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Question 1

Thoughts are always subversive.
Only people who do not think are not subversive. Thinking is a crime.
Jesus is crucified, Socrates is poisoned, Gautam Buddha is stoned.
These people have not harmed anybody. They were the most loving, most
compassionate human beings possible -- but they committed a crime,
and the crime's name is thinking.

No society wants any of its members to think.
Thinking is dangerous.

The society wants robots who simply do whatever is told to them, who
cannot say no -- that is impossible for them. They are machines.
It is not accidental that every developed society is replacing man by
machines. Machines are obedient, never subversive. Have you ever
heard of any machine being a revolutionary or a rebel? It has not
happened up to now that we had to crucify a machine.
Machines are very respectable people.

I am not a machine.
And there is no way of thinking, other than being subversive.
Thinking means you doubt; thinking means you are not ready to accept
what is being told to you. You want to decide on your own. Thinking
means to be rational, to be logical; and humanity up to now has been

When Galileo found that the earth moves around the sun, the pope
called him to his court and asked him to change the sentence in his
book because it goes against Christianity.

The BIBLE says the sun goes around the earth, and it is everybody's
experience too: it looks like the sun rises in the morning, goes
around, and sets by the evening. We don't feel that the earth goes
around the sun. So what is stated in the BIBLE is simply common
knowledge, not something scientific.

The pope said, "You have to change that statement because the BIBLE
is a holy book, written by God: he cannot commit a mistake."

Galileo is one of the people I love. I love him for his genius, for
his thinking, and I love him for his sense of humor. He said, "There
is no problem. I will change the sentence, but your honor, remember
that my changing the sentence will not change the fact: the earth
will still go round the sun. You can kill me, you can burn my book,
but nothing will change the course of the earth. It will still
continue going around the sun."

Now Galileo is subversive. He is not listening to the authorities; he
is not even listening to the HOLY BIBLE. He is only ready to listen
to something rational, scientific, something which can be proved by

Yes, I am subversive. And only the subversive people are responsible
for all the progress of the world. Whatever you have -- all
civilization, all scientific growth, all technology -- is the
contribution of subversive people. It is not the contribution of the

So I am happy to declare that I am subversive, absolutely subversive.

To belong to that category is a great honor. Jesus Christ belongs to
it, Socrates belongs to it, Galileo belongs to it, Gautam Buddha
belongs to it. These are the real human beings. Others are only part
of the crowd, cogs in the wheel.
The society decides what is right, and they never question. The
society decides what is wrong, and they never question. What is the
difference between animals and man?
Each human being has to be subversive if he wants to be a human
being. That's the definition given by Aristotle: man is a thinking
animal. Thinking is equivalent to subversiveness.
It is true that many countries of the world have decided that even a
four week tourist visa cannot be granted to me. I have really enjoyed
it, because never before in all of history have so many countries
been afraid of a man that they cannot allow him to have a four week
tourist visa.

Socrates lived a long life; then they poisoned him. Jesus preached
for three years continuously, and then they crucified him. I was only
in Greece for two weeks when they arrested me. And they threatened
that they would burn the house, dynamite the house, if I didn't leave
the house immediately. These are the same people who had poisoned
Socrates two thousand years before.
And what can I do in two weeks' time? I had not even left the house!
I had not gone out. But the archbishop was sending telegram upon
telegram to the president, phoning the prime minister, giving
interviews to the news media: "This man's stay here" -- and I had
only a four week visa, only two weeks more I could have stayed there -
- "this man's stay here is going to destroy our morality, our
religion, our church, our tradition."

When I heard this I said, "If a religion, a church, a morality, a
tradition, can be destroyed by a single human being in two weeks'
time -- something which you have created in two thousand years --
then it is worth destroying; there is no question about it."
And a paranoia has spread all over Europe. Now in the European
parliament there is a motion that I should not be allowed to land at
any airport in Europe. Perhaps even my landing at the airport is
going to destroy their morality, their religion, their tradition. It
shows only one thing: they also know that they are standing on a
rotten foundation. Just a push -- which even a tourist for two weeks
can manage -- and your whole edifice will be shattered.
This is strange... in a civilized world if I do not agree with you we
can discuss it, we can come to an agreement. But dynamiting my house
is not the answer. It seems people have not learned anything.
Do you think crucifying Jesus was the answer? The crucifixion created

Was poisoning Socrates the answer? Nobody is respected more in the
whole history of Greece than Socrates. People have completely
forgotten the names of those who had decided to poison him. But
Socrates' name will remain immortal as long as human beings are on
the earth. Even today he is contemporary. His thinking must have had
tremendous insight for two thousand years to have passed without him
being out of date.

He was their very cream -- the genius of the whole Greek mind -- and
they destroyed him.

It seems that there has been a conspiracy, going on for centuries, of
mediocre people against the genius. And of course the mediocre people
are in the majority -- they have all the power. They have the
government, they have the military, they have the police, they have
the nuclear weapons. The genius has nothing except his intelligence,
and intelligence is basically revolutionary; it cannot be otherwise.
Its very quality, its intrinsic quality, is rebellion -- rebellion
against darkness, rebellion against untruth, rebellion against
slavery, rebellion against everything that prevents man from becoming
his total, grown-up self.

All these countries have simply proved that a single individual is
still more powerful than countries who have nuclear weapons;
otherwise there is no need to be so afraid.

In England they did not allow me to stay overnight in the airport
lounge -- which is meant for that. I had my own jet, but just not to
take a chance, I had also purchased two first-class tickets. The
lounge is meant for people who are going to change their planes, but
they would not allow me to stay in the lounge. One of my friends just
happened to look into the file of a man... he had left his file on
the table and gone to the bathroom. He just looked into the file.
Everything in detail had been ordered by the government before I had
even landed at the airport: if I come, then I should not be allowed
to stay overnight in the lounge; I should be forced to stay in jail
overnight because I am a dangerous man.

I said to the person, "What danger can I be? I will be sleeping. It
is already eleven o'clock in the night, and I will simply be sleeping
in the lounge. And from the lounge there is no way to enter England!"
But he said, "We cannot do anything about it. We cannot leave you
free; you have to be in jail if you want to stay overnight."
In Sweden they did the same.

Germany has passed an order that no visa should be allowed to me from
any embassy. Strange... and we call this "civilization."
Civilization has not happened yet.

This is all fake.
I was dangerous -- now the cloud carrying the nuclear radiation from
Chernobyl... prevent it and put it in a jail! It is not dangerous!
Now they are all feeling impotent; they can't do anything. And I am
subversive, because I have been saying for years, "Don't play with
nuclear energy because you cannot control whether anything goes
wrong." Now something has gone wrong, and they are all helpless. And
it is not going to be a one day thing; its effects will continue for

In the Ukraine, where the disaster has happened, they will not be
able to grow food for thirty years, and that is the province which
supplies food to the whole Soviet Union. Now the Soviet Union will be
the most hungry country in the world. And everywhere in Europe the
radiation level has gone up -- to one hundred times, to two hundred
times the amount which is tolerable for human beings.
To breathe that air, to drink that milk or water, to eat vegetables
or fruits -- everything is dangerous. Now all those parliaments are

I am dangerous... and nuclear weapons are not dangerous! It seems to
be simply an insane world.



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