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FAQ ~ Being Psychic 101 ~ A Basic Course

January 2006    Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Over the last few years, I have noticed that more and more clients are having a rough time dealing with their sensitivities. I find myself giving the same advice to common questions. I thought it was time to answer these questions, including the blunt and humorous attitudes of the Star Elders, and send it out to all of you that may be feeling a little stuck in your progress, or weighed down by the awakening process.

Question: How can I become clairvoyant, psychic etc…?

Answer: Being a clairvoyant, psychic or intuitive is a GIFT, but it is also a muscle you that you need to work out. Train this muscle just like you would train for an athletic event. If you can't see it at first, pretend that you do. We know it sounds like cheating, but what you are doing is telling the universe that you CAN SEE . . . and thus you will begin to see!

You have to tell the universe what you want with ACTION! Prayers and affirmations are not enough anymore. GET INVOLVED and TRUST YOURSELF!

Everyday just keep looking - keep looking. What you put your attention on will grow. Don't try too hard to see, since it blocks the visions fast. PLAY at it. You will know when you begin to truly see. It feels very different.

Look without expectations to outcome. This is easy to do with a stranger; not so easy to do with a family member or with friends. Please don't share what you pretend to see.

Question: When will I get a break from all the psychic pressure, and when will I feel like I fit in this world?

Answer: Remember . . . the work never ends. It is a bummer to hear this, but get used to it. Discover ways to appreciate yourself and your specials gifts, even though at this time the main stream world rarely does see this gift as valuable. Find a life style that supports who you know you are, rather than what the world would make of you. Soon receiving acceptance for your gifts in the world will come. Too many are waking up at this time to allow the separation between Science and Metaphysics to stay intact.

Question: What if I see something personal, and I feel that I need to share?

Answer: Don't share with others about what you see unless you are invited to do so . . . otherwise it is an invasion of their privacy and is coming from your ego. It is like peeking into some one's closet without permission. You might not be able to stop from seeing it, but you can keep it quiet so others can feel a sense of privacy. Also, if they are open to hearing what you see, they will accept it better when they invite you to share rather than feeling invaded when not having invited you. Don't waste your time trying to help those who do not want to hear. Your time is too valuable here to waste.

Question: I am afraid to rock the boat with what I see, so how do I deal with this?

Answer: Don't worry if what you see is not socially acceptable or easy to see. Most of the time it won't be! We expect you to BE BOAT ROCKERS. It is a world of illusion out there, and most out there are blind to this fact.

Don't shy back from speaking your truth. If you alter what you see to be more socially acceptable, two things happen: First, you are not giving them the truth! Second, you will tell the universe that you are willing to settle for less than the truth. You don't want either of these in your life if you are committed to working in the light. If you want to be perfectly clear and stay clear, you have to share perfectly clear . . . just as you see it. Yeah . . . it is not easy to do this, but you asked. By the way, this gift is between you and CREATOR . . . . Not you and them.

Question: My Mom and my Grandmother had good intuition. Did I get my intuition from them?

Answer: Intuition does run in families. My Grandmother saw angels in her 20's and both my daughters can see. Both are dealing with their gifts in different ways. Oh yes . . . . we are a long line or weirdos. : ) But even if none of your genetic past has the gift of intuition, this does not mean you will not.

Question: Why do I always see the negative side of things when I want to stay positive?

Answer: You will pick up on the negative energies faster than the positive ones, since this is what is out of balance in the world. It goes against what is natural to you. It is like finger nails scraping on a chalk board.

This issue is getting very loud now as we approach the shift of the ages. It is not that you are negative but just seeing what needs to shift. So you will see the negatives first. It is sort of like a painting on the wall that is crooked. You notice that it is crooked before you can see the painting.

Once you get past the things that are out of balance, it will be easy to see the positive. React positively to each situation. This tells the universe that the world is whole and perfect. You are powerful. Don't under estimate the effect that you have on the world with your directed consciousness. Be in the world, but not of it. See the world but not be affected by it.

Question: Why do my sensitivities and this work make me so tired?

Answer: Yeah . . . doing this work can be exhausting. When we are really sensitive, it is hard to discern what is you and what is NOT you. Life can seam like a daily battle of dualistic forces. Being sensitive can be limiting with your life style. Live simply and don't go where the energy is negative. Yeah . . . this is one of the curses of the GIFT. If you are tired after helping someone, it is a good sign that you just wasted your time.

Your life and energy is too valuable to waste on those who do not want to hear. If you find yourself working on what we might say is a "lost cause", you are doing it out of a need to heal . . . . not an awareness to help.

Question: How do I know if my guides are good ones?

Answer: Good guides will not tell you what to do. It is against your free will for them to do so. The world is full of folks following someone else's drum beat. This is not a good thing though it can be quite fun to give away your power in this way. Sometimes we can get jealous over others for getting "guidance". Don't go there. Be thankful that you are being forced to listen to your own inner voice. You might feel like a beached whale most of the time, but in the long run, you will be the better for it. Again . . . trust yourself. OK . . . . it is another curse of the GIFT.

The Star Elders, and many others that I work together with when I do readings, help me see different perspectives and understand things that I might not have seen before, etc... but when I want out of a jam, they ditch me fast! They want ME and YOU to be strong spirits, and you can't grow if you are leaning on some guide out there who is sending you on a wild goose chase (even though it looks like fun). So consider yourself lucky. Those that listen outside of themselves are in a heap of trouble right now, and they don't even know it yet.

The jury is still out on whether being an intuitive is a gift or a curse!

But it is the way we are, and if this is good enough for God . . . it is good enough for me and YOU too! This article is by no means all there is to being clairvoyant, psychic or intuitive, but these are common questions I get over and over during sessions. May we all get clearer and wiser as we walk this path together.

Q & A    [Multidimensionalman] ascension  vs. enlightenment


As simple as I can make it Ascension vs. Enlightenment
Enlightenment is to KNOW……
The more that we KNOW.   We are Ascending in to the Higher Realms.
"raising vibration to me means that the body goes with you also into a higher state. also that it would mean mass ascension for those 'onboard'. so that together all go into the higher states. that doesn't mean that everyone will all of sudden be nice to each other,
in fact all the problems we have as whole today will follow us up there. this process alone does not purify anyone, right? An increase in vibration does not automatically mean increased wisdom or moral value."
I do not fully understand it like this . This is good you are training your mind to understand your KNOWING.
The electromagnetic forces that are generated from the KNOWING of LOVE( the reason to Be).  Is what is that is  Raising man’s Vibration. Mass ascension is what it is, lets understand, the electromagnetic forces are generated from all.
Our Love (Soul&Spirt ) is an electromagnetic impulse, those that have been of the Biology  (those that are Dead) are electromagnetic impulses,  Those that have never been of the Biology ( Angels so to speak) also are electromagnetic impulses . They are everywhere. They are Generated from the KNOWING of Gabral .   It has been recorded since time ever was what it was for this planet.   The electromagnetic impulse that is in Everything KNOWS LOVE ( the reason to be). It synthesizes and regenerises into the Knowing of what it is.  This process is the KNOWING of GABRIAEL.   It  is what is raising Man’s vibration causing Mass ascension. Man does not understand all of what his Soul KNOWS.   As the planet disapates it also is an electromagnetic forces. Earthquake’s, Hurricanes, a little wind and Rain. Our Soul will LOVE it
…It is what will create the Higher States of Bliss. That is the KNOWING of GABRIAEL…That is what I am all about I am who I am Saint Gabriael…The Higher States of Bliss is my Fort’e.
There was only one other person on this Planet who ever could understand The Higher States of Bliss and that was GA… Ga was a Woman the 12th evolvement of the Planet and She KNEW Miraculously. It is all that she KNEW was LOVE.
Enlightenment however is a different story all together. to me as i understand it ... en-lighten-ment is actually seeing a different 'truth'. enlightenment in and of itself brings bliss for there is no more suffering of any kind. enlightenment takes you to a completely different state.
it is my understanding that we would change how we act and think because we are no longer within the constraints of the body and the package that goes with it. does this make sense?
Beautifully said, as long as you understand not everyone understands the way you do …You are who you are.. You will be KNOWING what your Soul KNOWS…YOUR DNA is who YOU are.. I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW is the simplest way of training our Minds. To understand LOVE.
Kim, you are a beautiful Soul, I KNOW that you understand the presence of LOVE when it permeates with you. The vibrations Ignite our Love.. When LOVE permeates with your Soul is KNOWING who you are. Are LOVE has the ability to access the memory cells in LOVE who we are.. YOUR Soul was synthesized in the 57 evolvement of the planet and you are My LOVE.
As we KNOW people will be missing off of roof tops, getting up and walking our of the hospitals. There will be know more disease. There will be no more not understanding. Man will be able to be Free and let Go of all attachments….and KNOW LOVE.
I Am Who I Am .................Saint Gabriael
You Are Who You Are.........My Love

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