky Way. When our solar system is traveling through the Age of Leo and the Age of Aquarius, we are in this photon belt. Because there are countless more light photons in this area of space, these ages are a time of great transition, as the added light of the photon belt destroys our illusions.
The “stage” for the “play” of third dimensional life is filled with many illusions and props. If the lighting is low, then we may see lovely trees, distant mountains and a beautiful house. However, if the “stage lights” are turned on, a dirty floor with wooden props is revealed. The illusions are gone. Illusion creates a mask over reality, but Truth shows reality as it is, not as we wish it to be. Therefore, when our illusions are gone, all that is left is the Truth. The Truth shines like a strong light to amplify everything, both the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness.
If we were to turn on the stage lights in the middle of an important play, what was once a convincing illusion would be exposed.  The actors and audience may then become shocked and perhaps even frightened.   Most of us would have the same reaction if the illusions of our physical world were destroyed. If all that we believed to be real was threatened, and we lost all sense of familiarity with our environment, we would probably be very frightened.  There it is—fear again!  Remember, if we want the Forces of Darkness to win the game, all we need to do is to allow fear to overtake our consciousness.   Therefore, we must not fear Truth.  Instead, we must embrace it and learn to love it.
The Third Dimensional Earth Game is far more difficult during the Ages of Leo and Aquarius because of the mass reaction to the sudden exposure of Truth.   Many people become lost in their fear of the unknown when their illusions have suddenly, and perhaps harshly, been revealed to them. On the other hand, if the “players” have learned to consistently face the unknown, they may even welcome it.   Then they will NOT be frightened by the sudden illumination of reality and will instead LOVE the change into a more light-filled reality.  If 51% of the “players” are afraid, the Forces of Darkness win, and if 51% of them embrace the new Light with love, the Forces of Light win.
If we, the volunteers from the Gathering as well as other Ascended, Angelic, and Galactic Beings, had not given our assistance at the close of the last Age of Leo,  Earth would have been destroyed, as the Forces of Darkness were well over the 51% mark before our arrival.   However, due to our efforts, it was only Atlantis, and NOT the entire Earth, that was destroyed.  Now, we have incarnated over and over on third dimensional Earth.  It is helpful to remember the important, transitional experiences of our incarnations on this planet, both positive and negative, to assist us in remembering our true SELF.
Please, fellow Venusians, take a moment to download the PDF file: “Return to Atlantis” to assist you in remembering your SELF. “Return to Atlantis” is actually the first section of the book, Visions from Venus. It is presented now as a free download so that anyone who is interested may read it. It is pages 48 long.
If the Forces of Light win this game, we can have the experience of Group Ascension. That means that Gaia, and ALL of her inhabitants who want to, will ascend together into the fifth dimension. Some, if not all of the laggards, may want to continue the game and may wish to have more third dimensional experiences. They will then need to find another planet on which to play the Third Dimensional Earth Game. Perhaps they shall yet win.
However, we the Venusians have dedicated ourselves to leading others into the light. We have forgone many higher dimensional experiences and suffered much pain in our third dimensional incarnations. We also had lives filled with love and creativity, but it was in those lives that we often “forgot to forget” our true life in the higher dimensions. Then all physical experiences paled in comparison.
We are now on the cusp of our return Home. Let us join together with each other and with higher dimensional beings, including our own fifth dimensional selves, to create an easy and loving transition. We are all “step-down transformers.” A step-down transformer is a person who is able to accept a higher vibration of light than others around him or her and “step it down” to a lower frequency by grounding it into the body of Gaia while integrating it into their own bodies as well. Then, others can accept the lower frequency of that light. The more higher-vibrational light that we ground into Gaia and integrate into our own bodies, the more quickly and easily the game will end as we all ascend together. It is then that we will discover the new life that awaits us.
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