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 6/18/05 Ascended Master Workshop - Discourse

Transcript of
Divine Message from Kuthumi, World Teacher

Introduction –
Know what is your Truth

We welcome you once again, and we have indeed been very much present during your interacting, listening, and remembering, for we find that many of you gathered here are remembering what you know to be true, and knowing what you already remember to be true.   For if there are some aspects of this information that we impart today that do not ring in truth, we ask you to simply allow them to fall away from your energetic bodies into the center of the earth.    There is no great good holding on to information which does not resonate with your personal and Divine Truth, and this is a very important lesson - a reminder.

Sometimes, when you are working with energy sources on the fifth dimension, which is several levels of consciousness below the ascended master realm, you will be introduced to concepts which are not entirely true. This is a continual testing process to see if you have the ability to discern and discriminate your own truth. WE will be pleased to say that on this seventh dimension of the ascended masters, we do not often engage in that type of game playing. We take very seriously and at the same time very light-heartedly, our purpose and process working with you to increase your ability to hold greater love and light within the heart center. That is Truth.

June Full Moon and Summer Solstice

This is a very auspicious time to be coming together, you see. With the June full moon, Christed Energies come to earth. The Christ full moon energy is a three day occurrence: Saturday June 16, 2005, is numerologically the day of four. Sunday will manifest into the five, Monday the six, and Tuesday, the Solstice is the seven.( Note: when you sum the numbers 6+21+2005, it reduces to 2032 which reduces to 7.) We are very interested in the number seven at this time.  For there are very great numerological significances of the number seven.

Significance of Seven

Recently over the area of Phoenix, Arizona there have been many manifestations of what you would call extraterrestrial beings.  These lights have come into your reality, in groups of seven.  If you wish to see these lights on your internet, you are very welcome to look up Phoenix, light, and June 8.  These lights are the manifestation of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, and the seven interplanetary councils coming to herald the return of the Cosmic Christ itself.  And you see, the number of seven is a very powerful manifestation of Truth. Seven also is the number of the unveiling of the mysteries, which are are over-arching our meeting. The Archangel Metatron, through the Divine Vibration of the number seven, is present with us today to reveal Truth. He says: “Now is the time to unveil that which will be true within the next seven years.”  For you see, this number of seven is transformational.

You have what you like to think of most concretely, as the seven chakras, the seven rays, and then you have many octaves above that. We would say the number of twenty-one is very important, for are there not twenty-one people here? Yes indeed. There are also twenty-one Divine Beings present here, for there is a Being standing behind each one of you. You may wish to connect with that Being in any way which is comfortable. Now, there are some people who would say, “but I can not see multi-dimensionally, I can not hear, I can not feel”. We will tell you within the next seven years, and in the next seven minutes, we would suggest you have the opportunity to open to any sense you wish to bring in to your own reality. There ARE twenty-one Beings of Light, standing here.

These beings are all connected by an arc of light to the Archangel Metatron.  Metatron says to us: “Now is the time to lift the veil of forgetfulness. Now is the time to be very conscious of your choices.  Do I choose to engage my emotional body energies in the manipulation of the fear vibration, through a picture of alien beings warring upon humanity?  Or do I choose to see the light manifestation of the Seven Sisters of Pleiades in the area of Phoenix, which is an area of very high light grid manifestation and re-connection through the Kabala energy of sacred geometry?”

The War of the Worlds Movie

Now, we ask you to ask yourself: “Do I choose to know as Truth, that what I focus my energetic bodies on, is what will manifest for me in the outer world?”   If you choose to stay in a vibration of fear, skepticism and doubt, you may well experience the world from that vibration. You see, June 29 is the release of the movie “War of the Worlds”.  If you choose to enter into that vibration of allowing these external things to come into your energy bodies as entertainment, we say you are very welcome to do that!  Then each one of you of course, will deserve the energy impact you experience.  A movie such as this, does not increase the light and love energy of your body.  This is “entertainment” which is structured by design, to resonate in great, great depth of fear.  For in the duality dance of light and dark, the forces of “less-than light” are attempting to maintain the status-quo.

You see, when you go to such a movie as this “War of the Worlds”, you are accepting emotional energy into your energy body. You are acting as a receptive channel of your own free will – in this case, a receptor of fear, hatred, negativity, ill will, resentment and all manner of things which the earth has been releasing. Now, why would such a film be coming into reality at this time? We will tell you those individuals involved with the release date of this film would very much have liked for it to be released on the 21st of June. But you see, we have worked to prevent the conjunction of the increased fear vibration from this film with the solstice energies. We are thus holding the energies of the Christ New Moon and the Summer Solstice of 2005 sacred.

Your Free Will Choice

Some of you may choose to experience this film, thus being willing to accept this type of energy into your systems. You will find yourself perhaps, with what you consider an entertaining challenge. If you decide to be available for the feelings engendered by this film, you may wish to simply acknowledge that you have a challenge of taking energy such as this into your body and then spending the next several weeks clearing it out! If this is entertaining to you, you may also have been entertained by similar films such as Independence Day, Mars Attacks, and other such movies. These films are being propagated by the power structure on the western coast of the United States. We might perhaps suggest that you have a better way of spending your time. You might wish to say: “I am not available for the energies of manipulation and the fear vibration.” For perhaps, alien beings that the power structure wish you to experience as threatening, are our friends. Perhaps we do not even need to think of “alien beings” in this way at all – in the fear dimension.

Are there ascended light forms outside of humanity? Most certainly there are! Do we need to intersect with them? That is your conscious choice. For if you decide that this is not of interest to you at this particular point in time, you need not exercise conscious energy in that direction. If you choose to say: “I am interested in all ascension life forms, in the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, in the seven interplanetary council coming in to this reality to be seen”, you may indeed focus on those energies and ask: “What is it that I can learn from these Beings? Am I able to handle a different type of energy and remain in the vibration of love?”

You see there have been many manipulations on the fear vibration to tell you that aliens are negative beings. This is why we ask you to consider at a very deep level of your energetic body, the concept we offered you the other day:

“That which you do not question, you cannot change.”

The True Definition of Alien

For we will tell you that the true meaning of the word alien, is not at all “alien” or of foreign source, outside the self. The true word is, “All-e-in”, all energy within, you see. All energy IS within. If you see a manifestation of light energies and perhaps beings that you do not recognize as yourself, all you need to remember is all energy is within you, you who are part of the all Divine Source of Love.

Now, there are many beings of negativity who wish to keep you from your Truth. You may engage with them in a dance of conflict as often as you desire. That is your free will choice, yes indeed. The word alien has been manipulated to keep you out of contact with some of the great Divine Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Light who are here to help and assist humanity at this time. If you choose to do so, then you may stay on the pathway of not questioning things, accepting what has been told to you by perhaps other-than-light sources which you are not even aware of. If you choose to accept the true word of all-e-in, you may be aided and assisted by these Divine Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Light. Yes indeed.

Now why do we speak of films and entertainment? Because this is the way that your culture manifests its out-picturing of fear and love. If you would like to take a measurement of how many films emanate the vibration of love and how many emanate the vibration of fear, you will see that those scales are quite imbalanced at this time. Because who is in control of the messages coming out of the western coast of this country? Are these people motivated by the manifestation of love? They are motivated by power and greed. You see, if you do not question that, you can not change it. So we ask you to be very conscious of what you are available for, at this time.

Group energy dynamic: 7x3

Now we wish to enter into a discussion about this group, and the energy dynamic present. We have spoken to you of being twenty-one beings. This manifests as seven times three. We would have you know very deeply in your being, that these two numbers, seven and three, are very Divine numbers. The three is the tri-partite energy of love, wisdom, and power. The seven is the number of elements that bring in the energy of co-creative and conscious change.

Evolving beyond 5
For you see, humanity is evolving beyond the numerology of five. There have been very important occurrences happening around the energies of five. This energy has been largely tied to conflict. This is a very important point. We would have you know that we are still working out this energy of five. We wish to change the conflict by raising your awareness of those behind the scenes. We wish to see if those in power can continue to dominate others (you) using whichever rationalization structure they can get their little grubby hands on. You see, they can rationalize their activities and motivations for very many different reasons: for example: “Well, we are the world’s dominant power, so we need to go and mess around in these other countries which are different than ours.” This is the energy of five, and there are many people working to transform that into six, which is the heart of the lovers.

Transformation to 6
You are perhaps familiar with the six, the tarot card being the Divine union between male and female. The Lovers. You are all coming into balance at this time. You are being asked to examine duality. What we have said in a very recent discourse is that all conflict; this does not mean some, perhaps 90%, but 100% of conflict comes from over-identifying with one polarity. All conflict comes from living within the duality structure. For example, if you are female, and you over-identify and connect your energies to the female body, you may perhaps see your male counterparts, not as an extension of your Divine self, but as the patriarchy. Thus, from this point of view, you can easily blame the patriarchy for all of the mess that we are in today, That is a very simple and useful rationalization. We would simply suggest to you that operating within this rationalization structure keeps you in duality.

You cannot keep balance if you are identifying with one polarity. You are identifying Christian versus Muslim, dictatorship versus democracy, scarcity vs. abundance and on and on and on. For we will tell you once more our friends in light, much of what you see operating under the guise of democracy at this time may be more accurately termed demon-cracy. The people in power manipulate the power structure by using the energy of fear – a War of Worlds. This energy serves their greed and self interest. These things, we are telling you, will be falling away. This will occur because light workers are coming together to declare: “I am no longer available for manipulation by forces outside of the light. I am not afraid”

The Divine Paradox

Now we will tell you one other small thing and that is this: When we discuss concepts of light and dark, you are still in duality are you not? Yes indeed. Because this very discussion creates an “us versus them” mentality. This is the Divine Paradox. For if you wish to align yourself with the forces of light, how do you not shun, automatically, the darkness? You see, it is not about light versus dark, it is simply stepping outside of the duality paradox. How do you do this, you are asking? It is by bringing in the Christ Consciousness and integrating it in to all aspects of the Self. Thus, you behold in great compassion, those people attempting to maintain the status-quo. You do not see them as dark forces. You do not see them as outside yourself.

There is an oversimplification of light vs. dark which you may see in another recently released movie, the “last” Star Wars film.  We could indeed discuss this film at length for we see great significance in it.  For example, what are the dynamics of the transformation in the double trilogies of films: at the beginning, the energy was of light-hearted fun and benign caricatures of good and evil.  This last film was of great darkness where even children of light workers were shown to be murdered!   What has changed over the last 30 years, you might wish to ask yourself.

Polarities are on the same spectrum

What we will tell you is there is no such true thing as absolute opposites.  For you see, how do you move from cold to hot? You are on the same spectrum. When does cold water stop being cold and become hot? There is no one point in on the spectrum that everyone in this room could agree – “oh, now this is hot and this is cold.” You will all have your own judgment and discernment about what part of duality you are holding.

Polarities simply represent one part of the same spectrum or the other. For you see, you are operating out of this two dimensional mentality. And we are asking you to accept the power in the third and fourth dimensions, bringing in the pyramidic form, allowing you to transcend the polarity spectrum to reconnect into the Divine Center of your being. And of course, very conveniently, that is represented by the heart. Yes indeed, very Divine in its plan. Very beautiful in it’s inspiration to change your consciousness to a higher dimension. For, if we stay in duality, a conflict is created there.

You may say, “well yes indeed, but I am in feminine form, how can I not identify primarily with the feminine?” Our dear friends, if we can tell you one thing today, it is that each one of you is a Divine feminine and a Divine masculine.  Each one of you has had many, many incarnations in feminine form and in masculine form.  If you place your consciousness in the center of your third eye, and you turn inward and invoke access to the Great Akashic Hall of Records, you will find that you are both the feminine and masculine energies, come to manifest Unity at this time.   So it matters not what gender you find yourself in at this time; it matters not what level of sexual preference you have.   (As an aside, there is a very amusing, and also at the same time, disheartening, debate going on in your society about same sex marriage).   For you have all been all of these things.   You are simply choosing the perfect form for your soul within which to manifest in this great period of change and transformation.

The Return of the Dove – the new symbol of balance

So, we would have you understand that if indeed you wish to move beyond duality, you will transform your consciousness through sacred geometrical form to the top of the pyramid and hold balance. And as we have uncovered through our discourse several days ago, the new symbol of balance is the return of the white dove to the human heart. We must say that this represents great freedom, for you are no longer staying in the role of either the victimizer or the victim, the matriarchy or the patriarchy, where it is more convenient to blame others. Many of you however, have a secret wish to blame yourself. Self blame is simply the opposite polarity of other-blame – both in the duality framework.

There are so many of you here who have very beautiful hearts but yet, wish to take blame for everything. You see, that is in the victim mentality, victim and victimizer. Many of you continue to criticize yourselves and take blame if something happens.  Some of you can even take blame if a pipe breaks in your house.  ”Oh my Lord”, you say, “What have I done as a lightworker to manifest this mess?  ” Oh, our friends, what we would have you know is that sometimes these things happen and you need not worry about the significance.   If you wish to spend all of your energy thinking about the significance in all things, yes indeed, you will find a meaning for everything.  But sometimes things happen for no great and significant reason.  Yes indeed, if you wish to stay in the polarity, we respect that choice.   But we in the ascended master realm, especially wish you to consider releasing the matriarchy and patriarchy duality.   We would wish for you to know that you have all been all things.   Perhaps now, you can make a choice to return to the unity consciousness. Thus, bringing in from the center of the heart, all that you came here to do and to experience in this time of transformation.

Releasing self-blame

Yes indeed, we would say there is in particular several individuals in this room who would very much like to receive the healing of light.  These individuals have worked through very many modalities of human energies. But they continue to blame the self. Why are we speaking of self blame so repeatedly? Because what is at the root cause of these illnesses that you are holding within your energy bodies? It is unhealed emotion. Pure and simple. You can look at very many opportunities to heal, through karma. Perhaps you have an aching back and someone stabbed you in the back in some other lifetime. Yes that is all very interesting, is it not? Yes indeed, for example, you can go back into many lifetimes, and blame your mother who was your father in that time, and did whatever ill thing. That may manifest as soul energy coming back to be cleared. But we will tell you that many of the root causes of illness are the negative chatter of the mind, stemming from unhealed emotion. Blaming the self, blaming others. Never getting to the point of experience: delving into the emotion and allowing the Self to heal the Self.

Let us say, for example, one has a child, struggling with addiction, and one chooses to blame the self. What does this do to the energy bodies? Does it allow your energy bodies to heal, transform and clear? This most certainly cannot happen. You see, you hold blame in your energy bodies and you create a dis-function and a dis-ease, and that manifests greater and greater forms of illness and discomfort. So we are simply suggesting, if you have a physical difficulty, it may perhaps be the time to release yourself from self blame. Because responsibility, our friends, does not mean saying: “All is my fault, and I am the prime mover of all events in my life.” Now you can look at it that way if you choose. (We have a very interesting discourse on intersecting realities which we do not have time to share at this time.) You can, if you choose, say to yourself that moving into responsibility means taking blame. This is a higher octave of the Piscean Age of Victimhood, because it allows you to stay as the victim of your own self.

Being stuck in the Piscean Age of Victimization

This victim mentality is very frustrating for your guides
.  We see the individuals here who are very involved in self blame and guilt.  Your guides are standing behind you and some of them wish they had the proverbial frying pan - some of them simply have a small feather and could knock you over with a small touch of this feather.   For you continue to repeat the victim pattern by manifesting dis-ease.   Is this what you are available for?   This has been our message, throughout this afternoon.   Are you available for continued dis-comfort through the Piscean Age of Victimization, whether you victimize yourself or others?   The answer to this for many of you is yes - whether you are the victim, or stand as witness to someone else’s victimhood.   If you choose to engage in those energies, most assuredly you will stay in the Piscean Age of imbalance.

Moving to the Age of Responsibility

We wish to bring the white dove into your conscious mind at this time. We tell you that balance is no longer a matter of the scales of justice. This has been very prevalent; this has been the symbol of the Piscean Age, the scales of justice. Any small imbalance within the scales of polarity and duality will cause a tipping, an imbalance. If we say, “This no longer serves our greatest good, I am no longer available for self-judgment criticism and blame”, we can very easily shift to the symbol of the white dove returning to the heart. This has been a great yearning of humanity, you see. For centuries of time, human beings have released white doves to freedom, to symbolize the hope that some day you would come to the time when you could move out of the victim patterning into the Age of Responsibility. This means integrating the knowledge and wisdom that all is in Divine Order. That everything stands before you as a great and Divine lesson. That there are no mistakes in the universe, our dear friends; there is not one single mistake.

Some of you are very interested in questions, such as, “If there is no mistake, why is there a manifestation and thought-form of the fallen angel, or the dark lords?   Is this not a mistake of the Divine Mind?”   We will tell you, most certainly not. (For those of you who are interested in this topic, the very creative motion and emotion set forth in the Divine Mind, there is a very beautiful and interesting discourse on how that is all part of the Divine Mind Plan.)

We will simply tell you, that if you choose to move into this period of responsibility, letting go of all of the Piscean energies of victim-hood and blame, you can find yourself being the co-creative center of your own life. Those things that manifest around you may not change in outer appearance.  You may still have a child struggling with addiction.  But instead of struggling with this and seeing it as a great difficulty and a great burden and a great hardship and sadness, what will you experience if you say,  “This beautiful being of light is come to show me what I need to see within my own Divine Self.  I hold this being in great light and love.   I respect the path this individual has chosen in right relationship to the universe.  It is not my place to take away her path away.  It is not my place to change her reality.  For in great free will and love, I release this person to her pathway.”?   In this way, our friends, you hold in your highest mind and deepest heart, your compassion and your love.  Your compassion and your love for this person.   Compassion and love for your self.   For there is no difference.  That is what we are here for.   That is what you are here for.

Allowing others their Divine Pathway

Does this mean that we if we allow people to have their struggles, we tacitly fail to act and to assist?   No indeed.  However, often times, we need to let go and cut some of those cords, so that these people can continue on their pathway.   For healing cannot happen when you believe that you are the one in control of another.   It cannot happen if we continue to interfere.  We must often cut the cords, and in cutting the cords, we allow people to pursue their own pathway.   For it may be in someone’s greatest good to struggle with addiction.  It may be the very purpose of their soul for being here! Who are you to take that away?

“He should do this, she should do that!”   What great good has that ever precipitated?   Nothing other than guilt, keeping you in a position of parent/child relationship. Keeping you in victim-hood. Keeping you in blame. Now is the time to release all of those things. You see, each being, even your own children, is a responsible being of light. Your children know with great, great specificity why they chose you as parents. They are very responsible beings, yes indeed. You need to guide them, but they chose you. If you stand around telling them, “you should do this, you should do that”, you do not honor their path. Of course, we are not speaking of the practical day to day guidance of children. We are talking about life path and soul transformation work, yes indeed.

Our friends in light, we are suggesting that if you have manifested this situation or any situation that is troublesome to you, we invite you at this time to participate in this meditation.   To allow all to return to right order.  
To give you the strength of heart-minded soul to walk your path.   In this way, you are able to allow those you love and all those around you, as the Master Christ said, your neighbors, and even your enemies, to walk their paths.  If you hold yourself in right relationship, with right thoughts, right words and right actions, and you will find that you are centered in your own heart where duality no longer reigns, and you no longer stand in judgment of others! And perhaps, just perhaps, you will no longer stand in judgment of your Self.

(Following this portion of the discourse was a seventh dimensional meditation. The meditation entered into the eighth and ninth dimensions with the aid and assistance of many ascended masters.)

For the greatest good of all concerned.



© Ronna Prince 2005 (This document may be forwarded with permission with the attached copyright.)

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