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 July 22, 2005

Online Channeling and Messages,   

 Live Channeling in Denver, CO July 13, 2005

Stargate 3-3-3 harmonization

The star gates are within you as well as galactic

How to use the star gates

Bringing back the infinite

How the star gates apply to 3D life

The Arcturian Corridor and other star gates

Manifesting through the star gates.

Universal openings and portals

Expanding beyond the Illusion

Wormholes, space and time

The universal library

More about the Arcturian Corridor

Star Walkers on the Earth

Accepting one’s perfection

               self defense

               vibrational frequencies

Why you are human now

Accepting perfection is like going home

Loving mirrors

Perfection is a perception

Keeping balance within all the time

Opening the heart space

Awakening and DNA relationship

DNA as a universal communicator

Encounter with negative Alien energy

                 In the San Luis Valley

Other planetary and other dimensional

                  beings and their intentions

To interfere with the Agenda of Visitors or not

Creating awareness of Light energy vs Negative energy

Creating new beginnings

                  Leaving the old and starting anew

Cult type experience

                  Truth vs imagined truth

                   Possession, psychotic break or otherwise?

                   The root of fear

Sleep deprivation, emotional trauma and mineral imbalances


Creating financial abundance

                   Self sabotage by holding on too tightly

Alien encounters and possible landing site

Listening to the messages of Extra Terrestial Beings

                    Who will visit the Earth

Possible Alien abduction

                     Fear and lack of control

                   Denver July 13, 2005
 CH:  Greetings to each of you. We are most appreciative of the opportunity to be of assistance to you at this time. It is our pleasure to be of service. It is that we have spoken many times of late about the harmonic alignment with the star gates, that which is in occurrence even as we speak. This began on the 9th of this month and will continue until its culmination on July the 17th.
 In such a way that the alignment creates three planes of three different energies and so in in such a way that it creates a 3-3-3 harmonization. This, as we call it, a triple trinity. It is a very valuable asset to each of you. And what you must know and what you must remember is that when people speak of star gates they speak of them as if that are outside of them selves in rows of intergalactic being.
 What you must know is this, that as above, so below everything that is outward is also inward.
 Therefore what we are saying to you is that the star gates which are aligning that are creating this opportunity to expand your consciousness, to expand your awareness and in truth to expand your beingness from that which you perceive yourselves to be as separate entities among all things, to truly and intentionally join the One in such a way that your particulates can move through the star gates in such a ways that you wish, utilizing the star gates in such a way that this can, for instance, as you have learned before, perhaps as if you are reading a book or as you have been getting information in a singular format. In such a way, when you utilize the star gates from within yourselves, what begins to occur is that you begin to teach all your particulates and allow all of your particulates to expand and experience consciously all things at once.
In such a way then you are able to bring this awareness back to this reality so that you are able to call forward the rememberings that you have brought back to this reality so that you may instantly create the realities that you have set forth. And you may instantly draw upon the knowings that you are attempting to remember. You masy also travel instantly in space and time. Because truly Dear ones, once you step out of this time and this space which you have created to manifest, perhaps so that you can maintain the illusion of being in control of your experience, and remember what you have done when because you have set boundaries around time – Once you step out of this, there is no space and no time. You become superluminal, your conscious moves faster than the speed of light. As you expand your awareness and as you intentionally send your consciousness outwardly and into the inward star gates in such a way, an interesting thing begins to occur.
 Instead of working in linear format or even, say, bringing in packets of information, what begins to occur is that you begin to become an intentional part of the Universal Consciousness. With your beingness, without harm or damage to that beingness which lives in your 3D locale, in this body, in this now. The body which you see in the mirror each day.
 Now, what does this mean to your everyday life? What this means is that your beingness is calling forth its divinity. Your beingness is calling forth that which you truly are, the essence of you, that which is your soul self, your beingness beyond the illusion and manifestation of matter that you are at this time. And you are bringing in that which is your perfection, that which is your all knowingness, that which is your creative self in such a way then that you begin to act as that which is God from within yourself as the Master of all your creation, as the Master of all your creativity and the Master of your experience – the Master of all your manifestation because all of a sudden you are intentionally functioning not only holographically, not only exponentially, but infinitely and intentionally.
Do you understand what we say to you? Are there questions about this to the moment before we proceed?
 (no questions)
 Do you understand this so perfectly that you have no questions regarding this?
 One moment….
 As you begin to work in such a fashion, as you begin to utilize your particulates for your experience, your expansion, your awareness, your superluminal self, what beings to occur is that which is the light which you experience yourself as in these projected ways, and that which is the light which you collect as your experiences (because truly all energy is light and energy remembers information) and so you are, expanding the light within you by virtue of expanding your consciousness in such ways and then bringing it back to yourselves.
 And so what we are saying to you is you are amongst a rare opportunity to expand that light which is in yourselves, far beyond any other method or methodology that you could have used to raise your vibration at any other time. That which is occurring at this time, that which is utilizing the star gates within you and universally as well because, true, as you will see, there are multi-verses – Truly you see, you are not the only galaxy or solar system in reality. Truly all of those places in spaces “out there” are not empty.
 And as you expand your awareness and you create your expansiveness and you bring that expansiveness back into your experience of this reality so that your reality remains expanded all other beings in all other places are having the same opportunity. And so what this means to you, what this truly means to you, is that in this moment in time and over the next few days particularly, you have the rare opportunity to contact and speak with directly, any other life force that exists in creation in real time.
 Think about this – in real time. 
Those who are millions and billions of light years away who have no inkling or barely an inkling that there is life this far away will be able to know in their beingness (because they are created of the same light which is of the Source and created within all things), they will be able to have a knowingness of you. And if you are listening, if you are paying attention, you will have a knowingness and a feelingness of them as well, do you see?
 And so in such a way, a rare opportunity there is.
 In all of creation, these 3-3-3 harmonizations are extremely rare events. Many of you were very excited with the harmonic concordance and then you were very excited recently (in recent history) of the harmonic alignment that took effect. And there have been many star gates that have opened and changed their formatting and the Arcturian Corridor opened up not that long ago and streamlined information and communication that was coming to you. But now, you have the opportunity to control your destiny virtually by putting the reality out there it is immediately in real time infinitely stated, said, created and done, manifested for you even as we speak.
 That is an extremely powerful way to be as a human being. And so we suggest that you truly be careful of that which you request. Because all that you request in some form, in some way will come back to you.
 And as it does, it is going to create itself from that which you have projected and outwardly into the Universe in such ways that you have created it.
 We have said many times and we will repeat it because many of you have not experienced this – that that which you seek, also seeks you. That which you create is also creating of you.
 And therefore in such a way you are far more powerful that you would have ever imagined, had you even known to imagine.
 Are there questions to this moment of that which we have discussed?
 Q:  You were speaking that we have a star gate within us. Are there multiple ones or is that kind of like our antenna to be able to communicate with –
 Ch:  There are multiple star gates within each of you.
 Q:  Kind of like chakras…?
 CH:  They are openings. They are Universal openings. They neither pull energy or emit energy. They are openings in all of reality. And at the same time, there are often Gateways to, shall we say, a bending of time and space. They are gateways to other locales. In other words, gateways to the wormholes through the fabric of creation. In such ways that people are able to travel and move through them and at certain points there are inter-junctions, there are places where one can change directions much like you do in your highway systems.
 There are often star gates at those junctures. And or portals. It simply depends upon the place, the time and the reality in which you are existing. But all of it is available to you, within you, as well as in all of creation. Do you see?
 Q:  So to me it feels like a vehicle through which we can travel to other dimensions.
CH:  You are the vehicle. 
 Q:  Yes.
 Ch:  These are the doorways. Do you see the difference?
Q:  Hmmmm… mmmm hmmmm.
 CH:  Truly it is all semantics. You have a core knowing of what we speak. But we want to be clear that the openings are not the vehicles. You are the vehicle and you move through the openings by intent. And you may set destinations or you may simply move through the openings and allow yourself to expand as far as you wish. In such a way then, through that expansion then when you return to this now in such a way then you can bring back with you all that you have gained and held within your beingness. You see?
Have we answered this fully and completely?
Q:  Yes.
Ch:  Are there further questions regarding this?
Q:  Yes, um, so we can draw on and borrow from the universal library so to speak at any time…
CH:  Why not allow it to become you then you are not borrowing, but becoming?
Q: Can you speak a little bit more about the Arcturian Corridor?
CH:  We certainly will. One moment please…
(speaking to someone who came in late: Dear one you may come and sit with us if you wish. It will not disturb us)
Q:  Thank you!
CH: Your energy is drawn farther and is pulling the circle so if you would come closer you may feel free.
It is that the Arcturian corridor is one of those pathways, passageways of which we have spoken. And in such a way it began to open a couple of years ago approximately in 2001 or 2002 if we are not mistaken based upon your calendar and measurement.
And in such a way this came in occurrence that allowed a beginning. It allwed a star gate that created a connection between this here and now and the infinite here and now. It was more of a corridor of, shall we say, a passageway of and for information. In such a way that you could project your consciousness outwardly and allow it to move through the star gate and basically your consciousness would ricochet back to you. In such a way, it was not quite real time and in such a way, your consciousness went outwardly and to what we would call more of a general locale. Not the infinite that you have the current opportunity to access with the current 3-3-3 alignment in this now. You see?
At the same time the Arcturian corridor has been used through many, many millennia. In such a way that it is a point of travel. It is a point of travel because as you see, Arcturas is an exhange point. Arcturas is a hub for inter-dimensional and inter-galactic travel in such a way that it is both a destination and a change point because there is one of those access points that we spoke of within the wormhole systems that comes together in the Arcturian area. Therefore in such a way when the Arcturian Corridor opened up it opened those passage ways again. As it opened, it would fluctuate in the space time continuum and then as it leveled out and as it became open, that travel passageway after many, many millennia had reopened.
Therefore in such a way, perhaps there are many walking upon your earth now who have come via this corridor. Who have chosen to come and experience your place and your time in this now. Because it is quite interesting. It is quite interesting because there are many, many things happening on your planet right now and there are many, many things happening within you as beings that which is your knowingness is re-awakening. Many beings upon your planet are awakening. Many beings who had thought they were already awakened have leaped into knowings that they had no imagination of by virtue of the fact that they have accepted their journeys. And so in such a way, you have all kinds of vibrations occurring among all kinds of people and all kinds of… shall we say… genetic combinations.
Because they are carrying the genetics of the Source races and depending upon their lineage are carrying different arrangements of that DNA in such a way that the DNA is also awakening. Because it is that that which you have in any aspect of your beingness is present in all of your beingness. And so many people and many other sources of information speak to the presence of 12 strand DNA.
 In such a way you are not simply 12 stranded DNA and your physicality will not show 12 strands of DNA, but holographically and infinitely you will begin to realize that your DNA is infinitely communicating – because you have aspects on all levels of being therefore your DNA exists in those beingness’s as well. And as you become more aligned, as your vibrations become of finer and higher frequencies, higher vibration, smaller oscillation and so on, what begins to occur is that your DNA begins to respond both within your body and outwardly, infinitely.
And in such a way begins to communicate both differently within you and you will find that you go through physiological changes. Your body is dense. Your body is the densest part of all your beingness as a manifested being (we will qualify that). And therefore and in such a way is, shall we say, the last to play catchup. And so your body is going to go through some changes. You are going to have expansions in the rears of your skulls. You are going to experience tensions in the neck, back, shoulders and upper back areas. You will find that the digestive systems are going to work either too fast or too slow. That is the densest system that you have by the way.
And therefore and in such a way, you are going to have many manifestations physically based upon whatever vibrations you have wither maintained or gained in the process of your changes or choices because change is a choice. Change forces choice but change is a choice. And so then there is a paradox in your very beingness because you do not change without the chaos. You do not make those choices until you need to because change has occurred.
And so often you are a dichotomy of beingness in your humanness and in your spirituality. You are that which is and that which is not. That which has chosen and that which has not chosen. And so in such a way it is to find within yourself a balance, balance of that which is all things, all things being you in your existence and letting go of the perception that you are an individual… someone who is suffering outside of all beingness. Because it is not so. You cannot possibly because you are not.
You are that which is all things, and all things truly are you and all that you experience is experienced by all of creation. And so the choice is what is the message that you are sending to all of creation that you wish to choose? Do you wish to have lightness or do you wish to have other than lightness or do you truly wish to follow the balance of beingness in such a way that you are fully encompassing all that you are?
Now, do you think that we have strayed off the balance of the question which you have asked us regarding the Arcturian Corridor or do you see how all of this applies to that which you have asked?
Q: I do see – you have given me a lot of information and it all makes sense so…
CH:  Is there more that you seek that we have left out because we are perfectly willing to give you whatever it is you wish to know?
And if any other of you who are present wishes to ask further we are prepared to give you that which you ask as well.
It helps if you breathe as well as ask. (Laughter)
Each of you is holding your breath and therefore your energy is not moving and therefore you do not know what you want to know because you are stuck.
And so it is then to relax and enjoy this now because you see there is only ever this now. How many nows do you waste when you do not ask that which you wish to know or do that you later wish you had done? It is only ever now.
Q: I would like to know… I understand and know things when I hear you speak I understand but when is it my time to really understand, really know inside to make that choice or change?
CH:  When you give yourself permission and accept that which you have granted.
Q: Can there possible be a block in the way of that happening?
CH:  Absolutely Dear One. Generally speaking, the blockage is not knowing the difference or sameness between one’s self and perfection. You see, often when human beings call in perfection they begin to question whether the experience has been truly real or not. Or they being to monitor if it compares to someone else’s perfection. And therefore how can it be perfection? If you are truly calling in perfection and allowing it to be so, then there cannot be any question can there?
Do you see what we are saying? Because there is a tendency to evaluate one’s path and passage. There is a tendency to want to understand what it is that one is or os not experiencing and in such a way as soon as one begins with one’s thinking self one has no longer walked in truth but rather what we call one’s logical self. One’s logical self is not always telling the truth because it is listening to one’s ego which is monitoring from underneath and questioning everything.
And so then the second part of our answer to you is this: If one is to truly allow the perfection and the grace to move through one’s self as one is asking us about doing then one truly has to let go of any expectation of self or outcome or what it may look like or feel like because your experience is individual unto you. You are vibrating at a certain frequency. You are a perfect harmonic signature which is actually a part of all reality – All of those things which you are created of all have tones in their reality that ultimately and cohesively and in their totality of your manifestation a singular set of frequency harmonics outwardly into the universe and therefore hold space in all of reality that is yours and yours alone in its uniqueness and in its cooperativeness with all things.
So that being said then when you allow all those other things of which you are a part to work through your beingness, and in your right as a part of all of that  then it comes through as completely and totally yours and yours alone as far as the perception of the experience.
And when you allow this to simply be, rather than imagining what is will simply be like or rather… often times, humans need to give themselves permission because they are raised and society says that they must. You do not have to give yourself permission to be who you are. You must simply accept that you are.
Do you see the difference? Has that answered you fully?
Q: Yes…
CH:  But what? (Laughter)
You are drawing inwardly – because you are thinking of what we just said and as you begin thinking your energy does this (gesture of pulling in energy and laughter) and then you are no longer fully cooperative with yourself. Do you see? This isn’t about us. You are not cooperating with yourself you are drawing it in and you are applying it here and as you do you pull energy in and you do not cease your experience but you limit it.
Do you see what we are saying? We are playing a bit but we are making a vital point with you.
Q:  I felt it as soon as you said it and it made me aware of the inwardness which I guess is the “but” because I often think and don’t feel with my heart and I don’t know with my heart or this is what stops me. And My heart actually hurts a lot.
CH:  And what is it afraid of?
Q:  Not being perfect, that is if I allow myself to be perfect?
CH:  By whose standards?
Q: By everyone else’s.
CH:  Everyone else is having their own experience and if you are concerned about that think about it this way: They are having their own experiences based upon the tools which they were given which might not necessarily be ay more functional than yours.
And that being the case then you are not possibly meet that perfection because it is not perfection it is part of the illusion. The perfection is found in the innocence. The perfection is found in that child within you that is afraid to come and and say “ I AM perfect” because others have said that she is not. And she believed it. And so, if you wish to change that then change your mind. Change your perception of perfection.
Perfection is that which simply is. That which you already know. You see?
Q:  I see.
CH:  Perfection is not created in and of this earth. All of you are here for experiences because perfection is simply that – it has no sensory experiences, it has no thinkingness. It just has perfect beingness. And so in your perfect beingness you chose to come and learn what it is to experience touching and feeling and thinking and experiencing in such ways so that you could take that back  into your perfection, your aspect in totality so that you can contribute to totality, all that is, shall we say, that which you have experienced so that it may experience it as well.
So in spite of yourself you are already cooperating within the One. So why not acknowledge that, acknowledge that you have come of of perfection and now you are in a process in such a way that brings you full circle back to that perfection.
The only thing that keeps human beings from experiencing their perfection on earth is their perception that they are anything different than that. Do you see?
Q: Can you please repeat that?
CH:  The only thing that keeps human beings from experiencing their perfection on earth is their perception that they are not perfect. Lack of perfection is an idea it is a teaching. It is not truth. You see, and we have said this many, many times. That which you believe you have learned. That which you know is truth.
Do you see?
Q:  Yes…
CH:  And when you can allow yourself to first of all recognize that the limitation comes from being afraid of not being perfect, of not being accepted or loved. When you realize that that fear is completely unfounded that is when you begin to fly. And when you take that into your heart and you allow your beingness to fly in such ways it begins to soar because it is no longer work. When you begin to fly you are still working. When you soar you have stepped into your grace. You have allowed yourself to be filled with you perfection without fear and with wholeness and therefore and in such a way it is no longer work, but a life of ease and joy of being and joy in every turn in the path and passage because you know that you are totally present in the moment and you are welcoming that which you are in such a way that you are no longer battling that dichotomy of self but rather embracing the wholeness of self in such a way that it becomes that which you itend.
Do you see?
And by the way Dear One you are a Blessed and beautiful being and it is our pleasure to be in your Grace.
You see, we do not simply come to expound and expend, we come to be of service and as you learn so do we. Think about that.
We are part of you and you of us. It’s about time we all communicated. Is it not?
Q:  About my desires… who I want to be in life and where I think I should be going and where I think I shouldn’t be going… I have the problem of having the expectation of what it’s going to be like and the hardest especially spiritual sensations or experiences … uh…
CH:  We will tell you this before you finish. Do you know what you do when you create expectations? You instantly create limitations as to how the reality that you are seeking can create itself. And so you set yourself up for a pass or fail situation, do you see?
If you have a picture of what you expect looks like and then you for what ever reason do not attain the exact expectation and what you have done and in many other people’s visions of their expectations and creations, has failed. So it becomes a pass or fail situation. Not truth, you see? But perception.
And so then to allow yourself to expect why not allow the universe to create for you out if its infinite possibilities whatever is perfect for the moment. And let us explain to you how to do so.
Imagine how you will feel when you have stepped into the reality and the reality has also found you. Imagine how you will feel when you and your reality and you have met.
Q:  It will be like home.
CH:  It will be like home, yes.
And so do you not carry that home within you?
Q:  Yeah
CH:  And so what it is that you are expecting that you are not getting?
Q:  (Laughingly) I don’t know…
CH:  Do you see our point? And you are holding your breath!
(More laughter)
CH:  So. Perfection is a perception. (Speaking to husband and wife who are present) Perhaps the two of you could figure this out together, but most importantly you must find the perfection within yourselves because truly no one else can give you your perfection. It is yours. It is already you.
Q:  Actually when we first met it felt like that. It felt as if we were both accepting of who we were and where we were and life was an adventure so when we met, actually when we collided as you would put it, we joined energies and it was incredible. It was the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt in this life.
CH:  It is because both of you come from the same source. And the same set of energy in fact you recognized that in each other so coming together is a homecoming for you. You see?
It is part of your perfection. Perhaps you can use it as mirrors for each other.
Q:  We will try.
CH:  Trying never accomplishes anything (Laughter)
Q:  It’s true.
CH:  Trying is not doing anything. Trying is saying you might fail. So is hoping. You see? So once again it is all about perspective:
“We are doing it therefore it is”
“We try and we might or might not”
Do you see the difference in the energy of it?
“We are, therefore we are”
Q: About knowingness… sometimes I feel like I know. I am happy with it and I can sit with it especially after waking up in the morning and in dreams and then sometimes I don’t. I think I can speak for a lot of people in that respect. Sometimes we are real happy with it all and it is a breeze and sometimes we are just a mess, really…
CH:  If you had it completely do you think you would still be on this journey? Do you see our point? Perhaps we appear flippant in our answer but we say this to you. If you were able to stay in that perfect state all of the time as a human being you would be vibrating to the point where you could no longer be a human being you would have turned to light. And so, that knowingness is part of your journey. That knowingness is part of you that has found the perfection within you and when it is in touch and in balance you are happy. And when you are not balanced with it, ask yourself “why not?”.
Stop and take a moment and assess yourself. Are you spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally in balance in that moment and giving yourself 100% or has part of you taken a hike because it is stressed out or doesn’t understand what it happening ir is getting too much input from the exterior world to be aware of what it is feeling? Do you see?
And so when you feel out of balance ask yourself “why?”
What is its that you need to pay more attention to? What aspect of you is asking for attention? You see?
And then allow yourself to explore that aspect of yourself in such a way that you become of balance again and you will find that less and less and less that you ill find that once you knew and then you didn’t. The other thing that we will say to you is that the knowing is always growing.
The knowing is always growing because you, as you remember your knowing begin to open more and more and more. Your awareness becomes expanded. And so there there are always more questions, there are always more answers and as long as you are having a human experience there will always be questions and there will always be answers as long as you allow yourself to be balanced enough to hear them.
You see?
Q:  Yes…
But it is not to be so detailed in your creative process that you limit the outcome. Rather it is to be more conceptual.
“I wish to create this reality and in this new reality I will feel this way…”
And then you tell the universe that which you intend. You don’t ask for it. It is already yours. All you must do is state it. How you state it and what you believe when you state it determines the outcome.
Do you see? (To the group) Please breathe it does assist us! More to the point, it keeps you going (laughter).
And so it is then that we await the next question unless we have not answered you fully…
Q:  I think that I can figure it out…
CH: Don’t think about it!
CH:  Are there other questions to the moment? We will open the discussion to whatever subject you wish to talk about.
Oh… your are going through your mental lists… what should I ask?  (Laughter) Which questions will you choose???
Q:  You were speaking about how the body is being affected by energy shifts as we expand our awareness. I personally have been feeling like a stretching in the area of the heart.
Ch: There is an expansiveness of the energy in your chest area, this is so. And what is your question of this.
Q:  I’ve felt it one other time before and I know on some level what that means…
Ch:  And? Do you fear this?
Q:  No. I am enjoying it.
Ch:  Then you know the meaning of it and perhaps it is reminding you again of your Grace and the capabilities that one can have when one steps into one’s perfection and accepts it. But what you are also feeling is that you have a heart that is a physical entity and part of your biological structure. Part of your bio format shall we say… and you have your sacred heart and that is what is expanding. That is what you are feeling is that light which you are becoming is growing within you. It is truly the center of your consciousness. And you Grace. And as you allow your consciousness to flow forward and outward of your grace, then in such a way all of those things that you are beginning to remember already are so.
Do you see?
Q:  mmm hmmm…
CH:  Have we answered this fully because you have yet to get to the question that you mean to ask us.
Q:  Well I’m feeling that I am being reminded of what it feels like to actually be in your Mastery.
CH: As it would be.
Q:  Thank you.
Ch:: You are most welcome.
And so are there further questions to the moment.
Q:  (Referring to a visit to the San Luis Valley, CO where he encountered other dimensional ET energy which was very powerful and disconcerting.)Yesterday I was experiencing a kind of a stabbing sensation in my abdomen.
CH:  And your question?
Q:  If you could address the origins of that…
CH:  One moment… It is Dear One that you were in an area where there were energies tht were foreign to your experience. That were such a foreign vibration that they became painful to you. They are of a source other than earthly beingness and in such a way of a totally different intent and vibration in their beingness as you are. Therefore and in such a way you became physically sensitive to the nature of the energies in which you found yourself in such a way that it became painful to the physicality and difficult within your energy field. Do you see?
Q:  Yes.
CH:  And the rest of your question?
Q:  Is there anything that… in the past when I have become aware of those types of energies there was always something that I had gone to do both physically and non physically to remove those entities, to remove those presences. Comments on that in this instance?
CH:  Perhaps what you were doing was creating an awareness of the kind of beingness in which you walk to those who are of different intent and of a more selfish nature. Perhaps what you were doing was being an example of the One to those who perhaps do not recall it.
Q:  That resonates as truth.
CH:  Of course it is.
CH:  But you will also find that the intensity of what you experienced is far greater than simply you or those who were with you. And in such a way became of great discomfort because you were not prepared for that which you encountered. And had you moved into that area or moved to a reality even with intent of perfection in all moments and balance in those moments perhaps you are also learning that it is time to listen to your body and its experiences because you often trust and advise you and those who guide you to come (meaning his guides) and tell you. Is this not so?
 And now it is coming to a point that you are the Master which you have sought. To advise yourself. And therefore it is not that they are not important because they are, shall we say, part of your team. They are part of that which you are and many aspects of you and that you walk in many places and many aspects of beingness. But it is also that you are accustomed to the pleasantries and differences of the energies which you have been encountering.
 This was something different. This was something that you were neither prepared for nor accustomed to. And therefore what did you do. You began to think. You began to ask the opinions of those who advise you. And what was it that your body was telling you in that moment… can you recall?
 Q:  Get the hell out of Dodge…
CH:  And why was it telling you to do that?
Q:  For those exact reasons which you just said. I was not aware of this energy, it was foreign to me, I could not identify it …
CH:  And it felt unsafe to you.
Q:  It felt very unsafe.
CH:  And so then you were able to recognize that,  and there are places that you will go and places that you will encounter having chosen to walk in the light and upon the earth (and other places as well Dear One) that you may not necessarily be requested to change but to be aware of, you see? And sometimes that in itself is the lesson. Do you understand what we mean?
Q:  I do.
CH:  And yet you are still questioning…
Q:  You said I would not be called to change….
CH:  That is not what we said. What we said is that there are certain times when that change is not for you to do.
Q:  This being one of them.
CH:  Yes because of the nature and extent of it and the opposition of polarity to your beingness. It is not something that you would…it is more of an awareness of something that is ongoing that perhaps many of you at some point would work with change at some point. It may be the kind of thing that you are called to do at some point but now you know the feeling of it. Now you know many things based upon your experience so now there is an awareness where once an area felt of excellence in many ways not feels as if it is dangerous. And you are going to find that as things escalate on your planet there are other things that will escalate as well. Some of those will not need to be taken care of because they will be taken care of in and of their own existence.
Q:  And this is one of those?
CH:  It is so.
You see what we are saying?
Q:  I do.
CH:  And so it is then like all other things, awareness is an education.
Q:  And in the awareness arena of this experience what can I do to gain further understanding, further awareness because I have a strong feeling that this will be just the fist of many of these types of energies that I will come in contact with…
CH:  So you catch on quickly…
Q:  I don’t need three hits…
CH:  And so it is that you know viscerally what this felt like and when it comes to you – if it comes to you for change you will recognize it viscerally. And you will know that you are in, of and within the light and that energy will not harm you and that if it comes for assistance in the form of human beingness then you will find within yourself that very unconditionality of which you teach and which you live each day and your will remember that it is a part of all that is and it is a part of beingness.and therefore and in such a way will be treated with the same grace and the same compassion and the same greatness of Spirit that you do in the gentleness of your healing work.
You will also do this with the courage of your beingness as will the others who were with you.
Q:  I understand.
CH:  And it is not something that you need to be concerned about or fear, but you perhaps gained a large education more quickly than you wished and with less comfort but are not some lessons more difficult than others? 
Q:  They are.
CH:  And so is this not a reminder…the bottom line is what we are going to give you now… is this not a reminder that you walk in your grace at all times but there are things that do not?
So true. And perhaps that each of you with your innocence that was somewhat blindsided by the negativity of their beingness?
Q:  I’d say that they were somewhat discomforted…
CH:  And therefore in some ways the lesson was a bit harsher than it could have been but nevertheless it still was a lesson.
Q:  Thank you.
CH:  Does this put you at ease or are you going to think about this at length?
Q:  Oh I am definitely going to think about it at length. (Lots of laughter)
You answered what I already knew, just confirmed it.
CH:  And we will take it one step further.
Q:  Please do.
CH:  One moment…because you are speaking of beingness that is alien to your planet and beingness of an energy that is not perhaps friendly or warm and fuzzy when it comes to human beingness or other creatures who walk your earth and in fact preys upon them, the awareness would be what kind of form the encounter might come in.
And so it is then to retain the memory of the feeling of the energy that you were given and that by the way you have seen in the pictures that were taken and by the way you have seen even in the pictures that were taken, the ones that you saw. That you know were present and you felt and showed up in a way that validated your feelingness.
And so you would ask yourself as part of your education what form in which you might encounter them. And what would you do in that moment. How would you relate your beingness – would you be other than you are?
Q:  No.
CH:  Then the lesson has been well served Dear One.
Q: The being in the bush was also part of them wasn’t it?
CH:  It is so… It is so… were you harmed?
Q:  No
CH:  You will not be.
Q:  Nope.
CH:  And besides they have an agenda that has nothing to do with you. They will get what they need and they will do what they need for their beingness and they will go about their journey.
But first they are propagating themselves, as would you, as you have… is it so different just because they are of another reality and another place?
Q:  No, I don’t believe that they are…It means that I have seen that…
CH:  Some are takers.
Q:  Yes, that would not be true for all…
CH: (Meg starts coughing and sneezing) What we are saying is in the state of beingness that they exist (and we are clearing for you…) In the state in which they exist and in the vibration from which they come are they not simply following that which they need to do to survive? AS you would? As you have? Do you see what we are saying? It is a matter of non-intergalactic judgment at times.
To simply be aware that there are those that take what they need and need what they take. That concerns others. But are there not other beings who walk upon your planet and treat other beings in much the same way?
Q:  There are… it is called our government (laughter)
CH:  And others as well but you get our point.
Q:  I do.
CH:  And so from that perspective is that so terrible?
Q:  So they are subject to free will just as we are?
CH:  It is so.
Q: And they are only acting out their own awareness…
Q: As an experience in the whole…
CH:  And so when you go to the San Luis Valley again because you will, you may go with a different perspective and a different set of tools.
One moment we must balance the vehicle (Meg is still clearing energy from the questioner through her body and she has become congested, her eyes watering)…
We are processing that which you have brought home with you Dear One. One moment…
One moment…
We have been given a message for you from those whom you speak with often (his guides)…
It is to know that your safety can be found in the geometry. You learned much about that this weekend and about utilizing the pyramids and your consciousness. Did you not?
Q:  I did.
CH:  And so it is that you have learned much about similar processes already. And, you know that the geometry is coming forward very quickly the Geometry is showing itself to many of you in such ways that there are reasons for that. Explore that. Explore that from within – You know that which we speak.
Do you see?
Q:  I do.
CH:  Because you can multi-facet within the geometry in such ways that you cannot be found. And yet you are creating reality from within it. That is fascinating, is it not?
Q:  It is.
CH:  Of course it depends upon the frequencies in which you choose to work. And the totality of the frequencies because the harmonic format has everything to do with that which we speak so look within yourself for the answers that you seek and you will find that you already have them.
Have we answered you fully and completely?
Q:  And then some (laughter). And now I too must clear… (more laughter as he begins to sniff too…)
CH:  We will have to apologize to the vehicle for using her body in this way once again… for clearing human issues. Are there further questions to the moment?
Q:  I have a question. My mother and I started this store together and we are thinking that in a few years we will take this business and move it to Florida. Do you see this as a good thing?
One moment. (jokingly) only if you do not expect your clientele to follow you! (Laughter)
Q:  That’s not an expectation.
CH:  What we are saying is that it would then be a new beginning.
Q:  Ok.
CH:  And so it would depend upon what you did with this store of light as you left to create a new one. And so the answer lies in the experience that you have not yet had. Do you see what we say?
Q:  I do, yes.
CH:  And so it can be a good thing it can be an ok thing. It can be whatever you wish to create of it.
And so you are already in a journey toward that destination. How will that journey look? What will the process be like? It is your choice. As is the outcome. So what will you create? Will you hold your breath? Or will you walk forward into  your creation because in such a way it becomes all that you intend because you are that which it intended.
Do you see?
Q:  I do see, I do see, thank you.
CH:  You are most welcome.
We are enjoying our intercourse with you. Are there further questions to the moment?
Q:  I had an experience about a year and a half ago that was really distressing, both my wife and I … at a meditation retreat. And the doctors called it a psychotic episode due to lack of food and sleep. I have other ideas and feelings about what really happened and I would like to know how you feel about it…
CH:  We would be grateful if you would give us more specifics about that which you were asking because it was a rather large experience, so what are you truly asking us? Are you asking us if you are psychotic or if you moved into another type of experience, another level of consciousness?
Q:  Was I really crazy, or as I suspect, were they just fantasy thoughts about the situation or am I on the right track here?
CH:  Would you please be more specific because you are dancing around the issue you want to know about – we would appreciate more directness – we will tell you why. It is not about you. It is that when people ask us questions (while, granted, this is a specific subject, you are still generalizing it and so when we look at it to anylyze it because we read the energy of all of it, we are getting so much data that we must then factor into an answer for you and the way that you are asking this could be a two week long answer (laughter from Q and audience ) and so we are trying to be more specific for you.
Q:  Was I possessed by something?
CH:  No you were not. The difference is that you had some fear present and it was the fear that got the best of you in your experience.
Q:  Ok
CH:  You see sometimes when one has fear one calls in the very thing that one fears. Or, one experiences that which one fears even thought it is not necessarily the exact same thing. In other words there were core fears of that which you might experience and therefore on many levels underneath yourself shall we say you brought forth the very thing that you were afraid of.. it does not mean that – and we will tell you this also, it is a very, very, very not good thing to be fearful and to become that open. Because when you are fearful and you become that open you become the experience of all that you fear because you have allowed it into your reality and the reality of those around you. But mostly for your experience.
And when you become that open and you have brought that openness forward with fear, there are those things universally that love that fear and love that certain sweat that comes with it and that certain raw feeling that is of that fear. And so by virtue of the fact that those things feed of that they do not have to become you or possess you but they certainly can drive your experience and so to create of negativity an openness in your beingness is going to give you a negative experience. That is all it was.
Q:  OK
CH:  And you are fine now.
Q: Laughingly makes an unintelligible remark
CH:  Dear One! You are whole and perfect just as you are! It is only what you perceive that you are not. You truly are whole and perfect. It is only your denial of it that disallows it. Think of this, but not too hard!
Have we given you that which you sought?
Q:  I just wonder where that fear came from. I always thought that I have been open to a lot of new philosophies and new ways of being and…
CH:  Is it perhaps that which you were being taught? Is it an awareness within you that said the what was being taught was not completely your truth? Or was it a fear of what you might find when you looked that deeply within yourself?
Q:  I think it was the fear of what I might find. And a little bit of fear of the other people around me telling me what was good and what was not good. And my father came down from England to New Zealand to see if I was ok and he said they were brain washers and so on and so forth…
CH:  And when you are deprived of sleep and when you are deprived of food and when you are deprived of other necessities of comfort and you are worn down in such a way your experience is no longer truth but the truth of someone else or others. And that can feel very fearful. Especially if it is not resonant within you.
Q:  Are you saying I picked up someone else’s or some of the group’s fears? And played them out… I am confused.
CH:  It is possible but that is not what we were saying…
Q:  Ok
CH:  What we were saying is that when you were in a situation such as it was and you were deprived of sleep, you were deprived of the amount of nutrition that you need, you are deprived…
Think of how we are saying this and think of how you approached us with this… you were deprived. That is how you described it. Is that perfection? Would perfection, would truth ever take from you all that you need?
Q:  No
CH:  Perhaps you had every reason to be afraid. It is your discernment but what we are giving you are different perspectives to look  from.
Q:  OK
CH:  Anyone who has truth for you Dear One will deprive you of nothing. And fill you with everything. And ask nothing in return. Do you understand what we are telling you?
Q:  I believe so…
CH:  We will let you work through that but the point is that there is nothing wrong with you. You must know this. Unless you have not let go of that moment that still frightens you…
Q:  It does, yes. I am afraid that I will have a relapse or ….
CH:  Well if you are walking in truth how can you go back to non truth?
Q:  OK
CH:  So let go of it. You are that which you are in any given moment and as long as you are living in your truth and being who you are you have no worries.
Q:  OK
CH:  Do not fear yourself Dear One. You are perfect.
Q:  OK
Q:  I have a question that continues on the sleep deprivation subject…Is the reason for my sleep deprivation due to fear as well? Apparently it does have some fear for some reason.
CH:  Could you elaborate slightly more fur us Dear One?
Q:  I have experienced great sleep deprivation for the past 25 years and…
CH:  …You say it in this way. Do you mean that you do not sleep much
Q:  That’s correct
CH:  Or someone is keeping you from sleeping for 25 years?
Q:  I would like to know. I don’t know what is keeping me from sleeping.,
CH:  So you are saying that you awaken mush during the night? And when you awaken what is your experience? Are you simply wide awake and cannot sleep or …
Q:  I can’t get back to sleep and I am a light sleeper and every little noise and everything wakes me up and…
CH:  And so you feel as if you are tired? Because you are not getting what you need. Is that it?
Q:  I’ve tried everything. It’s debilitating for sure.
CH:  And you are concerned that there is fear at the bottom of this?
Q:  I just want to know what I can…
CH:  It is a very simple answer Dear One, your body cycles are inside out!
CH:  OK…
CH:  There are certain cycles within your physicality that would be exchanging at certain times of the day in a normal state of functioning. Yours are misfiring, shall we say, in their timing. And so certain things are going on within your body that would normally go on in the day time. And if you were to see a metabolic specialist you would find that this is so. And it has to do specifically with the usages of the metabolism of minerals within your body. So if you were to have a simple mineral panel drawn which is a simple blood test not hugely expensive in your world you could see the imbalances within the minerals within your physicality and if you are able to then balance those perhaps nutritionally and perhaps supplementally and even through other aspects of your being then you would find that your cycles would normalize and regulate. And as they do then you will be giving yourself more normal human sleep/wake cycles. You see?
Q:  Is this like, also have to do with biorhythm?
CH:  It can..
Q:  Would melatonin help?
CH:  It might assist you but we will tell you that your dream time will be extremely busy and that that might be of discomfort for you so we would say that it would assist you because the imbalance is ultimately of pituitary origin and so in such a way the melatonin is part of the cycle that is missing in this. We will also tell you that if you are not accustomed to having it that it can make your dream time very strange and very busy. And so it is a choice. If you try it and then you experience that it is so then simply discontinue it. But we will tell you that if you would evaluate the mineral relationships within your physicality with someone who is qualified to do so, then you will find that balance can be brought around and that which you seek will become, you see?
Q:  Yes.
CH:  But the thing to do is not to blame yourself for not sleeping. And if you are not sleeping then to allow yourself to just be with the not sleeping. In such a way that you are becoming tense because you are awake again. And you are frustrated because you are awake again so you are also creating an emotional pattern with this.
Q:  Yes…
CH:  “ I cannot sleep I’m tired… I cannot sleep I am tired…” and so on and so It becomes a cycle emotionally because it is a frustration and so you see now that one a physical level and an emotional level you are not sleeping and then spiritually you wonder if you are being afraid of what might happen while you are sleeping when you are not fully in control of that which you are doing. You see? And so there is that piece and then you think of it and try to understand it and none of it makes sense. And so you have involved all of your beingness in your frustration about not sleeping .
And what you must also know is that many beings of light are sleeping much less than they used to because they don’t need to. And we will also tell you that if you get that clock out of your way and you just know that you have slept as much as your body has required and you do not give yourself the psychological factor that you woke up say at 2:22 and 3:33 and 1:11 every night that you will not be nearly as tired because you have not told yourself that you are tired.
Q:  I understand that I do that as well and have done that for years…
CH:  And so it is then that it is simply a matter of malfunctioning metabolic aspects and that it is correctable.
Q:  Thank you.
CH:  You are most welcome. And by the way Dear One we are given that you may have some aluminum toxicity.  And if that is the case, it is because you are low on magnesium and the aluminum is plugging into the magnesium receptors of the cells within your physicality. In such a way that the aluminum is building up within your system which would offset the bodily cycles as well, so if you were to detox your physicality for heavy metals but particularly for aluminum – you can do this homeopathically very inexpensively or you can do it with chelation, whichever you choose. But the aluminum toxicity alone would change the mineral relationships in your body because you have many cycles within your physicality which involve calcium, magnesium and potassium and when that balance becomes out of balance and the receptors are empty one of the next things in line is aluminum which can originate from many products that you use in your everyday household use. And, it can originate from other sources as well so one might consider evaluating that for one’s self as well.
Q:  Thank you! Should I stop using that calcium supplement that I am taking every night?
CH:  It is doing you no good.
Q:  Thank you.
CH:  You are most welcome. First of all it is the wrong kind of calcium. Secondly it is entirely the wrong time of day to be giving your body extra calcium when you are already depleting the balance of these minerals… they are fluctuating…that is why your bodily cycles are off. Do you see?
Q:  I have a question…
CH:  We are listening.
Q:  Could it be that it is some negative situation earlier in her life that has set off these negative patterns?
CH:  It is a possibility, but what we are given is that the physicality is metabolically misfiring and therefore and in such a way the ody is awakening at times when it wished it was not. And if these things that we have stated are evaluated and re-balanced…the trauma is coming from the not sleeping. The perception of what this is doing to the body because everyone is told that they must get 8 hours of sleep or thereabouts and so the perception is that if one is not then one is not accomplishing. Is this not so Dear One.
And so it is simply to straighten out the metabolic system and therefore and in such a way it will all follow.
Q:  Thank you.
CH:  You are most welcome. Have we answered your question fully?
Q:  Yes you have…
CH:  What we are given is that the trauma is the not sleeping because this has been a life long situation and this being has come into this now due to the formation of the physicality and genetic structuring and some other factors that the physicality has simply not been balanced for quite sometime, practically since the beginning of this incarnation.
And we will tell you this as well that your mother has genetic balances within her mineral systems as well…
Q:  Hmmm. Mineral imbalances…???
CH:  Yes, mineral imbalances. Yes. We would be given that it would affect her moods more than her sleep. Her feeling of well being and so on.
Q:  May I change the subject?
CH:  That is fine.
Q:  I would love to hear what is appropriate to know about any specific involvement that I may have with other planetary Beings, literally manifesting in the third dimension on this planet.
CH:  we need you to go a little bit further with that Dear One…They are manifesting and you are involved?
Q:  Yes. Where I would have an involvement with the actual physical manifestation…
CH:  we are questioning the way that you are asking us this… You are having experiences that are bringing this question to us is that not to the point? That you are having a sense that these experiences are in your realm or coming into your realm?
Q:  Yes, and I just want to know if it is appropriate for me to know when a landing will take place and where and when.
CH:  Not at this time but that information is coming to many of you and there are many of you who are spread around the country and it is that some of you will know and in that moment it will be appropriate. But the question is are you allowing the messages to be received within yourself or are you questioning and questioning. Yes it is so that you are being communicated with.
Will they come in physical form, specifically to you? What we will tell you is that that depends upon what you agree and what you have agreed and what you choose as far as your participation. Because in this particular case and that which you are asking us, it comes of a choice… will you or will you not… do you see?
Q:  The choice in my mind has always been made…
CH:  And then you know that it will come.
So the question is when and where? If it is appropriate for me to know…
CH:  We will not give you a when because it is all subject to all that which is currently in process. And if we were to give you the when you would not participate in the experience because you would simply assume that it would be so and that would change the outcome. So the where… one moment…
Would you give us more of a definite as to what you mean by where?  Do you mean what state, what country, what dimension? Do you see what we are asking you?
Q:  Yes, I understand…
CH:  And so can you…
Q:  What third dimensional location?
CH:  And so we tell you this. It will be within 200 miles east of where you currently reside (Boulder area). It will be anywhere within 15 degrees to the north or south of due east from where you live now. If you choose and if you follow the guidance to show up at a pre-described place and that pre-described time, do you see? And then you already know, do you not?
Q:  Yes I do. Thank you for this.
CH:  And you are wishing for validation, not if it is so. And that is why we were trying to determine your real question.
Q:  I understand. I also understand why you say that if I knew when I would change it or it would change…
CH:  Of course.
Q:  The when is…
CH:  And besides you would go and sit there and it would not be time yet. But you would be so excited. (Q: Chuckles) You are not alone you know?
Q:  I do understand that.
CH:  There are many of you who are experiencing these things. And all of you are wondering. We will tell you it is so. We will tell you it will be. We will tell you it will be peaceful. And we will tell you that if those upon your planet will listen to that which needs to be said and heard that perhaps an entire new concept, perception and experience of reality may begin to create itself…Do you see?
There are others who are of a different kind. And we do not we do not speak of those, like the ones we referred to earlier tonight Dear One.
Q:  You mean they are speaking of a different Alien race?
CH:  A different race, yes. Just to make clarity for you
Q:  I understand.
Q;  Can you tell us which race that is or no?
CH:  It is not time. Because what is someone else comes and you say, “Oh no!” you are not the ones that we are expecting, go away!” And what if they come and have very valuable things to share with you? And you say “Oh no! You are not the ones we are waiting for…” Do you know that many of you go your whole lives wondering who it is that you are searching for and it is yourselves all the time.
Q: I have a question. I have been looking for additional income strings and I have been talking to a number of people this last week and through the day. Do you see anything happening from recent interviews?
CH:  We are looking one moment… We will tell you that the reason it is not creating obviously is because you are holding on too tightly to the situation.
Q:  (She laughs) Say it ain’t so…
CH:  If you would stop making it so important in your journey it will create itself. You are holding it so tightly that you are condensing the energy and therefore it is not creating itself and so when you let go of that one of the particular instances you have asked about has much to offer you.
Q:  OK
CH:  But you must first allow it to be so.
Q:  Thank you.
CH:  You are most welcome. And we will take one or two more questions prior to our departure and ask how it is that we might serve you in these moments?
Either we have served you quite well or we have stunned you…
We are playing with you Dear Ones. We are open to your questions. Just simply reminding you that you are not breathing and you are thinking entirely too much and you are trying to hurry so that you can ask us what you meant to… so why not do so?
Q:  If no one else is… (laughter)
CH:  Finally a brave soul
Q:  Sometimes… I have a memory when I was four. I remember laying in my little bed looking out the window. The curtains were closed and I was ( ) to something and the voices were strange and it wall all really strange… and I wonder how much of this is memory and how much is imagination as I get older, you know things get magnified in there…
CH:  Do you remember any of the other experiences? Or just that once?
Q:  If I had any other I don’t remember them. I had other experiences when I was younger. I think I had an OBE, out of body experience and had visions. I’ve had lots of different things but nothing seems to make sense to me.
CH:  It wouldn’t because you won’t remember. Unless you choose to do to and so what are you truly asking us?
Q:  (Laughter again) I am not sure, maybe who it was…
CH:  Are you sure that you want to know that?
Q:  Yes… I guess I did ask, yeah.
CH:  You did ask and we are making sure that you want us to answer it.
Q:  If it is scary, no. (Huge laughter in the audience)
CH:  Scary to who?
Q:  Me, I guess
CH:  Dear One. We will answer in such a way… It is part of your journey. When the time comes if you choose to know what this is about and you can step into it from a place of wholeness and wellness and balance from within that you will find that you are here now and safe now. You are not harmed and that which you experienced and some of those other perceptions are all a part of a greater experience that is  part of your journey in this now. It is not that you have to fear.
Q:  OK
CH:  And yet, you do… and so we are saying to you perhaps some of the basis for your fear comes from this very experience…
Q: I believe so…
CH:  And perhaps if you were to explore that more fully you will come to terms with that and fear no longer.
Q:  That would be nice…
CH:  Because you cannot always… one moment… You are concerned about being out of control. You are concerned about not being able to hold your experience to that which you can relate… is this not so?
Q:  I definitely fear being out of control.
CH:  And perhaps there is a valid basis for that based upon that experience and others that you have had throughout time. And perhaps if you were to explore this more fully then perhaps you could let go of the fear and know that it simply has been and simply could possibly continue to be and that as we answer you and as you have asked, you are safe and whole and well and sitting here. Do you see?
Q:  Mmm hmmm.
CH:  So whatever you find as you explore this part of your journey remember that..
Q:  OK
CH:  It will keep you balanced. Do you understand?
Q:  Yes I do.
 CH:  And also that you are whole and perfect just as you are. (He laughs, embarrassed) it is true! You laugh, but it is true! (Everyone laughs)
 We would laugh with you but we are not practiced at it! You see we have never had bodies to play with us except when we are in posession of the vehicle (Meg) and it is simply on loan! (Laughter)
 And so it is then that we will be departing momentarily. We wish to remind all of you the he is NOT the only perfect one in the room. (more laughter) that each of you is of that which is all things, and all things being you. In such a way then there can never be anyone or anything lesser or greater than you.
 You are an integral part of the one and therefore are valid, deserving,  perfect in all of your beingness and therefore and in such a way we will honor that which is you. Honor that which is your perfection and be grateful to have been of service once more…In the name of perfection and in and of Grace, that which is Light and that which has always been. Be in peace, each of you… in your journeys and that which you give yourselves amongst your journeys. Namaste
 Collective “Namaste” from audience
Greetings Everyone!
 This has been an amazing couple of months! I am finally home from seven weeks of extensive travel where I have taught the workshop series, presented at conferences and managed between it all to check out many of the amazing and sacred places along the way. I am both humbled and ecstatic having experienced many of you along the way. You have touched me, I have watched you grow in Spirit, in self, in your Masteries, and I am grateful to be an integral part of it all. Thank you.
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The energies are fast and furious lately since the harmonic alignment of the star gates began on July the 9th an culminated in perfect harmonization on July the 17th. In the Channeling (below) are extensive details from the Masters in which they finally tell us how to use the star gates. It is amazing information! I am only including the first few pages due to its length and the message in its entirety can be found at http://www.spiritlite.com/newsletter.htm.
Many of you are finding that as you progress with the energies that you are facing issues that you thought you had long since overcome. What I notice as I work with so many of you is that many of us at some time or another have definitely dealt with those things, but we have done it from a rational, mental point of view. We have convinced ourselves that we are healed of our history and yet as I look into body, mind and Spirit of many people, what I see is that the heart has not let go of the pain. And so the pain resurfaces and causes us to look at it time and again. Each time being an opportunity to choose differently. So, when your emotions or issues feel as if they are blindsiding you, step back, take a few intentional and deep breaths, and ask yourself if you are safe in the moment, if you have everything you need in that moment, and ask yourself how you really feel. Chances are that you are reacting out of habit or fear. So, what are you afraid of that causes you to feel so bad? If you can find that, you are well on your way to healing that which no longer serves you. 
Has anyone noticed an increase in UFO energies and or sightings? I have had numerous encounters the past few months and am just wondering if any of you are as well…
I am still working on the projects which involve the new children. I am planning to get the book together for you shortly and am working on another very exciting project about this as well. I am still looking for direct quotes from the kids including but not limited to things they remember about where they were before they came here. This can include memories of “home”, Source, others and so on. I also need quotes that are profound relating to life, being, people, the world or anything else. If you have a truly gifted child who manifests these gifts in strange and unusual ways such as telekinesis, teleporting from one place to the next, telepathic comminucation, high intuitive gifts or any other type of amazing and wonderful displays, please write and tell me your stories. I will not exploit the children in any way and all info will remain confidential. Spirit has gifted me with an opportunity to share knowledge with the world that can make a difference for these amazing beings and I will share with you about that shortly!
I have many exciting new things coming up and will tell you about them as I know more! I will be in Clayton, GA, bringing the Masters through in a public Channeling on August 19th, 2005 at 7 pm. I will be at Mindful Expressions downtown and will be offering private sessions at group rates. For more info, please e-mail Christy Black at cb225@aol.com. Or, you can call the store at 706-782-5755.
The Peru trip is looming in the not too distant future! Here is a link http://www.pachamamaconference.com. If you register online, please tell Maria that I sent you! If you are interested in attending and need further info,  please send me an e-mail at spiritlite1@aol.com. We will be presenting the first annual Pachamma Conference and in attendance and assistance will be man Shaman, the Aztec Dancers and some very gifted Speakers. Barry Goldstein with whom I have recorded the CDs, will be presenting a concert. We will also be performing a completely Channeled set with the Masters and Barry’s Channeled music. At Machu Picchu. How cool is that? Bringing the Masters in with Barry’s music in such a power place may cause one to turn to white light and disappear!!! Just kidding but wow.
In November  (11th and 12th)  I will be attending the Celebrate your Life Conference in Scottsdale. I will not be speaking, but would love to meet any of you that I missed when I was in Sedona recently.
I am planning a workshop in Santa Fe, NM late January and will advise you of the exact dates and location when it is all confirmed. If you are interested in this please let me know…
From my heart and through my soul. Thank you for being out there. I am graced by each of you in countless ways. Be in peace. Remember – as the Masters say, Perfection is Perception… how do you see yourself? Changing that perception is as easy as changing your minds. Namaste
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