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The Galactic Times

You Never Know ~ May 11, 2005

For years astrologers and metaphysicians (almost proudly) proclaim the times in which we reside stand singular as the strangest times ever encountered in humankind's history or even galactic evolution.  You never know, do you? Even these days other astrologers and myself discuss why things feel as weird as they do.  We come up with the same conclusion: though there are aspects of strangeness,  Pluto closes the gap on its longitudinal proximity to the center of the galaxy and the Mayan Calendar intends to expire in but seven and a half more years, we don't know. Unseen influences?  Perchance.

Last Friday I received an e-mail telegram from the astronomers telegram organization. This reported that on March 12, 2005 the object 4U 0614+091 (4 Cancer 22) demonstrated significant flare activity - to be more specific, a type 1 X-ray superburst. I remember feeling something then, how about you?    Also noted was a similar series of recent superbursts from the entity known as 4U 1608-522 (11 Sagittarius 20). Remember those as well?   The e-mail noting the gamma ray burst of last December in the wake of the Pacific tsunami's destruction seems to have popped up again making its rounds in forwarded venues.

Basically as far as important astrophysical discoveries go, we're not going to be kept current.  It takes time to process, interpret, check and then double check the work. In some areas of astronomy, moratoriums have been assigned such that astronomers do not do something shameful like freaking out humanity with a sky is falling asteroid proclamation.  The work must be checked and checked again, seemingly to make sure whoever did the calcs counted cosmic beans free of a blood sugar low.  Then there's the other thing.  These bursts and emanations we receive now are part of galactic history often from as far away as tens of thousands of years ago.

Solar flare activity, recently predicted to be approaching Solar Minimum in the near future, affects humanity as the blast passes by Earth.  Sentient beings get the added benefit of feeling it twice - once when the blast covers the Earth, and first, at the time of emanation.  Without actually knowing there was a blast or a supporting transit, sentient beings often correctly perceive the Cosmos with no present time physical verification.  You never know what's affecting you when.  Feeling what you feel and honoring the reaction despite validity prevents disarray.   Too much analytic what was that or what's causing this spine tingle fails to support the process, stimulates denial and worse yet, allows the wave to pass without feeling the essence and perceiving the insights the wave desperately sought to embed in consciousness.

Should you be seeking other verification to validate other things you're feeling from yet undisclosed sources and possibly never defined sources, work hard not to miss the wave.  Consider that presently Venus and Mars stimulate heaps of black holes in the early degrees of mutable signs. When you hear a new idea, listen up.  Download every drop of delectable insight the Universe renders as if you lap up the nectar of the morning's dew.  Cultivate it.  Savor it.  Take the time to think it through in its current manifestation and bring its latent qualities into the viewable range of conscious reality.  Lots of seeds pollinate the air cosmically speaking in this very instant. That's nothing to be sneezing at.

There's another significant energy surge on the horizon. On May 15th, Mars and Uranus align in Pisces. Mars and Uranus together act like a good, strong, air-clearing thunderstorm.  If you stand in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing, lightning can strike.  I never did understand as a child why my mother yelled so loudly when we ran out into hailstorms with pans on our head to listen the hail striking the metal.  That is, until my father began selling lightning rods; then I understood.   The sudden burst of lighting, hotter than the surface of the Sun, and bright as can be, awakens and invigorates.  It leaves behind fertilizing nitrogen in the region of the strike. From that, plants flourish.  You can see it in the Arizona desert, often near where a tall lightning blasted saguaro turned to oily debris new life flourishes.  You know the rules:  Don't sit under lone trees. Avoid aluminum boats on lakes.  Don't take a shower.  Turn off your cell phone. Be careful.   Lightning can get ya. What are the odds?   Not good.   But worth worrying about anyway.

This approaching volatile pattern feels like the impending tension of a distant, but on track storm.  Fine, turn off your computer and observe nature.  Feel what you feel.    Feelings may not come from verified sources.   Here's one for you:  What if you perceived an ancient civilization while watching a storm during the Mars and Uranus conjunction, and at that moment a galactic burst from 70,000 years ago also arrived masked in the rain shower that soaks you?  You'd be onto something, but with no way of backing it up.  What the people wore in that distant civilization appears secondary to the way their society conducted life according to cosmic plans.  Sometimes, these energies note it's better to point out the grounded applications of the insights without the footnotes of cosmic origin. It may be years or never before the source can be revealed.

True to the essence of Pisces, prodding Mars and Uranus, with tuning fork vibrations, strive to synchronize consciousness with the pulses surrounding Earth whether perceived or not. You just never know what's causing this current feeling. You also never know how inspiring or healing the latest inspiration happens to be until well applied.

Its true. With all these unseen forces around, you just never know. You know?

Philip Sedgwick

480.451.3070 mail to: galactic@philipsedgwick.com


Copyright, 2005, Philip Sedgwick, all rights reserved


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 Earthwalk School of Astrology Electronic Newsletter  |
15 Taurus 2005

                                             Table of Contents
  1) Greetings

2) Pope Benedict XVI: Uranus Stations on His Progressed MC

3) Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus Stations of May and June: What to Expect?

4) Saturn Ingress into Leo July 16th: Behold a Venus-Mars-Pluto Fire Grand Trine

5) Jupiter Square Saturn: USA Confronts Trade Deficit with China

6) The USA Progressed Stationary Mars: Prison Riots and the Real Estate Bust

7) Britain's General Election: Tony Blair Wins a Record Third Straight Term

8) Saturn Opposite Neptune in 2006: Looming Oil Shortages and Echoes of the Early 1970s


1) Greetings   5 May 2005

Dear Astrological Friends,

Greetings to you and your family, and I hope that this mid-Spring missive finds you in good health and in good spirits. I have just returned from speaking at the Midwest Astrology Conference in Cleveland, Ohio and to the Akron Astrological Society. The conference was a splendid success and the three organizers, Sandra-Leigh Serio, Louise McCombs and Misty Kuceris are to be commended for doing an excellent job in creating a new regional conference continuing in the tradition of the long running Astro-Rama. I gave three lectures, saw several clients for personal consultation, and sold and signed my books over the three day weekend. On Monday, in Akron for my lecture to the local group there, I saw hail, sleet and even some snow flurries. What unexpected weather for May! The natives informed me that it was not unusual for Ohio to have a late Spring.

The first printing of Volume III - A Handbook for the Self-Employed Astrologer is now almost sold out and I am going to the printer for a second printing. Thanks to all of you who have either purchased a copy or who have recommended the book to others. I will wait until Jupiter goes direct in early June to publish the second printing. Immediately afterward, I am pleased to announce that I will publish Cycles of Becoming by Alexander Ruperti, after having received copyright permission from his widow in Switzerland, Marief Ruperti-Cavaignac last November to bring this classic book on transit cycles back into print. An announcement offering a pre-publication discount will be sent to you during the summer. With Mr Ruperti's natal Uranus in Aquarius 8, the antiscion of my Sun, and his Midheaven in the exact degree of my natal Venus, I am very happy to have this opportunity to make his work available again in English to a new generation of astrology students and professionals.

I have had some fairly extensive lecture travel over the last month to both Canada and Ohio and I ask for my subscribers' understanding for the necessity of a shorter edition of this electronic newsletter. There are important matters to discuss in the heavenly realms, and I send this quarterly mundane analysis for your perusal.

Best wishes,

Robert P. Blaschke

2) Pope Benedict XVI:
Uranus Stations on His Progressed MC

On April 19th at 5:49 PM in Vatican City a fire was ignited that would release a smoke signal telling the world that a new Pope had been elected by the Conclave of Cardinals. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany had been chosen as the next Pontiff to lead the world's one billion Catholics. Born 16 April 1927 at 4:15 AM CET in Marktl, Germany, we find that the new Pope has a dignified Jupiter rising in Pisces and a second house Aries Sun in a highly spiritual trine to Neptune, along with a very intelligent sextile from that Sun to Mars in the anaretic 30th degree of Gemini.

Widely acknowledged as an academic with impeccable theological credentials, one can see his traditional doctrinal conservatism in his elevated ninth house retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius. With a Grand Cross exactly in the Cardinal Ingress degrees, comprised of Uranus in 0 Aries, the Part of Fortune in 0 Libra, and his Lunar Nodes in 0 Cancer-Capricorn, it is no small coincidence that Benedict XVI will likely be reigning when the powerful T-Cross in the Summer of 2010 containing both malefics hits those powerful Cardinal Ingress degrees.

It should be of interest to those researching the Book of Revelation in the New Testament that the new Pope's rising degree is Pisces 20, the degree symbol from Charubel being:  

An angel blowing a trumpet.

"Denotes one whose office will be to publish to the world some important message:
a message having a bearing on the social or spiritual condition of mankind.
A preacher, a lecturer, or some popular person."

During this time of his elevation to the Papacy, Pope Benedict XVI has transit Uranus about to station on his progressed MC and his progressed Part of Fortune is at 22 Taurus 41, conjunct the Grand Conjunction degree of Jupiter and Saturn from May 2000 within two minutes of arc. He also has his progressed Venus conjunct progressed Neptune, and both in an exact trine with his natal Sun. That progressed Neptune, which was natally retrograde, turned direct in February 1947 when he was 19 and will perfect the trine with his Sun in March 2008. His progressed Mercury is also about to form a Fire Grand Trine with his progressed Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, the pre-eminent aspect configuration for spiritual leadership through the written word. Transit Pluto will conjoin his natal Midheaven on 12 January 2006 for the first of three times, and the world should expect powerful leadership from the new Pope, perhaps even in the form of a new Vatican council.

3) Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus Stations of May and June:
What to Expect?

Neptune stations retrograde on May 19th at 17 Aquarius 36. A Yod is forming in the heavens on that day comprised of an exact Mercury-Mars sextile, and a Moon in Libra applying to quincunxes with both celestial bodies. The Mercury-Venus Mutual Reception is a hopeful sign that discussions of peace will be taking place in most of the world's trouble spots. An Air Grand Trine is also found forming later in the day between the applying Moon, Venus and Neptune, perhaps lending itself to a conceptual breakthrough necessary for the advancement of peace.

The third and final Saturn-Pluto inconjunct perfects just four days later, and one hopes that the adjustments made by law enforcement to the changing tactics of Islamic terrorists will now render these violent extremists much less effective. One can also presume that the price of oil will begin to slightly decrease at this time. It is additionally of interest that the recent non-violent "People Power" revolutions which have taken place in Georgia, Ukraine and Kirgizstan occurred as Neptune neared, and then passed through the power degree of 15 Aquarius. With Neptune returning to this degree for the fourth and fifth times later this year at the end of September, and then again in November, more democratic revolutions are likely.

Jupiter stations direct early in the morning on June 5th at 08 Libra 55, and then heads for a third and final inconjunct with Uranus, perfecting on July 8th. chart These aspects, which occurred first on 10 October 2004, and which will form for a second time in two days from now on May 7th, have unfortunately contributed to the continuing political chaos in Iraq as that country has tried to form its fledging government. A new prime minister has now been chosen, Dr Ibrahim al-Jaafari, who is the leader of the Dawa party, a Shia political group. His new cabinet is said to consist of 17 Shia Arabs, eight Kurds, six Sunni Arabs and one Christian. Seven of the ministers will be women.

At this Jupiter station, Mars is in a separating square to Pluto, but also in a separating trine with Saturn. One can only hope that the ongoing violent insurgency in Iraq, which has escalated bloodily over the last month as Uranus squared the USA Uranus, will soon be quelled and that U.S. troops there can gradually be reduced in number. As the seven Uranus-Pluto quintiles are now mercifully over, having begun in May 2002 and lasting until February 2005, heavenly forces pitting the ideas of freedom and democracy against the violent intimidation of Islamic terrorists and suicide bombers have run their course and the people of the Middle East can now choose their political allegiances.

Uranus stations retrograde on June 14th at 10 Pisces 45, having briefly entered the Cancer decan of this sign. Venus is conjunct the USA Sun on that day, as well as conjoining President Bush's natal Sun at 13 Cancer 46 within two minutes of arc. There is a violent Mutable T-Cross in angular houses forming on this day with the First Quarter Moon in Virgo as the apex, and applying to squares with the exact Sun-Pluto opposition. This Moon is in the 23rd degree of Virgo and in precise conjunction with Mr Bush's progressed Ascendant.

Mr Bush, a Tecumseh's Curse president, is living with the Sword of Damocles hanging over his head during this second term, and he experiences the third and final perfection of his second Saturn return on June 18th. Uranus is in stationary opposition to his progressed Sun during June and July, and his progressed Moon in Sagittarius arrives at a square to his natal Mars on July 20th, and to his progressed Sun on August 26th (creating a progressed First Quarter square). These progressed Moon aspects will also serve as triggers, forming a Mutable T-Cross with the violent Uranus oppositions to both his natal Mars and to his progressed Sun. It is certainly of note that the last time that Uranus squared the USA Uranus in late October 1963, within a month President Kennedy was assassinated. Uranus is again square to the U.S. Uranus during 2005.  

4) Saturn Ingress into Leo July 16th:
Behold a Venus-Mars-Pluto Fire Grand Trine

On July 16th, Saturn ingresses into the second consecutive sign of his detriment, Leo, inhabiting the domicile of the Lion for the first time since July 1978. On that day there is a perfect Fire Grand Trine; consisting of Venus in Leo, Mars in Aries and Pluto in Sagittarius, and all at 22 degrees. One can expect many outstanding individual performances by both male and female athletes over the next two years, with several world records being broken. Additionally, Mercury is in 18 Leo, the degree of the August 1999 Grand Cross Solar Eclipse, a celestial event without equal for over 650 years (last occurring in 1341). Several works of impressive literary fiction are also likely to appear from now until September 2007, seizing the public imagination with their complex plots and unique characters. There is also a very close Moon-Neptune square, within two minutes of exactitude, and the effects of alcoholism, depression, prescription drugs and substance abuse on children in families will be a prominent concern for the next two years.

One can research the last passage of Saturn through Leo between September 1975 and November 1977, and between January 1978 and July 1978, to get a feel for what may transpire now. It is certain that the entertainment industry will suffer greatly from declining revenues, and that several new pieces of legislation protecting children will find passage in various State capitals. Research into heart disease may falter from funding setbacks due to budget cuts. The price of gold should steadily decline, and costly repairs to sports stadiums will drain the coffers of many a city. Leo is the sign of Heads of State, and it is also to be presumed that several monarchs, prime ministers and presidents will die in office or be assassinated during the next 27 months starting in July.

On a personal level, each of us will come to know the value of our lover, and making that extra effort to sustain and appreciate one's intimate human relationship will bear much fruit spiritually. Our children should become a primary focus of our attention and love, especially if other family duties or career concerns have detracted from our care and concern for them over the last two years. For the poetically inclined, one may sing this writer's ditty about Saturn in Leo:

“what is the price of love
is it found only by grace from above
i pray to deepen my heart
whenever i am apart
from the one dearest to my soul
without whom i could not feel whole”
5) Jupiter Square Saturn:
USA Confronts Trade Deficit with China

On December 16th Jupiter forms the first of three waxing squares with Saturn. Having gotten within three and a half degrees of this important cyclical aspect at the retrograde station of Jupiter on February 1st, these two giant solar system neighbors have backed away from squaring one another, delaying an inevitable economic slowdown until later in the year. This cycle started with the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in May 2000, right as the dot.com boom was going bust. Both the Dow Jones and the NASDAQ markets plummeted from their peaks, and for the last five years businesses have been relying on cutting costs in order to improve their bottom lines. That approach is nearing the end of its effectiveness, and companies will need to take the financial risk of expansion in order to remain healthy over the next five years.

USA consumers, who have been carrying the world economy on their backs for the last few years, are now getting pinched by rising fuel costs and higher interest rates. A necessary economic correction is coming, but not without some financial pain during the three squares of these two planets between December 2005 and October 2006. Placing this planetary formation within the USA Sibly chart, one finds that the square forms between the mundane 8th house of financial relations with other countries and the 11th house of national legislation. One would presume from this that the U.S. Congress will turn increasingly hostile toward China and enact protective tariffs to remedy America's massive trade deficit. The main complaint is that China needs to adjust its currency, and because this sort of legislation would violate WTO rules, a protracted legal dispute would then ensue. One should expect this trade deficit controversy to last for most of 2006.  

6) The USA Progressed Stationary Mars:
Prison Riots and the Real Estate Bust

On July 29th the USA secondary progressed Mars reaches 18 Libra 42 and will progress no further. This is the stationary point in degrees and minutes for the American Mars, and it will remain in this degree and minute of arc for two years until 11 July 2007. Mars officially turns retrograde in the USA Sibly chart for the first time in American history on 20 July 2006. What houses are ruled by Mars in the Sibly chart, and what would we expect from this?

Mars rules both the USA Sibly chart IC and its 12th house. It is safe to presume that a national stationary progressed Mars turning retrograde will likely produce a spasm of violence in the country, along with drastic reversals of fortune, but exactly where would this instability occur? In Mundane Astrology, the 4th house rules land and houses, the common people, and the opposition party in government. The 12th house rules prisons, hospitals, underground movements, enemies of the State, and secret and occult societies. Within these two broad categories of rulerships, one can predict that the real estate market is about to suffer a striking reversal in value, that the Democrats in the House and Congress are going to go ballistic in their opposition to Republican legislative attempts, that America will have violent prison riots because of mounting tensions between its Hispanic and African-American inmates, and that attacks will be launched against the government from within the country by enemies of the State

If this sounds frightfully appalling to you, it does to me, too. Yet, in all of my years of practicing astrology I have not yet found one client who had a progressed stationary Mars who did not experience some act of violence or an injury at the time of the progressed station. I have dozens of cases in my client files that include burns from an explosion, facial or head injuries, rapes, being the victim of an armed robbery, being murdered, or being the victim of domestic violence. It is this writer's belief that the country is heading into troubled waters, not least of which is a sitting president under the rays of Tecumseh's Curse.

This identical progressed station has occurred twice before; once in the USA tertiary progressed chart, and once in the minor progressed Sibly horoscope. Subscribers who have read my Volume I - Progressions will remember the Mystic Time Ratio of 1:13:27, wherein the tertiary progressions move the planets 13 times faster than the secondaries, and the minor progressions move the planets 27 times faster than the secondaries. This means that twice before in American history we have had this progressed stationary Mars occur at 18 Libra 42. The first occurrence was in 1784 when the minor progressed Mars stationed retrograde in precisely this same degree, and the second time was in 1793 when the tertiary progressed Mars did the same.

In 1784, a Statute for Establishing Religious Freedom was written by James Madison for the Virginia Legislature, and later adopted by the federal government, setting a legal precedent for the separation of Church and State (sound familiar?). In 1793, Roman Catholicism was banned in France and the Holy Roman Empire then declared war on France. The U.S. proclaimed its neutrality and, as Louis XVI was executed, the Reign of Terror began, replete with Napoleon's European conquests and the execution of Queen Marie Antoinette. One could speculate that a drastic incident is about to occur in France, and that the USA will then have to decide whether or not to get involved militarily, politically or economically.

The American male psyche is certain to be affected by this progressed station of Mars, as are the roles of minority males in America, symbolized by retrograde Mars. I wrote about this in Volume IV - Relationship Analysis, and I just lectured on this subject at the Midwest Astrology Conference in Cleveland. Should any of my readers be interested, a tape on the topic is available for purchase.

7) Britain's General Election:
Tony Blair Wins a Record Third Straight Term

On the day of his 52nd Solar Return, British Prime Minister Tony Blair has won a record third straight victory as a Labour Party leader. At day's end, it appeared from BBC exit polls that his party's majority in Parliament will dwindle from a 161-seat majority down to a 79-seat governing advantage over Michael Howard and his Conservative Party, and the other smaller political parties. Much of this loss in seats for the Labour Party can be attributed to the widespread opposition to the Iraq War. Will Mr Blair serve the full term of this election, or will he exit earlier and turn power over to Gordon Brown, the ambitious Labour Party Chancellor of the Exchequer?

Looking at his Solar Return, this coming year looks especially difficult with the Sun in the 7th house of open enemies and in square to Neptune, causing an erosion in his leadership abilities. Scandal is also a possibility with this aspect, and with that Neptune in the 3rd house Mr Blair will have to be quite cautious about what he says to the press. His popularity is likely to be quite a bit lower than after his 1997 and 2001 victories, as the solar return Moon opposes Jupiter. The MC is in 29 Leo, perhaps symbolizing a lame duck leader operating without full power. There is also a Yod in this chart with a sextile between Venus and Saturn, and with both in quincunx to a second house Pluto. Transforming the British economy is the likely focus here, as is the looming power struggle with Mr Brown for the reins of the Labour Party.

It would be a serious mistake to underestimate the staying power and intelligence of this fine leader. With his natal Sun in the power degree of 15 Taurus, and in exact sextile to Uranus within 06 minutes of arc, he is quite simply smarter than every other politician in the UK. His 2006 Solar Return is miraculous, with a tight Water Grand Trine consisting of Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, and additionally a Kite configuration pointing at the solar return Sun. The ruler of next year's Solar Return is trine with the IC ruler, suggesting that his popularity with the common people will come back strong. Congratulations, Mr Blair.

8) Saturn Opposite Neptune in 2006:
Looming Oil Shortages and Echoes of the Early 1970s

A major planetary aspect looming on the horizon is the 31 August 2006 opposition of Saturn and Neptune, the first of three such aspects forming until June 2007. Occurring for the first time since 1971-72, the world is now heading toward a major oil shortage in the summer of next year. During the last Saturn-Neptune opposition, Arab oil-producing nations moved to embargo shipments to the U.S., western Europe and Japan in retaliation for their support of Israel. That oil cutoff precipitated an energy crisis in the industrialized world. Could it happen again?

Yes, and it is likely to produce more global chaos this time around as the oil consumption needs of China, India, Brazil and other large developing nations are now fiercely competing for the available resources with the United States, Japan and Europe. In fact, it is presently suggested that, of the $55 + price for a barrel of crude oil, $7 to $15 of this is attributed to a "fear factor" in the futures markets, such as political instability in oil producing nations like Venezuela or Nigeria, or an Islamic terror attack on oil exporting facilities in Saudi Arabia. This latter scenario was analyzed in my last newsletter, as the Saudi national horoscope has an exact Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in 8 Virgo, which is presently not only conjoined by their progressed Mars, but which is also being opposed three times this year by transit Uranus.

What is striking about this to the astrologer is that, when casting the first Saturn-Neptune opposition for the USA, the precise degree of the Saudi Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, 8 Virgo, rises in Washington, D.C. This could only occur for about four minutes of clock time on that day. This horoscope has a secretive 12th house Sun, an extremely violent Mars-South Node conjunction in square to Pluto, and a wildly out-of-bounds Moon perched at 25S17 of declination. It does not escape this writer's attention that Saturn, at the time of the first opposition with Neptune, is only 07 minutes of arc away from the August 1999 Grand Cross Solar Eclipse degree of 18 Leo. This correspondent has previously gone on record with a prediction that Osama bin Laden will be captured or killed when Saturn transits the 1999 solar eclipse degree.

What is one to do? Your correspondent sold his car last year and now has a complete walking lifestyle. For a 3rd house Mercury such as mine, this is a delight, yet living where you work is not always a possibility. It is patently absurd to see the obscene number of gas guzzling SUV's and Hummers clogging the streets and further exasperating America's dependence on foreign oil. For those astrologers who question the USA Sibly chart, it is tough to argue with its 9th house Neptune as the underpinning of this American dilemma. While still more than a year away, a looming oil shortage is again front page news.

© 2005 Robert P. Blaschke

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