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   September 30, 2005    Gabriel's Overview of 2005

Monthly Weather Report

Updated September 30, 2005

Welcome to Weather Report Number Twenty-Nine.

This particular Weather Report explores the Fall months of 2005.

We continue to be in the FOURTH year of a Seven-Year Cycle of Integration or Tribulation
(2002 - 2008) and it continues to be the most crucial time of choice we have ever known.

SPECIAL NOTES: (repeated at the end of this page as well)
As we move into a time of accelerated changes in the world around us, it is important to educate ourselves. It is vital. One website (of many) that demonstrates a remarkable dedication to educating people about what is going on in the world is www.truthout.org
Please take time to go to this site. Read. Educate yourself about what they suggest is going on behind the scenes. Listen to your own heart… We must wake up if we are going to heal and change our world into the soul directed potential that becomes possible at this time.

To get a greater sense of how these months fit into a bigger picture, we strongly encourage you to read the OVERVIEW of 2005 first. We have included a great deal of information in that article that is important to understand each segment of the year. We will not repeat that information here.

Gabriel has been speaking to us since 1990, bringing clear information about this time of unprecedented change and opportunity. However, he has also made it quite clear that the opportunity to shift into deeper levels of freedom and personal fulfillment requires that we each look deep within – willing to move out of habitual choices of fear and survival, moving into willing, responsive, proactive choices to heal, grow and expand.

We include this segment of Children of Light to facilitate that inner journey, giving clues to the energetic movements that are attempting to take place at particular times. With clear information, we are empowered to make conscious choices.

We are in a time of unprecedented planetary evolution, more accelerated than anything we have known in our recorded history. It is no doubt apparent to people around the world that CHANGE is the watchword of the day. It is also vital to remember that within change, it is our CHOICES that will determine what our world will become.

We are POWERFUL as individuals, particularly as we join together with others who are working to claim the power of their individuality in love.

We have discovered from working with thousands of people in various parts of the world that there are many similarities we all share in the process we are going through as a planet. That is comforting, for it reminds us that we are not alone. In facing the challenges that are presented to us as we move into our present opportunity of planetary initiation, focusing on the similarity of our worldwide humanity will be of great help.

Physical and Emotional Symptoms:

We are in a time of new levels of initiation.

For those of you who have been following the worldwide meditations that we have been organizing since 1997, you will know that we have moved through many levels of initiation. These initiations are simply energetic accelerations that are taking place for the whole planet.

There are many influences creating these shifts, but for how we will share this piece of the puzzle. There are two influences we are dealing with at the moment.  The first requires that we begin to understand that our universe travels around a central sun.  This is a cycle that takes approximately 26,000 years.  Within that cycle, there is a 2000-year period when we enter a band of extremely high energy.   This band of energy has been referred to by many as the Photon Belt.

The high energy of the Photon Belt is bringing us into a whole new vibration and frequency - both as individuals and as a planet.   Scientists have been discovering the rise in the planet's energy for more than a decade now.  What is relevant to all of us is that this rise in energy is awakening us to a new level of consciousness.

This is great news…except the fact that it means we can no longer hold ourselves in the density of separation and defense.  When these higher energies come in, they don't allow us to sustain a lower level of energy.

Fear, defense, shame, judgment and resistance are all held in very low levels of energy. The move into these higher energies will no longer allow us to get away with this survival approach to life.

We have seen tremendous accelerations in dis-ease in the last decade. This comes from the fact that we have unconsciously tried to stay in the familiarity of our old, survival choices. The resistance to the movement of these new energies then accelerates the negative impact of breakdown. It is like swimming upstream and 100 times more water is released into the flow. This is wreaking havoc in people's bodies.

We must take the new symptoms as a wake-up call and learn how to flow more fully.  We, at Children of Light, have been educating people for over 15 years about how to move beyond the fear and defense, into the flow of this new potential. When we learn how to raise our own personal energy, we are moving more and more into levels of our potential that have been entirely inaccessible prior to this time.

The Photon Belt is coming into a much greater influence at this time. This is the first thing we must realize (and respond to in our personal choices).

The second factor that is taking place more slowly is a series of personal and planetary initiations. Each one of these initiations is merely the opening of a vortex of energy that is downloading itself into the planet. This gradual introduction of energy is giving us time to work with and assimilate new levels of energy.

We are now moving into the next initiation in the month of October. This is a time when the subconscious is opening much more fully. Some refer to this as the womb space in all of us, male and female. This womb space is where we have hidden all of the parts of self that are judged, shamed and feared. It holds the clues to our wholeness and greater potentials - for we have hidden our greatness in the subconscious as well.

This womb space is opening in deeper ways at this time, for the particular vortex of energy that is opening is encoded with this intention. This will be an intense time on the planet due to these energies.

If you have been doing your inner work, this will be an exciting time of expansion and freedom from old patterns and fears. If you have not, you will see this as an accelerated time of chaos. Chaos comes from the resistance to something. The fear of a feeling can create chaos when we take it to greater resistance.

This comes from our programming as children, being taught and modeled that some experiences and feelings are safe and acceptable and some are not. All this really boils down to is Mom and Dad passing on the specifics of their own particular wounding and comfort zones to each one of us. We buy into these things, in the name of staying connected and "acceptable" to them.

These choices have led us to being a very childish world, ruled by fear, shame and a system of "right/wrong and reward/punishment." Our world will never heal from this perspective. So we are now being forced, if you will, out of our comfort zones by these higher energies. We are being forced to take responsibility for our wounded emotional bodies. The energies are coming and opening us up, like it or not.

It is vital that we look at ourselves from more adult, responsive, and nurturing perspectives. If we do not, we are a world in trouble. We can see evidence of this everywhere. We can even see the upset in the emotional body of the planet - which is reflected in water. This is the planet attempting to assimilate these energies, working out the kinks where this has been built-up charged energy stored.

The same movements that we have seen in recent hurricanes and weather patterns is indeed attempting to take place inside our bodies as well. Just consider that we are made up of 90 per cent (or more) water.

We take the time to share these things with tools and exercises that can be used for greater resolution. For we can also assure you that when we do the inner work and open to assimilate the energies, we are opening to the greatest opportunity for fulfillment, meaning and value that we have ever known on our planet.

The last thing we need to begin to consider is that these energies are seeking to wake us to the deepest sense of self that we can know. These energies are preparing us to rise to the resonance of the soul within.

Consider this simple analogy: We are each standing in front of a set of shelves. Only as we grow to greater heights can we see what is on the shelf above. If we were capable of seeing all the shelves, we would know that each shelf moves us to a more valuable set of opportunities and riches. However, the most precious are placed on the top shelves, so that we don't misuse the opportunity from the perspectives and unconsciousness of a child.

All that is taking place is that the universe is now supporting us into the potential to grow up to greater heights than ever before…which will allow us to access the most precious parts of self and the greatest parts of our potential. The highest shelves reveal the energy of our souls, as well the gifts of the soul. However, if we choose to remain in our childish choices of defense, separation and gratification, looking outside ourselves to try and compensate for what we have not built inside, we will never grow into this experience in the physical world.

The upper shelves are waiting. We are being supported energetically, but we must choose to respond and grow up. And one thing is for sure, it is well worth facing the myths of the child to be free and empowered as a soul connected adult!

We can all come together as a support in this goal by participating in the Worldwide Meditation: Opening the Heart to World Service on Saturday, October 8. (please go to the page on that meditation for more information).

This is the potential that we face as we move into the final months of 2005. Now on to more specifics…


We have been dealing with the void of the subconscious on some levels for this entire year. We again suggest that you read the Overview of 2005 to give you more clues.

The womb space of the Goddess is opening now to truly prepare for the resurrection of the soul. This will create quite a transformation in our lives and in the world around us. All that is out of balance must now be challenged.

This means that even our rigid ideals of "right and wrong" must be challenged, so that we are no longer motivated out of the fear of being wrong and therefore punished and rejected. What we are seeking is love and connection.

Knowing love is becoming possible at this time like never before…but not from the more primitive perspective of a child being LOVED by something outside the self. It is going to come from growing up and learning how to love ourselves and then one another. The place of power is to learn to love the SELF!

What is held on the higher shelf of the above analogy is a true access to the love force for the first time in our lives - moving beyond the sentimental ideal of a feeling, but to a true experience of flow, connection and oneness with life as it flows through us.

In the month of October, we move into the last quarter. This will bring a transformation of the aspect of our lives called the LIFE LESSON. This basically involves responding to and developing all of our talents, abilities and qualities of self (the ESSENCE of self). This is ultimately who we CHOOSE TO BE.

So much potential lies within, whether we have chosen to discover and develop it or not. As we develop and then express our individual perspectives through each of these parts of our Self, we embody our greatest potential and become our greatest possible gift to the world.

Up until this time, you might have found that you have not connected these gifts of self through a willingness to celebrate and express your deepest truth and individuality. You might have found yourself using these tools to merely please others or to seek validation and approval.

For instance, in my earlier career of performing, I eventually discovered that a great deal of my motivation was not using those wonderful gifts to give, to inspire and to make a difference. My greatest motivation was to seek validation, to get others to assure me that I was valuable…because I was still frozen like a child, waiting for Mom and Dad to validate my worth. They did the best they could, but did not know how to recognize their own worth, much less to model value for me.

So this is an example of mis-using the talents and abilities, from a perspective of fear, survival and fitting in. The resolution came in discovering the fear in my motivation, mostly revealed in the fact that it was never enough to "get" the applause and approval. I then began to shift the perspective to an inner journey and have resolves so very many layers of this…and now approach my life from a celebration of sharing who I am and what I have to offer. This then becomes a much more direct inspiration for others to do the same.

Just look at someone like Judy Garland. On a much bigger scale, the world validated and adored her. However, because she did not know how to value herself, she did not know how to let it in. She merely used her talents and abilities to try and compensate for a lack of self-value. It didn't work for her and will never work for us.

We must instead learn to go inside, nurture the various wounds and misunderstandings about our worth…to prepare a place to celebrate WITH the people who are committed to celebrating.

Self-acceptance is the key that we must seek as we move into this time of resolving the challenges of LIFE LESSON. This will be a time to work again with what you VALUE about your Self.

If you read the last Monthly Weather Report, you will know that we were to explore and get clearer about what we value. This month will be a time to nurture and develop that which we discovered. This is a month to put clear energies into developing all that we VALUE about myself…so that we begin to integrate the love force.

So do an inventory of your life - your talents, abilities and qualities of Self. Look at each one and the ways in which you value it (or not). Take the time to write down all the ways that you can begin to practice valuing yourself.

The ways that you value yourself will be tested during this time. Your own soul is preparing for its rise on the love force and is attempting to show you what is in the way of that love. The soul can use the force of opposition, the pain of what does not work, to get our attention as well.

The soul is now asking us to look at our daily lives, past and present, as well as projection of the future. Are your present choices supporting the vision that you seek? Be honest with yourself. It is much safer than not looking and then finding out that you have not made the necessary choices to fulfill your vision.

This will also be a time of facing many choices. Having to make decisions with discernment gives you a way of measuring your commitments and how you create in your life. After all, the whole foundation of growth in consciousness comes from becoming clearer about the truth of Self.

So look and find out what is important to YOU.  What things are the priorities that you will not compromise for anything...they are the principles of your deepest truth.

Within these new choices, you must also realize you need to take great care of your physical bodies...focusing on getting rest and eating high vibrational foods.   In addition to creating clear intentions, this will help you to tap the most personal power at this time.

In this last quarter, we are also going to be dealing directly with the electrical force of friction.  This is the more primitive version of universal force that we have known on our planet so far (much more primitive than the solar force we are coming into).  This means there will be lots more kundalini (sexual force) rising at the base of the spine - guiding the physical force.
This energy is rising at this time to transform the force of friction into the energy of the soul.

This may bring up issues of creativity as well. It will be a time to examine how you are using your talents. Look and see what stands in the way of you using and sharing your talents.

These are some of the things that will be coming up. So use this time to deal very compassionately with the issues held in duality that rise from the subconscious womb space...

Some of the physical symptoms that may be coming up are aches and pains in the lower regions of the body. There will be a great deal of subconscious memory being released - with no logical stimulation. As we are also opening the upper gateways of the heart at this time, practice lots of compassion with yourself and others around you as you begin to integrate these changing energies.

There may be sharp pains or pressure in the occipital region at the base of the skull and in the thymus region. This has been a common symptom for quite some time now.


This is a month that brings an inner expansion, deepening your experience of life. This brings your focus to the SOUL LESSON, the depth of experiencing things. This expansion of inner experience may begin the last week of October actually.

There will be much more solar flare activity, releasing more solar energy into your universe. This will help to further prepare the energies to "ensoul" you as individuals.   You need to get very fluid and deep into your personal experience. In other words, pay close attention to what you are feeling, both physically and emotionally. This energy begins to illumine the truth of your being from the inside more fully.

You may feel a deep emptiness inside at first. You may also feel a little bloated or filled with the pressure of this awakening.  Nothing of the old will seem familiar, particularly in your relationship to yourself.   There will be a great deal of inner transformation, if you allow it to take place.

Simply move into the experience with acceptance.   Control nothing.

You may feel a bit alone in this experience, but we suggest that you stick with it and allow the shift. There may also be symptoms of clamminess or sweat that takes place on the surface of the body.

The hands and the wrists, as well as the feet and toes, may feel some achiness or sharp pains. There are actually minute pockets of energy there that are finally able to be penetrated with these higher levels of energy. As you work with these symptoms, you will shift this old energy out of the body for good.

We urge you to keep things very sanitary in this month.  As the energy gets very accelerated, the immune system has to integrate things so quickly.  This will compromise its energy, leaving you a bit weak at times.

In the forehead there are two recorder cells that receive and store vast amounts of energy information.  This may create pressure in the head, so gently massage these areas to release the pressure.  This is taking place as more levels of the light body are activated.

You will find that this expansion will create an acceleration in dis-eases on your planet...

Some other symptoms at this time involve pressure in the front and back of the heart chakra.  There will be a lot of energy activity between the shoulder blades.  You may experience shifts in your vision as you assimilate these energies and open to more levels of creation.  There may also be shortness of breath.  You need to compensate for this by practicing deep breathing into the lower body.

If you do not respond to these things, you will find a growing sense of anxiety.  Do not isolate yourself if you find these things happening. Stay present and ask for support from others. Teach yourself new behaviors, based on your new vision for what you want your life to be.

This is all about allowing your experience of life to deepen, based on how you embrace change and challenge yourselves into new, healthier choices.

One thing you can do is continue to evaluate your individual truth in every situation.   Don't continue to follow the herd or act out of fear.   Follow your hearts.

At times you will have to negotiate the unknown, at levels that you have never accessed before.  There will be less experience based on a previously understood model at this time. This will be different.

There are times when you may hit the wall of limitation.  You will tend to move into a space of "I don't care.  I am not willing.  It is too frightening. And after all, why bother?"  These are merely the discolorations of your fear, attempting to move back into the comfort zones through resistance to change and move into the unknown.

However, you need to realize you cannot avoid anything any longer.  The only choice that will lead you to greater peace is to surrender, but stay consciously present with what you are experiencing. You will also gain a greater sense of self and safety as you let go of all agendas in your choices, such as how you will be seen, and merely move from the truth and conviction of your personal intuition and truth.

It will be helpful to allow yourself to spend time being still in this period.  Let the stillness to enrich your experience of yourself and your life. Do your best to not allow too much mental activity, description or control. As you practice letting go of control in moments of stillness, it will help you to know you are safe to let go of control in the more complicated scenarios of your life.  As you begin instead to trust the stillness, you will find that you become more trusting and responsive.  This will allow you to deepen the meaning in your life.


As you move into this final month of the year, with a deeper stillness and willingness to experience life as it flows through you, you will begin to bring the focus to LIFE PURPOSE.

How are you directing your actions, based on your deeper inner truth? As you commit to these part of your life, you will be supported to deepen this experience at this time.

As you apply truth, meaning and value to your actions, your soul will be able to inspire you with a deeper clarity.  You will even find the ways that you are being supported energetically.

You will begin to tap into the soul consciousness, realizing there is a presence within you to inform you from a place of wisdom and guidance. To be available to that, you must learn to trust your individual truth.   You must be willing to take actions on that very truth.  The soul realizes that you are the "source" in your own fulfillment.

So use this month to make clear choices, based on your truth. Practice.  Look to see how your choices can serve the good of the whole.

At this time you may find that you experience a great deal of activity in the throat, the chakra of commitments. All the fears that you have been holding down in refusing to get in touch with your own truth or to take actions based on that truth may come to the surface. Be aware of this and nurture those feelings. Keep your focus on the reality of why these choices are important to you, how they can enhance your life and the world around you. Retrain your focus and then validate yourself for a willingness to move into this sense of expressing Self.

There can be flu-like symptoms, such as heat rushes in the body, as well as spin cycles on the body. These will feel like electrical impulses moving along the skin or will create itching. This comes from the activation of your light body (the energy body that is preparing to house the soul energy in your physical body more fully).

This month will be a time to know you are moving into your deeper power.

There may also be activation in your DNA, opening you to more of the potential held there.

It may be a great idea to get a journal to acknowledge yourself more fully. In this book, write down six things each day that you intend, that you would be excited to be a part of. Then write down all that you have to bring to the table to help put this into action. Then write down all of the ways that you commit to these ideas. Pay attention over time if you follow through or if you put it off in fear of having to face some wounded feelings.

If you fear putting yourself out in the world out of fear that someone else might shame you, might take it away from yourself, you end up being the actual one who shames yourself and who takes it away from yourself.   In fear, you guarantee that you will NOT experience the fulfilling things that come from your inner inspiration.  It is up to you to dispel these fears and myths, by taking the steps to bring them into manifestation.

If you take this process one month at a time and let the energy build within you over time, you will find that you are energetically supported to create from this new inspiration unlike ever before.  Let this time of moving into the stillness of the void become a real birth of self from the womb of the Goddess within.  Show up and allow parts of YOU to blossom, to celebrate life. 

You are the promise of your world as you learn to show up and integrate the potential creatorship of your soul energy.  Become like a wonder child. Allow the awe and magic of life as you learn to truly love.

These are some of the things you can expect to experience in this final quarter of 2005.

Blessings to all.

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SPECIAL NOTE: (written at the top of this page as well)
As we move into a time of accelerated changes in the world around us, it is important to educate ourselves. It is vital. One website that demonstrates a remarkable dedication to educating people about what is going on in the world is www.truthout.org Please take time to go to this site. Read. Educate yourself about what they suggest is going on behind the scenes. Listen to your own heart… We must wake up if we are going to heal and change our world into the soul directed potential that becomes possible at this time.

And do yourself a favor and go see the new documentary movie and tell your friends – THE CORPORATION!!!!

It is a complete reflection of all that Gabriel has been talking about for these last years – about the realities of the distortions in our world and their impact….as well as the healing solution of coming together to claim our power to choose as people in unity!

It continues to be our goal to reach as many people as possible with these pieces of healing information. However, we also continue to be concerned about the need to gather specific tools with which to respond and integrate these changing energies.

We feel it is vital to be able to put the pieces of the puzzle into a larger context of healing.

That is why we have put together more specifics of the entire personal and planetary movement, as well as what we can continue to expect in each step, and a grounded process of dealing with these changes – in Ron's book, Revelations for a Healing World – Book One

It has already proved to help hundreds and hundreds of people all over the world.  We hope that you will consider it as a tool to nurture and educate those around you at this time.

Copyright © 2005 Children of Light

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