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February 2007

Accessing Your Macromind and Your Macrocosm Awareness  Archangel Michael  Ronna Herman
Messages from the Galactic Federation  Sheldan Nidle  1/30, 23
The Big Let Go  Kuthumi  Michelle Eloff  1/8
Ecstasy and the Heart  Hathors  Tom Kenyon  1/18
The Revelation of the Kybalion Tractate  Thoth  Ronna Prince
2/2  Happy 5th Birthday  Awakening-Healing  Web Site  Ground Hog Day
Multi-Dimensional Alignment ~ We are Shifting Big Time!
Messages from the Masters  Meg Blackburn Losey
2/02  Global Meditation
Connection For Consciousness Gathering  Sacred Transformation
What's Up On Planet Earth  Karen Bishop
What Do Women Really Want?  B52 Best  2/2
Change the World
World Peace ONE 
A/V & Video Links:  


January  2007 
Matthew's Message
 New Energy momentum for Peace; Illuminati influence, Control waning; Energy that delays progress of change; Young and older leaders appearing; Power of Words; Importance of Monoatomic Gold in bodies; de-evolution of DNA; origin of Earth’s Spirit World; Soul contract possible reason for illness; future potential for people in health Care fields; this Lifetime is last opportunity to complete third density Karma on Earth; outlook for World Economic changes; Souls’ name identification beyond current lifetime; some incorrect claims about future events; helpful Visualization technique   1/7
Opening the Portal to your Sacred Heart   Archangel Michael   Ronna Herman
Jesus Speaks on the "Book of Revelations"  Glenda Green
2007 A Year of Monumental Change   P
atricia Diane Cota-Robles  1/11
Messages from the Galactic Federation  Sheldan Nidle  12/2 & 9
Messages from the Galactic Federation
  Sheldan Nidle  1/30, 23
8 Keys to Survive the Shift  Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.  1/2
Concerns for Our World  Angel Astra  Anna Harlas
What's Up On Planet Earth  Karen Bishop
Soul Astrology  New Moon in Capricorn   Margret Koolman  1/19 

December  2006  Happy Holidays  Universe Enough
Massages from the Whales  Joan Ocean
The Ecstasy of Sacred Love 
Archangel Michael  Ronna Herman
Cosmic Fire Dance  December Energies  Archangel Michael  Celia Fenn
Messages from the Galactic Federation
  Sheldan Nidle  12/5
Matthews Messages True NESARA Explanation; Soul-to-Consciousness Communication; Developing Discernment; Soul Contracts, Primary Missions; Dreams; Animal Souls; Current World Update; Summary of previously covered information; Question Guideline; Christmastime’s highly mixed emotions  12/5
A Revelation of Jesus about Christmas The Divinity of Mankind
The Cosmic Pause and the Masters Speak of the Coming Year 
Dr Meg Blackburn Losey  12/12
Political Leadership  St Frances  Anina Davenport
Messages from the Galactic Federation  Sheldan Nidle  11/21 & 28
Interesting Information     Wonderful Women  
Walking on Water Video
Astrology & Astro*Cartography Update  Marcus Mason  12/10
What's Up On Planet Earth  Karen Bishop
Big Pharma Working to Stave Off Epidemic of Healthy People  Rima E. Laibow, MD
FEED333 Help Feed 3 Million American Children In 33 Days... For Just One Dollar
A Silent Night Movie   Mary Robinson Reynolds

Wizards_of_Winter Christmas Lights to the music of "The Wizard in Winter" by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra!

November   2006  Be Thankful  
Harmonizing the Old Age with the New  
Archangel Michael  Ronna Herman
Healing the Polarization  P
atricia Diane Cota-Robles
Matthews Messages  US Election Results in Universal Context;  Moving out of Third Density Thinking;  How Love-Light Works  11/9
Messages from the Masters  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey  11/27
Messages from the Galactic Federation  Sheldan Nidle  11/7 & 10/31 & 24
Integrating the latest Energies  St Francis  Anina Davinport 
You and Your Crystalline Body  
  Archangel Michael  Celia Fenn
Rainbow Energy Gold Peace 
Andromeda- City of Light   Liat Nava Aliya
A Message to All Lightworkers  Stay the Course  Grant Bellows
Looking Through the Mirror of Time  Guardian Angel Astra 
Anna Harlas
World Angel Network  Ariel  Stevan Thayer  11/17
The Wave  Blessings from Gaia  Qala
Mayan Return  Life's Wisdom
 Aluna Joy Yaxk'in  11/13
What's Up On Planet Earth  Karen Bishop
FEED333 Help Feed 3 Million American Children In 33 Days... For Just One Dollar
Global Power Barometer Story   Global Power Barometer   Political Geeks

October    2006
Message from Sananda  # l7  Ascended Jesus  Lois Hartwick  10/9 &18
A Cosmic Opportunity for Divine Government  Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Much More on Oct 17  Cosmic Event  Ashtar  Susan
What Should We Expect Now? 
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles  10/24
Earning the Gift of Life 
Archangel Michael  Ronna Hermann
Messages from the Galactic Federation
  Sheldan Nidle  10/10 & 3
The Emancipation Proclamation of Divine Balance  Malkuth  Rona Price  10/17 soon
Setting Intention for the New Year of 2006  The Integration of the Eight-Fold Path And The Four Noble Truths Through the Tree of Life as the Spiritual Foundation for Incarnation  Kuthumi & Athena  Rona Price  10/1
Matthews Messages  North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan; Earth's ascension on target despite lingering darkness; higher frequencies magnifying feelings, October 17 light event; Israel, Zionists; Ecoli no scare; US political scene; reptilians; purpose of SDI; dementia, ADHD 10/13
2006  Planetary Transformations - Part Four 
Adama  Aurelia Louise Jones
2006 – Planetary Transformations - Part Three  Adama  Aurelia Louise Jones
2006 – Planetary Transformations - Part One & Two  Adama  Aurelia Louise Jones
Legend of Atlantis: 4  Return of the LightMaster  Spiritual / ET Video
Legend of Atlantis: 3  The Secret Prophesies of Apocalypse  Spiritual / ET Video
Legend of Atlantis: 2  The Secret Brotherhood of Atlantis  Spiritual / ET Video
Messages from the Masters 
Dr Meg Blackburn Losey  10/23
Letting Go of Control  
St Francis  Anina Davinport
Living in Purpose  St Francis  Anina Davinport

Consciousness Expansion SHOUD 3  Tobias  Geoffrey Hoppe
Lakota Message: Warning on Environment  Chief Arvol Looking Horse  10/22
Implosion Point  Sasha  Lyssa Royal  9/8
Flying Horse Moon  Astrology  Kelly Hunter
Mayan Calendar   13 Moon System
Be Informed and Act!  GOD  Matthew / Susan
Generation X  James Tyman

September   2006
   Beautiful Blue Planet
Message from Sananda  # l6  Ascended Jesus  Lois Hartwick
You Are the Gatekeepers and  Purveyors of the Living Light  Archangel Michael  Ronna Hermann
Quantum Awakening  #91  11:11  Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Emptiness, the Place of Neutrality  ASTRA The Guardian Angel  Anna Harlas
Dealing with Fear   St Francis  Anina Davinport
Comments on Relationship  St Francis  Anina Davinport
Manifesting Heaven on Earth   Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Ceyelon Star Gate Alignment Message  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey  9/15
The Ceyelon Star Gate Alignment 9/17  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey  8/24
Special Message about September 11, 2001  Matthews Messages
Special NESARA Edition Explanations of NESARA Hatonn & Matthew & an enlightening message from GOD 
Matthews Messages
Plane-bombing plot more ruse, deception;  NO nuclear war in Lebanon; Zionists don’t represent most Israelis, Jews; economic outlook, resources reallocation; geophysical events, “global warming”; repeal of unjust laws worldwide; Matthew’s requests regarding questions; cremation, burial; US November election; effects of feminine/goddess energy; illness, aging outlook 
Harvest Initiation Autumn Equinox PART I  We, the Many Masters, welcome you today as we discuss the intention, purpose and meaning of the Autumnal Equinox. We will discuss the overall theme of the Equinox: Harvest in the context of solar consciousness and with the tarot based themes of body-mind-spirit, and love-wisdom-power.
Harvest Initiation Autumn Equinox PART II  The I AM Presence of Kuthumi, World Teacher of Humanity, welcomes you once again to enter this Path of Expansion In Joy. In Part I of this three part discourse, we have located human consciousness in the Galaxy, we have discussed the meaning of the Autumnal Equinox and we have outlined three aspects of Galactic Alignment.
Harvest Initiation Autumn Equinox PART III   In the third of this three part series, we will discuss the Integration of Love-Wisdom-Power through the 10 stages of your soul’s journey to Harvest. We will combine these with the 12 ways we judge ourselves and thus block our access to Truth, and we will show how the Master Builder #22 (10+12) may serve as the Key to Ascension Consciousness.  
Rona Prince  08/31
Messages from the Galactic Federation  Sheldan Nidle  8/27,29, 9/5
Messages from the Galactic Federation 
Sovereignty  Sheldan Nidle 9/26 & 19 & 14
Initiating Change  The Equinox Solar Eclipse  Lunar Planner  Nick Anthony Fiorenza  9/22

August   2006
   I Like You
World Wide Peace Meditation 9/17
The Surrender of Physical Matter to Spirit
Earth Dance 2006  9/16  Dance Our Prayers into the Earth

How Strong Is Your Love/Life Line?
Archangel Michael  Ronna Hermann
Messages from the Galactic Federation  Financial Changes  Sheldan Nidle 7/18 & 11
The Ceyelon Star Gate Alignment 9/17  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey  8/24
Dealing with Fear   St Francis  Anina Davinport
Radiating Peace  St Francis  Anina Davinport
Abundance Discourse  Kuthumi  Rona Prince
The Fire Goddess Comes   Archangel Michael  Celia Fenn
Your Fullest Potential  Uriel's Message  Jennifer Hoffman
Quantum Awakening  #90  888  As Above So Below And Within  Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
The Midsummer New Energy Conference   Kuthumi  Geoffrey Hoppe  7/15
The Midsummer New Energy Conference   Tobias  Geoffrey Hoppe  7/14
The Midsummer New Energy Conference  Adamus Saint-Germain Geoffrey Hoppe  7/16
Online Channeling & Messages form the Masters  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey  7/20
This Is Your Moment 
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Harp of God   Pray for Peace  Marianne Williamson
Messages from Mother Mary 
Kimberly Dawn

July   2006
Matthews Messages  No all-out war Israel-Lebanon; factors behind Mideast violence; prevention of NYC subway bombing a “tall tale”; original, amended soul contracts; Fitzgerald, Plame/Wilson lawsuit; discernment, trusting intuition imperative; some channeled information from dark sources; Buffet’s “generosity”; Adam, energy healer; “ultimate encouragement”  7/15
The Next Step in your Sacred Quest
Archangel Michael  Ronna Hermann
Integration of the New Energies
St Francis  Anina Davinport
Messages from the Galactic Federation Changes  Sheldan Nidle 7/4 6/27
Releasing Negative Energies   St Francis  Anina Davinport
The Fulfillment of the Promise  Metatron  Reniyah Wolf
Swami Calls for an Up-Wising  Swami Beyondananda
Animals in Telos  Adama  Aurelia Louise Jones
Planetary Transformation 2006  1 & 2   Adama  Aurelia Louise Jones
Living In the New Earth, You and Your Crystalline Body 
 Archangel Michael  Celia Fenn
New Ascended Masters & their Roles of Service  Lord Kuthumi  Michelle Eloff
Namibia Channelings 1 & 2  Lord Kuthumi & Lady Nada  Michelle Eloff
Namibia Channelings 3 & 4  Lord Kuthumi  Michelle Eloff

June  2006
The Eye of the Storm
  The Guardians
 Matthew's Message  Reaction is a choice; results of fear; advice to energy healers and telepathic receivers; light workers, light weavers; Rove result “skullduggery”; likely course of truth emerging; celestial activity; we’re innately prepared for transitional “bumps”; military draft outlook; ELM effects; immigration reform in US; Feng Shui; key to relationships; archangels, other spirit helpers; prayer,  Susan Ward  6/19
Matthew's Messages
 No tsunami as predicted; don’t lapse into fear; importance of discernment; frenetic energy when dark lies revealed; indictments coming; Moussaoi trial; “hooker-gate”; loyal CIA vs. Illuminati-controlled faction; darkness in the Vatican;  religious devout reactions;   telepathic communication; Mass consciousness; Morgellons disease,  Susan Ward  5/23:
A Channeling from St. Germain  Wesak Weekend  Lois Hartwick
Kryon Message  Lee Carroll  & Symptoms of Ascension
 What's Up on Planet Earth  Karen Bishop  6/10
Building Energy & The Shoulder Pain  What's Up on Planet Earth  Karen Bishop  6/1
The Need of the Hour   Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
You Are Ready!  SHOUD 11  Metatron & Tobias 
Geoffrey Hoppe
Start Experiencing Paradise Now  Lord Ragoczky  Kindness Network
Messages from the Galactic Federation  Changes  Sheldan Nidle  5/30 & 6/6
Conflicts in Relationships   St Francis  Anina Davinport
Creativity and Dreams   St Francis  Anina Davinport
Online Channeling & Messages  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey  6/14
Learning to Live in a Fifth Dimensional Environment   Archangel Michael  Ronna Hermann

The "Human Angel" Breakthrough: Re-Calibration into White Light  Archangel Michael  Celia Fenn

May   2006
A Gift of Healing 
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
The End  What's Up on Planet Earth  Karen Bishop  5/12
The Big "Turn Around"  What's Up on Planet Earth  Karen Bishop  5/4
Time to "Bring Forth"  What's Up on Planet Earth  Karen Bishop  4/28
Mary Magdalene: her own opinion about The Da Vinci Code  Follow Your Heart
Learning to Live in a Fifth Dimensional Environment  Archangel Michael  Ronna Hermann
Intensity Inside & Out- How are we handling it?  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey  5/3
SHOUD 10: "I AM Authentic" Adamus Saint-GermainGeoffrey Hoppe
Attuning to Peace 
St Francis  Anina Davinport
Walking in The World Alongside Spirit  Kirael  Fred Sterling
The Energies of 2006  St Francis  Anina Davinport

Matthew's Messages Susan Ward: "Bird flu" movie to be on ABC network;
Inoculations; No Comet-Earth collision; Iraq war; Illuminati membership, Activities; 
Muslim religion; Soul Contracts of people affected by depleting uranium;
Sending Light;  Health situations;  Meat in diets- Go Veg

Messages from the Galactic Federation  Changes  Sheldan Nidle 5/2,9,16
Quantum Awakening  #87  The Frequencies of Deserving  Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Accessing the Living Light of the Higher=Dimensional Light Cities  Ronna Hermann
Ashtar and Soltec Speak Out  Earth Changes  Candace
Wake Up Call
 Avenda Galactic Update  4/28
Special Report  Wake Up Call   Hatonn
Right Concentration  Greatest Good for the Group  Kuthumi  Ronna Prince
Empathic Sensitivity of the Aquarian Being 
Goddess Aquarius
Progress is Satisfactorily Being Made  St Germain Mike Quinsey  5/24
St Germain 
Mike Quinsey  5/1
Galactic Federation  Earth Changes 
Sheldan Nidle  4/4 & 11
Astrology Weather 2006
Preliminary Hurricane Report
Stand Up, Americans  Swami Beyondananda
 US News Media, not so free anymore
Lletter from the President of Iran to George W. Bush 

April   2006
Sananda's (Christ's) 16th Message   Easter  Lois Hartwick  4/10
Creating a Formula for the Future  Archangel Michael  Ronna Hermann
2006 State of the Planet Address The Spirit of Truth  Archangel Ariel  Isaac George

Breaking The Fever  What's Up On Planet Earth?  Karen Bishop

Grieving the Illusions 
What's Up On Planet Earth?  Karen Bishop
SHOUD 9: "Disconnect; Part III" Tobias, Geoffrey Hoppe
Galactic Federation  Changes  Sheldan Nidle 4/4 & 11
Online Channeling & Messages  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey  4/2
An Easter Message from Jesus, Becoming the Bridge as He Did
Quantum Awakening  #86
  Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Sirian Initiation  Lord Kuthumi  Michelle Eloff
Master El Morya 7th Dimension initiation  Michelle Eloff
1440 Ascended Master Desert Gathering & Easter Channeling   Michelle Eloff
The Opening of the Unified Field!  Choose Peace Now  Michael

Matthew's Messages  Susan Ward  4/7 & 3/18
The Mystical Month of May  P
atricia Diane Cota-Robles
Heaven Letters  Envy, Lack & Love   God

Dear Fellow Venusians, Our Mission is almost Completed!
 Suzan Caroll
Mytria of Alcyone  2 Articles
from the Pleiades   Suzan Caroll
TRAGIC DELUSIONS Some things you need to know before the World Ends William Blum
Decent of the Dove and other Info 
Sharon Shane
Greater Levels of Detachment  St Francis  Anina Davinport

Comments on Working with Trauma 
St Francis  Anina Davinport
Earth's Resurrection  John McConnell  EarthDay Founder

Meltdown Moon & Quantum Venus  Astrology  Kelly Hunter et al
This Moon's Natural Time Update  Mayan Calendar Current Info & Lunar Planner
Athena's Web - Eclipse Full Moon  Astrology Articles Don Cerow
& others

March  2006  Grid Info
A Catalytic and Volatile Phase of Global Transformation  The Hathors  Tom Kenyon  3/17
Crystals in a Field of Love  Archangel Michael  Celia Fenn
Galactic Federation  Consciousness  Sheldan Nidle  3/28 & 21
High-Level Positions Available * Apply Within  Archangel Michael  Ronna Hermann
Coping with the Quantum Shift.....2006  Archangel Michael  Celia Fenn
Turtle Woman's Automatic Writings  2006  No punches pulled
Quantum Awakening  #85  Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

March 7 Shift, Detoxing, New Dreams  What's Up On Planet Earth? 3/1& 8

Heal Your Adrenal Glands Chakra & Love Portals  Divine Mother  Lilliana Corredor
Beauty and the Beast  Tina Hammond
The Alchemy of Relationship  Tom Kenyon

Straight From The Heart  The Ground Crew 
Valerie Donner

Message From The Guardians: Instantaneous Evolution  Laura
The Prophecy of the Fifth World  Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
Surviving the Spiritual Gauntlet Equinox Update Center of the Sun

Mother Earth, Chandler's Wobble
  Loving Intensions   Pope John Paul Speaks
Online Channeling & Messages  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey
Warrior Speaks: Living the Dream of the New Earth  Chela Akasha Andemuneodwe
Report on 1960s Star Nations Meetings with Earth Governments  Richard Boylan
42 % of Your Taxes Pay for War
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Earth Changes and Solutions  3/12  James Gilliland
Cleaning Out the Closets  Bonnie Waters  3/17
Indigo Children  Crystal Children   Indigo Support 
Carmen M Schnider-Kemp
Solar Eclipse 3/29  Kim Thomas  &  Margret Koolman

This Moon's Natural Time Update  Mayan Calendar Current Info & Lunar Planner
Athena's Web - Eclipse Full Moon  Astrology Articles Don Cerow
& others

February  2006
  Chinese New Year of the Dog
Connecting with Your Council of Light  Archangel Michael  Ronna Hermann
Swami Beyondananda's 2006 State of the Universe Address
Forecast for 2006 with Lord Maitreya   Lois Hartwick
*Aware of the Dark and How To Deal with it  Special Message from Matthew  Susie Ward
Quantum Awakening  #84 Coming Undone Seems to be the new Olympic Sport  Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Coming Back & Our World  Messages from Maitreya
Creators on the Edge of Evolution  Kirael  Fred Sterling
Welcome "Home": Bringing Heaven to Earth  Archangel Michael  
Celia Fenn
Recalibration of the Lightbody to New Earth Frequency  Archangel Michael  Celia Fenn
Straight from the Heart  Ground Crew  Valerie Donner
Abundance & Ascension  St Germain  Mike Quinsey
End to War and Killing  St Germain Mike Quinsey
Message from Matthew  Bush, Olympics-Super Bowl  Susie Ward
Message from Lady Kadjina 1-9-06
Instructions for the Beginner Telepath  Melchizedek  Lily Ann
Message from Cazekiel God of Eternal Bliss, Ezekiel  James Gilliland
Online Channeling & Messages  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey

Blue Print for a Blue Planet : Activating your Galactic Lightbody Archangel Michael  Celia Fenn
February  The What's Up On Planet Earth?  Karen Bishop
Self-Sustainability On Our New Earth  Rebecca Michaels
Galactic Federation: Inner Earth  First Contact  Sheldan Nidle  2/7 & 17
Diane of The Galactic Federation Channeling  Mike Quinsey
SaLuSa of The Galactic Federation Love  Mike Quinsey
For Those Living on the New Earth  Akasha Andemuneodwe
Through the Portal: Mary's Gift of the Blue Diamond
Loving Intensions  Pope John Paul Speaks
Giving and Receiving   Bonnie Waters
Living within the Soul Matrix  Part I  Celest and David
New Angels of Being   Asun
Planet Alert  US Empire  Mahala
A Time for Healing  
atricia Diane Cota-Robles
US Empire Ending - Iranian Oil Bourse
Krassimir Petrov, Ph.D.
Gratitude Message from Goddess ISIS
Elizabeth Jensen
Athena's Web - Full Moon
 Astrology  Don Cerow
Bananas  Wash well,  Many Benefits

January  2006   Year of  New Times
2006 Year of Flow & Miracles
Archangel Michael  Celia Fenn
2006: The Year Of Manifestation  Karen Bishop  1/1
January 2006  The What's Up On Planet Earth?  Karen Bishop  1/1 &20
Reclaiming Your Atlantean Heritage 
Archangel Michael  Ronna Herman
Quantum Awakening  #83   Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Your Soul Address has Changed   Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Archangelic Revelations for 2006  Archangel Zadkiel  Kira Raa
Important Information for 2006  P
atricia Diane Cota-Robles
Galactic Federation  Sheldan Nidle   1/3
Galactic Federation  World Politics  Sheldan Nidle  1/10
Messages from Matthew  GOD vs Creator, NESARA Clarification
Messages from Matthew 
Indictments served Bush, others;  other lawsuits adding to energy momentum;   purpose of media's focus;   DO NOT FEAR;  use discernment in channeled information;   chemtrails;   bodies healed in higher densities;   AIDS;   obesity in spiritual context;   John Lennon and MILK;   happenings in sleep state, dreams
Be Active for Freedom  St Germain 
Saint Germain Updates 
The War & Middle East   Mike Quinsey  1/16 & 20
Revelation of Mary about Relationships Christ-consciousness, Love, Homosexuality
 Recalibration of the Lightbody to New Earth Frequency Archangel Michael  Celia Fenn
Fueling Anger or Not  Archangel Michael  Carolyn Ann O'Riley
Are You Living an Active or a Passive Life?  Archangel Uriel 
Soul Families  Sal Rachele
Implosion Point  Sasha   Lyssa Royal
What Is The Violet Flame?  Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Magic and Miracles  God, Spirit and Body talk  GodChannel
The Moment of Quantum Awakening   Ken Carey
Entering the Energy of 2006
Doreen Virtue
Lincoln Speaks
  Abraham Lincoln   
Helen Engel
Online Channeling & Messages 2006  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey
FAQ ~ Being Psychic 101 ~ A Basic Course and Others
Setting Intention for the New Year of 2006: Kabbalah  Kuthumi & Pallas Athena
Reconnecting with Sirus Exercise to Share Energy between Humans, Dolphins & Sirius
Two Earth's    Message from Metatron -- 9/19  Also now in French
The Wedding   Bonnie Waters
Astrology, Numerology, Mayan Pod Casts  


Here is the basic Water Blessing:
Water, I love you.
Water, I thank you.
Water, I respect you.
Water, please deliver enlightenment to everyone with whom you come into contact.
Repeat using "Water in my Body". . .

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Recreating Paradise on Earth
  Archangel Michael  Ronna Herman
Predictions and Advice for 2006 
Juliano & P'taah  David K. Miller

"Animals, Changes, Sex"  Messages from Matthew  Susie Ward  12/11
Looking Toward the Shift 2006
  Fred Sterling
The Energies for December 2005
  Archangel Michael  Celia Fenn
Anchor the First Wave of 6D Fluid Love 12/6    Michelle Eloff
Growing into Your Auric Awareness
Brotherhood of Light  Edna Frankel
Integrating Levels of Your Body Awareness Brotherhood of Light  Edna Frankel
Opening and Enhancing Clairaudience
 Terri Newlon  12/2
Descending and Being in the Body  Soluntra King
The Light Body    Soluntra King
Daughters of the Divine Mother 
Mary Magdalen  Celia Fenn
A Revelation of Jesus about Christmas The Divinity of Mankind
Kuthumi Addresses Right Avocation  Rona Price 
Online Channeling & Messages 2006  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey
The Light Globe & The Winter Solstice Archangel Michael Jeannette Dobransky
In The "Tossed SaladWinter Solstice   Karen Bishop  12/21
Stargate for 2005 
Archangel Michael  Kate Spreckley
Miracles in Bali
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Miracles in Bali
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Wake Up Call
  Hatonn  Nancy Tate  12/2
What Feeds You?  SHOUD 4   Tobias  Geoffrey Hoppe  11/5
Galactic Federation  Sheldan Nidle   11/22 & 29
Calm and Present
a Loving Voice  Phoebe Lauren  11/7
Seek Peace Above All Else
   a Loving Voice  Phoebe Lauren  11/1
Fresh Start in Life
a Loving Voice  Phoebe Lauren  9/9
Hole in the Sun
   Pope John Paul
In the Fulfillment of the Now  
Magic and Miracles  God, Spirit and Body talk  GodChannel
The Moment of Quantum
Awakening   Ken Carey

November  2005
  LightNews Your Spiritual CNN
Sananda's 15th Message
   Lois Hartwick  11/6
Matthew Messages   Governmental Changes  11/1
Matthew Messages  
Changes, Christ  11/17
Two Earth's    Message from Metatron -- 9/19  Also now in French
The 11:11:11 Gate: What it Means Patricia Diane Cota-Robles & Celia Fenn
Right Avocation
  Rona Prince  11/1
Galactic Federation  Sheldan Nidle  11/1 & 8
The Second Moon of Atlantis  The Group  Steve Rother  11/15
On Events of the World  Metatron  Renya Wolfe 
Seventh Dimensional Initiation  Archangel Michael  Michelle Eloff
Accelerated Past Life Clearing  Kuthumi   Michelle Eloff
Becoming One  Multidimensional News  Suzan Caroll 

Maintaining a Peaceful Heart in a World of Chaos  Archangel Michael
Setting Intentions, Manifestation  Kuthumi   Michelle Eloff
A Unified Message from Gaia & the Arcturians
The Seventh Wave of the New Children  Qala  11/4
Online Channeling and Messages   Dr Meg Blackburn Losey
Who are The Illuminati? and Cabal A Geoplutocratic "Elite"
St Germain - NSARA
   Mike Quinsey
Un-defining The Spiritual Path  Kryon  Lee Carroll

October  2005
    Made it through another Hurricane
Shaumbra Service Center The Gift of Rejuvenation  SHOUD 3  Tobias
Two Earth's   
Message from Metatron -- 9/19  Also now in French
Galactic Federation  Solar System & Gov  Sheldan Nidle  10/26
Message from Matthew  Changes   Barbara Ward  10/17
Message from Matthew  Katrina & Rita   Dark & Light
Angelic Protection  Kuthumi & Lady Nada  Rona Price  10/15
The 8 Fold Path   Kuthumi  Rona Price  10/19
These are Times of Accountability  Archangel Michael  Rona Herman
The Sixth Wave of the New Children   Divine Mother   Qala
Oct, Nov, Dec Weather Report  Children of Light

September  2005
Katrina…the Bigger Picture  Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Katrina Message from Kuthumi  Rona Price  8/31
Matthew on Hurricane Katrina  Iraq/Iran  8/31
Harnessing the Life Force of Creation  Archangel Michael   Ronna Herman

Online Channeling Genetically Modified Food, Dr Meg Blackburn Losey
Katrina Disaster Writings & Prayers 
Galactic Federation
New Earth   Sheldan Nidle  9/6
Galactic Federation
Sheldan Nidle 8/30
Hopi Elders Say Earth Changes Are Upon Us & Isis
Ascension Update  Katrina  Jelaila Starr  9/6

Perspectives on Hurricane Katrina
Shepherd Hoodwin
Living in the Fifth Dimension  #11  Archangel Zadkiel
The Twenty-Two Chakras  Dr Joshua David Stone
The Fifth Wave of the New Children  Part 5  Qala
Thoughts are Always Subversive  Osho
Victory Is Ours  Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
To Help with Storms  Thoth  Lois Hartwick

Esoteric Astrology, Aligning with the Cosmic Map  DK

August  2005
The Energies of the 8:8  Archangel Michael  Celia Fenn
The Activation of Divine Will  Kuthumi Ronna Prince  8/9
Why?  The GROUP  Beacons of Light  Steve Rother  8/15 
The 4th Wave of the New Children  Qala
The Sirius Stargate and the 8:8 Harmonic Moving to Higher Levels of Consciousness
The Quantum Awakening #78  Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
The New Age of Self Mastery  Archangel Michael Ronna Herman
The Future of Earth, Connection with God  Commander Aleon
Galactic Reorientation: Releasing the Myth of Lemuria  AZ
Galactic Federation  Sheldan Nidle 7/26 & 12
Matthew on the Bombing, Coming Changes  Suzanne Ward
Uniting Heaven and Earth  Bonnie Waters
The Gift of Clarity  Embodiment Series  Tobias  7/16
Pluto on the Galactic Center  Astrology   Eileen Nauman

July  2005
  We made it through another Hurricane.
Kuthumi speaks about the London Bombings   Ronna Prince
Distinction between Desire and Will Kuthumi   Ronna Prince
Arcturian Command Message 
 Ronna Prince  7/3-4
Opening of the Lion's Gate : Portal to Higher Consciousness AA
Galactic Federation  Sheldan Nidle 7/5 & 12
Duality-Reality Matrix  Brotherhood of Light  Edna Frankel
Ascension Day Channeling  Kuthumi  Michelle Eloff
It Is Time To BE Who You Are
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Monthly Weather Report 
Gabriel  Children of Light  7/15
Lion's Gate 2005, Veil of Illusions Archangel Michael Celia Finn
The Earth Changes Channeling  Kuthumi  Michelle Eloff

Integrating the Twelve Chakra System in Preparation for the Gate Energies
Polarity, 7, Victim-hood & Blame  Kuthumi 
Ronna Prince
Indigo-Crystal Adventure  Chapter 5  Celia Fenn
The Quantum Awakening #77  Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
The Seventh and Final Stage of Life  The Group  Steve Rother
The Wave  GAIA E-zine  Qala  July 2005 Circular
The Big "Fall" + Karen Bishop
New Perspectives on the Healing Arts
Brotherhood of Light Edna Frankel
Outsourcing the Presidents Job   short humor
The Answer Is Still Peace
  London Bombing   Deepak Chopra
Online Channeling & StarGate Info  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey
Chronic Time and Dancing Photons  Astrology  Kelly Hunter

June 2005
Light Council of Seven, Sananda, Kwan Yin
  Ronna Prince 6/10
Message from Matthew Government, Sun Blocker, Movies
Messages from Thoth  "Hope"  Lois Hartwick  5/22
The Sixth Stage of Life  THE GROUP Steve Rother  6/15
Galactic Federation  Sheldan Nidle 6/7 & 5/31
Into the Light  Karen Bishop  6/14
United Earth UN  Brotherhood of Light  Edna Frankel
The New Earth Rises  Archangel Michael  Celia Fenn

Ascension Symptoms and Body Changes  Good read on Awakening
The Quantum Awakening #76  Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Understanding the Power of Reaching Critical Mass Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Native American Indian Traditional  Code of Ethics
Message from Matthew Religion, Reality/Illusion, Money Changes  5/23
Be Not Afraid   Bonnie Waters  5/31
Message from Master Kirael on Iraq  Fred Sterling 

May   2005 
The Wave GAIA & Ascended Masters
 Qala  5/14
The Fifth Stage of Life  THE GROUP Steve Rother  5/15
Assisting and Raising the New Children  Qala
Creating and Grounding Dreams   Celia Fenn
Galactic Federation
Sheldan Nidle  5/24
A Cosmic Viewpoint of Creation & Evolution
Archangel Michael  Ronna Herman
Online Channeling  StarGate Opening  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey  5/10
The Magic Kingdom  Spiritual Purpose & Use   Master Walt Disney 
From Destination to Journey Consciousness  The GROUP  Steve Rother
Bringing Women Back to Wholeness  Bonnie Waters
Welcome to New Earth  The New Children  Mother Gaia  Qala

The Limitless Power of the Violet Flame Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
End Time Now  Libby Maxey  4/15
Appreciation of Beauty  
Divine Wisdom,  Bonnie Waters & Teresa Johnston
Breathe   Elizabeth Feisst  5/8        StarGates 
The Void
   Integration Time   Karen Bishop
You are the Light    Movie
Galactic Federation  Sheldan Nidle  5/3 & 10
Ascension is a Process  The Hosts of Heaven 
10+ Things You Can Do To Make A Quantum Leap In Your Life Fast
You Never Know  Astrology  Phillip Sedgwick, Robert Blaschke

April  2005
Many NewsLetters contain several Articles by different Authors
A Message from Thoth  Lois Hartwick  4/9
Lord Sananda on the Battle of Light and Dark  Sal Rachele  4/19
Lord Sananda on Channeled Messages  Sal Rachele  4/6
Transition to a New Reality  Galactic Federation  Sheldan Nidle  4/12 & 19
Living in an Ascended State of Consciousness Archangel Michael
 Ronna Herman
Ecstatic States and the Evolution of Higher Consciousness  Hathors
Energy of the Great Mother activates the Planet  Quan Yin Celia Fenn
We Are In The Shift   Wistancia 
Operation Terra 
The Coming Times  Hosts of Heaven
The Quantum Awakening 75  Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Update to the Stand Down Order  Sananda Immanuel  Candace Frieze
Divine Twin Ray Reunions  Sananda  Lisa Smith

Galactic Federation  Sheldan Nidle  4/8 & 3/29|
Third Eye Meditation  Gaia  4/20
Rainbows of Hope   Kim 
Manifesting Your Fifth Dimensional Reality: Archangel Michael  Kate Spreckley
Loving Our Human Egos Free! 
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Online Channeling  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey  4/6 
The Gift Economy  The Woman's Way, Genevieve Vaughan,  Trees & Peace

Mayan & Spring Moon Renaissance Astrology
Riding Your Dragons  Astrology 
Pluto's Pivot - Promising or Pernicious?

January   2005
Sananda’s 11 th Message  Lois Hartwick 1/9
Gabriel's Overview of 2005  Children of Light  1/5
Leah and the Arcturians  Happy New Year  Sal Rachele
The Wave  GAIA E-zine  Qala  January 2005 Circular
Uriel Heals Newsletter 
Jennifer Hoffman  1/24
Perpetrations for a New World  Sheldan Nidle  Galactic Fed 1/11

The Energies for January 2005 Archangel Michael  Celia Fenn
These Are Monumental Times  Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
God Bless Us All for We are the Children of God Saint Germain Nancy Tate
Spiritual Journeys: Tsunami 
Excited Vitualities  Kelly Hunter & Philip Sedgwick,  Astrology
2005 Greetings  
Karen Bishop
We Are One
World Photo Essay

"It is crucial that you understand how essential you are and that time is of the essence.  Know that this is the most important lifetime you will ever experience on planet Earth and that your active participation is vital to the successful outcome of the plan."  These are Times of Accountability  Archangel Michael  Rona Herman

 Never forget that You All are Powerful Beings.  Many of you have come from the highest regions of Heaven that stand by the throne of the Almighty!    Your Power is Immense.   Use it...
Highlights of a New Millennium
Inspiration   Light on Revelations
Jesus Speaks    Political Fun Cartoon for 2008  

World Statistics Clock by day, week, month & year:  2000  2002  2003  2004  2005  2006  2007  2008  2009  Indexes
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he 11th Commandment, "Thou Shalt Lighten Up!'

A New Year's Message
Sanat Kamura

Hail Children of the Sun/Son,
The Redemption Cycle
The Chariot of Fire comes forth,
Blazing through the hearts of humanity.

The charioteer is feminine—
Her power is awesome,
Her beauty and strength inspires,
The depth of humanity to open.

To spill out the patterns of the Piscean Age.
To pour them upon the snows of Promise.
Exposing the twist, the distortion,
Releasing the inner Dove of Peace.

The sweet, strong Dove carries
The courage of the Lion,
Whose roar cleanses all life,
Unlocking the vaults of the Old Ones,
Releasing the ancestral spirits.

Their cry has gone out,
The sireen has sung again.
There is Peace deep in the hidden
Places which are now Still.
Praises to the Dove and the Charioteer.

The destruction has melted in flames,
That recycles the old into the New Birth.
Nothing is present, but the Promise
Of new evolution, the Path is set.

Awaken O children of the Sun,
The Charioteer has ridden across
Your heart and you are laid open.
For the Renewal to touch you deeply.

The Black Dove and the White Dove
Fly now as One Being of Light.
Polarity has come together at last.
Surrender, and transform your soul.

2004 sets in place the New Paradigm,
The *Sixth Sun begins to rise,
Over the Pyramid of the Moon and Sun.
The **Tlazolteotl has eaten all the poison.
The Black Christ, the White Christ
Have become ONE.
The Dove and the Charioteer Rest.

*The Sixth Sun, the next Solar Age, the Sun of Flowers.
**The filth or sin eater, an Aztec goddess

I Am Sanat Kumara
Through Mary-Ma Christ, of Mount Shasta

"The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking."~ Einstein


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