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June 2005 ISSUE # 76
Created, Channeled, published and copyrighted
by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan








***Celestial Weather



By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

From time immortal, we have been aligned with all that is liquid, with all that is flow. The essence of flow without blockage is your true nature of being. Humanity has willingly worn the cloak of blockages as a species to allow them inter-dimensional spurts of growth. They have chosen to corral themselves to keep themselves always appearing less than, so that when they acquired more they feel good about their lucky break.

This mode of thinking has served the evolution of humans for as long as they have deemed. In the next conjuncture of time and space as you move into the energies of June, July and August the timelines and grids that held those ancient meridians in place now open as all time sequenced locks are opened.

Nothing of God or nature shall be sequestered away by human default. The free flowing effects and events from Summer Solstice to Autumn Equinox symbolizes your potential unleashed. Practicing the technique of flowing will suffice as a template to help you see past the energetic dried up grids and Ley-lines that still hold you hostage.

Swim in-between the myths of your life do not allow anything to capture you keeping you less than. Study the currents of time, energy, and weather to come allowing those currents to move you into a place of freedom away from personal rip tides. Allow yourself to ride the current of shift, above the barnacles and the wreckage that can scrap you.

Move with the patterns of earth. Move with the gulf streams, the hot and cold of it. Move with the migration of the birds, the sea life, and all that is on earth. Allow the winds to move you into a new direction and stop pushing against the elements, for the elements will be your saving grace. If a storm would be allowed to run its natural course with the shore, with the people, with nature, it would not be so harmful. When humans interfere with storms, whether by prayers, actions, machinery, or by electromagnetic magnification and manipulation, the original natural blueprint of the storm changes. The storm in whatever new form is no longer a natural event, but becomes man-made and begins to emulate the emotions of what is human.

Like ancient Gods that were depicted as jealous and angry, the storms become human-like. By allowing the free-form of nature to heal and direct herself in accordance with her natural laws and not the laws of man-kind, you will do earth and yourself a great justice. Like a swarm of migrating birds that are affected by erratic electromagnetic you lose direction, and your natural spin. You lose contact with your natural flow. Many things cause disruption in earth's patterns of evolution. Some are birthed by ignorance, others deliberating. You are bio-chemically designed so that you can re-format who you are in an instant to lift you above energetic (manmade or other) interference. It is time to emerge into a new octave of your instinctual behavior. Moving you in a place of power and flow and not a pattern of blockage. Stop fighting what confronts you. Your learning goes deeper than any species on the planet. You are in a multi-dimensional learning field. That is what you come to heal and that is what you come to clear.

As you move throughout your day, do so as a dolphin that follows the current. All animals follow currents and energy lines. Humanity is the one species that does not follow these currents of energy and allow them selves to be loped about as a ship that is in the wall of a storm.

Open up to the fullness of your expertise. Do not panic and flee like animals that have run amuck but listen instinctually for the encodings to come. Follow the pathways of your own light, of your own currents, and of your own time flow. Listen with your cell walls; listen with your heart. What comes forth has already been energetically created by you. Allow your fear to take backstage and move your heart into the forefront. Do not be afraid of what this world gives you whether in the form of natural, celestial, cosmic, or man-made events.

You are pre-approved, pre-determined and pre-destined to move beyond this point of confusion. Do not sit on your heels and whimper, but stand tall and breathe in a different altitude. Pay heed to all of the things that give you signs, the secrets, and the sentences, the numbers of your life. Everything talks to you. When are you going to listen? We are Sirian Council of Healing. We are aligned with the frequency of the dolphins, the whales, the manatees, and the mer-men and the mermaids. Forget about your legs for awhile. Move your awareness into the water and undulate freely in all directions. There was a time that you could not be drown. Remember that time and be free in that feeling. We leave you.



By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

What was previously unable to be seen bestows the gift of sight upon us in its full glory. Letting go of the vibration of need births an entirely new outcome ... one that has sat quietly in the outfield until time was ripe with higher possibilities. Need repels itself away from the human field jumping down a rabbit hole as you follow closely. Dangling in front of you as a short carrot leading to a dead end of manifestation. Turn away from what you NEED.... don't let it dangle and seduce you into the 'quagmire of less than'. Acknowledge there is 'no need', by doing this you change the outcome of the energetic game you were playing. Magnetic knots are felt in the human pressure points as radiations and X-rays permeate the human system. New stimuli enters the morphogenic field of earth and human alike. Time for the new instructs as the clock strikes seven. The mer*ca*ba* spins in a new direction finally unlocking the Time gates. Cycles of Time and Akashic knowing are seen by anyone with an eye. Explanations float to the surface as never before allowing the world to share quantum truths with a populace that is finally ready to listen. Laughter heals what is stuck in the mud about the human energy field as the quanta takes on the appearance of the 3 Stooges. Slap stick and comedy can be seen reflected in all actions and places. Get your giggles where you May.... Laughter at self fills the immune quota as stress lines fade from the face of the cell membranes.



By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As we expand the perimeters of who we seem deemed to be we come to a cross roads in self and soul that asks questions we have not wanted to answer. As we become more with the universe are we becoming less of self? Driving down old streets of thought as we etch ourselves across the past to enter the future. How many strings tie you to what was? Are you energetically sitting within the matrix of all past thoughts? Is there room for the future in this crowed place?

As we enter into more of our universal heritage we realize we cannot have one foot in the past and one-foot within the future. We inherently know that all tripping effects are of our own making. What we do and do not have is also a home recipe. Does your life rise or does it leaven?

Until we come into ownership of our power and space do we straddle the razor blade fence of indecision and what once was? We are coming down to the comic wire, either you do believe or you do not believe. There is no gray matter in this choice except within the area of teaching. Have you created this portion of your life or not? Are you a victor or a victim? Working the light is a not a part time job with weekends off for good behavior.

The planet earth sits at this space and time upon the galactic bleachers. Wondering which team to root for... if all is One and oneness seeks itself why divide yourself? The summer months bring new awareness that secret you into a place of greater knowledge with layers of wisdom laced in-between (one is earned the other is studied) asking you to lay down the ancient DNA devices of sabotage within self.

As was once said, "resistance is futile", It is time to just let yourself go over the waterfall, allowing that one magic moment where you can fly and swim simultaneously. As you frantically look up from the bottom of the hour glass it seems as if time is running out, Then you are moved to the top of the hour-glass without a moments notice.

Change is the main player in the summer months of 2005. Resist it not for it shadows your own limiting wants and needs making you acknowledge what is to be done. You serve the bigger picture and it is by your own words you create such a dialogue. Promises made long ago are now asked to be kept. The question of this time is "are you a person of your word?"

Time will tell as the veils are lifted for a sneak preview of what is come. Like having an all day pass to the movies you watch one scenario after the other unfold showing you trailers and clips of choices to come. You will walk into the future knowing all that is destined to be, as the small voice within grows louder and louder. Ignore it you may but it will not leave your side and only grower dimmer as you walk further and further away from the divine choices that echo within.

As sand that is destined to become hand blown pristine carnival glass you are not ready to change form. The sand knows it is destined to become something more beautiful but it cannot see past its need to stay as sand.

Time ticks away as do your choices narrowing the playing field to a point of uncomfortably. Just like one who chooses seats upon a plane, if you delay the choices become smaller and smaller until finally there are none. This awareness will help you understand that Time is of the Essence and delays cannot be tolerated. Engagements of destiny are defined by certain longitudes and latitudes as well as minutes and seconds. One is expected to attend ones promise/destination within this sacred time. Man wastes much time in the mundane not honoring what has been given him.

DNA time chains bend and unravel as the past and the future meet with planetary retro and directness. Paths that have always existed are illuminated in such a way that even those without sight can see where to go. Where you are to go is not the problem for that can easily be seen in all of its glory. It is the leaving that tugs at your heartstrings. Are you afraid of your future and the goodness that seeks you?

All that comes for you is yours by Creational default. There are 86,400 seconds in a day each exhibiting an eternity, how do you spend those precious energies? You stand in the center of a time link in the three months of summer feeling stretched and frayed, as everything demands mother's milk. Weaning your life of all fears will give you more time and energy to spend as an allotment towards your divine promise. The Godness within you sees from a point of high instruction. Trust truths with a different altitude even if they are uncomfortable. This summer do not run and hide from your destiny just get on the bronco and ride it without fear knowing it will all shift in a blink.



By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Circumstances conspire.... Energies converge into powerful new forces that ask more of you than you have ever asked of yourself.... Are you ready to fulfill your true nature and promise to the Universe?

What has come undone does so with precision reaching to a place behind the human eye to SEE the truth ripple out in all directions of the Cosmos. The electromagnetic spectrum lifts her skirt to show off her new spring colors. Offering a new knowledge that is contained within the light that seems so everyday to those that hurry about their demanding lives. Life camouflages what it seeks to teach you asking you to uncover what is knowingly hidden with personal effort. You are a sound that resonates through all time. Sing yourself into more Light.

What is numerical gives to you the combination to the locks of earth. Numbers open portals. Every event in the universe is cataloged as a possibility. Like the Dewey Decimal system each event has a numerical value and is logged as such in the book of knowledge. The numbers you experience throughout your day are giving you instructs and triggering encodings within the cranium spectrum. See the future with your eyes closed looking inward for the green flash.


By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

TEMPORAL: Of or pertaining to the temples: of or pertaining to time, that is present time, secular, as distinguished from eternal. Of or relating to earthly life; of or relating to time as distinguished from space.

These crystals newly born to this day and time have within them the mechanics to translate what is hidden within to a form that can be digested by those that seek truth. Thoughts/truths that are manifested on other dimensional levels are transmitted to these stones downloading into them information that does not have another outlet. As with all interspecies communications some components are lost in the translation process. These crystals provide a doorway for those that seek to know as the dimensions open to allow what was hidden to be seen.

The essence of Thought/Truths are non-denominational and non-dimensional. They are not attached to any place or time, avoiding all ownership. Yes you may have helped birth the thought/truth but you do not own it, nor do you ever truly receive the information/thought/truth 100%. The multidimensional components of thoughts that have not been captured in totality are still available for your viewing pleasure. In-completed thoughts from the past (whether yours or another's) are waiting with baited breath for someone to sup upon them.

When you are in meditative receiving mode, seeking a truth or an answer be aware that your thoughts are much bigger and wider than life. As you try to contain a profound thought/truth it will sometime slip from your grasp. Thoughts seek their freedom, not answering to one master. They seek free rein and free range trying to avoid all containment. Thoughts transcend time and space allowing them selves to be birthed again and again into new and powerful forms.

These TEMPORAL VEIL CRYSTALS assist with the process of thought transference from etheric state to earthly realm. They are a clearing-house for truths that await humanities embrace. They lift the veil of temporal time allowing ancient and future truths to be birthed bringing clarity to those who could not previously see with the inner eye.

These TEMPORAL VEIL CRYSTALS have never been unearthed as they come from a new mine in Brazil. They teach you to fly high and look deeply into the future but also to keep your feet on the ground. They teach one how to see at a higher level utilizing all the gifts that the human has yet to open. They extend your vision past what can be seen into places that have possibility allowing you opportunities to soar to new levels and understandings. They ask you to encircle your life looking at it from the outer edges rather than from the bottom of the rung. These crystals teach foresight and extended vision. They need the human touch to be activated and seek to be cuddled and stroked and loved. The human touch is the point of activation as these shy stones come to work exclusively with the human race. Each angle/side gives one a new perspective. Let them untie your 'nots' and give you the foresight to believe in your dreams coming true. To order crystals go to www.theQuantumAwakening.com



Celestial Weather
29 May 2005 - 4 June 2005
Week of May 29th, 2005

Week as a Whole:

To paraphrase a famous Bette Davis line: "Hold on to your hats, boys and
girls, it's going to be a bumpy ride." This certainly applies to this
week. First and foremost based on the sheer number of planetary
interactions since every day has something going on.

On Sunday, Venus passes opposite Pluto.
Monday brings us the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces closely aligned with
Uranus just after the Sun connects with Jupiter.
Early Tuesday morning the Moon passes over and obscures Mars; meanwhile
the Sun moves from connecting with Jupiter to squaring Uranus.
On Wednesday, Mercury follows the Sun in making the same set of
connections, first to Jupiter and then squaring Uranus on Thursday.
Thursday Mars squares Pluto.
Friday Mercury makes his "superior conjunction" with the Sun, i.e. he
passes behind the Sun and is lost in the solar fire. Venus leaves
Gemini and gets emotional in Cancer.
Finally on Saturday, Mars regains some measure of sanity as he trines
Saturn...and all this builds to Jupiter standing still at midnight
Saturday (PST). Phew!

This high level of interaction alone indicates a extraordinary level of
change and interaction in our lives. Large amounts of energy are moving
and by week's end most of us will have been touched, some more than
others and some more than once. We'll be stretched thin by next weekend
and ready to slowly move inward as the next week's New Moon approaches.

Next in significance is Jupiter's change of direction. This comes twice
a year and provides an impetus and opportunity to step back, take an
overview of our lives, and ask "Why?" Coming in Libra, we're surveying
our relationships and how they fit into the context of our total life
vision. One of the ways we express our relationships is through our
legal systems. This is where we're supposed to find a balance between
conflicting needs, especially the needs of the few vs. the needs of the
many. The interplay between the Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus forms what's
called a 3-4-5 triangle of creativity. Since there's no earth available
and a surplus of air (the Sun and Jupiter), ideas and concepts bubble up
in our minds, surprise us (Uranus) with a novel point of view, and then
vanish. Only some of the sparkling insights will be remembered. The
Last Quarter Moon (
shows the underlying creative tension between Gemini (thought) energized
by Venus, Sun, and Mercury (from 9 to 10 o'clock) and Mars, Uranus and
the Moon around 1 o'clock in Pisces.

A T-square exists as the week begins with Venus (9 o'clock) opposite
Pluto (just after 3 o'clock) and Mars (just after 12 o'clock) making the
square to both. Since Venus and Mars symbolize the energy we use when
we interact, and since they are working at cross purposes (square), we
can expect some overreaction and what astrologers euphemistically call
"learning experiences." Pluto's involvement can trigger a purge of old
outgrown attitudes for those touched by the locations of these three.
For most of us, it may simply feel twitchy.

You may also have noted that there are, in fact, four planets in the
early "twenty" degree positions: Venus, Mars, Pluto (as mentioned
above) and Saturn (at 8 o'clock) making the fourth. By Saturday, Mars
will make an exact connection with Saturn that may show us how to act on
what we've learned from our insights and faux pas

However, before then Mars will make the square to Pluto that he does
once a year. This combination usually is accompanied by some rather
unpleasant violent event(s) since both Mars and Pluto act destructively
and creatively to bring about change. Sometimes it seems that the Lord
of War and the Lord of the Underworld require human sacrifice. This
energy should be handled like dynamite, very carefully and with the
knowledge that a little goes a long way. So if you're thinking of
making changes or criticizing (or getting even!) better to be deft
rather than daft. Many of us will channel this energy into physical
needs. Get physical in every healthy way you can think of.

Six times a year, Mercury disappears into the Sun's fires. And while
some of us become inspired orators, others lose perspective and like the
prelude to the Iraq War, mold the facts to suit our desires. The
separation between thought and consciousness is blurred and it's easy to
identify with the speaker in our heads.

Two additional factors elevate the subjectivity levels. This week
Neptune (at 2 o'clock) is not connected with any other planet; so he and
the Pisces planets can easily drift into their own inner world taking
many of us dreaming or imagining along with them. Second, as mentioned
in previous reports, there's no earth. There's no one in the room
saying, "Wait a minute, how will we pay for this?" But for those who
appreciate the wisdom that comes to us in our dreams and from our
imaginations, the week will be rich and exciting.

Visit www.theQuantumAwakening.com for Celestial Weather weekly reports or go to Celestial Weather Web Site at http://www.celestialweather.com Copyright 2005 Rich Humbert



A total experience...no missing pieces or breaths

MER means Light. KA means spirit. BA means body Mer*ka*ba* comes from ancient Egypt and is the name given to the geometric energy field around our bodies. The Mer-Ka-Ba is a counter rotating field of light that affects spirit and body simultaneously. It is the vehicle of Ascension controlled by breathing. With the Energies of 2005 coming into fullness this summer it is time to use our energy and breath to huff and puff and blow down any left- over limitations.


Some Topics Covered in this Workshop:

K Activate your remembrance of the geometrical crystal energy fields which surround your body
K Activate the pineal gland to restore knowledge
K Re-activate the ancient way of breathing, our key to higher consciousness and higher dimensions

K Re-activate the Mer*Ka*Ba vehicle of light, which opens our higher centers

K Contact the Higher Self for guidance and protection within to prepare for ascension.

Saturday June 18, 2005

11:00 to 4:00 $50.00 (couples discount)

East Orlando Florida 407-568-6799 (Lunch included)

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