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"The Divinity of Mankind" NewsLetter – Revelations of Mary, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene
Number 4 December 2005

A Revelation of Jesus about Christmas     

Jesus: “Dear people on Earth.  I want to thank you that you want to celebrate Christmas with Mary, Mary Magdalene and me.  This upcoming Christmas I want to give a message of reconciliation and connectedness.  In recent years, situations have arisen in the world, which strongly accentuated the differences between people, groups, countries and religions.  There is a tendency to pay more attention to the differences than to the similarities.   There is polarization.   The antagonisms are coupled to a fear of each other.  Fear that there is not enough room to be who you are.  Fear that one group would suppress the other, and that you would no longer be able to realize your unique characteristics on Earth. 

There is a belief that to be yourself, as an individual or as a group, you have to dominate or suppress another individual or group.  Every group thinks they have the total truth and claims the right of being the owner of ultimate spiritual knowledge.  Every group wants to be right about their norms and values.   I hereby want to make it clear that all groups from different cultures, religions and races have their respective right to exist.   And that it is a sign of true spiritual development to accept each other, and respect everyone for who they are.   From the moment that one group seeks to dominate another, uncertainty and fear of the other group arises within that group.  Their attention is directed more to the other group than to themselves.  They accuse the other group of all their own problems, shortcomings, and lack of satisfaction.  They lose their own self-confidence and also the contact with their own true essence.  They lose the contact with their own Heart.  Only in their own heart can any group or individual find fulfillment or realization.  Not by attacking another group or being afraid of it, to the contrary, if you keep in contact with your heart, you are able to find solutions for your own dilemmas from within.  Only in that way you are able to become aware or your own Divinity.  Only this way you are able to put your own message, your own unique mission out in the universe.   That way you will find fulfillment. 
Some groups have the illusion that by denial and eradication of others, they will achieve self-realization.  However this is not possible. As human beings you have the task of learning to live with each other in peace.  You cannot banish individuals or groups, and if you kill them, they will always be present in your consciousness.  You also cannot realize a peaceful and loving society based on pain and sadness of others. 

In this Christmas message I call for reconciliation.  I invite you to explore other people, to put your fears of each other aside. Grant the other one the right to exist.  Dialog is indispensable in this regard, to get to know the other more deeply.  If you can explore each other's intentions, you will notice that you are really all looking for the same things, namely love, connectedness, appreciation, acceptance, and the right to exist. 

That every group seeks this in a different fashion is part of the human experience of self-discovery.  The differences which do exist among you can serve as a source of inspiration, and they can bring you further in opening your heart, and to learn to accept that others can be different than who you are, and that their path is different from your path. You no longer have to go to fight with each other in order to refute each other's norms and values. There is enough space on Earth for every group to have its own experiences and to respect those of other groups. Should it be necessary to discuss the ‘borders’ between parties, do this from respect and love, and from the assumption that you are one big family, and children of the same father and mother. You have all come from the womb of Mother Earth, alive with a Divine spark. You are all Divine. And your own qualities reflect different aspects of the Divine, which are thus manifested on Earth. 
A suggestion to get to know each other better is to visit and share each other’s celebrations. If one group celebrates a spiritual holiday one can invite people of other religions and cultures to make contact with the intentions and reasons why of that particular celebration. The guests can compare these intentions with the properties of their own celebrations and you could subsequently share commonalities and celebrate them jointly. In this fashion new traditions can be born from old ones. This can give birth to more celebrations based on a shared essence or quality. 

I want to add a new aspect to Christmas, namely the aspect of forgiveness and gratitude. You have the tradition to give each other presents for Christmas. My suggestion is to select someone at whom you still take offense because of certain misunderstandings from the past. Forgive this person, if necessary with the aid of the exercise in Revelation 2 from The Divinity of Mankind Part II, and select a present for that person. You can give that present to him or her, while expressing gratitude about the opportunity which this person has given you to open your heart. This practice is not only unique for the Christmas period, but can be used throughout the year. In the same way that I have been able to receive presents from high spiritual masters, like the three kings, you can give each other presents which symbolize the awakening of the Christ energy in the heart, and which realize the restoration of unconditional love. Your inner child, the source of unconditional love in your heart, can start radiating again in this way. 

I, Jesus, speak on behalf of Mary and Mary Magdalene. We are at your service in every moment that you ask for it. We accept you unconditionally in our hearts and we are thankful that you are open to our messages. In love and light we celebrate this Christmas Season together.” 

A Revelation by Jesus received by the Dutch-Argentine couple Gabriela and Reint Gaasta-Levin, authors of the book “The Divinity of Mankind – Revelations by Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene Part I” (ISBN 90 807478 31)    (
www.divinityofmankind.com)   Translated from the Dutch by Rogier F. van Vlissingen (New York). Permission to distribute without limitation subject to no alterations and giving proper credit.

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 Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene: 

“Mankind is ready to embrace the Christ-energy in their hearts.  The Christ-energy is a source of bliss, connection and creativity.   You are ready for a transformation of all the forms that the human existence on Earth has assumed up to now.   Because although you have occupied yourselves all these years with religious norms and values, an essential piece of the puzzle has been missing and that is your own Divine nature, your Divinity.   This insight will change the way humans view life.   This essential basic principle is lacking in practically all the creations of the current human civilisation.   As soon as you accept this truth, your hearts will open and you will discover that society does not reflect this essence.”

The Divinity of Mankind – Revelations by Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene Part I – Foreword (ISBN 90 807478 1 5) 


Dear friend,

In this December newsletter a beautiful Revelation by Jesus about Christmas. Jesus sees more and more polarization in the world: 
“There is a tendency to pay more attention to the differences than to the similarities.  The antagonisms are coupled to a fear of each other.” But, says Jesus: “You cannot banish individuals or groups, and if you kill them, they will always be present in your consciousness. You also cannot realize a peaceful and loving society based on pain and sadness of others.” 
Jesus gives us in this Christmas-period and in the Christmas-energy beautiful suggestions how to deal with this important human subject. We hope – along with Jesus – that this new revelation may give you new insights and that the message may contribute to the healing of relations with ‘others’, the opening up of hearts and the spreading of love in the world. 
This revelation will be one of the chapters in the book “The Divinity of Mankind – Revelations by Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene – Part III” which will be published in 2006.  Our first English-language book, “The Divinity of Mankind – Revelations by Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene Part I”, has been available world-wide since August 2005. If you are curious, take a look at our website
www.divinityofmankind.com  The English version of Part II will be published worldwide in the first months of 2006. We’ll keep you
info rmed.

 In love and light,

 Gabriela and Reint Gaastra-Levin 

(Authors of the books “ The Divinity of Mankind – Revelations of Mary, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene,” Part I and Part II) (ISBN 90 807478 15 and 
90 807478 23


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