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September 17th, 2006
The Ceyelon Star Gate Alignment
From a Human Perspective

The coming shift begins with the Alignment of the Ceyelon Star Gate System

Online Messages August 24th, 2006

Greetings to each of you. This is a particularly long newsletter because at this time there is much to say.  The Masters have exquisitely described much of what is going to happen to and around us in the shift that has begun.  The Masters and I have decided to give this from both the human perception (mine with your input) and theirs.  From my heart of hearts, I say to each of you, read these words not simply from your eyes to your brain, but from your hearts to your souls.  It is there where to real messages can be not only heard, but comprehended.

The energies the past couple of weeks have really packed a wallop!   The issues front and center at this time are all about balance.  All about not getting caught up in the drama and trauma that is coming our way.   Why is this happening and what can we do about it?

The star gate alignment which will occur on September 17th is a monumental occurrence.  Never in our lifetimes has there been such a powerful inter- dimensional opening.  This alignment, unlike others is not through only a series of dimensions, it is infinite.  This opening goes all the way to our source.  Beyond the void and into simultaneous joining with all creation.  The Masters have a lot to say about the Star Gate alignment so I will leave the details to them.  In the meantime, letís address the human experience of these changes.

This alignment allows us to be touched fully and completely by the light while we remain in our physical, human form.   Because of this, old patterns arise, issues of historic and even past life nature are surrounding us, taunting us, pushing and pulling at us, making us aware that we have work to do.   Making us aware that the time is now to let go of old paradigms and usher in new energies that are life sustaining and for and of the One.

What I mean by this is that we have great tendencies to ignore what we donít want to look at.   We ignore what we donít want to see.  We ignore our perfection and allow those around us and others in our world to influence how we feel and even what we think.

If we continue to accept the old ways of being in our life experiences, we will find ourselves in constant chaos.  That is because the Truth is none of that.  The Truth is simply that we are perfect beings having an earthly experience.  We are infinite and eternal in spite of our perceived imperfections.   Our earth lives are a small drop in our infinite adventures!

This Now is about finding balance.  This Now is about Awakening to possibilities greater than our imaginations could possibly project.  This Now is about finding deep within us that light which has always shined through all of our journeys and all of our respites.  We truly are infinite beings.

Many are having anger issues in this Now.  Trust issues.  Self doubts, insecurities.  Others are becoming caught up in deceptions and that can really hurt.   But what is it that really hurts?   Are we denying the Truth within us that calls us to our greatest achievements?   Do we ignore the call to perfection?   Do we fight our awakenings kicking and screaming that our old comfortable ways were safer, better?    No! No! No!

First we must own what is ours, let ourselves look past the self deception and into our light of lights. m Allow self discovery not from a mental perception, but of the true perception of the heart.  What is it what we fear?  What is it that we donít want to see?   None of what we have hidden from ourselves is as great as the emotions which surround it.   None of what we donít want to see serves us now.  It only maintains our sense of less than.   Our sense of lack.  Our sense of not.  Of separateness among the great and beautiful One.

So what are the symptoms of our self betrayal?   That is what is really going on.   Many report feeling anxious, lost, alone, angry.   Our physical bodies are fighting us with muscular and joint pain and physical symptoms of anxiety such as tightening in the throat or diaphragm areas.

Many are finding that some of the people around them are falling away, as if they simply fade into the sunset or create an angry situation because they canít comprehend that the differences they feel are simply vibrational.   Like seeks like.   That which does not harmonize moves into harmonization of its own accord and in directions that fit them in the Now.

Some report mental confusion, as if the mind canít keep up with the fast paces reality.   That is because the mind continues to attempt to comprehend that which is much greater that its capability to measure.   The Masters have always said that ďthat which is immeasurable cannot be quantifiedĒ

So how do we change the discomfort of the intensity of the changes as we shift toward greater reality?

First, we must recognize the patterns that we constantly recreate.   What types of situations do we find ourselves in time and again that are uncomfortable?   What is our first sign of being in that discomfort?

The Key is that our bodies talk to us.   Sometimes the message is very subtle, but it is there.   Other times the message is loud and clear.   A few examples:

We find ourselves in a situation that we really donít want to be in, but we stay there anyway.   Because of this, our mind begins to chatter, trying and trying to justify why we are having that experience and why it must be good for us, or what the other person or people involved have to offer us.   Our bodies become tense, perhaps we do not sleep well, we begin to deny ourselves pleasures that would sooth and nurture us.   We have fallen into self deception.

First, it is to recognize what it is that we are afraid of in that moment.   Not what the other person or people are doing.   Our discomfort really isnít about them.   It is about us.   What we have hidden from ourselves that we deemed as too painful to acknowledge.

Next, letís honor that pain, cut ourselves some slack and instead of beating ourselves up over it, letís find deep down compassion for ourselves.   After all, we are fantastic at giving compassion to others, right?

Perhaps we find ourselves caught in a sense of lack.   Thinking that we donít deserve what we want, that we arenít good enough and therefore we shouldnít have the very things that would give us the comfort we seek.

To stop this pattern the first thing that we must realize is that our perception of being less than was taught to us by others. Our perception of not enough was given to us by others who perhaps didnít have the tools to look beyond the illusion, so they propagated their own feelings of need, of needing to control at the expense of others, by belittling, discouraging, even demanding more. They couldnít help it. They are or were human too, and they did the best they could. The question is, are we going to buy their illusion, or are we going to step out of the sense that we are something less than others, undeserving of exactly what we came for?

My best answer to this is another quote from the Masters. ďThat which you seek also seeks youĒ. What this means is that as soon as we imagine something, anything, we have created it. Good, bad or otherwise, the law of attraction deems that what we put out we get back. Oh the power in that! That which we seek also seeks us. What is it that we are really after? Do we even know?

What nurtures us, brings to our hearts our divine nature? What is it that the child within us reaches for and we stop because we feel foolish or undeserving? What is it that is just within our grasp that we havenít reached out and claimed because we didnít have the courage? I say, reach out and embrace that which you dream, that which you desire. It is yours, you have the power and it is OK!

The more we choose to accept, the more that will come. Invite greater reality into your heart and soul today. Welcome the truth beyond illusion. I have said this before and will say it again. There are two little words that can take us into infinite bliss: ďI Accept.Ē Meaning that:

Whoever I am, whatever it looks like, whatever I am in the entirety of the One, I consciously create and contribute to this Now and I open my heart, my soul and my arms to embrace all that I desire.<br>
Donít just think this. Live it!

I am excited to tell you that my new book, The Children of Now is being published by New Page Publishing Co. and Career Press. This is very exciting because the book is going to be sold mainstream where it will reach families, caregivers, teachers and all others who these amazing kids encounter. It is about the Crystallines, Star Kids, Angels on Earth and Transitional phenomenon with real stories about real kids and their families. The Children of Now will be out in March. If you are interested in having a copy of this when it is available, please drop an e-mail to me at thechildrenofnow@spiritlite.com. I will let you know when I know the exact release date and where you can get the book!

The Dr. Meg Show, Conscious Talk for Greater Reality has gotten off to a great start with Dannion Brinkley as my first guest and Vaishali last week. Check out my Events Page for coming guests. If you happen to miss any of the shows and want to hear them later they are all archived on The World Puja Network and my website, spiritlite.com. There are still a few openings in my 4 day intensive workshop in Atlanta, GA next month. If you are interested in registering or want more info, please e- mail pam_osullivan@hotmail.com. I have extended the early sign up until August 30th. This will save you $45 on the tuition!

I wish you joy in your hearts, light in your journeys and laughter in your souls. Thanks for being out there. Love, Blessings and Grace,

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

The Ceyelon Star Gate From the Master's Perspective
The Masters Speak:

Anshai anshallah! Haleha nueve!

We greet you. We celebrate all perfection from within the Light.

Ahhh, you are finding that life has come up with twists and turns which you feel are unique in your experience. Perhaps they are, but your resistance to the changes is what is causing the twisting and turning!

Be at ease.  There is much happening on infinite dimensional levels.  In all of creation there are changes occurring. In such a way, these changes affect you greatly and you affect the changes as well.  We wish to speak to you of this.

The Ceyleon Star Gate System is in the process of infinite alignment which will culminate on September 17th of this year, 2006.  One aligned, the Star Gates will remain as such for a period of seven years.  Never before in human history has there been an alignment of such magnitude.  It is this very occurrence which begins the shift of the ages that will culminate in 2012.  There will be some residual balancing in 2013.

In the ancient language of Light, this kind of shift is called

Lah hanai nu alan nahallah si en tallah ensitu

Which loosely translated means:

ďThe leaving of the storms upon and within and the coming of the Rememberings of that which is LightĒ

One might consider that a shift such as that which is upon you acts much like a cosmic enema.

Late this year and particularly in 2007 and 2009 there will be escalations which bring extreme changes to your world. It is not the end of your world, but the beginning of a new way of being, a new era of reality.

As the Star Gate system aligns, it creates an infinite opening past the void and fully into the heart of the source of all creation.   Because of this, all that has been becomes that which was and that which has been created comes to fruition in the form of new realities.  How those realities shape up depends upon each and every one of you.

This is so because all that has ever been and all that is, is mirrored within you.  Each of you carries light of the highest vibration.  The eternal light which can never be extinguished.  That light from which all things are made.

Because you are such powerful beings, containing the light of the IS, everything that you do, every thought that you think, every word that you speak, every action which you create and every reaction which you have all communicate within the One in such a way that the One responds to you.

That shift which you have prayed for, talked about, worked toward bringing forth has begun.

It is a process, a shaking out of all that is not true, a bringing forth of greater reality in such a way that your lives, your beingness as humans upon your earth, has the potential to become of the highest vibration that the density of creation has ever achieved.  Of course, this is all up to you.

We wish at this time to explain to you that which is in occurrence as the shift begins and moves into its processes.

The alignment of the Ceyelon Star Gate System acts as a clarion call to all of creation to respond in like manner.   As the alignment occurs, there is an inherent reaction within all beingness which responds first by releasing that which does not serve the truth, and then polarizing toward either the highest of vibrational existence or that which is opposite.   How you choose to step along the path toward utopian existence is up to you.

You and your world are beginning to change.  You are at a pivotal point in the existence of humanity.  There is at this time a struggle for balance as this IS and the HAS BEEN battle into new paradigms. That which HAS BEEN no longer has a place or works in your reality.  That which was and has been utilized as a guideline for discernment, problem solving and even the creation of reality no longer works.   Vibrationally, it is impossible to live that which is not of Truth.

Imagine, allowing yourself to ride the tide of higher nature, letting go of the resistance and being carried easily and with Grace into greater reality.

As the shifting occurs and the changes begin, many of you are finding that the world around you, your daily experiences and even those experiences of the moment are fraught with changing values which are in direct conflict of those which you have carried forth unto this now.   Those values have told you that to have and to hold are that for which you exist.   Those values have told you that you must become outstanding above all others, to achieve beyond others, to be special in your presentation to the world.

These values simply are not Truth. These values belie all that you are and all that you can be in Truth.

We speak of intentional participation within the reality of all things for the greater good of the balance, the coalescence of individualized reality into one greater experience.

That experience being one of joy and ease, with regard and honor for all others who are doing the very best that they know how in any given moment to participate within their journeys as are you.

Some of those beings in the natural process of all change will not choose to step out into the unknown, greater state of being.   Do not grieve for them.   You must know that first of all that is a choice and secondly, they will have other opportunities to rise to their greater beingness.   Do not fear, do not be of concern.   Live your truth and walk your talk.   The time is now.

As the Ceyleon Star Gate System brings a main line Source energy to your beingness, to your planet, you will find that not only are the veils thinning.   You are moving into dimensional overlaps.   What this means is that the reality to which you are accustomed and that which exists in other dimensions will occasionally come into your reality all at once.   You may find yourselves wondering what is real and what is imagined.   We tell you this: IT IS ALL REAL.   You are existent on infinite plains of reality simultaneously.   Because of this other parts of you are experiencing things quite similarly and quite differently.

There are portals opening


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