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   Kuthumi Addresses Right Avocation  Rona Price  11/4

11-01-05           Right Avocation 

The following is a revised excerpt from an individual reading, used by permission. It addresses the topic which will be covered on November 4, 2005 in a group channeling from Kuthumi, world teacher. 

 We welcome you and we will say by way of introduction that speaking to you on this day of revelation and integration is the I AM Presence of Kuthumi, World Teacher on the ray of love and wisdom. We are here to acknowledge that all of you have indeed come very far on your paths of spiritual Truth. Just a few short years ago, most of you were mired in the belief that all you needed to do was to “try your best” to live your life in a decent way. Well, we see that this attitude of lack of inquiry into the root and cause of all things, was increasingly unsatisfying as a way of life. And now, as you look back, you see that the activity of Asking, is one of the most sacred of all things to engage in on the path to enlightenment.

 Simply doing the best you can, is indeed a valid path for most people, but for those who are here to be Awake in this time of great acceleration and change, this is not enough. To go to work, to do what you are told, to perform to other’s expectations, to value your self based on what others perceive, all becomes meaningless as you seek the Truth. The period of great emptiness most of you felt in the last few years was actually the call of your soul to open up to the Truth, no matter what that entailed. This activity of examining your shadow side, as difficult as it has been, has been the impetus to put you on the path of your True purpose here:

 To release the density of false identification, to experience the self as whole and complete, and then, our dear friends, to serve as beacons of light in the world!

 This is no small task, lest you think this is a common thing. You see, most people are too tied up in the identification of self with the exterior of their lives. For them, it is fine to climb the ladder of success as defined by others. This is no longer a valid path for those of you seeking Truth. In fact, we would suggest that many of you have gotten off the ladder altogether, to forge a new way: that of seeking your own path, in your own way, by listening to the voice of your inner teacher.

 Now, we will digress (seemingly, for there are no true digressions, just as there are no accidents), to remark that to be of service, one does not have to be in some grand position of mass societal impact. No indeed, some of the people who have impacted humanity the most, are those who live by example, in the light, in the truth and following the way of the heart. Not of the exterior trappings of identity, but the heart.  

For example, one may be of great service to humanity by being dedicated to interior lighting. Yes, lamps, light bulbs, lighting fixtures, the mundane things that most of you take for granted. To bring light into any space, to grace structure with the beauty of illumination, is indeed a very sacred avocation. For when you light a space in sacred intention, our dear friends, you may teach about love. It is this simple and this profound all at once.


What the avocation of lighting space in beauty and harmony offers to the world, is inner illumination.

 The way we illumine our space says much about who are as spiritual beings. Is light simply functional at this time? Or is light a way of connecting to the Divine? Most of humanity now has the capacity to have light at all times. This is a very crucial change in humanity’s last cycle of 12,000 years! At the flick of a switch you have light in the darkest of times. There is no longer need to stay in shadow, in darkness, in night at all! As we stated, there are no accidents of any kind in your reality at this time. To be able to have light at any moment through a simple act of turning a switch to “on”, is representative of the spiritual reality of humanity.

 What is most unfortunate, is that most people do not realize this! Light is accessible to all in a myriad forms. Electrical light, spiritual light, photonic light, new light waves, and ultraviolet spectrum being used for healing and reformulating your very reality! This development is very exciting for those of us in the spiritual hierarchy. All of you on earth have the potential to be enlightened in a moment. And what is the spiritual equivalent to turning the switch to “on”? Is it one small thing: to Ask! And yes, all of you are now asking, and for that we are eternally grateful. For when you ask, you shall receive. That is the turning of the switch.

 This is the reality:  all things can be brought to light in an instant. All avocations when pursued with right mindfulness, become spiritual paths. It is in the asking, that one receives. It is in the intention that sacredness is created out of all of the most mundane of activities. You do not need to change your avocation to be of service, you simply need to ask, “how can I serve humanity from where I am, in this moment of time?” That is all. It is as simple as turning a switch to “on” and with great grace and ease, the Divine Mind illumes your path.

 For the greatest good of all concerned.



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