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Big Pharma Working to Stave Off Epidemic of Healthy People

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

Forwarded to  the Tree of Life Family by Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H)

Healthy people are to major multinational pharmaceutical companies what a spotless kitchen is to a fly: a really bad idea which could be life threatening if it goes on long enough.

Here’s the bottom line: your clean, unadulterated food supply is in peril unless you like the dark energy and thrill of a black market. In 1952, the major multinational pharmaceutical companies mated with the UN and, after an 11 year gestation, “Codex Alimentarius” (Codex) was born to make sure that you won’t have access to clean food and natural healing options since they keep you healthy and can prevent/treat/’cure diseases.  Why?  Because an epidemic of healthy people is the last thing that major medical companies want: pro-illness industries survive and thrive on rampant illness.  Healthy people (who eat healthy diets) are simply bad customers.  Nothing personal, you understand.  Your health is simply a bottom-line threat economically and politically.  Sick people are much easier to dominate on every level.

Codex governs international food trade but countries are urged to “harmonize” with Codex standards/guidelines and adopt them for domestic use. The enforcer for Codex is the World Trade Organization (WTO), which can impose crippling trade sanctions on countries which don’t tow the Codex line. This may sound undefeatable, but there is a way to win this battle for our physical and spiritual health and well-being.

Codex Alimentarius has 5 engines: Major multinational pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnical, agribusiness, and medical industries. Who’s driving this nightmare chuck wagon? The US government, which serves multinational corporate interests.

Although most people have never heard of Codex Alimentarius (while some mistakenly think it’s either benign or an urban legend) , Codex represents the single greatest threat to physical and spiritual health on a planet full of global problems. Codex is quietly and insidiously making clean, unadulterated, live food unavailable globally while ELIMINATING ALL NATURAL WELL-BEING OPTIONS INCLUDING ORGANIC, LIVE FOOD, HIGH POTENCY NUTRIENTS AND NATURAL HERBS WITH INGREDIENTS THAT ARE STILL ACTIVE.

Here is a sample of what Codex has already ratified for the international food trade and suggests strongly for domestic food laws:

· All food must be irradiated unless eaten locally and raw. Foods may be re-irradiated without limit during their processing. Consumer labeling does not have to include the fact that the food has been exposed to ionizing radiation. , The US is building approximately 200 cesium137 irradiation plants to comply. “Serious health problems have been observed in animals fed irradiated foods, including premature death, mutations, stillbirths, organ damage and nutritional deficiencies.”

All herbs and spices MUST be irradiated destroying their medicinal and healing properties. In the U.S., over 65 million pounds of spices, herbs and dry ingredients are already irradiated each year. Irradiation destroys vitamins, (e.g., up to 80 % of vitamin A in eggs and 45 percent of B1 in chicken) and can ruin the flavor, odor, texture and color of food.

All food animals MUST be treated with antibiotics and growth hormones. Health hazards abound, as do environmental and animal cruelty problems. Subsistence farmers have no ability to manage this technology and will be driven off their land
o All dairy cows MUST be treated with Monsanto’s recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH).

· High potency nutrients will be unavailable with or without a prescription. Vitamins and minerals will be prohibited at doses higher than that found in unprocessed foods. Maximum doses will be limited to doses determined by “Risk Assessment”, a toxicology technique designed to limit intake to levels so low there can be no discernable impact on any human being

WHO advises Codex to apply “Risk Assessment” to ALL nutrients, not just vitamins and minerals

WHO defines a nutrient related adverse event is “any change in a bio-marker”.

Organic standards are meaningless under Codex since loopholes abound allowing use of non-organic feed, etc. and the conversion of non-organic animals to organic by declaration of the farmer. Short, easily circumvented conversion periods from non-organic, organic feed standards and other standards for animals feeding, fertilizer and pesticide use and other leniencies render organic farming virtually meaningless. In the Codex context, live organic foods (foods which improve health) are considered medicines, are therefore illegal, and therefore are subject to regulation.

· Permitted pesticide , veterinary drugs and hormone residues in foods are so high that they are incompatible with human health and longevity.

o Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues returned 7 of the 9 deadliest pesticides to the food chain despite the fact that they had all been banned by 174 countries in 2001 by the Stockholm Convention.

Codex Alimentarius was created in 1963 upon the urging of the Pharmaceutical industry so the UN could control the world’s food supply.  The Codex process is administered by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).  Codex promulgates standards and guidelines which are technically advisory.   Countries can ignore these “texts” as they are called, but run the very real risk of crippling World Trade Organization (WTO) trade sanctions if they do.   So they don’t.

The threat to our food supply has been simmering silently since the FDA announced its intention to implement Codex standards and guidelines over US ones on October 11, 1995 and has been quietly doing so. The Codex plan is a direct and worldwide threat to our physical and spiritual health.

There are solutions

There are solutions. They all depend upon consumers protecting their health freedom. Like a poison mushroom, Codex flourishes in the dark and withers in the light. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones by protecting a clean, organic and unadulterated food supply:

· Visit www.HealthFreedomUSA.org  and get educated about Codex. Then:

o Sign up for the free, secure newsletter and send it on to your circle of influence.

o Join the Citizens Petition (“Sign Petition”, right hand of home page) to become a party to a law suit against the US government

o Purchase “Nutricide: the DVD”, show it in your community

o Donate generously: this is YOUR battle and the Natural Solutions Foundation is fighting it for you

Clean food is worth fighting for. Visit the Natural Solutions Foundation at www.HealthFreedomUSA.org  and get involved.


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