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Archangelic Revelations for 2006

Received through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa

The universe is love! It is the energy of expansion cradled in a fabric of unconditional acceptance. As we come to know the truth of love, all prophetic information delivered from spiritual truth must be, and can only be, of love!

Prophecy is indeed preparation, an opportunity to prepare oneself through an expanded point of view.   Archangel Zadkiel is most adamant that all revealed information of coming events is only shared as a means to enhance your ability to prepare within; a loving gesture that opens portals of remembrance. Your understanding of prophetic information will most benefit when aligned with the energy of an open heart.

As you read these revelations from the Archangelic Realm, gift yourself with energetic recognition and limitless understanding that the time of joyous preparation is before you. The answers to the questions in this article are all directly from Archangel Zadkiel and expand the gift of loving preparation.

May you align ever-more with the truth of your being and the joy of authentic __expression on this glorious planet that is our current home!

"Your destiny is already determined, HOW you reach it is still up to you!"

-- Archangel Zadkiel

Many Blessings of Love and Light,

Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

,,.,,.`.,,. ,,.`.,,..,,.

Q: Is the economy perhaps collapsing, and if so, where is the best place to put ones money?

Uh Oh, stock tips! (audience laughter) We do not do this. No hot stock tips here today.  The economy is not perhaps collapsing,   it is collapsing.   You must know that.   It is.   It is not the perhaps.    Let your own heart guide you.

We wish to ask you a question. Dearest ones if you know it is coming, why do you delay? What do you need? What do you want?

Let us expand our answer even more. So many say, "Should I dig a cave?

Should I go here or there?   Should I put money in mattress?   What should I do?"

We invite you to go into your truth ever more. Dearest ones if the prospect of a collapsed economy scares you, imagine a collapsed planet!  We recognize that for many the issue of money is most important.  We hear it all the time.

"Where is my money? Get me more money. I want money". OK!

You have entered into a three year period of releasing. During this period the earth and all of its components will begin to release energies in many ways.

With respect to money, it is when the structures of density begin to shift that you can actually expand evermore and be untouched if you are indeed energetically prepared.   You must understand that the truth of your safety is already within you.   Yes, there will be a period of several weeks of readjustment after the first what you would call "crash."   In the United States, especially, it will look very different than it does now by the end of this three year period.

There will be many in uniforms who will come to the streets and say we are here to protect you.  And so you should be prudently prepared for a couple of weeks.   This is all you will need.   During that time, you will readjust and you will be able to shift dimensionally.   In truth dearest ones, all you need is water.

With respect to your money and where to put it, your heart will guide you.

If you are in your truth with yourself, you will be guided properly.

Remember that it is a time of joyous, joyous, joyous being!  Celebrate! If you have a week where you live on water, celebrate the purity that you are.

Celebrate! In your celebration there is no fear and in your celebration you are safe. This is all we wish to say about this now.

Q: Will there be earth changes and should I move soon?   Is where I am living safe?

We shall answer your second question first.  We wish to serve all by making this a globally applicable question. Each has within their soul essence an intuitive understanding of where their energy must be aligned during the time of the great planetary shift.   Because of that each will be exactly where they need to be at any given time.   Where you each make your home is most important based upon your energy and the needed support that aligns with your soul's core essence.

So for each, yes, the earth is shaking, and yes, the earth is shifting and yes there are many, many areas that soon will look very differently as you have just very recently experienced in several different areas.   Our answer is that you should not be preoccupied with WHERE you live, and if you must be pre-occupied, be aware of WHY you are living there and HOW you live.

You cannot ever not exist.  Understand? Good! L et's say it again.  You cannot ever not exist.  Oh, double negatives, we like that.  (much laughter) OK!   It is important to remember that if you can go into the truth of this, you will dimension shift when you need to, and you will be where you need to be and you will not ever experience terror or pain!   It is only the mind of the 3rd dimension that can experience both terror and pain.   Where do you want to be?

This is why we are asking you to make a decision.

This year does mark the increased escalation of planetary release and planetary shift.  Know that these events will ultimately help many find their truth and awakening.   During this time which will offer a dramatic increase in both intensity and frequency of earthquakes, the sea levels will also begin rising. Due to this the lowlands of the globe will see more flooding and it will begin to become a difficult situation to rectify with "man made" means. Remember that the earth itself is a greater cleanser than anything man could make or pretend to control. This year she will demonstrate this.

Dearest children, remember the only true safety is that which you find in the truth of your being.   All of these events are in divine perfection and will offer you much growth.

Q: Is this the year in which we will finally make alien contact that is verifiable?

We love this question, for truly what is alien?   Yet, we understand your question and its basis for inquiry.   Know that very soon, within two years the people of earth will be given the gift of reunification with other spiritual beings who are having their own "adventures in density" (experiences in a body). When the irrefutable evidence and contact with this other-worldly intelligence occurs, what will happen?   Will you fear these Beings, or will you celebrate the opportunity to expand the boundaries of perception?

Your true galactic brethren are most benevolent, and yet there are forces at work now on this planet that wish to manipulate this first contact experience.   Be centered in your heart during this time and trust your own knowing.   The media will continue to falsely create images and these images will be eagerly accepted by those who have chosen to align ever greater with the chaos of density.  We will share more about this event later in the year.

Q: Why are so many people angry and war-focused?

Know that as consciousness polarizes, and it must at this time, those who are deep in the density will work to keep the status quo secure and thus increase the polarity.  The major governments will take advantage of the increasing chaos for political motives.   Many of you know the name, Illuminati.   Dearest ones you must know that they are operating from a belief that they too are serving Light through their own filter.

They are actively using the power structures on the planet to prevent Re-union.   They believe that those in density will contaminate the galactic community.   They believe that the 3rd dimension experience should be held separate from a galactic reunification.   Thus, by manipulating events to stimulate fear they stimulate you to use your free will to polarize and separate.   Remember that you are the ones who hold the power to be safe within and to reverse this polarization effect.  Know also that if you are grounded in fear your consciousness is easily clouded.  You do have choice and you are a powerful co-creator.  We remind you again that your true power comes from you clarity of choice.

Q: What can you tell us generally about this upcoming year?

There are global ramifications of an energy shift which begins at the core and this energy will be felt at the core of each being.   Each core essence, each core being is feeling the shift that is happening globally.  There are many energies coming into play now.   Indeed fear is one of those energies and ever greater fear is coming, oh yes!   There are many who are moving into what we would call greater intensity meaning that they are finally in alignment with their core essence.   Many of you dearest children have not ever been in alignment with your core essence.   The truth of your core essence offers you the ability to feel things you have not ever felt before.   You will touch things you have not ever touched before.   How you break free and navigate these core feelings will be influenced by your reactionary system, which is habitual.

There is nothing that can be done to shift the core energy fields that are now present and emanating on your planet.   Indeed, these core energies will escalate. To navigate through these core energies you must release the habit of the pain.   This is not just affecting people, it is affecting all beings on this planet and many will notice the shift in their pets or other animals.     It is important that you go into your core and ask yourself, "What do I value most?" Pay attention to what comes up first.

Many will be shocked by what they first hear so we encourage you to write that down on a piece of paper and to keep writing until you find your core resonate truth.   Bring to the top of your mind your core truth, and everything will become effortless.   From there you can navigate with ease and the shift will become simple.   Remember you cannot navigate for others!   You must each navigate your own way.  As you navigate clearly, in your own way, you will attract to yourself others who are navigating the same waters. It is not difficult it just demands presence.

This is your year to finally release the fear that all must transcend in the same way.   Trust that as you come into alignment with your core understanding, the essence of your being, that all will flow the way that it is meant to be.  You are at the time of Harmonic re-balancing!  To be in balance and to harmonically realign yourself you must come to the core essence.   Come to your core and bring it forward without denying it.  You will know that you are in alignment with your true core when you feel a peaceful surrounding and you recognize flow.  When you feel disharmonious, when you feel there is no flow you must question whether you are in alignment with your core essence, and in alignment with the core there is no longer a need to judge, no longer a need to question.   Understand that without the question, effortlessness becomes your truth.   When effortlessness becomes your truth and you are able to continue expanding, then you know.

As a collective group of expanding light you are at the time of great reunification, and HOW you experience this is yet to be determined by you.

Yet with each passing moment you set more in motion.  How and where is your future to go?   Where do you want it to go?   Give yourself the gift of getting very clear and all is available.   Wake up to your sacred mission and harmonic alignment.   Know peace.  We love you; you are precious beyond measure!

Many Blessings.


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