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Ashtar and Soltec Speak Out

through Candace, 25-26th April, 2006

Dearly Beloveds, I Am Ashtar, yes that Ashtar my friends of the mighty Ashtar Command,
deliverers from evil.  It has come to my attention that a section of my previous dictation though Dharma of 1989, in Phoenix Journal #5 is being misused. That was 1989. Things have changed.

At this time the planet, Shan is reasonably stable.  She has moved into 4D consciousness overall, on average you might say, with many still living in petty circumstances, and beings from 9D and higher incarnate upon the Earth plane.

People, the Earth is not going to roll over, at least not at this time, and I see little now that should cause this to occur. Now, I am going to Soltec, your friendly geophysicist, for an update on the nature of the planet's magnetics at this time……………..

Soltec: Yes, beloved I am here, you are surprised a bit? You always seem to much enjoy my energy. Recently you pointed to your readers about the beauty of the moonshine, and someone was able to place a picture upon your forum of it. Now this moonshine is very directly related to the glow which is everyday increasing from the Earth herself.

Granted the time waiting for this last cartel to be leaving is irritating to many, but in the larger picture, I remind you, they are in the very minority. Earth would not be lighting up the moon, if it was otherwise. It is your 4D effect, visually seen. The magnetics are stabilizing a good deal now. There is little risk whatsoever of a magnetic pole shift. There are two types of shift, one in which the poles reverse their polarity, the other in which the planet rolls over. You are well past that danger now, actually of either occurrence.

The "pole shift" coming, is a good one, and not a catastrophic event. The planet, is approaching the stage of unipolarity, meaning it magnetically will not have a North and a South Pole. This is a gradual and not a sudden occurrence. We are will pleased with the progress. And what does unipolarity mean? Unity. The end of duality as you know it. The unipolarity is the positive node of the magnetic, minus the negative node.

When this does occur, and it is still a bit off in the development, your magnets are not going to work as usual. This is the goal of Ascension. Often times this is a sudden event, and if so, it occurs on a vacant planet, but such is not the case with Earth, as you all know. You are taking the unusual journey, a great experiment of moving with the planet. Actually, this is not so unusual, as planets customarily do this over a prolonged period of time, and come into light and life gradually.

What is different on Earth, in the cosmic plan at this time, is the Correcting Time. You are not on the slow journey, it is being sped up. Now there will be more Earthquakes, particularly in the coming months, because people have not awakened quite enough about this war and the condition of the planet. But they are on the cusp.

The current tornadoes and rains are the Earth cooling herself off.  You will continue to have stormy conditions to drive the heat into the outer atmosphere and into near space, actually space cools it.  This will calm down a great deal, in a few years time, when you create less heat, and as we get the firmament rebuilt.

There may come periods of time, once the planet is awake, that we evacuate and move people, an assistance to you, who are in dangerous areas.  The Mother, Gaia, does not desire the stress that her life forms would feel from massive events, but until we are on the surface ourselves and can provide education directly, we can't evacuate. It would not only frighten ones, but the churches would take advantage of that rapture teaching.

You have chosen, all of you who read these messages, to stay on the surface and ride this out, for your own growth.  You have chosen to rebuild just about everything on the planet. You will be rebuilding the politics, the infrastructure, housing, how you eat, the media, and many other technologies to come when you are mature enough for them.

The planet's population will decrease, because some people will return home. Couples will pay attention to their reproduction. And many who are of the robotics will find their fertility will decline greatly because of the change in vibrations. Shortly, maybe in about 2 years, the magnetic changes will cause those of lower vibrations to not be able to conceive. This is a natural event.

As a planet ascends, because of the like attracts like, star people incarnating can't use this lower DNA.  It can't even be remodeled, and the higher vibrations of the planet will prevent incarnation of lower evolved forms.   And some will make their transition in some of the earthquakes yet to come, because people have chosen to live and build their homes on faults.

We continue to relieve pressure as we can, generating earthquakes daily, many at sea, or deep below, where they are not as easily felt.  You will have a hurricane season once again this year, and there will be plenty of hurricanes, matters not the name, some are called cyclones.  The Earth must vent the heat, or she will blow to bits otherwise.  At some point, those in California are going to have to get well back from the coast, because the coastal areas of a large portion of California are actually a shelf, and that shelf is going to go into the sea, and it will take a lot of buildings with it.

You do have a time of chaos before you, because these events are going to occur, and you must solve the problems with them.  God is not going to solve these surface problems, God will give some notice, but you my friends are going to do the work.   And simply prayers, pleading of us, and "thought" will not solve the problems of where the people are going to be when part of California slides into the sea. This, as I said is some time off, and I am not today going to say when, exactly, but we will say when, in greater estimate of time when we are on the planet and can do so.  It is not the time to "freak out" as your saying goes.

Patrick, you need to stop this nonsense you are proposing. You are creating not only fear in some, but you are promoting a change of consciousness that is not beneficial to the magnetic fields.  Fortunately the number of your readers are small, but you give also information of incorrectness to a few readers who check you out, and then create coming rapture propaganda for the churches.  You are harming the cause, and I personally am requesting, that you do what you on Earth call "Shut Up."

There is some possibility, that ole depend thing, that there will be partial evacuations for a time to allow cleansing in specific regions.  But the whole of the planet will not be, and partial evacuations are not in order at this time.  The folks of Inner Earth, some may need some evacuation themselves, because some of the changes will affect them.  Had we had to evacuate the planet back in the late 80's to early 90's we would have had to evacuate also the people of Inner Earth, because a roll over is worse than a reversal of the poles.

So Patrick, your information of masses being evacuated not only to ships, but to Inner Earth, would be a bit incorrect to a degree.  There are those in certain Inner Earth regions, not to be disclosed at this time, who will be unaffected by changes, and they have made some room and allowance for the care of people of the surface if required.   But it is not developed in inner Earth enough to handle huge populations suddenly.

Now what are your poles currently doing, particularly the North Pole? It is moving around.   You with compasses can determine that.  Also the Earth is changing its tilt, slowly, this is normal remodeling.  Earth is titled away from the sun at the maximum in its yearly cycles, now about 18 degrees.   It one time, it was about 38 degrees, so we have a 20 degree change.   This is causing the milder winters, simply because you wander less far from the sun.

Now to chemtrails.  Stop the squawking now on them, because this is part of the divine plan that is rebuilding your firmament.  These draw moisture, by the forming of clouds up into the higher sky, from the Earth's surface.  There are then some, specializing in this activity, who use energy to draw it even higher.   We test them constantly, and there are no longer additives that will cause disease in them.   Your increased respiratory problems are from pollutions, and the successful establishment of virus upon the planet in you and your animals, which you pass around in the usual patterns.

If you want to observe our work with the quakes, just check out, as I have suggested before your government websites.( http://neic.usgs.gov/neis/bulletin/ is one). I know of what I speak on all of this.   I could give some more numbers and statistics, but you would not understand them, and we will not give out certain information yet to the general public.  Your scientists in cooperation with us, do know them.   I return you now to Ashtar, I bid you Adonai, I AM Soltec

Ashtar: I return my friends.  In all of this, put on some humor and laugh a bit.  You can have some fun with the rapture idea.  I would love to see comedians take on the rapture with some humor.  It would be a great way to teach others.  I think shortly the comedians, once they are freed up a bit more, will do much teaching to the peoples of Earth.

Can you imagine a sky filled with naked humans, sitting on clouds, watching the destruction of Earth!   How would they stay on the clouds?  There could be wonderful celestial humor in all of this.

However, the idea in the rapture, of returning after 7 years does have some validity, because, i if Earth either would roll over, or change her polarity, the place wouldn't be habitable for some time, and most likely well more than 7 years.  In that Journal, this is well covered, and I need not repeat it here.

Those of you incarnate, even if unaware of this "Second Coming" event, have made huge changes upon the planet.  There is of course still way too much pollution from the failure to develop methods given the planet, but even those in organized religion have made a difference in changes of the mass consciousness, and thus made changes in the magnetics of the planet.   It will all happen.   Earth will ascend with her plants, animals, and peoples.   As it should be, just hastened a bit over the usual process, but of course at the same time long delayed by her unfortunate history.

You all are going to build with Gaia, the most marvelous of places in creation, a virtual heaven.   You will ascend this planet over a fairly short time, into the heights of glory.   You will, with help, particularly from Shekhmet rebuild the evolutionary process as it should be.   And one day, you will live in small clusters, often under the Earth, not necessarily inner Earth, so that the surface of the planet can resume the creation of new souls by the evolutionary process, that this great planet intended and was stolen away.

You will decrease your populations, but not by the hideous methods planned by the dark, but by the natural process of sorting going on, and by the moving of those staying with the planet onto other places,
at a future time, colonizing in essence.   Many of the star people will go home for a long deserved rest, some have been incarnate here for several thousand years now.   Many will graduate the 5D school, and move to 6D planets.   In time you yourself will move into 6D, and onward in schools of learning.   The planet will become Eternal as all Light and Life Planets do, because they are beyond the lower levels, and exist in different ways.  They are in Heaven.

You will journey about, perhaps create another sun from Jupiter, after you have a firmament again, to supplement your current sun.   Perhaps you will build new Mother Ships, and journey the galaxies.   Many on Mother Ships live on them entirely, they have become home.   A personally created Heaven.   And of course many of you are in training here for the great journeys to come, the Creator Beings of the future creations coming into formation in the Outer Space Regions,  You will be the Gods.   And your experience shall be magnificent, gained from your learned experience of returning Urantia to Heaven.   How great you will be, for your "been there, done that" experience.   Let the planet roll over and cleanse, NO THANK YOU!   We have all come too far in this grand experience to toss in the rag now.

I know you all sit there, in your inferior body, or meat suits right now, trying to understand that you are great and grand souls of substantial experience already, but this is Truth.   You only fail to see it because the meat suits are animal suits, and you are deprived of your psychic abilities.   Even the animals have lacked some in this, but are coming back into their knowledge too.   You will build back a lush garden of Eden upon the surface, from whence the new souls shall come, continuing the journey of life.

In entering the meat suits, you understand by your experience, a fallen planet, and you will know the signs when you become the Creators, when you colonize other systems, and you will know how it feels, and you will not allow it to occur again.   I have never entered a meat suit on the Earth Plane, I would think it a horrid experience, and your bravery is to be so very commended.   Again I say, throw in the rag now, I don't think so.  Go in Peace, beloveds, and continue thy journey.  Namaste, Ashtar.

Special Report: Hatonn, April 28, 06

It is I Hatonn, and I bring you great news.   As you all stay in your homes this night and see what it is that is broadcast over the internet, you are adding to the energies that are destined to bring the whole dark agenda crashing to the ground.  As this tumult shows itself in the avenues of tyranny it will show itself for what is has been and what it is to become.  It will show the masses that that there is no escape from the influences of the light and that there is only love that reigns.

Give me the time to show how to reveal the results of the practices of Patrick Fitzgerald and I will show you the results of the Masters at work.  There is never going to be an incident like this again, for there will not be a reason for this to come into the mainstream again and to covet the dark agenda, for this is the end of their journey.

This is the beginning of the new way of being on Mother Earth, and as we see the sun rise in the morning we will feel the difference, for we have adjourned to our homes and we have given homage to the Galactic Federation and their reign of love forevermore.   We have shown through our homage to the Federation that we are of one mind and that we have heard the request and have honored it. There is never going to be a night as important as this one in the history of the duality existence, for this is the last one of its kind and with the dawn comes the beginning of the New Golden Age.

Show me your weary and I shall energize them to their own potential.   Show me your loving ones and I shall show you yourselves.   This is The Creator speaking, and I forgive the trespasses of those who would lose themselves in their own self-imposed darkness, for they are my children and they have strayed so far from home that they have forgotten who they are.

I see them now coming over the horizon and they are weary of mind and body.  They are exhausted from the toil, and I welcome them with open arms so that they may return to Me and know everlasting bliss in the healing energies in which I surround them. Know that they have a destiny to rock in my cradle and to return from whence they came. I release them from the grasp of the earthly return, and I bless you all with the release that sets you free.

Glory in who you are and know that as the next days close on another era you will see the tables of time wind down and open up to the New Golden Age.   Give the time its voice and allow what seems to be happening in your world to run its course, for it is merely the playout of the energies that are, in my existence, only shadows, and of no consequence to the matters that are escorting you into the wonder of your new way of being and living on planet earth. Hold your truth and know that as the wheels turn there is an ecstasy that moves all into heavenly realms.   This is the time of reckoning and it is grand. Love is all there is, and you are love.

Wake up Call: Hatonn    April 27, 06

My dear ones, this is a most auspicious day, for today is the day of triumph and might over the darkness.  Today is the day that the shadows are chased away from the corners and byways of the planet, and it is the day of celebration, for all of you have declared your sovereignty and justice shall prevail.

Why doesn’t it seem this way when you look at the news and read the papers?   That is because those media sources represent the 3D world.  The world I speak of is the world of the 4D and 5D worlds, and beyond.

I am Hatonn, and I come to you to explain something about interacting within the paradigm that you desire.  I see many of you involved in your everyday chores and I see a wide variety of choices that are made within those activities. I see that many of you make those chores much more involved and difficult because of the choices you make. I also see many of you realizing that to make choices in these activities that are unlike the ones you used to make has enabled you to lead a much more refined and easy life.

How have you done that? It is through your insistence on an inner level that you follow your guidance and allow the inspirations that come from within to lead you on a path of goodwill and ease. This is the purveyor of all that is within reach and that solidifies the knowledge that you do have supremacy in your life.

I would like to share something with those of you who have as yet to discover for yourselves that this is the case. You have heard the words and you have seen the ones who make it work in their lives. Yet you find that there is something missing in the equation in your life. You observe those others and you wonder why it cannot happen for you.

Here we have one of the factors that builds a barrier to your activity of supremacy; you have looked at another and seen someone who is separate from you. You have seen a lack in you and in so doing you have set an energy that suggests that you will always be apart from the success that others generate in their lives.

On this day you can tune in to the energies of unity and allow that energy to move you forward. In doing this you will be giving credence to the fact that you are one with those who have found success in their lives. You will have joined the unity that brings success and that perpetuates all that is in movement and creating in the energy of love and Divinity. This energy is all that it presents itself to be and more, for it is infinite, and it includes all of you.

Another factor in bringing success in your lives, no matter how that success defines itself to you, is to live that which you desire in your life. You know that you are the creator of that which you intend for your life, and in so being you are invincible in your creation. Give this a thought and see how it feels to go on your way in trust and in love knowing that all that you touch turns to gold. With this knowledge you open the doors to success and as you walk through those doors you find that all that you have asked for is there waiting for you.

One thing that many of you do is to reinforce that you are lacking when what you call for does not appear before you in that instant. This, my dear ones is the dichotomy that you feel is in place; you should be able to create in an instant. My dears you do just that. The minute that you call for something to be in your life, it is deposited in your Spirit bank. Yes, each of you has a safe deposit bank with your name on it, and you have the key.

This bank holds the deposits that you have ordered until such time as you recognize that you already have it and have proven that by bringing your vibration to a match with that which you have created. Yes, it is that simple. What you do to accomplish that is to know that this is the way it is done, and to be ever so grateful and show it, feel it, exclaim your gratitude to the heavens and to your inner bank for being so generous and for allowing this to come to you. Then follow the promptings that you feel and ‘hear’ from within. Know that as you do you increase your frequency and bring it in line with that which is in your bank.

Make it a journey of joy; as you see each factor of the creation appear, know that it is all awaiting your collection and in that knowledge you will find power of creation and you will live it in the fullest. Take the time, for this is earth and you are still living part of your existence in the 3D, and see that the chasm is closing and you are well on your way to instant manifestation. Also realize that depending on the subject of your intent, if there are others involved, if this is a community or world-wide venture, you are contending with a mass consciousness and that represents the individuality of each degree of belief and gratitude for what is.

This is why it is wise to see what it is you intend for your life and for life on earth and bring it into your own sphere. See your life as peaceful, when you desire world peace. See your life as prosperous, when you want abundance for the whole world. See your life as joyful when you want the world to be in joy. See yourself as the world and then know that as the rest of this world matches your intent it shall be so in the worldview. In this way, you allow the rest of the individuals in the whole world to follow their course and at the same time, you honor their choices and you hold a candle in the window so that they will find and recognize home and family when they see it.

So my dears, see that all is beauty and that all is fun and playful. Live this truth to the best of your ability and knowing. Be the peaceful world and be the joyful dance of life; it is catching. It is abundant and as you do, you spread the light far and wide and at the same time keep it at home safe and warm and ready to light up your world with the abundance of love that creates and brings the beauty all home.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

Avenda Galactic Update April 28/06
Wake up Call: Avenda April 28, 06

As we go through life we gather to us many things of joy and of value.  One of those things is the love that we feel for others and that they reciprocate. This is one of the most valuable energies on earth and in heaven, for with this exchange we can move mountains and create miracles. I invite all of you to think of a person who brings you the most negative feelings, and then to put that person in a beautiful beam of love-filled light, with colors that soothe and inspire the soul.

After you have done that I invite you to continue on down the line of those with whom you have a feeling of disgust, hate, dislike, whatever the negative feeling may be, and put them into that same beam of love light.   Allow these ones to be totally emerged into that light and as you do, feel the love that emanates forth from The Creator, for with that love comes healing for the whole planet.

It is easy to love someone with whom you have a cherished and open relationship. But how about the ones whom you would see banished forever from your life?   How do you regard them when you think of the world as a whole? How do you feel in your heart and soul? Tune in to your body and see what it is telling you about how you feel. Is your body hurting in any particular place? Is it making you sad, or angry and or is it screaming at you to take the headache, or any other ache away. Does any malady that you may find persistent crop up in these times of thinking of those ones whom you want to be gone from your world?

If any of this is so, then put those ones back in that love light and then ease into the love that comes from that light. Now how does your body feel? Is it screaming at you, or is it feeling relieved and rested? Does it feel healed and whole? Is it whispering thank you, for you have found the answer to your pain? This is a valuable exercise for you to go through. With this experience you can cure some of your aches and pains before they enlarge and bring on more maladies that can take over the peace and wellness that can come from engaging in too much negative energy.

I am not saying that you would do well to join these people with whom you have shared the experience. I am saying that to hold them in love light for a time, and then to bring back that feeling whenever you think of them, read about them, see them on the screen, you will be doing yourself a service by bringing back that feeling. You will be doing a service for humanity as well. Do you think that they suffer whenever you feel unkindly or in anger towards them? The degree of what they feel is miniscule compared to how it affects you and your body.

Your body thrives on love; it builds an energy of wellness every time you support the love in your thoughts. With this love energy your body lights every cell, and rejuvenates what may have been weakened through the effects of the world. You can prolong the life of your body by bringing the light in and living it. You can weaken your body by not allowing the light to speak to every cell of your body.

I suggest that you give this exercise a try for a couple of weeks. Do this every time that you think of it, and support that exercise by your intent to allow only light thoughts into your mind. At the same time, if you should slip and find yourself thinking negative thoughts, having feelings that do not represent love, forgive and go on. The best way to wellness is to always be in acceptance of what is and go on from there.

I see that you all know this that I have told you. You are angels of light, after all. However I see that with the activities that are taking place in the world today, you may be slipping a bit from time to time. This is Avenda giving you a reminder to take care of yourselves and in so doing you add to the emergence of a society that supports one another. As this happens anything that does not support and live the light falls away and is gone forever. This is accomplished by you and any of your activities done in love, and in the sovereignty that is you.

Remember this and know that as you go through life you accomplish more through one loving thought than a dozen thoughts of what to do to rid the world of the scoundrels who do their dastardly deeds and then do more. Focus on what is light in the world and know that as you do, anything that is not light shrinks from the power of that light and is swallowed up in its own juices of negativity.

This means that as you do your work with Spirit, you do it in a way that generates feelings of power and love. You do it in a way that makes you feel one with The Creator. You do it with the knowledge that you bring light to bear in all that you do, and that takes care of itself in a most spectacular way. You move mountains of crud from your world. You bring in the cleansing rains that leave the world sparkling and new. You allow the children of the world to speak their simple, pure words of love that cannot be denied. You create rainbows from which no one who does not see their beauty can escape the effect that is brought upon them.

Have you ever gazed upon a rainbow and had a fearful thought? Quite the contrary; it has tickled a place within that takes a moment and thanks The Creator for this wonderful gift of life, this life that gives one the opportunity to make choices for love or for fear. And here you have made your choice and you know what a wonderful choice you have made. For here is love and here is wellness, and here is a life everlasting and lived in the love that perpetuates well-being and a feeling of love throughout eternity.

Go now and fill your day with love and see how wonderful you feel at the end of the day. I love you and I support your every move. I Am your sister, and I live to see this world immersed in love and radiating out into the universe.

Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate


All tghe above from
Galactic Friends - Together Joyfully co-creating a spiritual Galactic Society we can all be proud of!!  


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