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May 2005 Sedona Journal of Emergence 


Author’s Note: This recent channeling before a group of holistic Lightworkers holds an important message for all readers. The path to wholeness is difficult enough without added lessons in discernment.  We are all transitioning together, we all share similar joys and sorrows that come with being “in body.” Trust your own intuition, follow your inner guidance, and do only what feels right for you.

Greetings, dear ones, we are so delighted to be here amongst you lightworkers (and readers) today! Indeed, the press of Spirit is quite strong, as many, many beings gather to watch the unfolding perfection of your lives. For no matter how sad it seems, no matter how difficult it feels, each day brings a new solution, a new answer, a new direction. Yes, look at each problem and say, that problem is here for a reason, so that I may learn the answer to it. That is the easiest way to get out of your own way!

Our overriding message in this time, as we have stated often to you dedicated practitioners, is the need to clear the physical body of internal pressures. No matter what you have accomplished at the spiritual, mental and emotional levels, your bodies still need to be cleared.  It is that simple, and that difficult.  Indeed, the weight of the new energies through which you are rising makes you feel as if gravity has actually gotten heavier.  It is the push-pull between the rising energies, which are clearer and cleaner, and the lower energies that hold you down in density.  Why?  Those low-density etheric blocks contain the debris of everything rising to be cleared.  Yes, even the issues and illnesses you thought long healed, all old patterns leave "physical debris" in the body which must be flushed out.  That is why some of you are suffering relapses of illness back through your childhood years.  All must be cleared through the body's meridians!  That is why we have come forward at this time
with the Circle of Grace exercise for you, to gain mastery over your health, your energy and your lives.

The more you work on each other, the more all will benefit. Yes, the cleaner the vessel (that's you!) the clearer the channel! It is now time for the lightworkers to focus on their own healing. When the masses begin to shift (or become aware that they are shifting,) well, you will not have enough hands or time in the day, and money will never be an issue again. Your talents will be sorely needed! Along with that need will come new respect and new understanding of your holistic modalities. You will see an opening at the mundane societal level of allowing that which you do to be valuable. So we say to you, dear gathering of dedicated lightworkers, be patient and persevere! Your energetic holistic work will get easier, it will get stronger, and the need for it will grow.

The need for lightworkers to work on each other is also vital, to share your information is vital, to share your love and your support of each other is vital. Vitality is essence, essence is light, all is light. So we ask that you seek a lightness of being. We ask that you find humor in every moment, that you choose love and laughter at every turn. When you see people "in drama" coming at you, forgive them for being in that unconscious pattern, wait until they are done and then very gently say, "Dear one, isn't it exhausting to keep doing that? Wouldn't you like to take a break and just sit with me awhile?"

You will find that listening is one of your best healing tools. That means allowing the client to express where they are at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, without making the conversation about you! Allowing the person to talk is very, very important. But keep in mind that fine line between allowing and enabling - if you see no forward progress, no resolution of the issues and illnesses that person is carrying, no changes in life style that reduce stress, either that person is not doing their "homework" or the modalities you are using do not resonate for them. Always strive for that higher perspective, and let your actions be guided by what is best for both you and the patient's highest good (in Divine Timing, under grace.)

Please, dear practitioners, set your egos aside from here on in. Pride is a very low-density vibration and perspective! It is time to gather a higher quality and level of holistic healing information, to provide the same level of care as does your medical community. This is no small task we are handing you! In order to do this, you must put aside the little egos that say, "My way is best." Do not judge one another, for all of your varied skills are all equally important. And for those who say, "I am the strongest," well, walk around them, dear ones. They will wind down soon enough (chuckles.) It is not a question of strength, it is a question of knowledge, a question of heart. Work from compassion, not pity, work with a smile on your face, and allow the rest to unfold. Detach from the outcome, dear facilitators, for that is not your responsibility!

As you progress in your holistic career, you will find that each patient's needs are as unique as their past and current history. What works for one may not work for

another. That is why we urge you to see each modality as a healing tool. Pick and choose the ones that feel right for you, and create a "tool box" for your holistic work. Make the Circle of Grace your foundation, and build upon it. Yes, all modalities are compatible with the Circle of Grace release patterns. All of the work you do, especially modalities that target the nervous system and relieve chronic pain, will be more efficient and effective if the person's meridians are cleared first!

We know that not all of you are active practitioners, but you can still be of service to the Divine Plan. It doesn't matter if you are working or retired, there are always ways for you to share your energy, your knowledge and your love. Even if you just make a joke and get the person at the cash register to smile back at you, that is a moment of healing, you see. And that is the crowning moment of your day for Spirit, when you make someone else feel better. So many of you are empaths, you do not realize that your very presence is healing, that your positive attitude helps to open minds, that your kindnesses are so appreciated, that you do have such an impact on others.

Through all of your work, we ask that you develop "compassionate detachment." In some cases the person may have too many blockages, and be too ill to recover. Dear lightworkers, you can still facilitate their energetic transition in a big way. We greatly honor those who do hospice work, it is the most difficult level of healing work for humans to handle. In facing death comes your biggest test of faith, and alongside, the greatest of learning and healing.

Yes, there will be many transitions around you in the upcoming years, and many trials and tribulations. But the more you see them as lessons, the more quickly the pain will evaporate and leave you the joy of learning. And you will get to a point where none of it will hurt any more and none of it will matter, you see, because the mind indeed is stronger than the matter. You will learn that what's the matter with most people is that they don't understand the workings of their own minds (chuckle.)

Some of you are angels, yes, walking angels spreading sweetness and light. There are others who are on a mission, yet others who are here to finish lessons left undone in prior incarnations. Everyone in this space (and reading this text) is in transition, for the earth-plane itself is merely a physical transitional space. We will remind you that you are Eternal, that you existed before your birth and will not cease to exist after your death. Indeed, your death is the finest out-of-body experience you will ever have (chuckle)!

On a more serious note, know that many deaths are specifically planned as part of a lesson, or the culmination of lessons. Once those lessons are lived through and assimilated, the soul is done with that lifetime. This is especially true for children who die young - they took on that contract before they came in. Know that they earned twelve lifetimes for volunteering, to put it into linear terms. They are very much honored for this by Spirit, that they embraced a short life for the specific reason of being the example, of being the object of the lesson for those around them. Take heart, and be at ease, for their pain is done and their spirit is free.

There will be many choices before you. Weigh what you need to in terms of survival and what is good for those around you, absolutely. That is the way, you see. Your decisions must come from the heart, not from the mind, for the mind will keep you trapped in duality. For those of you who are seeking to move beyond duality, beyond the linearity, we say, dear ones, you will still wake up in the morning and see that same face in the mirror. The fact that you are "in body" will not change.

Yet, as your senses expand and your wisdom grows, as your understanding of non-physical energetics increases, your face will shine more and more, and you will attract back to you that new higher resonance you are projecting. So have patience and faith in yourself, no matter how many times you think, I have to do this again, it didn't work last time, why am I doing this again? Or, everybody's telling me it's not going to work, but I must persevere anyway. It is truly vital to work from the heart, which will often seem illogical to those around you.

Have faith in yourself and your own potential! Then you will find that those around you will begin to reflect the same. That is the Law of Attraction. Once you get through the understanding and assimilating parts, you will naturally start to process the final stages of your rebirth. The manifestation of all these concepts is taking them into your bones and cells, and believing them to the depths of your being. We speak of having full faith in all that you feel, think, say, and do. No doubting! Be-ing totally in your beliefs - that will propel you into "Godhood."

So speak your intent, and know that you will get what you wish! You are the material creators, you are the ones creating the opportunities and avenues for your future to emerge. Look at what you have done in the past - all that you have done in the past has created your current reality and the current person that you are. Look at what you do today - in your daily efforts, you are creating your future reality.

And if you don't like what you see, change it! That is why you are here. It is not to accumulate cars and jewelry, for those things stay behind and others inherit them! So everything that you buy, in your mind say, "I wonder who will end up with this?" For nothing material is ever totally yours. What do you take back to Spirit? The lessons you have learned, the love you have created, the progress you have made at all levels.

The soul's true treasure is its progress toward returning, re-immersing into God energy. Again, our definition of God is much broader than you, in your upbringing, have been taught. We are a totality of energy that is differentiated at the soul level, at the monad level, at the Master level and beyond, in ever-expanding dimensions of reality. In truth, all life is a flowing totality of essence that is All That Is. All That Is, is truly God. It is not a separate image or entity, it is not one force or another, it is All.

God is all science, all sacred geometry, all philosophy, all that which you have ever discovered, and much more. Divine essence causes the universes to dance next to each other, which you have not figured out yet. We find it wonderfully amusing that your science fiction eventually becomes science fact. Each time something is proven, it becomes assimilated by the general population, becomes the property of specific humans, and then is sold and doled out.

We say, the higher knowledge is for all of you. It is a shame that such specific chopping up of anything new must be accomplished before the general public will accept any of it. That is another thing we are here to change. Do not let anyone tell you how to think. Do not tell anyone how they should think. Do not allow anyone to try and force you to worship in one way or act in another. Always remember free will! Free will governs all action at all levels. Expect the highest from everyone, see their potential, and then allow them to reach it. Sometimes the lessons you witness will not be pleasant; understand that each and every person chooses their own way. No matter what you do or do not do, you always return to the totality of essence of All That Is.

So, in truth, you are much more free than you realize. You are much more powerful than you realize! You are already complete, whole Be-ings, and being in the Now you can easily connect with your future selves. Glean information, help, a new foundation, see yourselves as already having achieved what you wish and that will bring it into your Now. Intent is all. The only limit you have is your own imagination.

We are saying to you here, go beyond the bounds of linear time. That is the most difficult thing to do. For you are creatures of linear time, that is all you know, the past is behind, the present is around, and the future is ahead. Within your duality, the past and future are each compartmentalized, and cannot be reached. Cosmic humor here, even in your habitual linearity, all you can access is your current Now moment! (Chuckles.) We are merely teaching you how to expand and augment that which you already have.

For those of you who study Reiki, you know that the symbol for distant healing transverses time. You can send healing into the past or future for loved ones alive and dead, for situations done or not done, to forgive those that have harmed you, to ask forgiveness of those you have harmed. Once you are fully opened to the flow of Now time, the past and future open up to you!

Yes, you can access and affect your future - intend what you want and drag it in with your will. We are saying, here's the rope, here's the instructions, go hand-over-hand, that is the best way. The more of you that line up and pull on that rope, the faster the goal comes in! You are all singular, yet equal in power and in effectiveness. One of the reasons this planet has been shrouded is because of your enormous power, you see, though you are not aware of it yet, which has many other species quite relieved!

We speak to you lightworkers who truly desire this path, both here tonight and reading these words. It is a solitary march, first to survive, then to be part of a tribe, then to become an individual, and from then to find your way back to Source. Now you are at the stage where you are leaving the material path and embarking on the spiritual path, and you begin to see what is truly important - merging them both and living in balance with both. This higher perspective will also give you a better understanding of others as you see them struggle, trip and fall over things they have not been able to finish.

Sometimes just picking them up and dusting them off is enough. If you have the gift of seeing patterns and you can point out their lessons, that is a great healing. Yes, it is very important to know the lessons. And then you must hand it back to them and say, "This is yours, you must do this. Nobody can do it for you." Just as you cannot not drag someone kicking and screaming behind you up the path, you also cannot be dragged by anyone else up the path. Each one must find their way back Home, in their own time, in their own way.

This is the last life for many on the Karmic wheel. You may look at some and think, Oh, poor soul, what was he thinking, bringing all of that in at once? You will see, here and there, a "kitchen sink lifetime," all the lessons ignored or undone thrown into a heap to try and get finished. We honor those as well. Those who are on track, those who are catching up, those who are unaware, it matters not. We honor anyone and everyone at their level. If you carry this approach into your holistic work - honor rather than judge, allow rather than resist, while embracing all of it - you will see miracles abound!

If you can lend a hand to those who cannot see why things are wrong, that is a blessing. Every time you reach out and help someone from the heart just for the love of doing it, that is a blessing. The more we do this (we use the collective "we" now, for many Brothers have incarnated and sit right next to you), the more we all help each other, the faster we will all ascend. For as 3D rises into 4D, and 4D into 5, where do you think 5D is going? Yes, 5 goes to 6! This is not just your personal human ascension, dear ones. You are the fulcrum of a much larger shift. The changes are all around you, they are much more then global, they are much more than galactic, they are universal (universe-all!)

All is changing, and yet All Is One, so we all rise together.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. We thank you for reading this work, for honoring our energy, and for allowing us the opportunity to fulfill our role in the Divine Plan. For, you see, we are the spiritual surgeons and caretakers of humanity. It has been and always will be our greatest joy to help you to evolve. So as we guide you, hopefully gently up the path, we say thank you, for we are striding along right next to you. And your doing holistic work allows us to do our spiritual work, and for that we hold great love in our hearts for you.

- We Are, Ever-Loving,The Brotherhood Of Light.

Copyright 2005 by Edna G. Frankel

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