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The Sixth Wave of the New Children

The Divine Mother through Qala Sriíama Phoenix

An amazing grace anchors with each of the souls of the Sixth Wave of the New Children as each of these children carry the codes of divine grace with them to all beings on Earth. This allows them to soften and cushion all situations with divine grace, beloveds. Their very presence brings grace to all others who are with them. These children are Christ children birthed on the 6th Wave of Ascension and each one of them is deeply connected to the Divine Mother and they carry various qualities of Christ Consciousness through their feminine stream of consciousness and their connection to the Divine Mother. They are soft, nurturing and carry the true energy of mothering for all beings.

The Divine Mother offers us understanding of each of the 11 pods of the 6th Wave of New Children,
and understandings of the rays of grace and elixirs of grace as she introduces each of the soul pods of the new children to us. May you be blessed by visitations of these children and their gifts, as you receive this connection to each of the pods through the Divine Mother. May they support you to recognize them if you meet them physically, and may your inner contact with the souls of all children grow through this divine offering.

Beloveds, know that the souls of all children are calling for us to recognize them truly, and open new levels of communication with them through connection to them as souls rather than as little people. They ask each of us to recognize the wisdom and immense assistance they may carry for us energetically, and the new approach they may bring to life that may lift us from any conditioned ways of being, any limited forms of thinking or limitations to our dreamings, or the application of our actions towards our heart dreams.

They ask us not to try to teach them to stop dreaming for it is the very thing that shuts down their hearts and closes or binds their gifts and consciousness. They ask us to dream with them again and to allow ourselves to recognize that childlike dreaming is the very essence of our innocence and a higher virtue offered to us by our God Presence. They share with us that our dreaming is a form of contact with the spiritual planes and when we close it down we trap our consciousness in the physical, emotional or mental planes and lose our conscious contact with our Spirit and Divine Presence and the Great Mystery of Life.


The Sixth Wave of the New Children carry the codes of divine Grace that are able to assist all beings in the evolution of awakening their Christ consciousness on Earth. The following 11 pods of new children are also known as The Christ Children of Grace due to the energetic influence of grace they have on other beings in their energetic field of influence. As they grow older and open more to the light of their Divine Presence, each of these children have the gift of being able to expand their energy bodies to be very large and to fill whole environments and communities with the divine energy of grace, bringing peace, stillness and tranquility and love into the field of all beings within this environment or community. They have been called to Earth and bring their peacemaking gifts with them through the divine blessings of the grace they carry as souls. May you enjoy connecting with them, as the Divine Mother and groups of the new children from the spiritual planes now begin to focus their love on you as you receive an introduction to each one of the 11 pods of souls that form the soul family as the Christ Children of Grace.

The Pink Rose Children

Blessings come to you dear heart as the Pink Rose Children begin to fill your heart with pink roses from the spirit world. The roses soften your energy to allow love to flow, even through all energies of density. The pink rose energy dissolves dense energy to allow the innocence to return to the heart of a being if their heart has been filled with energies of density. Beloved hearts, these children know only love and are innocent to the ways of the world and the worldís harsher energies. Their innocence is so pure they are unable to understand how humans hurt each other, hurt animals and other beings. They are unable to fathom this within their minds as children, and tend to react deeply to others that do this. They do not react with anger or judgment but they feel the pain that is created by hurtful actions and react with deep tears and shame. Beloveds, know these childrenís greatest gift is their pure love and innocence that cannot be broken. Even after being in the presence of humans that hurt others, and witnessing it and reacting to it, they are unable to hold a view that the being they witnessed harming another will always harm again. They are unable to judge humanity and through this beloveds, it is the Pink Rose children that hold full faith in humanity. When they react, their tears release the pain they experience through witnessing negative situations and instead of judging that being, they will hold the faith in all beings and support and nurture all beings to choose their most innocent path in life no matter what they have done or been involved in throughout their life. They are a comfort to all who are unbefriended and they are able to make friends with all beings through their innocence. Know beloveds, their love and purity makes its difficult for others to make them a target for hurtful behavior. They are here to support all beings with love through the cushioning of the pink rose energy they carry, and to bring grace to those who have been judged and disregarded by others in life. They are natural consoling angels who allow all beings to feel loved and nurtured. Embrace them as they come to you and bring their love through you now.

We are the Pink Rose children and our gift is to always be able to see and connect to the genuine heart within all beings. We carry this gift for humanity and offer this gift with love to you, as we now surround you. We hold the gift of bringing back connection for a being to their genuine self, through holding faith and non-judgment for them and holding their hearts open to their choice that they may live in accordance to their genuine heart. We are aware that God created all souls equally and that although souls become lost and afraid and other negative energies may affect them, they are still always a child of God on the path of mergence with God. Our hearts hold the pink ray and we are able to infuse all beings with this ray when we sit with them in unconditional love as a support to them. This fulfils our heart and is our sacred gift. It fulfils us to experience another being comforted by the Divine Motherís love for them. We ask our parents and friends and all of humanity to accept us as we are and ask that you not try to create us to be judgmental or fearful of others who appear damaged, or try to teach us that our innocence and love is not a sensible act and we are being silly. We are grateful for who we are and the gifts we carry through our innocence.

The Aquamarine Children

The Aquamarine Children hold an amazing clear view of life through the love and aquamarine energy held within their soul frequency. Beloveds, these children gather around you now to support you to open to a new perspective in life with clarity, for this is their gift of aquamarine energy. It raises the awareness of a being to be able to clearly see the possibility of a new outlook. This new outlook is not based on competition or comparison but is based on all beings receiving the highest for themselves, and all beings experiencing a divine outcome rather than a loss to their beings. Their divine grace flows through their ability to share a new view, with every being receiving a winning experience, and through the potential choices that may be made to create all beings to be supported, rather than only thyself or one being receiving a highest potential outcome. The Aquamarine children are birthing on Earth to question your outdated beliefs that do not serve humanity, and specifically those beliefs that separate you or isolate you from others. They have strong personalities that will gently soothe and nurture you as a soul yet simultaneously open your mind to a new outlook, and question your old outlook that may not serve all souls. Beloveds, they are uninhibited with this form of confrontation as it is their natural way.

We are the Aquamarine Children and we ask for acceptance in our speech and intentions. We work deeply with our inner knowing and wish to share that we are the children in the classroom that question all that is occurring and do not stop asking the questions. We are the children that refuse to accept that it is just the way it is, and continue to question until another way is reviewed and offered as a solution to outcomes that do not raise all beingsí vibrations. We are the anarchists amongst the group in all classrooms and although we are expected to question all, we are asking that we be accepted for the giftings we have for all beings. We are aware of another way that will serve all beings and we ask all of our parents, friends and teachers to recognize the gift we carry for all. We ask that we be acknowledged as souls who have come to bring grace to the path of change and transition. We are able to immediately sense if a choice will benefit all beings and we are unable to understand why humanity chooses a path that does not support all beings, if they are aware of an alternative path. Our greatest difficulty and pain is witnessing humanity make choices when they are aware of another path that brings all beings a higher form of service.

The Pleiadian Children

The Pleiadian Children come to Earth in large groups and bring the gifts of the art of remembrance to all souls.   Beloveds, these children carry the grace in their hearts to be able to remind all other souls of who they are, and support them to connect to the centre of their heart. Each of these divine children carry the codes of remembrance and have chosen to emanate these to as many beings as possible on Earth once they incarnate on Earth. These children are sacred artists and it is through sound and art that they will share this gift. They carry the golden thread of inspiration for all beings to find their way in life and it is their Pleiadian energy that reminds all beings that it is safe to be alive and walk their path in this life. They carry the gift of love and are reminded each day that there is a special task that they are here for on Earth, and that every step is a step towards creating this task. Each one of them are creative in their approach to their life task and each one is a keeper of understanding in relation to all soulsí life tasks. They have the gift to help another soul find their path and remember that there is a special task they have come to Earth to fulfill. They hold the blessings from the Pleiades for all beings and it is this frequency that brings the grace of safety and security to all beings.

We are the Pleiadian children and it our destiny to assist as many people as possible on Earth find their way home to their heart.   We are aware of whether a being is connected to their heart, or if they have had an experience in life to close down their connection to their heart, or even if this soul arrived on Earth with their heart already closed before their incarnation on Earth. Our greatest gift is the recognition of another beingsí heart and their conscious connection to it and what it will take for them to grow into their heart rather than away from it. We carry this gift and wish to share our grace with all of humanity so they remember their truth and divinity. It is difficult for us to be with souls of humanity when they choose to move away from their heart continually. These ones who choose the self-destructive path are unable to be helped by us for they use their will to change their path. We are here to support all souls not to choose this path and to encourage all souls to walk the path of remembrance with us. We hold our hearts open to all beings yet when a soul chooses the self- destructive path three times consciously, we are only able to pray for them, as the grace we carry cannot support them to awaken. Our deepest heart wish is that all souls will awaken to the light within prior to choosing the self-destructive path, for we are aware of the depth of the self-inflicted pain that is created through this path of unconsciousness.

The Golden Rose Children

The Golden Rose Children hold the grace for all beings through their divine abilities to enhance the highest qualities of others rather than focus on that which all souls have difficulty with, or their ungraceful qualities. These souls are here to support and teach all souls that they do have higher qualities and gifts, and that grace can be created in their lives and their lives can flow with love through a simple focus on sharing these qualities with others, even if their other, more ungraceful qualities produce negative experiences for them. These children are aware that every soul carries a higher quality and it may be unexpressed due to other beings not believing that they are able to express their divine qualities of light. These children look for the higher quality in a soul, and focus their relationship on this aspect of the soul in sacred support of their expression of this quality in their life. Blessings of grace pour forth from these souls to any other soul who embraces their higher qualities of consciousness. It is the Golden Rose children that are able to lift a soulís consciousness into the light as they embrace this higher aspect of themselves with love and reclaim their higher qualities of Christ consciousness.

We are the Golden Rose children and we have no need to be anything in this world, but of service to others as they develop their Christ consciousness. We are playful and excited by the lifting of a soul into the light. We have come to Earth to support the many souls who are trying to find their way into the light again and have come to be loving supports to all beings to open to a higher expression of love with all others, and to those who are making a conscious choice to let go of their past behaviors that do not serve them and others. We hold the light for all in the process of transforming their oldest behavior patterns. You may call on us to support you if you are trying to let go of old behaviors that do not serve you. We are able to bring the grace to you that you need to allow this path to be easy, as the golden rose vibration we carry lifts all old behavioral patterns into the light and purifies them with the love of the Divine Motherís heart. We ask only one thing of humanity, that we may be seen as pure, for often we are seen and rejected by others who do not wish to recognize their negative behavior patterns and let go of them. We are often rejected by those who fear the light, and by those who fear the transformation of the old emotions, as it is our frequency that activates this fear within them. We ask our parents, family, friends and teachers who are stuck in old behavioral patterns, to not reject us because when they are in our presence, they are more aware of their old patternings and limitations than when they are not with us.

The Opal Children

The Opal Children are offering all of humanity a deep connection to their divine presence and spirit through holding the opal energy for all beings on Earth. It is the opal energy that allows a soul to receive the grace to know that their spirit is with them and they are not alone in this world. It is the opal frequency that ignites the soul to be aware of their spirit ever present with them, and to recognize they are supported by their Divine Presence - their enlightened self in life. These divine souls are bridges to the spirit world and have the gift to see and hear spirit in the presence of others. Often they receive messages of grace for those they are with, and know things about other beings that only their spirit is able to know about them. Their gift is not to be a spiritual guide but to be a connector for all souls to their spirit, and assist all souls who are alone in the world to know their spirit and divine presence is with them and caring for them. From birth, these children carry this gift of awareness of the spirit of all others they are with, and have the grace and energy to support a soul who is isolated and feels the loss of passion for life to reclaim their passion and direction again.

We are the Opal children and we carry the Christ awakeners in our hearts.   We are here to assist those that are to awaken the Christ consciousness within all beings and support them to truly know who they are.   We are companions to these awakeners and are to bring strength to them and hold the light for them.   We are not awakeners of the Christ consciousness but carry the compassion and love to support all beings that are awakening.   We ask humanity to recognize that the children are also a part of the new society and age of awareness that is forming on Earth and we play an essential role in bringing the new energy to Earth that will lift the old consciousness that affects most adults in this world. We are asking all adults to recognize that there is a new consciousness and it is birthing through us as children and to let go of needing to lead us and instead, make a choice to step beside us and listen to us before trying to guide us. We share that our opal energy gives us the ability to know if the guidance we are offered is truly heart based or whether it comes from the old consciousness and energies of limitations. As Opal children we will question your guidance for us if it comes from the old consciousness and we often rebel when forced to do this anyway against our free will. We ask for the freedom to do what truly resonates to our hearts rather than what has always been done in the past.

The Venusian Children

The Venusian Children carry the sacred flame of divine union and female/male balance and hold this balance for all of humanity as humanity learns to bring love and honesty into their relationships in life. The grace of Christ consciousness is held through their Venusian frequency that balances male and female energy and unites the male and female energy of any being whose heart wishes to experience this. The Venusian children are here for fun and games based on the love vibration, for a divine exploration of relationship, and for the balancing of all energies that may be experienced within relationship, through love. These children balance the energies of any relationship just through their very presence and this occurs just by being in their sacred company due to their Venusian frequency. These children are here to create new relationships that are based on a higher frequency and a new consciousness, allowing all souls to be free in their expression and open to the explorations of divine union. They are future teachers of relationship and the union of male and female energies based on unconditional love.

We are the Venusian children and our intention on Earth is to explore relationship with an open heart and offer the codes of male and female balance to all who are in relationship.   We invite our parents and our friends and family to recognize that we relate differently to other souls as we carry gifts and a grace within our energy that others do not carry. It is a golden light that balances the female and male energies that we carry and it also balances all male and female energies within all beings that connect deeply with us. We are able to share our gifts through a deep heart connection and ask that our parents be more open hearted when with us, so they may be activated with the energy we carry to balance their inner male and female energies. We share that what we hold energetically will create your relationships to change and will create all battle within and all battle of the sexes, to dissolve, and all anger to be released. Just through sitting with us and receiving our love and heart connection, your energies will be balanced within and all will be calmed and a new relationship will develop.

The Andromedan Children

The Andromedan Children are extremely playful and joyful in their connection to all other souls. Their natural resonance is to merge with all souls and as they do this, they bring the grace of a celestial love to all beings that offers all beings a reconnection to all that they may have shut down to, and closed their minds or consciousness to, that once brought them great joy. The grace these children hold for all beings beloved, is held within the Andromedan frequency of their souls and it is this divine energy that is a part of these childrenís soul makeup that allows a soul to feel supported and comfortable enough to open their consciousness again to the beauty and joy of specific experiences they may have chosen to shut down previously. These children carry specific codes to allow a being to accept their past and their past choices with non- judgment, and also simultaneously remember the joy they had in other lives or earlier as a child, that they may have had through opening to new divine encounters. These children are here to assist all beings to open their consciousness to new experiences that will release their joy from their hearts and to encourage all souls to follow the guidance from their hearts.

We are the Andromedan children and we are excited for all beings in opening their joy and highest potential to have joy within new experiences in their lives
. We are deeply connected to the child aspect of all souls, and it is our unique frequency that supports the child aspect to begin to learn to fully trust again, that which will bring them joy. We offer it to you now and send our love to you, and as you receive it, the child within you becomes more peaceful and centered and more open to the new that may occur to you. We are keepers of the mystery and the joy that is held within the mystery of life. We wish to ask only to be honored and for our joyful intentions to be heard and not squashed by the voices of the adult within you. We ask you to listen to us and the truth we hold for you, that joy is possible and eventually will occur to you if you are willing to be more open to seeking joy and reclaiming your joy with love. We will assist you to find all lost joys again and reclaim these, and allow the old things that gave you joy to return easily to you again. This is our gift; let us share it with you by being with us and listening to us. We have gifts of sound to open the lost joys to be found again and this frequency will come through our voice or our songs to you to assist you to find these again.

The Sirian Children

The Sirian Children are very kind, considerate and friendly, yet they fear at times that they are not loved by humanity. They are unique as their minds see all multidimensionally and they see many angles of the same thing at the same time. They are unable to see life linearly as many other souls do, as they are born on Earth with their multidimensionality awakened in their minds, and they often experience life as a movie or a divine play they have chosen to live within and cannot take anything too seriously at any one time. They therefore have difficulty in having a standardized conversation about linear life, as they do not connect to their experiences linearly. This creates many of them to develop their minds and search for the answers to understanding life very early. They have a great natural ability to work with all forms of energy and make great students of energy, as this is the very basis of their multidimensional experience in life. The gifts they hold are with assisting other souls to connect to their multidimensionality and their ability to be flexible and see life through many angles and develop an evolution of their personal overview. They are able to share wisdom and the grace of their energy to open another soulís consciousness to their multidimensionality, when they wish to experience more than one view of life and open their mind to the many views and angles on life. They bring grace to that experience through their energy and therefore hold great gifts as teachers, for the expansion of a beingís consciousness.

We are the Sirian children and we often feel out of place in this world and need grounding, as our multidimensional minds often take us on journeys out of this world and when we return we often are bored with our earth journey. This tends to create us to not fully understand the joy of the body so we need to be encouraged to exercise and play games in the body if we are to fully ground in our bodies. Our gifts are the awareness that there is more that we can see in life, and it is available to all of us if we choose to believe in more than what we can see. We are activators for others so they can open to more than they can see and trust in the mystery of life and the energy of their multidimensional self. We offer to all beings, the grace of Christ consciousness, specifically through our energy that raises another beingís multidimensional awareness. Energy experiences occur to others who are with us quite often as our energy opens their consciousness to experience energy and the unseen mysteries with us. We just ask for all of humanity to understand us and help us ground in our bodies through fun forms of exercise, like games with our best buddies.

The Amethyst Children

The Amethyst Children are graced with the love and divine frequency that transforms all to love. Their energy and personalities are supportive to all beings that need to transform negativity with grace. They carry the codes for graceful transformation and all beings who are in their environments, are supported by their natural frequency. They are aware when another soul is deeply letting go or wishing to let go of negativity that is held in their energy body, and silently hold the energy for all souls in this experience within their communities. They are children that choose to wait for another soul rather than choose to walk on their own, as they truly enjoy the company and benefit highly from the company of other souls. It does not matter to them whether the other souls are happy, sad, peaceful, angry or in any other state of consciousness. They are just happy to be with other souls no matter what state their consciousness is in as they truly enjoy all soulís company, and their own frequency creates them to be unaffected by any soulís state of consciousness.

We are the Amethyst children and we share that we have violet bodies and we love humanity.
We specifically love humanity and love to be with all human souls as they are transcending and transforming as a collective at this time. We have come to the Earth to specifically assist humanity in their transformation and bring grace to this. We have many things we wish to experience while we are here and every one of them involves contact with our fellow humanity. We choose not to be alone, not due to fear of this, but due to loving other soulís company. We ask our teachers, parents, friends and family only one thing, and that is to not force us to do things singularly or individually as we are group consciousness souls and we naturally connect and work in group with other souls. We flourish in the presence of the group and a part of our heart closes if we are forced to have no company or forced to create alone. Let us be in as many groups as possible for this is our nature, to connect with as many souls as possible.

The Lemurian Children

The Lemurian Children offer each soul on Earth the divine opportunity to embrace the feminine self with the highest potential love. The feminine self in all souls brings the qualities of our receptivity, beauty, compassion and acceptance of all that is, to oneís soul. The Lemurian children hold the frequency for all souls to receive their feminine energy and to open their divine flow again, bringing these qualities back into each soulís life. They hold each soul in their hearts if they recognize the feminine energy is not fully flowing through a soulís heart. The Lemurian children are able to connect all souls to the Divine Mother again and to allow the love and beauty and compassion and receptivity to fill the soul and fill the heart of that soul. It is through another soul sitting in their presence with their heart open to these children, that a soul is able to receive the energy from a Lemurian child.

We are the Lemurian children and it our heartfelt dreaming to awaken the divine feminine in all souls again. We carry the grace for all souls so their connection to their feminine is filled again with ease and grace. We are here on Earth to open the passageway between the heart of all souls and the Goddess vibration that is held latent within all souls. Our hearts are filled with this vibration and when we share our heartís energy with other souls, they receive a remembrance of their own divine feminine connection. Our only wish or request of our parents, teachers and friends or family is to be honored for this gift. We ask to be accepted for holding this connection for all beings and ask that our feminine sensitivity be supported when the masculine energies are stronger in our environments as our feminine energies may feel unsupported.

The Rakuna Children

The Rakuna Children surround you now and invite you to receive from them now as they bring the grace of a divine, clear, bright and peaceful, tranquil mind to you through focusing their love on you. Each of these children love to shine and have very bright personalities. They hold the grace of peaceful personalities, and within their hearts are the codes and frequency that brings peace to all soulís personalities. As they focus on you, they offer you a large amount of their frequency as one of their gifts is to stabilize all soulís personalities and assist their personalities to be at peace. They hold the ability to harmonize all within a soulís personal experience so all souls can integrate all of their experiences. Their frequency brings integration to oneís personality and just through being in their presence with an open-heart connection to them, they are able to offer all beings integration of all experiences, bringing peace and tranquility to the personality.

We are the Rakuna children and we share that our spiritual connection brings a transformation to all soulís deepest personality fears. We have come to Earth to help all souls integrate their personal experiences and transform their personal fears and raise their consciousness. We are able to lift these personal fears through the codes we hold in our heart and as we do this, the codes of grace we carry for all beings dissolve the deep fears that affect the personality. Our greatest dreaming is for humanity to personally experience God through the expression of their God Presence in their lives. Our one request with assisting us to offer our gifts in relation to this, is to receive encouragement and support for our dream for humanity and not to be held back through disbelief that humanity cannot experience God or the Divine inside themselves as a personal experience.

As all new children of the Sixth Wave surround you now and begin to bless you with their frequency and gifts, they share that their heart wish is for you to recognize them when you encounter children in your life and when you are aware there is a Sixth Wave child with you, to smile and talk to them inside your mind. They ask you to let them know that you recognize them as a Sixth Wave Child.

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