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     Beacons of Light

~ Re-minders from Home ~

From Steve

One of my greatest joys in this work has come when people ask me to sign their books.  I originally thought that I would just say "Best Wishes" or "Enjoy the Ride" or one of my favorites "Big Hugs and Gentle Nudges" ands then sign my name.  Yet when I started to sign books several year ago the Group had other ideas.  They generally put a special message to people that they call Cosmic Winks.  They love to plant seeds with a phrase or a few well chosen words.  One of the Groups favorites is when they say that the person is one of the Original Spiritual Family of Light.  Of course after I sign that in a book I am, always asked the question "What does that mean exactly?" to which I generally only respond with a shrug of my shoulders.  Here in this Beacons of Light message they finally answer us all.  The short answer is that when we awaken! spiritually we activate memories of the first times we played this wonderful game of pretending to be separate.  That was a landmark in the history of mankind and the reason we all have such wonderful memories around it.  Today we are once again at a similar landmark in the evolution of mankind and once again the Group says we are forming a NEW First Family of Light.  

Big Hugs and Gentle Nudges

Steve Rother
Spokesman for the Group

Greetings from Home.


Dear ones, you sit this day in a room of energy you have created that expands far beyond the room.  It expands on the Web of Love. This love energy expands on the web that you call the Internet. It expands throughout all beings and all dimensions of time and space. It is a web of love.  It is a connection of hearts that you have created through which you set about to find yourselves.   God searching for Himself, looking for Herself, has caused you to look in to the mirror and ask the questions  “Why?”   “Why am I here?   What am I doing?   What does this all mean?”  And when you finally get an inkling of what it is you came here to do and you step in that direction, you take two steps forward and one step back.  You doubt yourself and you wonder what you did wrong. It is a human attribute that is wondrous on this side of the veil to watch. You do not understand ; you chastise yourselves for taking that one step back. Yet we applaud you f! or only taking that one step back. Sometimes taking this one step back actually allows you to gain the momentum to move forward in your own courage, even if you don't yet know everything that you wish to know.

You say, “If only I could have validation. If only I could see it clearly.” Yet that, too, is not possible . For you are the creators . You see, even if we were to enter your world with irrefutable proof, you would find a way to negate that which was not meant to fit into your game. You would find a way to make it go away , or to make it fly into the ethers or you would ignore it. Do you understand that you not only write your future , but also your history? You re-write history all the time. If there is ever a point at which you have something in the past that you do not care for, that does not support you in your forward movement, you re-write it. If you doubt that, simply ask those w ho publish history books. It is a constant, evolutionary process to publish a history book for history is constantly changing. Not only do you change what you teach, but you change what you know in your heart. Why? That is the question we ask! you today. Of course we would not ask you the question if we did not have an answer waiting. This leads us to what it is that you are looking for when you look into the mirror and ask, “Who am I? What am I doing here? What did I have in mind when I came here as a soul? What was I thinking? I want to see the dotted line I signed because I do not re-member getting myself into this. I do not re-member this pain clause in here. I agreed to come down and play this Game, but I do not think this is it.”

In the Beginning

But you did come to play this game and there is a reason. You are discovering that reason every day. What is happening is that you are here in your search not only to find answers for yourself, but as you step forward in your own search you are actually helping others to progress in their own searches. You are connecting the dots of the original spiritual family which is part of what you came here to do. We have spoken of original spiritual family before , but we will fill you in on the details as a refresher.

In the very beginning, Planet Earth was a hot, gaseous ball because She was born in a state of very high vibration of which you call heat. The atoms in Her were vibrating at a very high rate and you began your incarnations in this Game of Free Choice at that stage as ethereal beings without physical bodies. You literally incarnated for eons of time, working through your own life lessons and working with the essence of the Earth, Herself, through your ethereal bodies. You were spirit. Then, as the Earth cooled, you began to lose your connection to Her for She began to lower Her vibrations and become more dense. Your high vibrational status made it difficult for you to stay in touch with Her and at that time. It was here that six parental races came together to help you form dense bodies that you inhabit today. There was a lot of concern about that. “Is this going to work? Is it possible for one of these grand, spiritual being! s to try and fit themselves into one of these tiny little bubbles of biology?” No, the spirit never completely fit, so part of you stayed behind to bridge the gap between Home and what you call Planet Earth. Today you call that part of you that was left behind your higher self. When you tap into that it has a higher vibration and bridges the gap between you and Home. That is your connection to Home, and your connection to the other hearts connected to yours.

The Original 500 Human Prototypes - The Family of Light

However, that first time that the experiment of putting spirit beings into physical bodies and going into Earth was tried, there were no more than 500 souls that came to Earth in the first incarnation. These five hundred souls were known to all as “The Family of Light.” Over a short period of time during a few hundred years, Earth began to evolve and then evolve further so that souls were able to start coming in on a very regular basis. But just imagine, it began with 500 of what we call seed souls that were the original prototypes of humanity.

The interesting part is that each one of you are asking, “Was I one of those souls?” We love the way humans think. It is so joyous. Yes, of course you were. You all were one of those souls. You all have memories that can be traced back to one of the original 500 Family of Light, for you are all descendants of one of those 500. Literally, you have a soul family that goes back to one, and then goes even further than that. Even as ethereal beings you played the Game in unified consciousness, rather than as the separate players you became in the physical body.  You remembrance as one of the first 500 souls is what you experience as a result of a spiritual awakening. As one of the first 500 beings you were considered royalty and are often referred to in the cosmos as the First Family of Light.

The Seven Great Clans

The Game then evolved very quickly. Of course, at the start there were two souls of the 500 who got together and found they had a very similar purpose. For souls do have a purpose, do they not? They formed a group of two and said, “This is going to be our purpose for it is easier to be two than it is to be one. And so we begin playing the Game of separation. We believe we are either male or female. We each believe that we are only half of a person so we will join with another person and together pretend to be a whole person.” What fun! You humans think of the most imaginative games. As you did, you formed what we call “clans.” There are seven great clans—two of which we have spoken about—that came together out of the original 500. It was not long before 30 or 40 people were included in this group, all focusing in the same direction. We will not speak of all seven clans this day, for it is too much information at once, but we! will speak of the two that we have laid out already. We wish to give you the overview of this entire process and unfold it for you so that you can realize that when you look in the mirror, you are searching for something. You are seeking from whence you came so you may answer the question “why?” You are searching for that connection of the original clan and your original spiritual family. That is why you search. That is why you come to groups like these. You have not necessarily come to hear the wisdom we offer through the Keeper, but to feel the heart connection you have with all —not just with us—the people hearing and reading this message. For as you share in this message, you are actually connecting with spiritual family. As you do this, you understand that there are certain groups that have come together with a specific purpose.

Clan of the Bright Eyes

One group got together and said, “We have certain attributes in our physicality and we have all great spirits within us, for the Spirit shone a little bit brighter in the early days than they do now. There were many reasons for that. It is not right, it is not wrong, but there were much brighter eyes at that time in the history of the Game. We tell you that one of the clans in the early days was the Clan of the Bright Eyes. As you looked in the eyes of these beings, you felt the energy of Home. They decided to get together as a group of beings and actually carry the energy of Home through their eyes intentionally. Any time you looked at them for any reason, they would flash their eyes and a smile, and you would re-member Home. The brightness in their eyes carried the re-minder of the energy of Home. This is the Clan of the Bright Eyes. It is a beautiful story. Many of you reading this still belong to this clan, although it m! ay have escaped your conscious memory

Clan of the Reflectors of the Light

As time went on, there were other focus groups that came together. There were many who tried to be incarnations of the light, different expressions of the light in various ways. For you created an imaginary place that you had called darkness so that you could give yourself the chance to be the light. Even to this day, there are two ways you can work with light: you can either be the light or you can reflect the light. That is the second clan. The Reflectors of the Light decided that their purpose was to help other beings. They did not feel the need to stand front and center and be the light all the time. Instead, they would be the ones that would work quietly behind the scenes and then appear just at the right time to make sure this little light beam did not go unnoticed. They were there with a mirror to catch light at just the right point to reflect it back to someone who needed it. With their help, the light would hit some! one's heart and help them see the light of Home. They did this not only to reflect the light from other beings, but so that they could see their own light as well. They would hold the mirror in front of you so you could see yourselves and the essence of who you were. And then they would reflect that light on to others. In every meaning of the word, these are Lightworkers. They did so very quietly, for their intent was to be a perfect mirror and not have their own light interfere with other reflections. It is a great art and takes tremendously stable souls to play that role in the Clan of the Reflectors of the Light. The ego must be in constant balance to do this important work. These groups of souls would go through daily life looking for ways to reflect light; it helped humanity make major transitions more than you will ever know. Even today these wonderful beings seem to emerge from nowhere when a great transition is at hand. Today this clan is reuniting and reactivating ! itself to make the next steps ahead for humanity much smoother! .

Extended Spiritual Families

These are the clans that we wish to tell you of this day, the first two. There are five more clans that we will bring to you in time. But during this session we wish to give you more of an overview of what this all means to you. It is not just about the clans and which clan you might resonate with. We think it is wonderful to see the energy you have given the archangels. You believe they are certain families, in essence they are families of angelic purpose, but it is also possible to be part of many families at once as far as the archangels and angelic purpose are concerned. We also tell you that you are part of a family. We see that many of you have set up lessons of Trust and set up opportunities to run into brick walls so that you could learn to trust yourself. You had the rug completely pulled out from under you so that you could better learn to stand on your own two feet. Because of many of those experiences, y! ou have difficulty trusting yourselves. You also see everything from a limited perspective, for you still believe that one vibration is better than another. They are not. They are simply different. The fourth grade is not better than the third grade. They are just for different purposes. We ask you to release the whole concept of good and bad, of right and wrong and of the direction you are going. We tell you that you are part of many of these families, and you may resonate with many of these clans as your extended family. Even so, you have a spark of God that is like none other. You are a part of the Creator carrying a unique part of that energy. When you find your unique beauty, it allows you to share it with all of those families. You are then able not only to stand up and say who you are, but to help others to do the same. It is not about the destination. It is about the journey. It is about movement forward, but as you are moving forward allow yourselves to take two st! eps forward and one step back and say, “Gee, was that not a wo! nderful step back?” That is when you become the Human Angels. That is when you carry a light in your own eyes, in your smile, in your being and in your voice that awakens others in your own spiritual families. That is what you are here doing. That is what you are looking for when you look into the mirror and ask, “Why?” You are simply trying to find others in your spiritual family.

The moment you find others in your original clans does not mean that you all need to go off together and start a commune. Those days are over. You tried that once and drove each other absolutely crazy. It did not work as well as you thought it would, for to concentrate the energy of a family restricts the usefulness of that family. The reality is, when beings of light vibration come together they reinforce each other. That is great for rejuvenation and finding direction, yet in the long term beings of light must be exposed to those of differing vibrations so that they may do their work. So literally, a clan was originally intended to be located in different parts of the world and to come together once in a while to support one another and validate each other. That is what you are doing when you look for these other members of your spiritual family. That is why most of you are reading this message now.

Since humans often set up negative experiences having to do with family, many are repelled at the idea that they belong to a wonderful group of souls that share their original imprints. We tell you that spiritual family is different. Spiritual family holds your original vibration and can help to redirect your life when you find yourself off course. Spiritual family gives you an accurate reflection of your unique beauty, which is the God energy within you. That is what you are looking for. And you find it when you look in someone's eyes) and make a heartfelt connection that changes both of you. When you meet these people, you may have lunch and make a friend for the rest of your lives, or maybe you will never see each other again. It does not really matter where or how long your relationship goes from there, as the instant it happens you have activated them and they have activated you. That is what you are here doing and the ! answer to the question “Why am I here?”

A Call to Lightworkers

Those of you who have stepped forward to be workers of the light, or what you call Lightworkers, are here to spread the light on this planet. You often do this by activating your own spiritual family. You find them in all walks of life. Some of them are reading the books that you have read and understanding the concepts you carry, and some do not. Some do not have a clue as to where they are going. Some say, “Ahh, I believe exactly what I can see and that is all I can see.” Yet, if you see that spark in their eyes, you will know that there is something there that both of you can benefit from. Be patient and plant th e seeds of light. Love them when they take that one step back and quietly hold the energy for them. Share your truth with them when asked, yet hold it quietly inside letting it only be seen through the smile of spiritual confidence. That alone will not only give them the confidence to walk in their beauty, but wi! ll give you the confidence to walk in yours. That is the purpose that you look for in humanity. That is the purpose of your incarnation in this lifetime as a Lightworker.

Yes, many of you came down with difficult lessons to work with, yet all of it can come down to the fact that you are here to connect yourselves to others. Very simple is it not? Some of you say, “I am only going to work with animals because animals are pure and humans drive me crazy.” We love it when that happens, for then others speak to you through your animals. The reality is that you are here awakening hearts and whether that is animal, spirit, rock, plant, insect, human or spirit makes no difference for you are part of the whole. When you find those for which you came, when you find the beauty of you in other people, that is when you have a soul confidence that lets you take three steps forward before you take one back. That makes you feel more confident as a soul pretending to be human, as an infinite being pretending to be finite, as a spirit playing a game of separation in a bubble of biology. You are here, connected! to each another. Find those parts and you will be Home. We tell you one attribute to watch for and it is more important than you could possibly know now. All of you go back to the original 500 souls. No mater how or when you came to Earth the first time, your physical origins can be traced back to the original 500. That simply means that in all of your life no matter how difficult things appear on the news, no matter how difficult you think your world is, there are only 499 people that you have to get along with. 

The New Spiritual Family

There will also come a time when you see not only that you're awakening other spiritual beings and part of your original spiritual family, but now there will be new ones who wish to join your family. You will begin to see those who wish to discover why you have that light in your eyes. That is really special. You have laid out contracts throughout your life. Some are even to connect with family, yet you also have very special chances to create new extended families each day. When you have those golden opportunities to have others join your spiritual family you will hear the wonderful laughter over your shoulder. The New Family of Light is forming right now. You are creating new families every day and you do so thunderous applause from this side of the veil. Keep in mind that you are not the only one on this planet asking the question “Why?” Making space in your life for new members of your family can advance you and the coll! ective of humanity more than ever before.

Just re-member the next time someone looks at you — maybe even suddenly doing a double take in the middle of a crowded store — you have but an instant to decide whether or not to look away, to look down, or smile and invite them in. Re-member who you are and re-member the soul confidence that you have. Re-member that even in that brief moment you have much to give, for it is planting the seeds of creating the NEW spiritual families. As you reach this level of your own evolution and step to the next level, you are creating new possibilities, new realities, and new energies every day. As you do that, you will form the nucleus of NEW families that will grow into the next level of human expression. Those are the energy families that you are creating here this day. Reconnecting with original family will give you the soul confidence to begin the NEW spiritual families. The joy it will bring you is beyond description. Expect a mira! cle and we will help you create it.

We tell you, it is beyond your imagination to see the support that you have on this side of the veil. You have not only won the Game, but now you are looking for new games to play. You are creating new realities as you step forward every day with every breath that you take, and we honor you. You await with great expectation the time when you will return Home again. Yet, we tell you that it is not possible to do certain things even with all the might in heaven. When you come Home, we will greet you with open arms. We will welcome you as the heroes who played and won the Game. We will welcome you as the heroes that had the courage to leave behind your memories and place a veil in front of your face and not even remember your magnificence. We will ask you what a hug feels like. With all the might in heaven we cannot hug each other here the way you can touch one another on Earth. Please remember that you have gifts that we do no! t and share them often. Re-member Home. Reflect each other's light whenever you can and smile with the smile of spiritual confidence. Come be an active part of the New First Family of Light. That is who you are. That is ‘why' you came.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together.


the Group

Special Request

Copyright 2005. Steve Rother. This information is meant to circulate and may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided that this notice is included. This material may be used with the condition that all rights, including copyrights of translations of this material, remain with the original copyright holder. Further information from the Group may be found at: http://www.Lightworker.com.
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Connecting the Heart

Core Personality

By Barbara Rother

Steve and I just returned from a delightful seminar held in Toronto , Canada . Wherever we travel to, the events and people we meet are special. Magic is always created by Spiritual Family coming together. This time was particularly meaningful to me. For the entire week I was there I really looked at what my life is all about. This was a week of re-evaluating my life. It made me reflect on my past, present and what I wished to create for the future. My past, as for most of us, has been one of great changes, especially this year. My present is one I celebrate day by day. The future is exciting as I am now in the process of planning our 2006 Lightworker schedule. It is fun to plan the future in such detail and then watch how it unfold! s.

There is a reason for this newfound appreciation of life. Once in a while a reminder will come along to say, “Pay attention. Be aware how special the world around you is. Celebrate every day and make the most of it.” Sometimes it can be a health scare, loss of a loved one or any major change in your life. Mine was an event that showed me what could have been.

We left our home about a week ago as I write this. Steve and I had not traveled for two months which is unusual for us. We had taken the month of June to stay home to work on Lightworker details and in July we did a Spiritual Psychology Seminar in Las Vegas . So our trip to Toronto was the first time out in a couple of months. I had enjoyed our time at home, but was looking forward to connecting to Lightworker family with our travels. The night before we left I felt a sadness and reluctance to go. I figured I had just gotten too comfortable with my surroundings and wanted to keep enjoying home life. I somehow knew it was more than that but could not figure out my resistance to leaving for our trip. I had the strong feeling to call our family to say goodbye, which I often do before a trip but this time I felt sadness in my heart. My high emotions were a puzzle to me. I comforted myself with the thought that I would ! be seeing them soon after the trip. I blamed my emotions as hormonal. That is always the easiest thing to blame.

The next day with bags packed and excitement in the air we flew to Chicago to then connect to our flight that would take us to Toronto , Canada . The minute we boarded our Chicago flight I felt uneasiness. Since Steve and I fly so often, most of the time we are upgraded to first class. On this flight a rude man bullied his way in front of our space so he could get the first class upgrade. This was annoying but I let it go saying to myself he had just created upgrade karma! I tried to laugh it off, but still I held an unsettling irritation within. The plane was delayed on the runway without explanation for a while. It turned out that two first-class people hadn't arrived. They had been holding the plane for them and when they did not board the plane they had to remove their luggage. Instead of the airline taking the time to move us up they ignored my request and put flight attendants who were connecting to another a! irport in those seats. My irritation grew. I wondered to myself why was I getting so outraged at such a trivial occurrence? I am usually one to go with the flow of life not letting the little things bother me. Our seats in coach were comfortable and we even had a seat open between Steve and me giving us extra room. This time I attributed my mood to lack of sleep. Usually I am not a grumpy person, but my irritation and impatience were growing minute by minute. Two hours of delay went by without explanation, but then we were told Toronto was experiencing heavy lightening and thunder storms making it unsafe to fly. My calm came back as I said to myself we are just waiting out the storm. I was thankful that we were not flying in such dangerous conditions. Still after two and a half hours my uneasiness grew. At this time I turned to Steve as I tried to control almost a panic feeling and said “I want to get off this plane!” Steve looked into my eyes and with a reassuring look tol! d me we would be okay. I took a deep breath as I knew he had a! little help from the Group saying we were safe. I tried to muster up some patience and asked the attendants if they could serve something to drink and give us at least a bag of peanuts. Many people on the plane were sharing my anxiousness. I observed the flight attendants; although they were being professional, I could tell they were uncomfortable about the situation as well. They agreed they would take care of us but had no further word on the delay. Somehow I knew they had received more details than they were letting on to.

Drinks and pretzels were served as the pilot announced that conditions were still uncertain and we would be delayed another two to three hours on the runway. Everyone groaned with disappointment. My nervousness continued even with Steve's reassurance. Finally the pilot announced that there had been a plane crash at the Toronto airport. This sent a shiver down everyone's spine and we all were concerned about the details of the crash. I had a quiet thought and prayer wishing safety for all involved. Another announcement came after that from the pilot saying all flights to Toronto were cancelled and that we would be returning to the terminal. Everyone, including the flight attendants, was happy with the news.

As our plane taxied back to the terminal I felt gratitude that we were not flying that night. I had deep concern for those who were involved with the crash. I felt ashamed at my irritation during this whole event, but then I understood my emotions. Our plane was due to land in Toronto shortly after the plane that crashed had. This could have been our plane experiencing tragedy. My insight was picking up on all the circumstances around me.

Much to my and everyone's relief, those aboard the Air France flight, that was involved in this accident, with over 300 passengers and crew, were miraculously alright. There were some injuries but everyone was alive. The plane had crashed upon landing, split into two and went up in flames but everyone was able to get out within minutes. Details are still vague about what caused the accident. I know that it truly was a miracle that all are alive and well. Steve and I were not only moved up to first class for the following day's flight but were accommodated for a night's stay at a top hotel, along with dinner that night and breakfast the next day. That evening although tired, Steve and I celebrated life and how Spirit took care of us and everyone else that day.

Whenever we travel I prepare myself to have the right attitude. I know with a positive perspective I can create a wonderful adventure. This trip at first puzzled me with my emotions, but then I realized I was just picking up on the emotions of all the potential players involved.. I have worked very hard on my life lesson of definition but I am thankful I will never lose the empathy of the world around me. This has been a wake up call to celebrate my life. This is a time of re-evaluating and to understand what is really important to me. It all could change tomorrow. I now live life with gratitude and appreciation.

With Love and Light,


Barbara offers private sessions "Readings from the Heart"

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Copyright 2005. Steve Rother. This information is meant to circulate and may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided that this notice is included. This material may be used with the condition that all rights, including copyrights of translated material, remain with the original copyright holder. Further information from the Group may be found at: http://www.Lightworker.com or through Lightworker at (702) 871 3317.
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