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   To Work with Storms

Hi there precious Heather and everyone, what a brilliant idea, just went to his beautiful site and this is a matrix and a portal for sending forth blessings and good wishes to all those involved in the recent event, this is what I just did and it was quite magical in that I could feel the energy spinning in the palm of my hand.  Just in case others wish to pass this along, truly it is amazing.   Embracing all in Pure White Source Light, n Fredaricka

Heather Robb <robb@virtual.net.au> wrote:
Angels over the Gulf coast http://www.bryandeflores.com/GulfCoastAngels.html

Hi Everyone ~                 To Work with Storms
It's be quite awhile since I've been in touch, but this morning a woman who had worked with us in the group doing the Thoth material wrote requesting our assistance. Byrd lives in the path of the hurricane. Here is her message: 
Dear Lois, please send out a call to your group for prayers & energetic
protection for David and me and my sweet big poodle, Speed.  Any other energy
work for our area is appreciated.  THERE IS A GRID in place over the
Mississippi Gulf Coast.  You could send to there as well.
Thank you, Lois.  Blessings, Light and Love, Byrd
I'm working with Thoth now to give you the following information on the Category 5 storm due to hit the Gulf Coast tomorrow morning.  (Monday, Aug. 29).
A map of projected activity is attached below.  New Orleans and other areas are being evacuated.  Unfortunately with the 'dumbing' down of news on TV, I receive mostly local news, so I've not understood the magnitude of this storm. At least on a conscious level.  My body and emotions have been in high gear this past week in particular and I am knowing something's up.  It's this storm, so let's see if we can offer, even at this late date, positive focus and assistance to the impending upheaval.
I am also going to send this to some of you who have not done the Thoth series.  Do what you can in terms of this focus, without additions, if possible, or send prayers and light as you are guided.  It's all needed.  Please feel free to forward to those inclined to lend their efforts toward the immediate situation.
love and blessings to you all,
Beloved Friends of Light:                  For help with Katrina or other Storms
For each of you who asks, I suggest you contact your Soul Group for assistance in this area.    The storm has great impact upon landfall and those who are in that area must evacuate.    I am suggesting that you have an opportunity to assist in many areas through your requests to those which whom you work and are a part of on higher levels.    So that connection which you have developed over time and will be most useful now.  Remember you are one and the connection is to thousands.  This is a significant number to alter much.
From the impending situation I would say we have three choices to utilize our efforts and I'm giving you one right now.
I am seeing that a circulating of energy creates a fulcrum which pulls from earth many things with it, spinning into the atmosphere and altering the land mass as presently seen.  so let us use our attention to pull from this fulcrum or spiral of energy the following:
There is a grayish/yellow cloud formation within this fulcrum.  Pay attention and use protection in the following manner:  Request those who work with you on higher levels or those guides with whom you are in contact or Higher Power, to provide protection for you as you proceed.  Then go into this storm system and place within it feeds which siphon energy to outside
the shape.  (Think of what a potato would look like with fifteen or twenty very wide straws stuck into it.)  These so-called 'feeds' would be like giant straws to diminish the energy spiraling, for some of it will spin off out into the straws or feeds and move into completely different directions.  40 or 50 of you doing this will diminish impact.
Once done, there is to be placed over the entire mass a wash of green, as if you took a paintbrush of watercolor over the entire mass.  Include the areas surrounding this and from the map below the area projected to be hit.  Widen it beyond that pathway
indicated, particularly at landfall.
Call in the following beings:  Angelica, angel of waterfalls, A QuaLa, angel of water, NeeLah, being of ancestry, Dameesh, opener of doorways, portals and harmony.  Request their assistance in reducing strength and size of this storm, calming waters, and introducing 'escape' mechanisms for the energy. (I ask Thoth about 'ancestry' and am told he represents our ancestors who are often called in to assist us).
And finally, for those of you in tune with the higher energies, request that assistance be given to all those who are seeking asylum now, finding a way to move forward though these changes and allowing their highest good to be revealed at this time.
We are able to divert only a portion of this storm.  It will not subside, but there can be protection offered to all seeking it.
For those of indifference or indecision, there are opportunities missed.
By using your focus, attention and care - yes care from the heart - you are able to offset many things.  Do not doubt this.
I am with each of you, knowing your power and gifts brought to the given situation.  Many will be saved.  Do not forget the animals, birds and wildlife, for they, too will be affected.  And finally, settle your thoughts on the earth and water, for calming and love to supersede the fear generated here.  Clearing occurs but the requirement now is to harmonize diverse energies as best as possible.  I would suggest that love be extended to all.
When you have completed this projection, remain silent for several moments.  Allow the being that you are to fly over the area with your heart pouring love to this planet, this site, these people and what's ahead.  See white or pinkish white energy pouring forth from your heart to the areas below you, and give thanks. 
With loving heart


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