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Matthew's Message

November 17, 2005


S:  Matthew dear, hello!  Finally all the questions are ready. 


MATTHEW:  Greetings to you, dear soul!  Yes, and I see that many are about topics addressed in a number of previous messages.  I don’t mind repeating, because these same concerns are in the minds of millions, and my comments will be clear without your typing the pertinent questions.    


There will be NO bird flu endemic!  Yes, it is true that a virus was laboratory-created to be announced as a mutation of the avian flu, which afflicts only the fowl population and has caused the death of some humans with severely impaired immune systems who worked with food fowl.  It also is true that an Illuminati intention is to spread this virus by means of chemtrails and vaccines, along with putting programmed microchips in flu inoculations that would be made mandatory as a “preventive measure.”  This sinister scheme to reduce the world’s population as well as track those who are inoculated will never get off the ground—ET technology has neutralized the virus supply and deprogrammed the microchips.  Nevertheless, other harmful ingredients are in vaccines of any sort, and it is wise to forego all types of vaccinations. 


There will be NO nuclear detonations in space and NO terrorist acts on the scale of “9/11”!


NO geophysical disasters will cause entire coastlines to break away and sink beneath the seas or cause massive changes in land and sea masses!  Geophysical events will continue, however not in the severity predicted in numerous reports circulating on the Internet.


Actually, if only massive fear results from the greatly publicized possible bird flu endemic, the Illuminati will be satisfied, just as they are with fearful reactions to information about “peak oil,” which is a fallacy; devastating results of global warming; cataclysmic natural disasters; and the economic downturn globally.


The battle between the light and the dark forces is not for bodies, it is for SOULS.  This battle is raging universally, and on Earth, the power of the dark is ebbing from all areas where formerly control was complete.  FEAR is their most powerful tool because the energy of fear blocks light from entering the hearts and minds of humankind on your planet.  The dark forces off-planet, which are using their Illuminati puppets to carry out their bidding, know the universal laws regarding thought forms and their manifestations, and the more fear-filled thought forms that are created on Earth, the greater chance the dark forces have to capture the souls residing there.  This is why the oft-repeated messages from high light beings urge:  DO NOT GO INTO FEAR!




Now, Mother, I believe that covers all facets of those groups of questions.  I know from your thoughts, not only your paper list, that another group of questions is from people in several countries who are asking the same thing: Are their leaders Illuminati and what role do their countries have in the ascension process?  Whether Australia or Scotland, Italy or Germany, England or Singapore, and all other countries with economic status, yes, your leaders are Illuminati.


The Illuminati are at the peak of governments and legal systems; royalty; religions; mainstream media; banking; education, health care and entertainment industries; and international corporations—in short, every organization and agency that influences life on Earth.  This is why you have been so easily controlled, why deception and corruption have so long prevailed with little resistance, why Earth no longer can tolerate the negativity amassed by the abuse of free will, and why your space family has been given permission to help you break this chain of lies, greed and tyranny.   As the light has been increasing on your planet, it is reaching some of the Illuminati, and while this is not evident yet, the stirrings of the heart are happening and transformation in leaders will come or they will leave their positions by one means or another.  Unjust laws in all lands, especially those described as “Draconian,” will be overturned by the will of the people, if not by the leaders themselves.


In this battle of the light to wrench Earth free from the last clutches of the darkness, there are no national boundaries, just as there are no cultural, ethnic, racial, gender, religious or economic boundaries.  This is an undivided world of individual souls radiating their light wherever they are, with each as important as all others.  You are where you are for good reason.  You came to participate in this unique time on Earth and you chose your genetic and environmental elements because they’re needed for your primary mission, which also is your soul’s selection. 


Your mission doesn’t come printed on your birth certificate, so how do you know what it is?  To all of you who are asking this, I say: Your mission prepares you with intelligence, talents, skills and various strength levels, and gives you guidance as intuition, inspiration, aspirations, perceptions and instinct—your soul’s messages to your consciousness.  When you are heeding your inner voice, the nudgings of your godself, you are in a “space” of serenity and acceptance.  Some speak of this pervasive peaceful sensation as “surrender”—“Give up and give God”—and it is that, but too often it is misinterpreted and thought of as relinquishing control of your life.  No!  It is GAINING control of your life!  By surrendering all of your fears and anxieties, your doubts and regrets and guilt to a higher power for resolution, you consciously flow in harmony with God as the god or goddess you are, living the purposeful experience you chose.


I’ll continue, if I may, and address another group of questions whose bottom lines are: Where is Earth in her ascendancy? and Will Bush’s administration end this year?


Recently Earth was the beneficiary of a massive influx of energy that gave many of you quite a jolt and her quite a leap forward.  The alignment of many celestial bodies that influence Earth became optimum for pushing her past an energy “slow-down” space—a gravitational bump in the astral highway, you could say—that otherwise would have temporarily disrupted her steady pace toward fourth density.  Thanks to this influx, her pace has accelerated.  The jolting you felt has the same effect, so pay attention to your soul’s messages and flow with this higher energy plane.


With even mainstream media frequently reporting that US President Bush is fast losing favor with his former supporters throughout that country, with influential members of his own party and leaders and citizens in other countries, the world-watchers are seeing his administration crumbling.  If he is still in office by year’s end, it will be because other Illuminati holding reigns well out of the public view will be keeping the US economy afloat for their personal reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with loyalty to George W. Bush.  Quite the contrary—he has outlived his usefulness to them and is as expendable as if, in their fortune-calculating eyes, he were an itinerate farmer. 


Yes, Mother, I know: What will happen after he’s out of office?   He is little more than “the mouth” for the real powers in the government, and the truth about this—about them—will come out through more indictments.  At this point, given the free will of all involved, it isn’t clear whether resignations or resistance will accompany the denials of any wrongdoing, and ultimately it won’t matter because the days of all the dark ones in this administration are growing short.  The transitional team, some of whom are in high positions and are being heard, is becoming more publicly active, and the change from this administration into the next will be as organized as possible. 


To you who are gravely concerned about the continuing erosion of civil rights—indeed, HUMAN rights!—fear not!  All laws and policies that are unjust in any way to individuals or to Earth herself, will be legally declared null and void because they were made by administrations elected unconstitutionally, not only fraudulently.  Every activity that is detestable, such as the sanctioned torture of prisoners who have no judicial recourse, will abruptly cease, and Supreme Court Justices whose decisions have been or would be influenced by darkness will be removed. 


I remind you, the Illuminati are a global force, not national, and their aim is to control your whole world.  The ever intensifying power of the light is preventing this step by step.  Because the United States is perceived as the mightiest nation on Earth, its government has to be the first to fall, and falling it is.  By the people’s demands and light-filled leaders emerging, other nations will follow suit.  To ones in every nation, please see the glimmers of light and feel thankful for these harbingers of full light ahead.  


Now, Mother, it’s your turn to ask the questions.


S: Well, OK, but you’re really on a roll—you’ve answered most of those on this long list. I think the money questions fit here too. Understandably, many people are very concerned about money, especially since pension plan funding may be lost—a lot already is.  I’m still getting requests for your advice on investments, and one writer asked if gold or silver will be necessary for daily transactions if paper currencies collapse, or will everyone just share his or her gifts freely.    


MATTHEW:  I do understand this natural concern, of course, and believe me, the dark forces are counting on none of you using your powers of manifestation to create the abundance you can if you believe you can.  You who are doing this, please spread the word that can help to alleviate financial fears.  But to deal with the reality of the global psyche, which still is aligned with need rather than abundance, yes, there will be hardships for many due to economic manipulation, and in the short term, these can be lessened by exactly what the writer mentioned—the sharing of gifts, or resources, freely.  This can be outright giving or bartering—an exchange of skills, tools, materials, talents, labor, food, water, fuel, whatever some have that others need—or sharing residences, child care, care for the ill, gardening and food preparation.  Above all, have faith in your ability to successfully meet the challenges and be steadfast in your light; you knew when you chose this lifetime that this would be part of it, and you “signed up” for the strength and wisdom to make it through!   


As for investments, I can only repeat that I am not a financial adviser; however, I can say that gold and silver will become the basis for the global economy that will be implemented in increments so that allocation of the world’s resources will become equitable.  


S:  Thank you. A few questions are holdovers because we ran out of space in the last two messages. Someone asked if the real reason for the Iraq invasion is because it has two of Earth’s six star gates through which dark alien forces will invade the planet.


MATTHEW:  Since the dark forces off-planet know better and were orchestrating the war through their influence over ones on the planet, I can’t imagine that the invasion would have been based on such erroneous information.  First, the portals known as star gates are for light forces to enter. These areas—and there are many more than six—are especially powerful energy spots in the light grid surrounding Earth, and no darkness could even approach them because of their brilliance.  At one time such areas were over Iraq, but as energy currents in any locale change due to increased negativity or positivity, the star gates change accordingly.  The light grid is constant in its intensity but has motion flexibility so that spacecraft may safely enter a desired location in either visible form or light waves.  The grid is not like a spider web in uniform thickness or large spaces, but it is in connectiveness and tenacity, and with its flexible aspect, it can be as close as 10 feet above the surface, or even less in extraordinary circumstances, and extend hundreds of miles into space.  It is the operators of the grid who have prevented nuclear detonations in space near Earth since Creator made that exception to the law of free will.        


S: That’s surprising, that the grid can be that close to us!  The next question is, Are organ and tissue donations for transplantation disruptive to the soul during the dying process?


MATTHEW:  The answer is “no,” but this begs further comment.  By definition the “dying process” is prior to death, and no “donor” organs or tissues are ethically removed from living patients.  The very concept of organ transplantation and the skilled procedures were filtered from the higher densities to receptive surgeons who were inspired to save lives by this means.  In the far rarer cases of “live” donations, the willingness of the donor and the thankfulness of the receiver generate light to sustain both bodies’ life force unless physical death at that time is a provision of their soul contracts.  Even in the most unconscionable situations, where organs are removed from an unwilling person for the purpose of being sold, the death of the body is immediate and the soul transitions.    


S:  But wouldn’t the soul be traumatized in that case?


MATTHEW:  Yes, but no more so than in the billions of deaths throughout the ages from other types of inhumane brutality and gross neglect.  The psyches of those souls are gently treated in Nirvana, where customized treatment nurtures them, but the impact is carried forth through cellular memory in many embodiments until that patterning ends via completion of a chosen karmic lesson or is erased through emotional strength and spiritual clarity.  


S:  I see. I think this is a good place for this question: “Regarding the great transformation of Earth, what does it mean to be prepared spiritually?   To the believer in Christ, it means to have accepted Him as Lord and Savior.”


MATTHEW:  And that is one of the greatest of all the beliefs that will be shattered when the truth about the millennia of deception perpetrated through religions becomes known.  The “second coming” and the “raptures” and “salvation” are part of the great lie.  Religious beliefs are not the same as spirituality, and in most instances, they haven’t even a nodding acquaintance.  One of the greatest challenges ahead is resolving the conflict between the people who do know the truth and those who will resist it to keep their belief foundations intact regardless of their religion. 


As for Christianity, the man known as Jesus in the Bible would be the first to tell you how wrong the teaching is, that “accepting him as Lord and Savior” is the way to “salvation,” and he’d also tell you that believing that is not the same as “believing in Christ.”  Christ is not a name—it means “being one with God.” The Christed energy, or Christed light, is the highest power in the universe and it is eternally available to all as the “savior” that can keep you from falling into darkness and committing acts considered “ungodly.” 


The soul that originated in the Christed realm, which is Creator’s first creation, and incarnated in one lifetime as Jesus also has lived as many other spiritual leaders on Earth and far beyond.  The energy of the Christed realm is pure love, and it is this energy that Jesus, all of his soul’s other embodiments, and all other souls of that highest station impart that is “the second coming.”  It is not a return of the man who lived in Galilee 2000 years ago.  He knew that he was no different from all other souls, that all are parts of God, that all have the same potential to perform the “miracles” ascribed to him, and that all have multiple lifetimes for remembering their godselves and their inseparability from every other soul in this universe.


If Jesus’ true message had been preserved in the Bible instead of being distorted or parts of it eliminated, you would know this in his own words.  I feel apologetic for not having done justice here to his full message.


What is being “spiritually prepared”?  It is knowing that eternally you are an inseparable part of God and all other souls in the universe; that your godself chose this lifetime, like all of your other lifetimes, so you can experience the fullness of God.  It is hearing, trusting and heeding your soul’s messages to your consciousness, those messages I mentioned earlier.  It is understanding why we urge you not to judge others—you don’t know their soul contracts—and urge you to send love to all, especially those in darkness, where there is a void of love, of light.  It is knowing that wherever you are, you will be safe if your soul contract calls for safety, and knowing that if your soul has completed its mission, you will move forward in spiritual growth. 


What about the “good” people who are caring and helpful, generous and fair, and they don’t know what “spiritual preparedness” is?  At soul level, everyone does know.  The influx of higher vibrations is illuminating all who are soul searching and is touching the minds that are opening.  My mother is particularly drawn to two lines at the end of the senders’ emails: “One heart at a time, we are changing our world,” and “Together we are healing our world.”  Yes!


S:  I knew you’d like those too, Mash.  Several people have written about the astonishing times the number 11 is appearing on clocks, bills, sales receipts, letters—anywhere numbers are used—and they would like to know the significance of what “appears to be an epidemic of 11s,” as one wrote.  Even I’m noticing a lot of them, and when I looked at the clock this morning, the time was 11:11. 


MATTHEW:  In numerology the number 11 has great significance, and without explaining this metaphysical science, I’ll say simply that it heralds the approaching the New World, the Golden Era, the return of Earth to her Eden self.  The prevalence of 11s is GOOD news!


S:  So it seems!  There are a few questions about that new Eden.  One is from someone who’s wondering if we’ll still need food when Earth has finished her ascension, or will it be like it is in Nirvana, where etheric bodies don’t need solid food?


MATTHEW:  Physical bodies need physical nourishment, so definitely you’ll still want to eat.  It is the diets that will change in accordance with respect for animals’ lives along with your crystalline-based cells finding raw food and whole grains more appealing than supermarkets’ current offerings. 


S:  Some are questioning—very logically, I think—what can change for people in large cities, where crowded conditions and lack of privacy and quiet lead to dysfunctional families, violence, crime and despair.  What about the millions who live in cities like New York, Buenos Aires or Tokyo?


MATTHEW:  A number of factors apply.  One effect of the new energy plane I mentioned will be increased motivation for people to leave crowded cities and relocate in rural areas, like a new wave of pioneers as the currently uninhabitable places start flourishing and beckon the venturesome.  Demolishing many buildings and restoration of many others and the addition of parks; vegetable and flower gardens; neighborhood libraries with music too; animals you now consider wild—not in cages, though!— and entertainment and recreational centers will make city life much more fulfilling for the spirit.  New transportation modes and a much fairer distribution of wealth will enable city dwellers to frequent the countryside, where a booming business will be “bed-and-breakfast” inns to accommodate the growing desire for those oases of respite from routine activity, and go to distant places as well.  Populations will decrease from all natural means of attrition and the birth rate will drop.  But the major difference will be the amount of light in the souls who make this journey with Earth—the prevailing spirit will be harmonious, cooperative, helpful, kind and delightfully good-natured. 


S:  That certainly would cheer me up if I still lived in a city.  I can hardly wait to hear what you’ll say about this next topic.  A young man who feels his friends are marrying because of social and religious pressures, which could be manipulated or even created by dark forces to some extent, wants to know where the institution of marriage is heading with the coming changes.  Also, what about divorce?


MATTHEW:  It’s always wonderful to see you smiling, Mother!  Yes, your personal view will be shared by all in years to come.  Those who have read my description of life in Nirvana, your spirit world, know that there, love bonds alone unite couples, not a legal requirement levied by federal or religious decrees or due to peer or parental pressure.  Parting is the same, and always it is amicable, as interests and activities take different directions in accordance with the souls’ growth. 


The move away from Earth couples’ lifelong ties began some time ago with a growing divorce rate, and to a lesser degree but steadily increasing, with partners choosing to forego legalities and parting when one or both felt a need to move on.  The latter is not an easy row to hoe because of unfair restrictions in benefits given married couples and public ostracizing, especially of homosexual partners.  This will change as prejudice and judgmental attitudes give way to realizing that the purpose of each lifetime is to fill gaps in experiencing so the soul can evolve, and that every soul experiences all types of relationships and sexual orientations.


Earth differs in a paramount respect from Nirvana, where no children are born to couples, so no custody conflicts arise; and since money is nonexistent as everyone’s needs are easily met, neither is financial support an issue.  These situations that currently plague many Earth families will be resolved in the higher vibrations where love is purer and stronger, negative traits will have been outgrown, and an entirely different economy will be in force.  And a primary concern now, the children of broken families, no longer will present any sadness or worries.  The differences in living arrangements will be accepted with equanimity and grace in the realization that living within the soul contract that is designed for spiritual growth is of utmost importance to all.  All is One.    


Mother, I know it is time to wrap this up because of space limitations in the emails, and “All is One” is a fine thought to leave as I say goodbye for now.  I add only “All my love” to all.


S:  Thank you for your message, sweetheart. 



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